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60 BEST Things to Do in Columbus, OH (Something For Everyone!)

Explore the top 60 activities in Columbus, OH! From historic parks and zoos to unique museums and fun-filled attractions, find the perfect mix for all.

Tobi Miles
September 10, 2022
60 BEST Things to Do in Columbus, OH (Something For Everyone!)

Columbus, Ohio is a historic destination that has much to offer. From garden attractions to museums, zoos and more, you can do it all when you visit this famous old city. Love a good outdoor adventure? They've got a million. Looking for an educational, informative trip? Columbus is all that and more. From incredible food to an experience that is incomparable, you will love everything about this lively city.

Discover the historic charm of this well-known city. If you're in the mood for an adventurous, informative and scenic vacation with exclusive experiences, Columbus is an ideal choice. Historic parks and monuments are plentiful, exciting attractions are all around and you are sure to love the cool city vibe Columbus exudes. This guide of sixty things to do will have you ready to book your trip with a full itinerary of exciting things to see and do.

1. Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Credit: Columbus Business First

Map It: Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum | Website | Phone: (614) 292-0538 | Hours: 1pm-5pm Tuesday-Sunday Entrance: FREE

Appreciate the world of graphic art when you head to Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. This attraction houses the largest collection of cartoons and comics in the world! You simply must experience the many exhibits and displays if you are a fan of comic art. Check out original artwork, books, newspaper comic strips and more.

You will be surprised to find the world's rarest pieces all created by talented artists across the world. If you don't have knowledge of the comic book world, you will leave with a plethora of exciting information that will have you inspired and appreciating graphic art so much more.

2. Center of Science & Industry

Credit: Trekaroo

Map It: Center of Science and Industry (COSI) | Website | Phone: (586) 797-6800 | Hours: 10am-5pm Daily | Entrance: $20 Adults, $15 Children

Explore the world of science with the whole family. With over three hundred exhibits, this science exploration museum covers astronomy, ocean life, dinosaurs and more. You will marvel at the life-size cast of a T-Rex and pose next to the thirty-foot-tall Poseidon statue. Revisit all the exciting scientific subjects you covered in grade school and beyond when you visit the Center of Science & Industry.

With a historic appeal that takes a trip down memory lane, you can visit a telegraph office, grocer and more from the early 1960's. This interactive museum is sure to be a hit for the science buff and families alike. All ages will get something out of this trip!

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3. Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

Credit: Fox 19

Map It: Ohio Expo Center & State Fair | Website | Phone: (888) OHO-EXPO | Hours: 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday | Entrance: $10 per entry

With a plethora of events year-round, you won't want to miss this Ohio state attraction. It is infamously known for holding the state fair, which is a spectacular, popular event. From equestrian shows to live concerts, you can find a wide array of different things to experience at Ohio Expo Center.

Home of over 200 events, you'll want to check the calendar as you plan your trip to Columbus. Don't forget to check out the historic landmarks on site, along with livestock, and an ice rink among other fun attractions. For a fun, carnival vibe attraction, Ohio Expo Center is ideal!

4. Kelton House Museum & Garden

Credit: Kelton House Museum & Garden

Map It: Kelton House Museum & Garden | Website | Phone: (614) 464-2022 | Hours: 12pm-4pm Thursday-Sunday | Entrance: Adults $7, Seniors $5, Students $3

This attraction boasts an important piece of history for the city of Columbus. This fully immersive trip brings you back to the 19th century and offers you a guided tour of this spectacular Victorian home. Featuring a beautiful interior and a total lesson in history of the Kelton family, there is much to see when you stop by.

Step outside into the garden for a grand tour of beautiful scenery. The Kelton family was a well-known family that lived during the civil war and practiced abolitionist ways. Their home was once a stop for the underground railroad. Get a dose of the city's history at this unique museum.

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5. Topiary Park

Credit: TripAdvisor

Map It: Topiary Park | Hours: 7am-11pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Enjoy a unique experience when you visit Columbus's Topiary Park, known for its incredible topiary sculptures. This incredible park has been around since the 19th century and even provides re-creations of many paintings and more. This landscape art is something you and the family won't want to miss.

Head on down and take a self-guided tour for free. It is the only Topiary Park in the world that holds 3D recreations of paintings of its kind. If you want an experience exclusive to Columbus, Topiary Park is the place to go.

6. Columbus Funny Bone

Credit: Yelp

Map It: Columbus Funny Bone | Website | Phone: (614) 471-5653 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

If you're in the mood for a good dose of entertainment, Columbus Funny Bone is the local comedy club to visit. Well known for hosting popular comedians such as Ellen Degeneres and Drew Carey, this is a comedic attraction you won't want to miss out on. Spend the evening relaxing and laughing the night away.

