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Ultimate Guide: Best Places in Florida for Families - Live Happily Ever After

Thinking about moving your family to Florida? You're not alone! The Sunshine State is famous for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly communities. But with so many options, deciding where to plant your roots can be a bit overwhelming.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Best Places in Florida for Families - Live Happily Ever After

Key Takeaways

  • Family-Friendly Cities: Winter Park and Oviedo stand out for their safety, top-notch schools, and community vibes, making them excellent choices for families setting down roots in Florida.
  • Considerations Beyond the Beach: When choosing where to live, factors such as local crime rates, quality of education, access to pediatric healthcare, cost of living, community feel, transportation options, and job opportunities are crucial.
  • Amenities for Quality Family Life: Winter Park, Weston, and Oviedo offer a variety of parks, recreational activities, and family-oriented festivals, ensuring a balanced and enriching lifestyle.
  • Living Costs: Florida's cost of living varies widely, with cities like Palm Bay and Cape Coral offering more affordable housing and a good quality of life. Florida's lack of individual income tax and considerations for utility costs, transportation, and insurance also play a role in financial planning.
  • Weather and Nature: The choice of location can also be influenced by personal preferences for weather, with cities like St. Petersburg offering the most sunshine days and Tallahassee providing a cooler climate amidst the Florida heat.
  • Safety and Education are Paramount: Communities like Winter Park, Weston, Oviedo, and Naples are highlighted for their low crime rates and excellent public schools, making them particularly attractive for families who prioritize safety and education.

Top Cities in Florida for Families

When you're thinking about setting down roots in Florida with your family, you're in luck because this state is chock-full of spots that cater to just about every interest, age group, and lifestyle. Florida is not just a one-size-fits-all kind of place. So, let's dive into the ultimate guide to the best places to live in Florida, tailored for families, retirees, young adults, and pretty much anyone looking to call the Sunshine State home.

For Families

  • Winter Park is a gem with its stunning lakes, a plethora of parks, and top-notch schools. It's a place where weekend plans are as simple as a bike ride to the farmers market or a picnic amidst nature.
  • Oviedo, close to top universities and tech companies, offers a suburban feel blended perfectly with nature. Bonus: It hosts family-friendly events throughout the year, making community vibes stronger than ever.

For Retirees

  • Sarasota brings the best of both worlds - beautiful beaches and a vibrant arts scene. It's laid-back yet bustling with activities suited for retirees looking to enjoy their golden years.
  • Naples is another haven for retirees, offering luxurious living, golf courses galore, and peaceful beaches. The healthcare facilities here are top-notch, making it a wise choice for those focusing on their health.

For Young Adults

  • Tampa is the go-to city for young professionals. With a booming job market, lively nightlife, and diverse cultural activities, it's easy to see why many are drawn to this energetic city.
  • Gainesville, home to the University of Florida, is more than just a college town. It's full of life, affordable living spaces, and countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Considering Gender

  • Fort Lauderdale and Miami are progressive cities known for their inclusivity and support towards all genders. Here, you'll find thriving LGBTQ+ communities and a wide array of cultural experiences.

Best Weather

  • St. Petersburg claims the throne for the most days of sunshine per year. If you're after that eternal summer vibe, this is the place.
  • For those looking to escape extreme heat, Tallahassee offers a more temperate climate while still retaining that Florida charm.
  • Dunedin offers a quiet, small-town feel while still

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family-friendly City

When you're on the hunt for the perfect city in Florida to plant your family's roots, there's a lot more to consider than just the weather and the beach proximity. Choosing a family-friendly city involves weighing various factors that'll impact your family's life in significant ways. Let's dive into what you should keep your eyes peeled for.

Safety First

It goes without saying that safety is a top priority. You'll want to check out crime rates and choose a city where you feel confident letting your kids bike to their friend's house or play at the local park without constant worry.

Quality Schools

Education is key, so you'll need to look into the schools. Are they highly rated? What kind of extracurricular and sports programs do they offer? Remember, it's not just about academics; schools are where your kids will grow and make lasting friendships.

