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40 Best Things to Do in Lancaster, PA (Fun for ALL!)

Explore the top 40 attractions in Lancaster, PA! From Amish farms to thrilling amusement parks, there's fun for everyone. Perfect for families & history buffs.

Tobi Miles
June 6, 2023
40 Best Things to Do in Lancaster, PA (Fun for ALL!)

The city of Lancaster is located in south central Pennsylvania. This inland city is known for its vast farmland scenery and its historical Amish community. Recently, it has seen a growth in the arts with art galleries and boutiques popping up around the city. This is a great destination for individuals or families looking to learn some history and experience a different way of life.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a city rich in history and art. Visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum and appreciate the railroads that built our nation. Or enjoy an afternoon browsing the artwork at the Liz Hess Gallery of fine art. There are many different kinds of experiences to try out in this historic town!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of things to do in Lancaster. This list has a variety of activities suitable for the whole family. Read on to learn what not to miss on your next trip to this unique city.

1. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Credit: Jim / Flickr

📍Map It: 150 Cherry Hill Rd, Ronks, PA 17572 

Phone: (717) 687-6843


Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM-5 PM, Closed Sunday and Monday

Entrance: Starting at $17 per person

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm sits on a property that was once owned by French immigrants and it dates back to the 1700s. It is now a family-owned farm with over fifty fun farm activities to enjoy. There are different activities according to the season, but some are used year-round.

Popular year-round attractions include pedal carts, The Amazing Maize Maze, paintball range, duck races, corn barn, and an animal grove. There are many other activities included that will satisfy every member of the family.

Cherry Crest also has a number of festivals that it hosts every year. There is the Cider Donut Festival, Hometown Heroes festival, and Pumpkin Madness Festival just to name a few. This adventure farm has so much to do, make sure you don’t miss out!

2. Lancaster Central Market

Credit: Tall66/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 23 N Market St, Lancaster, PA 17603 

Phone: (717) 735-6890


Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, 6 AM-3 PM, Closed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Entrance: No fee to enter, but all items purchased will incur a separate charge

Lancaster Central Market is open three days a week and is found at the heart of the city. Many of the stands have been run by family members for generations. For some local history, check out Stoner’s Homegrown Vegetables. They have been selling their goods at this stand in Central Market for over 100 years!

There are many different kinds of vendors that take up residency at the market. There are specialty breads, crafts and collectibles, produce, meats, and a variety of flowers. This is a perfect place to pick up some lunch while learning some of the rich history downtown Lancaster has to offer.

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3. Old Windmill Farm

Credit: Bob R./ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 262 Paradise Ln, Ronks, PA 17572 

Phone: (717) 687-7929


Hours: Open daily between 10 AM-4 PM

Entrance: $18 per adult, free entry for children 5 years of age and younger

Old Windmill Farm is a working Amish farm. They offer a look into the Amish way of life through tours and a variety of activities. Some activities include meeting farm animals, gathering eggs, riding on a hayride, and even milking a cow!

There four main tours; the Farm Tour, Farm and Garden Tour, Fall Farmhouse Experience, and the Farmhouse Christmas Experience. These all have similar activities with each having one or two activities that sets it apart from the rest. Check their full list of offerings online to see which tour best fits your interests and schedule.

You can also participate in the Farm Fun Combo. This includes the farm tour and garden tour in combination with the hayride and barrel train ride. Seasonally, they offer a farmhouse experience. Drink fresh cider from newly picked apples, make butter from fresh cream, and help prepare bread made from ingredients on the farm.

4. The Turkey Hill Experience

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 301 Linden St, Columbia, PA 17512

Phone: (717) 684-0134


Hours: Open daily 9:30 AM-4 PM

Entrance: $11 per adult and child, children under 2 years of age admitted for free

Learn about dairy culture and how Turkey Hill Dairy makes its popular milk and ice cream. The Turkey Hill Experience lets guests try out many dairy centered exhibits like making your own virtual flavor of ice cream or milking a mechanical cow. There are also free samples included with admission!

You can also enjoy separate experiences that you can add to your tour. 

The Taste Lab is perfect for ice cream lovers. You start with a base ice cream, then using different inclusions and flavorings, create your very own signature ice cream.

If you’re a fan of tea you will love the Tea Discovery experience. Here, you’ll get to try different types of tea from a variety of tea leaves. Learn about where they come from and become a tea expert.

