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How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh? (with Various Models)

Find out the average weight of a pontoon boat and factors affecting it, from motors to trailers, for potential travelers looking to buy.

Tobi Miles
October 9, 2022
How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh? (with Various Models)

If you’re in the market to purchase a new pontoon, there are many factors you’ll need to take into account, especially its weight. Researching some important points are crucial before you decide to purchase.

On average, pontoon boats weigh anywhere between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds. There are many different factors that play a role in weight such as the motor, anchor, fuel tank, and the number of passengers that you have on board. An additional factor that would come into play would be your pontoon boat trailer, which on average weighs 1,200 pounds.

Below, we have covered 9 model examples with their weight factors, features that contribute to the pontoon boat’s weight, and how to properly tow a pontoon boat with10 tips included. Let’s dive right in!

Features That Contribute to the Weight of a Pontoon Boat

Credit: Edgar Lee Espe / Shutterstock

Many different aspects can affect the weight of a pontoon boat. It’s important to note that the factors won’t be the same depending on the type of pontoon boat you have. Here are some things that can determine your boat’s top and dry weight.

1. Motor

Whether you’re using an outbound or inbound motor, motors add significant weight to your pontoon boat. Many pontoons can hold motors that weigh 50 to 500 pounds.

2. Anchor

If you’re using an anchor on your pontoon boat, this will increase the weight of your boat. The majority of anchors weigh between 30 to 50 pounds, but what you choose depends on your boat’s model and size.

3. Size of Your Boat

The larger your pontoon is, the higher the weight is going to be. Pontoons that have more dry weight can carry more items.

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4. Amount of Passengers

Not all pontoon boats can carry the same number of passengers. Passenger weight is one of the main factors to pay attention to when weight is concerned.

5. Gas Tank

The number of gallons that your gas tank has will affect the weight of your pontoon boat. If you have a larger gas tank it will increase the weight of your boat. One thing to remember is that the fuel weight is part of your boat’s wet weight.

Can You Tow a Pontoon Boat?

Credit: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Most pontoon boat owners keep their boats at home, which means when they want to head out for a day on the water, they’ll need to tow them back and forth. Some owners will get lucky and be able to leave their boats at the dock, but for the majority, this is not the case. If you’re a new pontoon boat owner, towing a pontoon boat can be somewhat intimidating.

When towing, there’s the challenge of making sure your pontoon is safely secure when traveling. When you are towing, there are always risks, however, if you take the proper steps to securely make sure it’s safe, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips we’ve collected to help you safely tow your pontoon boat.

1. Check Your Vehicle & Trailer

Before you begin towing, make sure you have checked your vehicle and trailer with a thorough inspection. Items that you should check are your tires, lights, and trailer hitch.

2. Connect Your Pontoon to the Trailer

Believe it or not, a lot of accidents occur because their pontoon boat is not properly strapped to the trailer. Before you get driving, make sure you check TWICE.

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3. Check Your Boat’s Towing Weight

The average weight of a pontoon boat is around 2,200 pounds, with the average trailer weight being around 1,200 pounds. Before you begin towing, you want to ensure that your vehicle is capable of towing this much weight. If you’re unsure of how much your boat weighs, you can use a calculator as a guide to help you along.

4. Have Insurance

Talk with the insurance company of your vehicle and boat to make sure you are going to be insured for trailering and towing. Each state has different laws when it comes to insurance, so you’ll want to check in with your state.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

You should know that nobody is a pro when they first hit the road when towing a pontoon boat. Hooking up your pontoon boat and hauling thousands of pounds of weight is a very different ballgame. We recommend practicing with a few test runs before making a larger trip.

6. Stick to Speed Limits

Now that you’re ready to hit the road, you’ll want to pay attention to the speeding limits when on the road. Depending on which state you’re currently in, the speed limits for towing a vehicle can vary. When on the road, make sure you stay vigilant and don’t exceed the speed limit.

7. Take Breaks When on a Larger Trip

When towing a pontoon boat on a larger trip, it’s easier to forget how much weight you are towing, making it dangerous to be on the road. If you forget how much weight you are towing, this could lead to you exceeding the speed limit. To help prevent this, we recommend taking breaks every 200 miles for larger trips.

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8. Wind Plays a Factor

Wind can become very intense, especially on the road, so it’s easy to underestimate the wind. When towing a boat, make sure you’re prepared for any wind gusts you may encounter. According to safety experts, if winds are exceeding 30 miles per hour, you should take breaks.

9. Make Wide Turns

When towing your boat, you should remember you have 20 feet of trailer behind you. Remember to turn wide as your trailer will make tighter turns.

10. Pontoon Boat Covers

It’s recommended to invest in a good pontoon boat cover and travel with it on to avoid needing to clean it once you get to the docks. When traveling your boat could get dirty from the weather and from splattered bugs.

Pontoon Boat Weight Examples

Credit: Mark Herreid / Shutterstock

Before you go ahead and purchase your pontoon boot, you’ll want to know the accuracy of the boat that you want to purchase. Each pontoon boat on the market has a different design, size, construction, and engine size. Here are 6 different boat weight examples we have listed for you.