Family Activities and Parks

Cities with a plethora of parks, museums, and family-oriented activities are goldmines. These spots not only provide great weekend outings but also help in fostering a strong community vibe that's essential for families.

Pediatric Health Care

In the case of scraped knees or something more serious, having access to top-notch pediatric healthcare is crucial. Check if there are reputable hospitals and pediatricians in the area.

Cost of Living

While Florida is generally more affordable than many states, there's still a range. Do some digging on housing, groceries, and utilities. You'll want to ensure you can comfortably afford the lifestyle there without breaking the bank.

Community Feel

Talk to locals or visit forums to gauge the community spirit. A supportive and welcoming community can make settling into a new city so much easier.


If you're a family that's always on the go, consider the city's traffic and public transportation options. A city with friendly walkability scores and efficient public transit can make day-to-day life less of a hassle.

Job Opportunities

Chances are, you're moving for, or will need, work. Look into the job market in your field to ensure there are ample opportunities for career growth.

Accessibility to Nature

Being close to nature not only offers beautiful scenery but also a host of recreational activities. Whether it's beaches, hiking trails, or parks, accessibility to outdoor fun is a huge plus for families.

Safety and Public Schools in Family-oriented Communities

When you're on the hunt for the perfect spot in Florida to call home, especially with your family in tow, there are two big factors you're probably zooming in on: safety and quality public schools. Let's dive into some places that tick these boxes, making them awesome picks for families like yours.

  • Winter Park: Nestled just outside Orlando, Winter Park is a hit for families who want the charm of a small town with the perks of city living. Its quaint streets, coupled with an outstanding public school system, make it a prime spot. The crime rate? Lower than the national average, ensuring you a peace of mind.
  • Weston: Over on the east coast, Weston boasts a reputation for being one of the safest cities in Florida. Your kids will thrive in some of the state's top-rated public schools. Plus, the family-friendly vibe is palpable, with parks and recreational activities galore.
  • Oviedo: Another gem near Orlando, Oviedo offers that irresistible blend of top-notch education and safety. Its schools consistently rank high, and the community feels like one big family. Plus, you're never too far from outdoor adventures — a bonus for weekends.
  • Naples: If you're eyeing the Gulf Coast, Naples is a slice of paradise with a side of security and education excellence. It's known for low crime rates and schools that shine. The beach is always a plus, providing endless family fun under the sun.
  • Plantation: Rounding out the list, Plantation in Broward County mixes suburban serenity with access to high-quality education. It's a safe haven where you can raise your kids with confidence, enjoying community events and lush, green spaces.

Each of these communities brings something unique to the table. Whether you're drawn to the calming waves of Naples or the bustling energy of Winter Park, safety and education are boxes you can confidently check off your list. Now, it's all about feeling out which vibe fits your family's lifestyle best.

Amenities and Recreation Options for Families

When you're scoping out the best places to live in Florida for your family, you wanna make sure there's plenty to do outside of the house, right? Florida's not all about sandy beaches and theme parks—though they're a huge plus. Let's dive into some cities that are packed with family-friendly amenities and recreation options.

Winter Park

Winter Park is like a little slice of paradise for families. You've got:

  • More Than Just Parks: Sure, the name might suggest it's all about green spaces, which it has plenty of, but there's more.
  • Cultural Gems: Think art festivals, museums, and outdoor concerts. Your weekends will never be dull.
  • Winter Park Chain of Lakes: Imagine paddleboarding, kayaking, or just enjoying a family picnic by the water. Perfect for those sunny Florida days.


If you're leaning towards the east coast, Weston is your go-to for a balanced family life. Here’s why:

  • Peaceful Parks: Weston's got parks galore, ideal for everything from biking to bird watching.
  • Community Events: They’re big on bringing folks together. Weston’s calendar is jam-packed with cultural festivals, parades, and holiday celebrations.
  • Top-Notch Sports Facilities: Whether your family's into soccer, baseball, or swimming, Weston’s got you covered with state-of-the-art complexes.