Some of the teas include are black tea, green tea, and hibiscus. You will learn the art of using your senses to understand tea better. See, smell, taste, and feel different leaves for a full learning experience.

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5. Stratsburg Railroad

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 301 Gap Rd, Ronks, PA 17572

Phone: (866) 725-9666


Hours: 11 AM-7 PM

Entrance: $22 for adults, $16 for children between the ages of 2 and 11, children under 2 years old admitted for free

Stratsburg Railroad is America’s oldest operating railroad. Take a ride on an authentic steam locomotive through Lancaster on this historic railway. Soak in the beautiful scenery around you while you enjoy this unique experience.

Do you have any little fans of trains? This is a great experience for children. They will get to experience a unique experience and learn about its history. One of their most popular events is the Thomas the Train: Day Out with Thomas event.

Children will get to meet their favorite blue train and take a ride on his famous railroad. Before you arrive, check the train schedule for the departing times and cabin availability.

There are several dining trains rides available. There is the wine and cheese train rides which include first-class accommodations with a sampling of cheese, crackers, and a selection of wine available.

There is also a more family friendly ride option. Enjoy the Great Diamond Heist while you dine on lunch. This adventure style show will surely have you at the edge of your seat!

6. The Amish Farm and House

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 2395 Covered Bridge Dr, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 394-6185 


Hours: 9 AM-6 PM

Entrance: Tickets start at $12.95 per person (adults), Tickets for children start at $8.95

Have you ever wanted to visit an historic Amish site? The Amish Farm and House is an authentic Amish experience with guided tours. Tour an 18th century house, farm, and schoolhouse and learn about early life in Lancaster county.

There are several tours that the farm offers. You can do a guided farmhouse tour. Learn what was in a traditional Amish house and learn about Amish culture and beliefs. The house that is include was built in 1805 and is situated on a 15-acre farm.

There is also an Amish Schoolhouse available to tour. Amish Schoolhouses are traditionally private one room schools. Spend some time touring the school and complete the scavenger hunt to complete your visit!

A small petting zoo is also available to guests. If you would like to feed the animals, you need to purchase some farm animal friendly treats at the gift shop for $1.

If you have some extra time, be sure to book the Premium Tour Package. It includes a 90-minute bus tour around an Amish town, and it makes stops at local Amish stores.

A corn maze and kid’s farm zone are also offered seasonally. The Farm zone has a farm themed playground, hopper bouncers, and an active beehive to check out.

7. Kauffman’s Fruit Farm

Credit: Management / Yelp

📍Map It: 3097 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand, PA 17505

Phone: (717) 768-7112


Hours: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM daily

Entrance: $5 per person

Do you like fresh fruit? Get the freshest quality produce from this popular fruit farm. Kuffman’s offers a variety of fruit depending on the season. If you’re here during the summer, they offer strawberries, sweet cherries, and peaches.

They also offer a corn maze starting in September. For only $5 enjoy a fun filled time within their locally grown maze of corn. Kauffman’s also has a store along route 340 and a stand at central market. If you enjoy visiting the fruit farm, be sure to stop by a store for extra produce.

Their stores also offer specialty products made from their fresh produce. Pick up some sweet apple cider, apple and fruit butters, or cider donuts for a sweet treat.

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8. The Li’l Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm

Credit: Janice C./ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 264 Paradise Ln, Ronks, PA 17572

Phone: (717) 687-8237


Hours: 9 AM-5 PM

Entrance: Free to the public, souvenirs at the gift shop incur a separate fee

Offering handmade gifts and Amish crafts, the Li’l Country Store is a must do on your trip to Lancaster. Pick up a local souvenir to remember your time here. The owner Henry has over 20 years’ experience in wood carving and offers his home-made wood creations.

While visiting the store, take some time to look at the miniature horse farm on the property. These are gentle horses that love to be petted. For those who want more time with the horses, the farm offers horse workshops. This includes saddle rides, cart rides pulled by a miniature horse, and feedings.

Along with the miniature horses, the farm is home to pigmy goats, alpacas, and chickens. Children can also participate in a unique treasure hunt experience in which they can interact with the animals.

9. Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 219 E Main St, Lititz, PA 17543

Phone: (717) 626-4354


Hours: 10:30 AM-4:30 PM

Entrance: $4 per adult (age 13 and older), $3 for children between the ages of 4 and 12, free admission for children under the age of 4

Learn about the history of pretzels in America and take an interactive tour of a historic pretzel factory. Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is the oldest pretzel bakers in the U.S. and bakers at this bakery are directly related to the original Sturgis owners.