You can also order food or enjoy a cup of coffee as you sit back and enjoy the show. This incredible venue has booked shows all year round so check out the website for more information on who is entertaining when you visit Columbus.

7. Ohio History Center

Credit: Columbus Navigator

Map It: Ohio History Center | Website | Phone: (614) 297-2300 | Hours: 10am-5pm Wednesday-Sunday | Entrance: $13 Adults, $11 Seniors, $7 Children

Head to the Ohio History Center for an afternoon of time travel. You can learn all about the natural history of Ohio and explore artifacts. They even have a taxidermy display of now extinct animals from the area. Go as far back as Native Americans who roamed the land or enjoy some 1950's architecture.

You can learn pretty much everything about Ohio with a trip the Ohio History Center. This all-ages museum is sure to keep everyone interested with its unique objects and interesting exhibits.

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8. Franklin Park Conservatory & Gardens

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens | Website | Phone: (614) 715-8000 | Hours: 10am-5pm Daily | Entrance: $22 Adults, $19 Seniors, $15 Children

This spectacular conservatory boasts unique exhibits and gardens that you will love experiencing. There is something for everyone to see at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The conservatory provides you with exhibits that hold poetry and glass collection, in addition to a variety of other brilliant art you will love witnessing. The gardens offer lively presentations of floral arrangements unlike any other. If you head to the children's garden, kids can enjoy an interactive experience as well. Head to the on-site John F. Wolfe Palm House for a dose of history on the park and its ventures over the years. This stunning Victorian-style greenhouse boasts over forty-three species of rare plants. This relaxing trip will be something all ages can enjoy!

9. Shale Hollow Park

Credit: Preservation Parks

Map It: Shale Hollow Park | Website | Phone: (740) 524-8600 | Hours: 8am-9pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Enjoy the great outdoors when you visit Shale Hollow Park. Embark on a wildlife adventure and spend the afternoon viewing unique rock formations and beautiful trees all around. With animals running around such as deer, raccoons and coyotes, you are sure to find something cute when you head to this park.

Marvel at the beauty of the flowing stream and become one with nature in a serene, beautiful setting. Whether you sit under the trees or set off for an adventurous hike, Shale Hollow Park is worth the trip.

10. Columbus Park of Roses

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: Columbus Park of Roses | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3391 | Hours: 7am-11pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

For a breathtaking scenery and a serene background filled with lovely roses, the Columbus Park of Roses is sure to be a hit. You can visit this state park for free, walking the many pathways and marveling at the beauty of all the different roses. If you're a lover of anything floral, this is a must-visit when you head to Columbus.

Being surrounded by all of these vibrant florals means endless butterflies and birds around while you are exploring the wilderness. If you enter the observation tower, you can get a much better view of the park overall and all the beauty it has to offer. With a garden of dogwoods, herbs and more, there are endless flower to see when you visit the Columbus Park of Roses.

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11. The Ohio Railway Museum

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: The Ohio Railway Museum | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3391 | Hours: 12pm-4pm Sundays | Entrance: $9 Adults, $7 Seniors & Military, $5 Children

Adults and children alike will enjoy this train-revolved experience, teaching you all about the history of locomotives. Go back to where it all began with teh history of trains and their importance in the world. You can tour exhibits like actual street and passenger cars. Take a ride on a train and experience a guided tour for an exciting lesson on locomotives.

This museum is great for all ages and sure to impress everyone. The influence railroads had on the United States is a vital part in American history and this museum will teach you all about it.

12. German Village Society

Credit: Ohio Traveler

Map It: German Village Society | Website | Phone: (614) 221-8888 | Hours: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm Saturday, Noon-4pm Sundays | Entrance: FREE

Celebrate the German community and its part in Columbus, Ohio. When you enter the village, you can view the spectacular architecture and the mid-19th century feel it possesses. Get an idea of German culture when you indulge in their famous cuisine, shop their inspired stores and peruse the old town.

They even have scavenger hunts within the neighborhood if you're feeling adventurous. Grab a golf cart tour to visit all the stunning gardens, restaurants, galleries and more. This unique, cultured town is an experience you won't want to miss.

13. Indian Run Falls

Credit: Visit Dublin

Map It: Indian Run Falls | Phone: (614) 410-4700 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: FREE

Enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience when you visit Indian Run Falls. This destination was once the home of the Wyandot tribe so this attraction not only boasts scenery but history. With stunning greenery, unique rock formations and breathtaking waterfalls to view, you can't go wrong with this serene experience.