Close to Orlando but with a vibe all its own, Oviedo's a great spot for families that love the outdoors. Check it out:

  • Rivers and Lakes: Outdoor adventures await with scenic rivers and lakes perfect for canoeing or a lazy day of fishing.
  • Family Friendly Festivals: From taste of Oviedo to Great Day in the Country, your family can enjoy local culture and delicious eats.
  • Skate Parks and More: Teens will love the skate parks, while younger kids can have fun in splash pads and playgrounds.
  • Beach Days Every Day: With some of the state's best beaches, it's easy to have a mini-vacation any day of the week.
  • Zoos and Gardens: Not just any zoo—the Naples Zoo offers boat tours among islands of monkeys! And then there’s the lush Naples Botanical Garden

Cost of Living and Housing Affordability

When you're eyeing Florida as your new home, the cost of living and housing affordability are big deals, especially for families. Let's dive into what you need to know to make the best choice for your loved ones.

First up, housing in Florida can be quite the mixed bag. In areas like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, expect to fork out more due to their proximity to the beaches and bustling city life. However, it's not all sky-high prices. Places like Palm Bay and Cape Coral offer more bang for your buck, giving you affordable housing options without skimping on the quality of life.

Utilities and groceries generally align with the national average, but this can vary based on the specific area you choose to call home. It's wise to factor in the cost of air conditioning during the hotter months, as it can significantly impact your electricity bill.

For those of you concerned about taxes, Florida's got a perk. The state doesn't tax individual income, which can mean more money in your pocket for everything from family outings to savings for future plans.

Transportation costs are another consideration. Owning a car is pretty much a must in most parts of Florida, given the limited public transportation options. However, cities like Orlando and Tampa are making strides in improving their public transit systems, which could help ease some of that financial burden.

Let's talk about insurance. Given Florida's propensity for hurricanes, it's crucial to factor in the cost of homeowners and flood insurance. While this can add to your expenses, it's an essential safety net for protecting your property and peace of mind.

In terms of affordability, here are a few family-friendly cities where your dollar can stretch further without compromising on lifestyle:

  • Palm Bay: Known for its affordable housing, beautiful parks, and access to quality education.
  • Cape Coral: Offers a lower cost of living with an abundance of waterfront properties and family-oriented activities.
  • Gainesville: Home to the University of Florida, this city not only provides affordable living but also a vibrant cultural scene.
  • Port St. Lucie: With a growing job market and low crime rates, it's becoming a go-to for families looking for budget-friendly living.


Deciding where to plant your family's roots in Florida comes down to balancing affordability with quality of life. With the insights into cost of living, housing affordability, and the perks of residing in cities like Palm Bay, Cape Coral, Gainesville, and Port St. Lucie, you're now equipped to make an informed decision. Remember, Florida's lack of individual income tax and the considerations for transportation and insurance are key factors in your move. Here's to finding your perfect family-friendly haven in the Sunshine State!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors affecting the cost of living in Florida?

The main factors include housing costs, utilities, groceries, transportation, and insurance. Florida's absence of an individual income tax also significantly influences living expenses.

How do housing costs vary across Florida?

Housing costs in Florida vary widely, with cities like Miami and Orlando being more expensive, while Palm Bay, Cape Coral, Gainesville, and Port St. Lucie offer more affordable options.

Does Florida have an individual income tax?

No, Florida does not impose an individual income tax, which can positively impact overall living expenses for residents.

What are some family-friendly cities in Florida with affordable living costs?

Family-friendly and affordable cities in Florida include Palm Bay, Cape Coral, Gainesville, and Port St. Lucie. These cities are known for their favorable living conditions without sacrificing lifestyle quality.

How significant is the risk of hurricanes in Florida, and how does it affect living costs?

The risk of hurricanes is high in Florida, making insurance an essential consideration for residents. This necessity can increase living costs due to the higher premiums for homeowners’ insurance.

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