Tours are by appointment only, so be sure to plan ahead. Learn how to twist a pretzel with your own flour mixture. You will also be able to watch the on-site bakers make old fashioned soft pretzels by hand.

They also have a gift shop at the site offering yummy souvenirs to bring home. They offer soft pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels, and hard pretzels. The dessert pretzels also include caramel or peanut butter toppings.

10. Tellus360

Credit: Y747/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 24 E King St, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 393-1660


Hours: 4 PM-12 AM daily

Entrance: tickets start at $20 per person

Tellus360 is an Irish Pub and music venue that hosts live music, DJs, yoga sessions, and trivia nights. It’s a one stop for nightly entertainment. Stop by after dinner and listen to music or a comedy act.

In the basement of Tellus360 is An Sibin: The Speakeasy. This is a candle lit, cozy space for artists to share their music while enjoy a drink.

On top of Tellus 360 is the Green Roof and Winter Apres Ski Bar. This has a bar and seating area with sweeping views of the city. Both of these spaces are available to rent for parties or gatherings.

Street food is also offered at Tellus 360. They have sandwiches or tacos available for purchase. Be sure to check on their website for a full calendar of events. They usually have events every night, so you are sure to catch a quality show during your trip.

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11. Ed’s Buggy Rides

Credit: Marie W./ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 253 Hartman Bridge Rd, Ronks, PA 17572

Phone: (717) 687-0360


Experience an authentic Amish horse drawn buggy ride through historic Amish farmland. This one-hour buggy ride travels on classic dirt roads and through cornstalks. The tour brings you to a working Amish farm with an Amish craft shop where you can purchase home made goods.

You can choose from open or closed carriages. Just be sure to mention your preference when making a call.

They also offer Amish and Mennonite tour guide drivers for the most authentic experience. You must call for pricing of your tour, but no appointments are necessary. Ed’s also has a petting zoo for children.

12. Escape Room Lancaster

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 1018 N Christian St Suite 110, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 208-6288


Hours: Open Wednesday and Thursday 3 pm - 10 pm, Friday 2 pm - 10 pm, Saturday 12 pm - 10 pm, Sunday 11 am - 7 pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday

Entrance: Starts at $22 per person

Start your adventure at Escape Room Lancaster. Solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape the game. There are several types of escape room themes offered; escape the imposter, escape the 1980s, or escape from Triassic island. There is also a Sherlock theme available where guests need to identify Jack the Ripper and his next victim.

Escape rooms are the perfect place to strengthen friendships and build teamwork. Everyone will work together towards a common goal and learn about each other as they complete the tasks.

You don’t need to be familiar with any of the themes to participate. The theming only determines the aesthetic and level of difficulty. Escape Room Lancaster is also the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, or church group.

13. Hans Herr House

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 1849 Hans Herr Dr, Willow Street, PA 17584

Phone: (717) 464-4438


Hours: Friday and Saturday, 10 AM-4 PM, closed on weekdays Monday-Friday

Entrance: $15 per adult, $7 per child

Also known as the 1719 museum, Hans Herr House takes you back in time to experience early American life. There is a full-scale reproduction of a Native American longhouse.

Tours also include farmhouses, a blacksmith shop, and a smokehouse. The Herr House is the oldest building in Lancaster, so take some time and appreciate the area’s history.

The Herr House is a registered historic landmark and was home to original Mennonite settlers. Get a hands-on experience and explore the workshops offered by the museum.

The museum also caters to Native history as it educates guests on the original people of Lancaster. Natives were an important part of Mennonite history. They helped them in identifying plant species and how to hunt for wildlife local to the area.

14. Busy Bee’s Farm Market

Credit: LL/ Yelp

📍Map It: 3378 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks, PA 17572

Phone: (717) 768-7934


Hours: Open Monday - Saturday from 8 AM-6 PM, closed Sunday

Entrance: No fee to enter

Busy Bee’s Farm Market is a popular roadside stand selling fresh produce and honey. All products are locally grown and are high quality. They offer soft handmade pretzels and homemade potato chips for purchase every Saturday.

They also offer a variety of handmade crafts and decorations for sale. The owners are handcrafts themselves, bringing plenty of unique inventory items to the table. Walk through the various vendor shops to explore locally sourced and crafted goods that you can't find anywhere else.