Walk down the many hiking trails or just have a picnic by the stream, listening to the peaceful sounds of nature and witnessing natural beauty at its finest. Perfect for the whole family, you can easily make a whole afternoon out of adventuring at Indian Run Falls.

14. Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3550 | Hours: 9am-6pm Daily | Entrance: Adults $24.99, Children & Seniors $18.99

This zoo and aquarium is owned by worldwide phenomenon, Jack Hanna and is known for being one of the best zoos in not only the United States, but the world. If you're headed Columbus, you simply HAVE to stop by at this well-loved attraction.

Check out the various habitats that cover rare species from Asia and North America, in addition to coastal animals. From the Alaskan Moose to the Red Panda, you will get to see it all when you visit the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. Take a behind the scenes tour of animals like sea lions, cheetahs and more. Don't forget to stop by the aquarium to enjoy a compendium of rare ocean life.

15. North Market Downtown

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: North Market Downtown | Website | Phone: (614) 463-9664 | Hours: 9am-7pm Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday & Monday | Entrance: FREE

This market has been a well-known attraction for over 140 years. Boasting small businesses ranging from food to souvenirs, you can't go wrong with a trip to North Market Downtown. Shop small and find the most unique food items, specialty gifts, local flowers, produce and more. This charming little market is perfect for scoping out what Columbus is really about.

Perfect for strolling around on a sunny afternoon, you won't regret checking out this historic Columbus attraction.

16. Olentangy Caverns

Credit: Columbus Underground

Map It: Olentangy Caverns | Website | Phone: (740) 548-7917 | Hours: 9:30am-5pm Daily | Entrance: Adults $25.99, Children $22.99

Head to Olentangy Caverns for a great outdoor excursion. From cavern tours to mini golf and more, there is excitement for the whole family. The caverns boast incredible formations, fossils inside the walls and unique attributes you will have to see to believe. The Wyandot tribe once roamed the area so learn about the history of it became what it is today as well.

Take the kids to the on-site petting zoo to interact with farm animals. Do a treasure hunt or gem mining for extra excitement. This incredible attraction is sure to be a unique experience.

17. Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Credit: MKSK Studios

Map It: Scioto Audubon Metro Park | Website | Phone: (614) 202-5197 | Hours: 6:30AM- 10PM Daily | Entrance: FREE

Head down to Scioto Audubon Metro Park for some more classic outdoor fun. You can explore nearly 28,000 acres that range from forests to grassland, wetlands and more. With loads of activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, fishing and the likes, you will never get bored at this huge outdoor attraction.

In the winter, you can ice skate, sled and more on site. The options are nearly endless. They even boast golf courses and varies activities such as archery at this incredible Columbus attraction. Check out the nature center to learn some informative facts about the land and all the species and findings you will view inside the park. If you're in the mood for outdoor adventure, Scioto Audubon Metro Park is the ideal place.

18. Gahanna Lanes

Credit: The Columbus Dispatch

Map It: Gahanna Lanes| Website | Phone: (614) 471-1111 | Hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-10pm, Friday 12pm-2am, Saturday 11am-2am, Sunday 12pm-9pm | Entrance: $6 & Up

Keep it basic and fun by spending the afternoon or evening bowling a few games. This family friendly attraction is the perfect wind down activity, while adding some classic arcade fun to your day. Bowl and attempt the variety of games they have inside the arcade. Order some pretzels and pizza from the snack bar and just have a nice, relaxing time. They also have an extensive menu of food to choose from.

If you're looking for a filler activity or night cap, Gahanna Lanes is the perfect place to go.

19. National Veterans Memorial Museum

Credit: Architectural Digest

Map It: National Veterans Memorial and Museum | Website | Phone: (614) 362-2800 | Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday | Entrance: Adults $17, Seniors $15, College Students $12, Children 5 & up $10

Pay homage to all who have served over the years when you visit the National Veterans Memorial Museum. This stunning architectural structure tells the many stories of personal experience by sharing artifacts and more. The history of this museum dates all the way back to the American Revolution.

Learn all about American military history by view personal items of those who experienced it firsthand. This historic attraction is perfect for all ages and anyone who wants to learn more about the lives of soldiers over the years.

20. Heart of Africa Zoo

Credit: PGAV Desitinations

Map It: Heart of Africa | Website | Phone: (614) 645- 3400 | Hours: 9am-7pm Daily | Entrance: $24.99 Adults, $18.99 Children & Seniors

This incredible attraction is located inside the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This totally immersive experience makes you feel as though you've stepped into a genuine African Village. Get a close peek at Savannah wildlife and get hands on with some incredible animals.

You can take a ride on a camel, feed giraffes and more. See the rarest mammals Africa has to offer with a guided tour of this beautiful, large exhibit. If you don't have time to visit the whole zoo, stepping into the Heart of Africa Zoo is simply a must.