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Lowe Retreat 250 RFL

Credit: Lowe / Momentum Watersports

This model is one of the larger pontoon boats that are offered by Lowe. This model can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 14 passengers.

The company has a loading weight of anywhere from 2,700-3,000 pounds. The length of this pontoon boat is 25 feet, has a deck of 24 feet, and dry weight of 3,500 pounds.

In addition, this pontoon boat can be used with a 150-hp and 300-hp motor. Both of these motors have 30 and 50 gallons, which means that whatever motor you choose will determine how many people you can take on your boat.

Sweetwater SW 2086 F

Credit: Sweetwater / MM Powersports

This Sweetwater pontoon boat has a dry weight of 2,500 pounds. This is one of the most affordable pontoon boats on the market that has all of the amenities and features that you’ll need as a family.

The features that come with this contribute to the boat’s weight as well. This model measures 22 feet in length, which means the weight it can be calculated is 100-120 pounds per foot. It is suggested that if you want your boat to glide faster in the water you get a high-powered engine for it.

Keep in mind that if you get an engine that has a higher horsepower that this would contribute to the total weight of your pontoon boat. Lastly, any fishing essentials that you bring with you such as coolers and fishing equipment will also add to your boat’s total weight.

Lowe Retreat 230 RFL

Credit: Lowe / Bill Doster

The Lowe Retreat 230 is one of the smaller pontoon boats that are made by Lowe. It is only 23 feet long and 25 feet wide. Depending on what kind of horsepower you get, you can pair this boat with a 150, 200, or 250-horsepower engine.

The full tank capacity will also affect the overall weight of this pontoon boat. With the engine aside, the hull weight of this model is 3,000 pounds. The deck of this model has reclining chairs, a driver’s seat, lounge seating, and a stereo system that also plays a role in the overall weight.

This model boat can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers with a maximum weight of 2,500 pounds. Whatever you plan to bring on your trip, make sure you don’t exceed the maximum weight allowed.

Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX

Credit: SunTracker / SunTracker Boats

The Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX is another lightweight model pontoon boat. This boat is slightly larger than the 18 DLX model. This boat is 24 feet in length and has a deck that is 22 feet long. This alone will add several hundred pounds more to this boat.

The basic dry weight is this model is 1,900 pounds, but that includes the motor. You also have to factor in the luxurious interior which features benched seating. The whole interior setup adds a few more hundred pounds of weight than its smaller model.

There is one more important weight factor and that is passenger weight. The maximum passenger weight is only 1,500 pounds, which means that even if you have the max number of passengers on board, you will exceed the weight limit if they are all adults.

Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

Credit: Sun Tracker / Sun Tracker Boats

This model pontoon boat is one of the lightweight pontoon boats on the market. Its dry weight is only 1,500 pounds without a motor engine. However, even with its low weight, it is 20 feet long with a 17-foot deck.

This size pontoon boat is enough to accommodate a small family. This brand recommends a 75 HP motor, which can add considerable weight to the boat. Along with the motor and its accessories, it weighs around 3,000 pounds.

This boat has an estimated 9 passengers allowed on board, so this adds an additional 1,300 pounds. You’ll also have to take into account the weight of the fuel tank.

StarCraft Pontoon CX 21 C

Credit: StarCraft / StarCraft Marine

The StarCraft is a luxury pontoon boat that has a dry weight of around 1,900 pounds. It is around 25 feet long and has a diameter of 25 feet. Along with its seating arrangements, it has a luxurious dining room and deck included.

It also has a 20-gallon tank that adds to the combined weight. Even with the weight before adding the accessories, this pontoon boat can only be towed using a truck or SUV.

Avalon Venture Fish

Credit: Avalon / Avalon Pontoons

The Avalon Venture Fish is a small fishing pontoon boat. It features rod holders, an open deck, and a live well. You’ll also find that this pontoon boat comes with a 40 HP outboard motor, with a full tank that weighs around 36 pounds.

The dry weight of the Avalon Venture Fish is around 1,400 pounds, which is on the lighter side for a pontoon boat. It has a little over a 400-pounds of fishing gear and 400 pound trailer, bringing the total to around 2,200 pounds.

SunTracker Bass Buggy 16 XL

Credit: Sun Tracker / Sun Tracker Boats

The SunTracker is a slightly larger model that is designed for fishing. It features a pair of swivel chairs, fishing gear, and a live well just like the Avalon Venture Fish.

It also comes with a 50 HP motor that fits its longer design. The dry weight of the SunTracker is a little over 1,500 pounds and can carry around 340 pounds of fishing gear.

Bennington Marine 30 QX SB

Credit: Bennington / Boat Trader

The Bennington is one of the longer model pontoon boats that are on the market. It is a luxury boat with many features. The downside to its design is that it makes the pontoon boat heavyweight.

The dry weight of the Bennington is a little over 6,800 pounds, which includes its motor. Fuel is one of the most significant factors in the weight of a pontoon boat. With the weight of the trailer and additional gear, you’re looking at a total of 9,100 pounds.

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