They create colorful lawn ornaments that are available for purchase every weekend. Before you leave, be sure to take a peek at the farm animals owned by the market. Little ones will love getting to see and pet real cows, goats, horses, and more.

15. Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Credit: Cheryl H./ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 300 Gap Rd, Strasburg, PA 17579

Phone: (717) 687-8628


Hours: Open daily 10 AM-4 PM

Entrance: $10 per adult, $8 per child

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania has the largest collection of railroad artifacts in the world. Learn about how revolutionary the railroad was in early America and how it shaped the structure of the country.

It railroads artifacts as well as trains to explore. The Railway Education Center teaches all about these artifacts and about railroads from the past. There are also books, photographs, and numerous artwork pieces depicting the history of American railroads.

There are opportunities here to learn for children and adults of all ages. There are over 100 locomotive and cars from the 19th and 20th century available to see.

If you had a great time at the museum, you could visit again virtually from the comfort of home. Get another look at your favorite exhibits or check out things that you didn’t get a chance to see while there in person.

16. Lancaster Marionette Theatre

Credit: Jason D./ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 126 N Water St, Lancaster, PA 17603


Hours: Open daily 10:30 AM-11 PM

The Lancaster Marionette Theater was founded in 1991 and has been putting on shows for children and adults since then. This is one of the few marionette theaters in the United States currently. Stop by and see a unique and entertaining show!

This is a popular go-to for many locals and has many highly rated reviews. According to testimonials, the shows are very entertaining, and the behind-the-scenes tour should not be missed.

Also included with your ticket is the puppet museum and backstage tour. Get to know more about the show you just watched and a little bit of the history behind puppeteering.

Be sure to check their website for the current shows being offered. There are often children’s stories such as Peter Cottontail with characters such as Little BoPeep joining in on the fun.

17. National Watch and Clock Museum

Credit: PeachKoblerpie/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 514 Poplar St, Columbia, PA 17512

Phone: (717) 684-8261


Hours: 10 AM-5 PM

Entrance: Adults admitted for $12, Children between the ages of 6 and 16 charged $9

This museum is one of the biggest of its kind and it has the largest collection of timepieces in North America. There are over 13,000 unique pieces from different countries. There is modern style clock as well as historic and turn of the century styled clocks.

There are many exhibits to learn from at this museum. There’s the Jeweler’s Shop Gallery, The Asian Horology Gallery, Early American Watchmaking Gallery, and the European Clock gallery.

This museum has clocks and watches from many time periods for you to study and learn about. This is also a great activity for children to see how clocks have progressed and how time effects the look.

18. North Museum of Natural History

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 358-3941


Hours: 10 AM-3 PM

Entrance: $13 per adult, $12 per child between the ages of 3-17

Take a stroll through the North Museum of Natural History and learn about space, nature, and animals. There are many exhibits included with admission including the planetarium. Some other exhibits include a Lego Lab, Coding Corner, Nature Gallery, and STEAM art gallery.

The planetarium is a popular spot. It is south central Pennsylvania’s largest planetarium! Using a projection system, you are surrounded by visuals that make it feel as if you are in space.

There are also other shows depicting the arctic, Grand Canyon, and satellite views of the planet. Their website has a list of current shows being offered. Check it out and immerse yourself in a new world.

Children will love spending time exploring all this museum has to offer. There is also a live animal room. There are 20 species of animals to check out. Animals include snakes, turtles, and tarantulas. Be brave and study these animals up close!

19. I:Train Studios

Credit: Greta L./ Yelp

📍Map It: 315 W James St #2979, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 826-5407


Hours: Open Monday-Thursday 5 am - 8 pm, Friday 5 am - 6 pm, Saturday 8 am - 2 pm, Closed Sunday

Get some exercise in at Itrain studios. They offer personal training and classes on nutrition. They work with any fitness level and have certified instructions ready to help you get fit. Some offerings include customized fitness coaching, a health and wellness program, and high energy fitness class.

They also offer stretch therapy for relief from everyday stretches. Work and regular activities put strain on our bodies. By attending stretch therapy, your ability to move more easily and without pain will increase.

20. Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 2451 Kissel Hill Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 569-0401 


Hours: 9 AM-4 PM

Entrance: Adults: $12, 3-11: $8

Come visit this Pennsylvania German Heritage Site. The Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and offers unique experiences that cater to people of all ages.