21. Creekside Park

Credit: Eat, Play Cbus

Map It: Creekside Park | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: FREE

Enjoy an outdoor excursion when you head to Creekside Park in beautiful Ohio. Just outside of Columbus, you can find this awesome, family and pet friendly park that has all the scenery and hiking trails you could ask for. You will encounter the perfect dose of the wilderness.

Head out on a picnic, go fishing or sit under the trees for an unforgettable view and experience. You can even go into the shallow water come summertime, right near the scenic waterfalls. This must-visit destination is the perfect way to spend an afternoon being active and enjoying the outdoors.

22. Ohio Statehouse

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Ohio Statehouse - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 752-9777 |Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm Saturday & Sunday | Entrance: FREE

If you're up for a little lesson in Ohio's history, you can take a guided tour at the Ohio Statehouse. Learn all about the background of Ohio's politics dating back over a hundred years. With lots of fun exhibits to see like the rotunda, the grand stair hall and more, this is a great day trip you can take- and it's free!

You can also view the outdoor sculptures at this incredible landmark. The Spirit of 98 and The Doughboy are just two of the more popular monuments at this historic political structure. If you're in the mood for some facts about Ohio, this is the perfect place to go!

23. Otherworld

Credit: Youtube

Map It: Otherworld - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 868-3631 | Hours: 10am-8pm Sunday, Monday & Wednesday, 10am-10pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Embark on a unique experience when you head to Otherworld. This interactive art installation explores mixed realities and 3D art that comes to life. With over 32,000 square feet to peruse, you have entered a true fantasy land like no other in the world. Perfect for all ages, this outing is sure to be a hit.

Get interactive with puzzles, secret passageways and more. For a brand-new experience that will take you out of reality, Otherworld is the perfect solution.

24. Ohio Village

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Ohio Village - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (800) 686-6124 | Hours: 10am-5pm Wednesday-Sunday | Entrance: $13 Adults, $11 Seniors, $7 Children

Take a trip back to Ohio's 19th century period where you can learn all about what it was like to live during that era. You can watch a baseball game featuring the Ohio Village Muffins or just converse with the villagers who are all eager to teach you a thing or two. Tour some local homes and stores that were well known in the area as well.

This family friendly attraction also has events throughout the whole year. War reenactments and classic storybook village days are just two of the amazing events that take place at this throwback attraction.

25. Orton Geological Museum

Credit: Orton Geological Museum

Map It: Orton Geological Museum - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 292-6896 | Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday | Entrance: FREE

Lovers of rocks and gemstones will rejoice when they visit Orton Geological Musem. This incredible attraction houses more than 54,000 treasures. Head to this museum and take a tour for free. You will marvel at the skeletons, rocks, minerals and more.

Adults and children who love prehistoric archaeology will love the full-size replica of a T-rex skull and the mammoth teeth. These are just a couple of the incredible finds at Orton Geological Museum. This all-ages destination is free for the whole family.

26. 16-Bit Bar & Arcade

Credit: 16-Bit Bar + Arcade

Map It: 16-Bit Bar+Arcade | Website | Phone: (614) 222-1616 | Hours: 4pm-12:30am Sunday-Wednesday, 4pm-1:30pm Thursday, 4pm-2:30am Friday & Saturday | Entrance: FREE

For some good, old fashioned arcade fun, you can go to 16-Bit Bar & Arcade. Enjoy a nice cocktail and explore the nightlife that Ohio has to offer. With over forty game classics, you are sure to have fun spending hours at this attraction. The best part? It's free! No charge to enter and no charge to play.

You can even pop in on a themed night event, tournament and more when you head down to this bar and arcade. Keep it low key with a dose of excitement with the video games.

27. Shrum Mound

Credit: Ohio

Map It: Shrum Mound | Website | Phone: (800) 840-6127 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: FREE

This important historical landmark provides you with unique experience. It was built over 2000 years ago and remains one of hte last ancient burial grounds. You can learn all about this history of this ancient monument and the importance of the Adena people, the original residents of Ohio.

This mound stands roughly twenty feet tall and is considered sacred- here rests the remains of Adena people. This historic landmark is truthfully a must see when you head to Ohio.

28. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

Credit: Compass Ohio

Map It: ZipZone Outdoor Adventures | Website | Phone: (614) 847-9477 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Thrill seekers will love taking it outdoors with this adventure experience. You can take a unique zip line tour of Columbus or just visit the adventure park for some exciting activity. From challenges to obstacle course, this all-ages attraction is perfect for keeping it active and lively.

