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Ultimate Guide: Top Vermont Havens for Everyone - From Retirees to Young Families

Thinking about making a move to Vermont? You're not alone. This charming state, known for its stunning landscapes and cozy small towns, is a magnet for those seeking a quieter, more scenic life. With its mix of vibrant communities and peaceful countryside, Vermont offers the best of both worlds.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Top Vermont Havens for Everyone - From Retirees to Young Families

But with so many great places to choose from, deciding where to plant your roots can be tough. Whether you're after the hustle and bustle of city life or the tranquility of rural living, Vermont's got you covered. Let's dive into some of the best spots this picturesque state has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Living Options: Vermont offers a plethora of living environments, from vibrant city life in Burlington to the tranquil, picturesque town of Stowe, catering to young adults, families, retirees, and those seeking a progressive, inclusive community.
  • Quality of Life: Despite varying costs of living across different towns, Vermont consistently offers a high quality of life, with access to nature, healthcare, educational institutions, and community events.
  • Outdoor and Cultural Activities: The state is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, with activities ranging from hiking and kayaking in Woodstock to enjoying cultural festivals and art galleries in Burlington and Stowe.
  • Inclusivity and Community Spirit: Vermont towns like Montpelier and South Burlington are known for their gender inclusiveness and strong community vibes, making them welcoming places for individuals and families looking for a supportive environment.
  • Seasonal Beauty: Residents can experience all four seasons in their full glory, from mild summers and blossoming springs to colorful autumns and snowy winters, making it an attractive destination for those who appreciate seasonal changes.
  • Safety and Education: With low crime rates and high-quality education systems, towns like Montpelier are ideal for families prioritizing safety and schooling for their children.


Vermont's not just about maple syrup and snow-capped mountains; it's a state with a spot for everyone, whether you're ready to retire, just starting out, or raising a family. Let's dive into the best places to settle down in Vermont, tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

Burlington: For the Young and Restless

  • Vibrant Community: Burlington tops the list for young adults. With the University of Vermont and a bustling downtown, you'll never run out of things to do.
  • Festivals and Activities: Enjoy endless festivals, from music to food, and the active nightlife.
  • Cost of Living: It's a bit pricier, but you're paying for quality of life and access to some of the best cafes, shops, and waterfront views.

Stowe: The Retiree's Paradise

  • Peaceful and Scenic: Known for its stunning landscapes, Stowe is perfect for those looking to enjoy their retirement in tranquility.
  • Activities: Golf courses, spa retreats, and art galleries will keep you entertained.
  • Weather: Experience all four seasons in their full glory.

Montpelier: Ideal for Families

  • Safe and Friendly: As the state capital, it boasts a small-town vibe with a sense of community.
  • Education: Top-notch schools for the kids.
  • Things to Do: Parks, museums, and family-friendly festivals throughout the year.

Woodstock: For Those Avoiding Crowds

  • Charming and Quiet: Woodstock offers a break from the hustle with its quaint streets and picturesque scenery.
  • Outdoor Activities: With close proximity to hiking trails and rivers, it's ideal for nature lovers.
  • Weather: Enjoy mild summers and snowy winters, perfect for cozying up or exploring the outdoors.

South Burlington: Gender Inclusive and Diverse

  • Welcoming Community: Known for its progressive atmosphere and inclusive community.
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly: Hosts several events and is home to supportive venues and businesses.
  • Recreation: Vibrant recreational programs and parks for all ages.
  • Cultural Hub: From film festivals to craft fairs, Manchester is buzzing with cultural activities.
  • Shopping and Dining: Indulge in the best local cuisine and unique shopping experiences.
  • Natural Beauty: Surrounded


Hey, if you’re eyeing Vermont for your next move, Montpelier might just tick all your boxes, especially if you’re rooting for that classic small-town vibe with a friendly community to boot. Let's break it down for you, no matter what you're looking for.

For the Families

  • Safety and Schools: You’ll sleep easy knowing Montpelier is super safe, boasting some of the lowest crime rates around. The schools here? Top-notch. You’re giving your kids a great start.
  • Parks and Rec: With loads of parks and recreational activities, there’s always something to get your family outside. Winter sledding, summer picnics, you name it.

Young Adults

  • Vibrant Downtown: Think coffee shops, indie bookstores, and live music venues. It’s the perfect mix of chill and thrill for your social life.
  • Affordability: Compared to big city living, your wallet’s gonna thank you. You can enjoy life without the constant worry of breaking the bank.


  • Peaceful Retreat: Montpelier is quiet yet not dull, offering a serene setting for those looking to enjoy their golden years in peace.
  • Community Events: There’s a strong sense of community here, with plenty of events and volunteer opportunities to keep you engaged and feeling part of something bigger.