You can join a tour and visit the largest living history village in the U.S. There are historic buildings and farms with equipment that are based on the 1700-1800 way of life.

There is also a collection of preserved historic pieces. There are many German artifacts from that time period as well as exhibits and galleries focused on these cultural items.

If you are looking for a venue, Landis Valley Village also offers rentals at their farm. They host weddings, birthday parties, or family gatherings with a beautiful scenic view.

21. President James Buchanan’s Wheatland

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 1120 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 392-4633


Hours: 10 AM-3 PM

Entrance: $15

This award-winning history museum is just outside Lancaster City and focuses on Lancaster County’s history. There are guided tours of Wheatland, President Buchanan’s home from the 1800s. There are also museum exhibits that frequently change so you can expect something new every visit!

There are special events every month that are available to guests. A Yuletide at Wheatland holiday program, a presidential lecture series, and student tours are just a few events offered.

If you are interested in family history, you can purchase a pass for the Research Center. Here, you can look up historic documents, maps, or books in order to find family ties to this region.

They also have access to other databases so that you are able to have a thorough look. Visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets before your visit as space is limited.

22. Walnut Street Grille at the Brewery

Credit: Michael S./ Yelp

📍Map It: 302 N Plum St, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 509-8140 


Hours: 4 PM-8 PM

Get a bite to eat at the Walnut Street Grille at the Brewery. It is a local favorite know to have friendly staff and delicious food. They offer German purity guidelines when making their craft beers and pair it with a relaxed dining room.

They also offer online ordering for customer convenience. Or you can also make reservations by phone if you know what time you’ll be at the restaurant.

They also offer brew room tours for those interested in the beer brewing process. This is a unique and fun experience you won’t want to miss!

23. Hands-On-House

Credit: Dean-Amy 2004/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 721 Landis Valley Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 569-5437


Hours: 9 AM-8 PM

Entrance: $12

Also known as the Children’s Museum of Lancaster, the Hands-On-House is the perfect destination for your little ones. Spend an afternoon playing at their many interactive indoor exhibits. Some exhibits include a hands-on farm, robotic and steam room, and foam block construction zone.

Outside, enjoy the Mason’s Active Adventure garden. There is a children’s play structure, dry rock riverbed, and pirate ship for pretend play. Outdoor percussion instruments are also at the play structure so little ones can experiment with different sounds.

There are also classes available at the clubhouse. There is an art studio available to children. It is free but registration online is required. There is also a story time provided at various times during the day. Space is limited so try to make it there a little early.

24. Fulton Theatre

. Credit: Kim/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 12 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 394-7133


Catch a production at the historic Fulton Theater. Fulton Theater is also known as the Fulton Opera House. It is known to be the oldest working theater in the nation and is registered as a National Historic Landmark. They offer musicals and dramatic plays for all ages.

Fulton Theater prides themselves on bringing new and exciting shows. They are unique to the community and many visitors say they put on shows that are different than what they’ve ever seen before. If you are not able to watch one of their shows, be sure to take a look the historic architecture and marvel at its preservation.

25. Binns Park

Credit: George A./ Yelp

📍Map It: 120 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 291-4758


Hours: Daily 6 AM-10 PM

Binns Park is on North Queen street and is the center of events and concerts in Lancaster. There is a natural grassy area for picnicking, stage for performances, and a dancing water fountain.

There are also frequent events happening in the park. A lot of these activities are put on by the city of Lancaster and are a great way to meet people and get an experience the city as a local! If you have questions about events, contact the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion for more information.

26. Meduseld Meadery

Credit: Natalie A./ Yelp

📍Map It: 252 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 208-6144 


Hours: 6 AM-10 PM every day

Entrance: $15 per person per session

Meduseld Meadery offers walk-in ax throwing at their range in Lancaster. Each session is 15 minutes long and the ax range is first come, first serve. This range is member of the International Axe Throwing Federation. Experts will teach you how to throw, then try it out on your own and master this fun activity.

In order to participate, you must sign a waiver and closed toed shoes must be worn. They also offer guests a variety of draft mead and beer. Pizza and pretzels are also available for purchase if you get hungry while practicing your throws.

This is a unique experience! Also, visitors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

27. Mennonite Information Center

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 299-0954 


Hours: 9:30 AM-4 PM daily

Learn about the Mennonite lifestyle by Mennonites themselves. The visitors center also hosts a biblical tabernacle experience. The Biblical Tabernacle was made in the 1940s and is called the, “Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness”.