If you're bringing the little ones, don't sweat it. The park has an entire section devoted to obstacle courses that are perfect for keeping the kids entertained and busy. You can even host events there or explore their other opportunities like hikes, night tours and falconry experiences.

29. Chadwick Arboretum

Credit: Chadwick Arboretum

Map It: Chadwick Arboretum | Website | Phone: (614) 688-3479 | Hours: 8am-6pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

The Chadwick Arboretum is a wonderful outdoor landscape attraction that is a must-have experience when you visit Columbus. You can learn all about the beautiful floral gardens and what makes them special. This diverse collection of gardens holds a compendium of rare florals and plants that you won't find anywhere else.

You can go on a self-guided tour for free, using OSU's app that can help you to find gardens that interest you. From the Labyrinth Garden to the Green Roof, they are all so unique and beautiful.

30. Thurber House

Credit: Thurber House

Map It: Thurber House - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 464-1032 | Hours: 1pm-4pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday | Entrance: FREE

Explore the history of local connoisseur, James Thurber. This talented man was a playwright, journalist, cartoonist and more. You can tour his home and environment while you interact with his items, such as his piano. Take a guided tour for free and learn all about this local celebrity.

Personal memorabilia is proudly on display and his original decor still holds up after over one hundred years. This little museum of sorts makes for a great historic, afternoon tour if you're in the area. Cre

31. Fear Columbus Haunted House

Credit: ABC6

Map It: Fear Columbus Haunted House | Website | Phone: (614) 344-4484 | Hours: 7pm-10pm Friday & Saturday | Entrance: $19.99 Per Entry

Those who love a little spooky fun can have just that and more when they visit Fear Columbus Haunted House. This adults-only find is the perfect way to embark on some haunted adventure. This experience is totally immersive, involves an incredible indoor haunted house and lots of interaction with trained actors.

Grab your closest friends for a truly haunted night if you're visiting Columbus on the weekend. Get your heart rate going and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Fear Columbus Haunted House.

32. Arne Sletteback Planetarium

Credit: The Columbus Dispatch

Map It: Arne Slettebak Planetarium at The Ohio State University| Home | Website | Phone: (614) 292-1773 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: FREE

Astronomy lovers will enjoy visiting the Arne Sletteback Planetarium. This free experience holds a plethora of information regarding the earth, the cosmos and more. You can marvel at constellation exhibits, get a close-up experience of the night sky and more. Learn all about astronomy and the beauty that surrounds us.

Perfect for the whole family, this planetarium is infamous for being a great opportunity for both residents and tourists alike.

33. Hoover Resevoir Park

Credit: TripAdvisor

Map It: Hoover Reservoir Park - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3300 | Hours: 24/7

Get the perfect view of the Ohio Hoover Dam when you visit Hoover Reservoir Park. With a number of outdoor activities to take part in such as fishing, boating, hiking and more, you will fall in love with the beautiful outdoors of Ohio. Head out for a serene scenery experience or get adventurous and hike the 4,700-acre attraction.

For those with families, there is an on-site playground. Got pets? Take them with you! This attraction appeals to all ages and will provide you with the perfect dose of nature.

34. Hayden Falls Park

Credit: TripAdvisor

Map It: Hayden Falls Park | Phone: (614) 645-3300 | Hours: 6am-10pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Spend the afternoon outdoors at the beautiful Hayden Falls Park. If you're looking for that simple dose of nature that provides you with a serene vibe, this park is the place to go. Though small, you are surrounded by beautiful rocks and trees that will give you that peaceful nature time you need.

Take in the fresh air and marvel at the 35-foot waterfall. Plan a picnic and set out to enjoy some breathtaking scenery you won't soon forget at Hayden Falls Park.

35. Ohio Stadium

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Ohio Stadium - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 292-6330 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Football fans will love to experience a game at Ohio Stadium. Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes, this stadium is sure to provide you with an exciting game to watch. This well-loved stadium even has local nicknames such as "The Horseshoe" and the "The House that Harley Built."

Even if you don't love football, there is something so charming and lively about being at Ohio Stadium. Take the whole family down for an entertaining football game featuring the local team.

36. Short North Arts District

Credit: Columbus Monthly

Map It: Short North Arts District - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 228-8050 | Hours: Varies

Head to the Short North Arts District for hundreds of small business shopping, galleries, restaurants and more. One of the finest attractions int he area, you will love checking out what Columbus arts district has to offer. For a truly unique experience, you will want to witness galleries such as Lindsay Gallery, Weiss Gallery and more.

For a great bite to eat, you can stop at Bernard's Tavern or Black Point. With endless options, you will love perusing this incredible destination in the heart of Columbus.

37. Schiller Park

Credit: TripAdvisor

Map It: Schiller Park - Google Maps | Phone: (614) 645-3156 | Hours: 7am-11pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Named after Friedrick von Schiller, a German poet, this park is a well-known monument in Columbus. Friedrick was a resident in the area and continues to be an honored name throughout Columbus. If you visit the park, you can view the historic statue. This low-key park offers the perfect scenery for a quiet afternoon. Take the whole family, have a picnic and kick the ball around.

The park is popular for hosting outdoor theater productions, so you never know what you'll find when you head down to Schiller Park.

38. Columbus Architectural Salvage

Credit: Ohio Magazine

Map It: Columbus Architectural Salvage - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 299-6627 | Hours:9am-5pm Tuesday-Thursday

Lovers of a good thrift shop will rejoice when they visit Columbus Architectural Salvage. Find the most incredible items- from vintage to modern, people in the area are huge fans of finding treasure at this thrift shop. Marvel at the history of each item and how it fits into the city of Columbus.

If you're on the hunt for a piece of Ohio history, you are sure to find it at Columbus Architectural Salvage. Old fashioned furniture, antique fireplaces and vintage bathtubs are just three of the things you may run into on your trip to this history-oriented thrift shop.

39. Penn & Beech Candle Co.

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: Penn & Beech Candle Co. - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 949-1458 | Hours: 11am-8pm Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-9pm Friday & Saturday, 11am-6pm Sundays

Walk in to an aromatic paradise when you visit Penn & Beech Candle Co. This store isn't just a retail store- it's an experience. In addition to perusing a plethora of exclusive candles, you can pour a custom one yourself! This fabulous attraction is popular in the area and will be an exciting experience for all.

Get a little dose of relaxation when you experiment with scents at Penn & Beech Candle Co. All candle lovers will be shocked at the number of scents they can smell when they step foot inside this Ohio store.

40. Huntington Park

Credit: HOK Architecture

Map It: Huntington Park - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 462-5250 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: Varies

Well known for being home of the local Columbus Clippers, Huntingpark is an integral part of the city and culture. Head down to watch an epic game with this beloved Ohio team and enjoy the day at this incredible park.

With a concession stand and seats for up to 10,000, this is sure to be an exciting way to spend the afternoon. You can also opt to sit on the lawn. This iconic part is historic to Columbus and is simply a must see when you visit.

41. American Whistle Corp.


Map It: American Whistle Corp - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 846-2918 | Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Learn all about the history of whistles and their importance when you visit American Whistle Corp. While whistles were created to inform other of danger and for attention purposes, their use dates back to the Crusades, believe it or not. You can learn all the fun facts and explore the different types at this unique place.

Get an inside look at how each one is made on a guided tour and then take home a souvenir from this interesting attraction. Perfect for all ages, this will give you a dose of history in just one short visit.

42. Mapfre/Historic Crew Stadium

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Historic Crew Stadium - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 447-2739 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

While you can enjoy a good baseball and football game at various other historic stadiums, Mapfre is infamous for its exciting soccer games. Home of the Columbus Crew, this soccer team knows how to compete and will provide you with a special experience when you head down to watch a game.

This historic stadium can hold more than 22,000 people and sits on fifteen acres of land. Fans of soccer will love bringing their whole crew to witness a spectacular game at Mapfre Stadium.

43. Easton Town Center

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Easton Town Center - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 337-2200 | Hours: 10am-9pm Monday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sundays

Go out for a shopping experience you won't soon forget. Easton Town Center is one of the more popular shopping attractions in the Columbus area. With loads of retails stores, restaurants and more, you will have much to do and see.

It was built in 1999 and made to give off an old-town look with rustic charm and distinct style. You will love heading to all your favorite retailers and enjoying local cuisine at Easton Town Center.

44. Ohio Theatre

Credit: Columbus Association of the Performing Arts

Map It: Ohio Theatre| Phone: (614) 469-0939 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

If you're on the hunt for quality theater entertainment, Ohio Theatre can provide just that for you. This gorgeous Spanish-Baroque style theater boasts 2,700 plus seats and is a historic building in the beautiful city of Columbus.

Head down to the theatre for a fantastic production including Broadway, opera, ballet and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Plan your trip around a fabulous show and enjoy some incredible entertainment at the Ohio Theatre.

45. Wyandotte Winery

Credit: Rooted in Ohio

Map It: Wyandotte Winery| Website | Phone: (614) 476-3624 | Hours: 3pm-7pm Thursdays, 3pm-9pm Fridays, 1pm-7pm Saturdays | Entrance: FREE

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on some relaxation and tasty wine when you visit Wyandotte Winery. This family-owned vineyard offers wine tastings, tours and more. You will love the quaint, rustic atmosphere and the outdoor beauty surrounding this cityside winery.