There is also a countryside tour where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and historic backroads. A Mennonite guide will take you on a two-hour tour to experience their day-to-day activities. Learn more about these unique communities and grow an appreciation for their way of life.

28. Lancaster Tasting Room

Credit: Management/ Yelp

📍Map It: 398 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 244-9900


Hours: Open Wednesday - Thursday 1 pm - 9 pm, Friday - Saturday 1 pm - 10 pm, Sunday 11 am - 4 pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday

Are you a fan of wine? Stop by the Lancaster Tasting Room to get a taste of world class varieties. Close by Wyndridge farm, this tasting room is a popular hang-out for locals and visitors alike. There is a Lancaster beer garden and beer garden ladder golf for use.

There is also a restaurant available. Get together with the family and enjoy the tasty food provided by Wyndridge. They source all ingredients from local farmers, ensuring the freshest, best food in the area.

You can also host a party, wedding, or other celebration at the tasting room. If you’re interested check out their website for event menus and other offerings.

29. Board & Brush Lancaster

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 1343 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 395-5535


Hours: Open daily from 11 AM-6 PM

This is a unique experience that brings together friends and family with crafts. This is the perfect place to practice your creativity without the mess or need to get your own supplies. Check out their website for the types of workshops they are currently offering.

Projects are for all ages. They have family friendly wood sign painting projects or more advanced options such as seasonal decorations. You can also shop and pick up a kit you can do at home.

Kids’ camps are also available with a variety of themes. Safari, sport, and summer themed crafts are just a few of the Kid’s camp personalized projects.

30. National Toy Train Museum

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 300 Paradise Ln, Ronks, PA 17572

Phone: (717) 687-8976


Hours: Open Monday through Sunday from 10 AM-5 PM

Entrance: $7 per person (adults and children)

Do you love toy trains? The National Toy Train Museum boasts the largest collections of toy trains in the world. This is a perfect activity for adults and children! There are many exhibits included with admission.

Exhibits include toy trains, accessories, and makers such as LEGO, American Flyer, and Lionel. Spend an afternoon here learning about toy trains and admiring the workmanship that goes into their creation.

There are also featured exhibits that change throughout the year. Some of the notable past exhibits included various Lego Layouts, Lionel Dealers display, and O Gauge trains.

31. Liz Hess Gallery

Credit: Management/ Yelp

📍Map It: 140 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 390-7222


Hours: 10 AM-5 PM Daily

Do you love art? Visit Lancaster’s premier art gallery in downtown Lancaster. The Liz Hess Gallery has beautiful works of art and is a great place to take a break from touring the city and appreciate works of art.

There are also opportunities to purchase artwork by artist Liz Hess. Liz is a child of Honduras immigrants and grew up in Lancaster in the 1970s. Every year Liz travels abroad to find inspiration for her next piece.

32. Lancaster Science Factory

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 454 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 509-6363


Hours: Open every day from 10 AM-5 PM

Entrance: $12 per adult/child, children under 3 years old admitted for free

Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on museum focused on STEM learning for kids. There are over 75+ STEM exhibits available, and kids love the interactive learning.

Some subjects that are covered are structural engineering, acoustics and sound, and electric and magnetism. There are also exhibits that teach children about nature and environmental sustainability.

Kids will enjoy the water lab where they experiment with different valves, tubs, and dams in the water. There is also an entertaining pendulum lab within the mechanics section where kids can learn about science and gravity.

33. Red Raven Art Company

Credit: Management/ Yelp

📍Map It: 138 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 299-4400


Hours: Open daily from 10 AM-5 PM

Red Raven Art Company is an art gallery that supports local artist. Come study and enjoy art created by some of Lancaster’s best.

The gallery is very diverse offering all styles of paints and prints. They also frequently have visiting artists in which they will offer their work for a season. This ensures that you will get to enjoy different art every visit.

You may also purchase fine art prints. Prints are available in a variety of sizes and are done on archival watercolor paper. Pick one up to support a local artist and remember your time in downtown Lancaster.

34. Taste the World Walking Tour

Credit: Kelly Y./ Yelp

📍Map It: Downtown Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717) 723-8787


Get a sampling of restaurants in Downtown Lancaster by booking a tour with Taste the World Walking Tour. This is a fun way to eat dinner while trying the best of Lancaster.