Perfect for winding down after a busy day in the city, the Wyandotte Winery can provide you with a quiet and lovely experience. If you head there on a Friday night, you're in for some local entertainment and cuisine as well!

46. Legoland Discovery Center

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus | Website | Phone: (614) 407-7721 | Hours: 10am-6pm Daily | Entrance: $30.99 per entry

This thrilling discovery center explores the world of all things Lego. From structures to rides, games and more, you and the family can embark on a new brick building adventure when you visit Legoland Discovery Center. This all-ages attraction is perfect for a thrilling afternoon.

With immersive exhibits where you can participate in building and more, this is perfect for anyone looking for a fun destination. Whether you're a fan of Lego or new to it entirely, this fun discovery center is sure to provide that "wow" factor you've been searching for.

47. The Escape Game

Credit: Columbus Dispatch

Map It: The Escape Game Columbus - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (614) 412-5372 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Looking for a bit of excitement during your trip to Columbus? Try out an escape room at The Escape Game, located in the heart of the city. With themed games that all require thinking skills, teamwork and a bit of thrilling adventure, you are sure to love this amazing experience.

Work together to solve the clues and puzzles in your room in order to escape your way out. This fun attraction is perfect to attempt on a rainy day or evening when you're looking for something exciting to do!

48. Inniswood Metro Gardens

Credit: Bring Fido

Map It: Inniswood Metro Gardens | Website | Phone: (614) 895-6216 | Hours: 6:30AM-9PM Daily | Entrance: FREE

Located just outside of Columbus, you can have a serene experience in the hidden oasis of Inniswood Metro Gardens. With 122 acres to roam and incredible floral appeal, you will instantly fall in love with this stunning nature preserve. With botanical florals all around and beautiful greenery to view, you can find yourself at complete peace.

Take the whole family down to embark on nature's best adventures. Find woodland animals throughout, listen to the birds and marvel at nature's finest species all around.

49. Wagner Hagans Auto Museum

Credit: TripAdvisor

Map It: Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum | Website | Phone: (614) 271-0888 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: FREE

Lovers of automobiles will adore this museum dedicated to all things car and motor related. You can find dozens of rare and custom vintage cars to marvel at. The museum focuses on lots of models from the 1920's and 1930's such as the Packard's Dual-Cowls. Discover a collection of license plates among other memorabilia you simply have to see to believe.

Head down to this informative and historic museum for free. Meet the owner, who dedicates his life to this fantastic attraction and loves teaching the public about the history of cars and their importance.

50. Zoombezi Bay Water Park

Credit: Zoombezi Bay

Map It: Zoombezi Bay | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3400 | Hours: 10:30AM-7PM | Entrance: $38.99 Adults, $33.99 Children

This unique water park experience mixes a haunted vibe with classic water park attractions. You will love the horror twist if you're a thrill seeker. You can head to the haunted houses or scare-zones if you want to have an exciting experience. Keep it simple with your traditional waterslides and non-water rides as well.

This fun theme park has an extensive number of rides and waterslides for all ages. Don't forget to check out the on-site food that is well known as being social media approved thanks to its unique presentation.

51. Palace Theater

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Palace Theatre | Website | Phone: (614) 469-9850 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

For an evening of entertainment in the heart of the city, the Palace Theater is a great place to be. Located at the bottom of the historic LeVeque-Lincoln Tower, this restored palace is a divine, stunning attraction you will love experiencing firsthand.

From touring bands to music artists, ballet, Broadway and more, you can find the best entertainment at the Palace Theater in Columbus. This beautiful theater is a wonder to see, regardless of if you are in the city for a show or not!

52. Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Credit: Ultimate Motorcycle

Map It: Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum | Website | Phone: (614) 856-2222 | Hours: 9am-5pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Motorcycle enthusiasts will love visiting the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum where they can find two floors of vintage bikes and more. Get a dose of motorcycle history and learn all about their origin and importance in the world. This fantastic attraction is located right outside of Columbus and will have all motorcycle fans marveling at the beautiful vintage models.

Learn about the lives of Daytona 200 winners and dirt bike racers amongst other famous biographies when you visit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

53. Schottenstein Center

Credit: Ohio State University

Map It: Schottenstein Center | Website | Phone: (614) 688-3939 | Hours: 10am-5pm Daily | Entrance: Varies

This concert venue is one of Columbus' finest. With entertainment being held all year round, you have a great variety to choose from. This venue is known for hosting Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and more. This iconic entertainment center is the perfect place to see your favorite artist perform.

Don't forget to check out the basketball schedule when you're in the area. This venue is well known for its men's and women's basketball games and provide an exciting experience for all ages!

54. Schmidt's Sausage Haus

Credit: ABC 6

Map It: Schmidt’s Sausage Haus | Website | Phone: (614) 444-6808 | Hours: 11am-9pm Sunday-Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday & Saturday

In the mood for some authentic Columbus cuisine? Schmidt's Sausage Haus has an amazing menu that will leave you feeling full and happy. With sausage, alpine chicken spatzel and mouthwatering cream puffs, you simply can't go wrong. This German-inspired menu is full of hearty dishes and appetizers you'll be talking about for months.

If you're lucky, you can experience live music when you visit. This well-known restaurant is well known in the city for providing the perfect dish and a wonderful experience when you head down.

55. National Trail Raceway

Credit: Newark Advocate

Map It: National Trail Raceway| Website | Phone: (740) 928-5706 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

If you're in the mood for that fast and furious type thrill, National Trail Raceway is here to give you just that. This raceway is very well known in the area, located just outside Columbus. Their annual events attract over 120,000 spectators and offer the perfect race experience.

If you're not into the racing portion, you can search their calendar for other events such as car meets and vintage car shows. Any lover of motor vehicles will find something appealing at this cool raceway in Ohio. Perfect for all ages, this attraction is certain to provide you with a unique and entertaining show.

56. Goodale Park

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Goodale Park | Website | Phone: (614) 645-3300 | Hours: 7am-11pm Daily | Entrance: FREE

Visit Columbus' oldest park in the city when you head to Goodale Park. This landmark stands at over 150 years old ad  offers a beautiful greenery, walking trails and more. This local park holds historic ties to the Civil War and is infamous for being a favorite local attraction!

Check out this piece of Ohio history and enjoy the local Victorian homes that surround it. This scenic dose of nature is the perfect place to unwind for the afternoon and just find peace. Feed the ducks in the pond or have a picnic-whatever you choose to do, Goodale Park is a great gathering place if you're looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy the views.

57. Anthony-Thomas Candy Shoppes

Credit: Tripadvisor

Map It: Anthony-Thomas Candy Shoppes | Website | Phone: (614) 274-8405 | Hours: 9am-5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday | Entrance: $2 Per Entry

Chocolate lovers will rejoice when they find out about this once in lifetime experience. Visit Anthony-Thomas Candy Shoppes to get an exclusive tour of their quality chocolate factory. For only $2 per person, tour the factory and discover how each piece is created. Explore the history of this gourmet brand and how they came to be.

Don't forget to buy some samples at the store when you leave- they have a wide variety of specialty chocolates. From nuts to truffles, you can't go wrong with a tour of the Anthony-Thomas Candy Shoppe.

58. Buckeye Raceway Go Karting

Credit: Youtube

Map It: Buckeye Raceway Electric Indoor Karting | Website | Phone: (614) 272-7888 | Hours: 2pm-10pm Tuesday-Friday, 10am-10pm Saturday, 12pm-8pm Sunday | Entrance: Varies

Discover the fast and furious first hand when you step foot into a go-kart at Buckeye Raceway. Grab your buddies and go for that competition vibe. For the perfect adrenaline rush and a fun afternoon activity, go-karting is the perfect solution.

This indoor track is open year-round and ready to provide you with that thrill you've been searching for. Looking for another fun activity? They also offer all-ages laser tag at the same venue. Buckeye Raceway is certain to give you an entertaining day when you head down!

59. Jeni's Ice Cream

Credit: Mashed

Map It: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams | Website | Phone: (614) 488-2680 | Hours: 12pm-11pm Daily

What would vacation be without a delectable dessert to look forward to? Head to Jeni's Ice Cream for some good old-fashioned ice cream. You can keep it classic with vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and the likes or branch out to try some exclusive specialties. From Mexican Hot Chocolate to Sugar Plum flavor, Jeni's is sure to be a unique ice cream experience.

Their interesting flavors will have you craving more in no time. If you've got a sweet tooth, this is the perfect place to visit!

60. SegAway Tours of Columbus

Credit: Experience Columbus

Map It: SegAway Tours of Columbus | Website | Phone: (614) 222-3005 | Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 9am-3pm Sundays

Get a different view of Columbus when you hop on a segway to visit all of the city's best landmarks, districts and more. From the Ohio State University campus to the Scioto Mile, you can see it all in style.

If you're not in the mood to walk, grab a segway tour for a fun approach to sightseeing. These high-tech machines are going to bring a whole new perspective to your tour of Columbus, Ohio! Get to all the best places in a jiffy when you travel by segway.

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