Some eateries that have participated in this tour in the past are Chop Sushi, Arabian Knight, Himalayan Curry & Grill, Noodle King, and Sweetish Candy. As you can tell, there is a wide variety!

There are 12 stops and 3 hours for a full tour. The samples are small so that you are able to try multiple dishes at all the stops. This tour is a local favorite made popular by its unique experience and variety of food they offer.

35. Dutch Wonderland

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 2249 E Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (866) 386-2839


Hours: Open daily 10 AM-6 PM

Entrance: Starts at $54 per person

Dutch Wonderland is a fun amusement park with traditional amusement rides and water park attractions. This is a well-loved Lancaster tradition that hosts seasonal events as well as providing shows and dining to its guests

Some popular attractions include Duke’s Lagoon, Kingdom Rollercoaster, a monorail, bumper cars, family coaster, and dino dig. Spend a full day here if you are able. There is so much available to do and see you may need another day to explore.

36. West End Yoga

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 221 W Walnut St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 406-9681


Hours: Open Monday 6:30 am - 9 pm, Tuesday 7 am - 9 pm, Wednesday 6:30 am - 9 pm, Thursday and Friday 7 am - 9 pm, Saturday 8:30 am - 7 pm, Sunday 8 am - 8 pm

Entrance: Monthly membership $45 per month per person

Are you interested in yoga and looking to get active during your Pennsylvania visit? The West End Yoga studio is located in Lancaster and is a great way to relax and destress. They offer a wide variety of classes. Some include vinyasa yoga, lunar flow, release & rejuvenate, and a start slow to power up class.

Events are also offered through the studio. They frequently host sunset yoga, a men’s group yoga class, and yoga in the vineyards event. Tai Chi is also offered every week. Be sure to check their website for the latest offerings.

37. Biblical Tabernacle Experience

Credit: JohnJluce/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 299-0954


Hours: Open daily from 9:30 AM-4 PM

Entrance: $10 for adults, $7 per child

The Biblical Tabernacle Experience is an experience like no other. This is a 30-minute audio and visual walk-through experience.

It is a full-scale replica model of a tabernacle as described in the Hebrew scriptures. The tour takes you through the courtyard and to the holy of holies.

Over 30,000 people have visited this tabernacle and learned more about the Mennonite faith. Come enjoy this unique event!

38. Historic Rock Ford

Credit: Management/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 881 Rockford Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 392-7223


Hours: Open daily from 10 AM-4 PM

Entrance: $15 per adult, $12 per child

Historic Rock Ford was the property of Revolutionary war general Edward Hand. Explore property and house that is rich in American history. Included, is also the Rock Ford Barn. The barn is available to rent for weddings and events and is a scenic backdrop for any special occasion.

Rock Ford also hosts many events for locals and visitors. Family Day at Long Rifles special exhibit, Emma the Matchmaker, and various lectures are available to join.

39. Clipper Magazine Stadium

Credit: 747Marine/ TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 650 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 509-4487


Entrance: Ticket prices can be found online, and vary per event and seat of choice

Rated by Ballpark Digest as the best ballpark in the country, Clipper Magazine Stadium is home to the Lancaster Barnstormers. They are a member of the Major League Baseball organization and is a fun way to wrap up the day.

If you’re looking for special events, they offer several throughout the year. There is a Military Appreciation night, Small Business night, and Back to School night. If you enjoy your visit, you can become a part of their Barnstormer Booster Club. Get all he promotions, news, and announcements sent directly to you so that you can stay on top of all the latest news.

40. Wyndridge Farm

Credit: Jeffery S./ Yelp

📍Map It: 398 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717) 392-7223 |


Hours: Open Wednesday and Thursday 1 p - 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 1 pm - 10 pm, Sunday 11 am - 4 pm, Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Entrance: No fee to enter, food and drinks at the restaurant and tasting rooms are charged separately

Wyndridge Farm has a variety of activities and events to enjoy. There are farm events such as Oktoberfest, Summerfest, and concerts on the lawn. This is perfect for a night out or a family night. Check out their website to find out the newest events.

If you want to make it a weekend stay, there is an inn located on property. The inn is a 6000 sq. ft. farmhouse with scenic views of the vast farmland and grassy hills. Amenities include a library, fireplace, on-site laundry, and a large entertainment space.

If you plan to travel with a group or for a special occasion, the venue can be rented out by the hour or day. Host your next big event or wedding at the farm during your visit. They provide an outdoor chapel and climate-controlled barn to make your special day perfect.

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