Considering Gender Inclusivity

Montpelier is progressive, valuing and promoting inclusivity. Here, you’ll find a community that celebrates diversity and supports LGBTQ+ rights, making it a welcoming space for everyone.

Best Weather

If you love experiencing all four seasons, Montpelier’s got you covered. Crisp falls, snowy winters, mild summers, and colorful springs - it's all here. Sure, winters can be a bit intense, but it’s nothing a warm coat can’t handle.

Avoiding Crowds

Tired of the hustle and bustle? Montpelier is ideal for spreading out and enjoying life without the constant shoulder-rubbing of city living. It’s your peaceful hideaway from the chaos.

  • Arts and Theater: With a flourishing arts scene, there’s always a show or an exhibit to catch.
  • Food and Drink: Foodies, rejoice! From cozy farm-to-table restaurants to craft breweries and distilleries, there’s plenty to explore for your taste buds


When you're scouting for the best places to live in Vermont, Stowe is a name that pops up for a bunch of good reasons. Nestled in the Green Mountains, Stowe is a slice of paradise for folks from all walks of life. Let’s dive into why Stowe might just be your next home base, no matter what you're looking for.

For Retirees

Retirees love Stowe for its serene vibe and tight-knit community. It’s peaceful, with nature trails and scenic drives that'll keep your Instagram feed looking fresh. Plus, the health care services are top-notch, ensuring you're in good hands.

For Young Adults

  • Vibrant Downtown: Stowe’s downtown is bustling with cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. It’s a place where you can sip on locally brewed coffee while browsing through indie stores.
  • Outdoor Activities: From skiing in the winter to hiking in the summer, Stowe is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. It's perfect for young adults craving adventure.

For Families

Families find Stowe to be a treasure trove of activities for kids and adults alike. The excellent schools make parents happy, while the countless outdoor activities ensure the kids are never bored. Plus, the community is welcoming and safe, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Gender Inclusive

Stowe is known for its progressive stance and inclusive vibe. No matter how you identify, you're welcome and embraced in this community. The locals pride themselves on creating an environment where everyone can be themselves.

Best Weather

If you're after that perfect mix of four distinct seasons, Stowe's got you covered. Enjoy the blooming flowers in spring, comfortable summers, breathtaking autumns, and snowy winters. Just remember to bundle up during the colder months!

Avoiding Crowds

While Stowe is a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of hidden gems where you can escape the hustle and bustle. Explore the lesser-known trails, or visit the local spots that only insiders know about.

Festivals and Activities

Stowe is a hub for festivals throughout the year. Whether it's the Balloon Festival in the summer or the Winter Carnival, there's always something happening. Plus, with activities ranging from skiing to mountain biking, you'll never find yourself with a dull moment.


When you're eyes deep into finding the best places to live in Vermont, Woodstock is like finding that cozy, forgotten sweater in the back of your closet - unexpectedly perfect. This little town packs a big punch when it comes to living standards, activities, and just pure Vermont vibe. So let's break it down, whether you're about to retire, a buzzing young adult, looking for a family-friendly spot, or anything in between.

For the Retirees

Woodstock's charm isn't just in its postcard-worthy downtown. It's also in the peace and quiet that's perfect for your golden years.

  • Healthcare services are top-notch here, ensuring your well-being is cared for.
  • The cost of living might be a tad higher than other Vermont towns, but the quality of life you get is unmatched.
  • Activities include serene nature walks, golf courses, and plenty of community events just right for staying active and engaged.

Young Adults Looking for Adventure

If you're young and crave a bit of adventure while still having the conveniences of modern life, Woodstock's got you.

  • The downtown scene is bustling with cafes, art galleries, and bars.
  • Outdoor adventures are all around - hiking, kayaking, and biking to fuel your adrenaline rush.
  • Affordable rent options are there if you look in the right places, making living here easier on your wallet.

Families in Search of the Sweet Spot

For families aiming for that perfect slice of Vermont life, Woodstock is definitely it.

  • Schools here are some of the best, with a focus on community and inclusivity.
  • The outdoors isn't just for show; it's your playground. Everything from parks to safe biking trails is available.
  • Community is big here, with lots of family-friendly events and activities that keep the social calendar full but not overwhelming.

Welcoming to All

Woodstock shines in its welcoming heart, embracing people from all walks of life.

  • The community is inclusive and accepting, making everyone feel at home.
  • Gender inclusivity and support for various identities make it a progressive place to live.
  • Woodstock flaunts four distinct seasons, each beautiful in its own way.
  • Summers are warm but not too hot; winters are snowy, perfect for those who love


Choosing where to live in Vermont is no small decision but Woodstock stands out for its unique blend of charm, community, and natural beauty. Whether you're retiring, just starting out, or raising a family, this town has something special to offer. With its inclusive atmosphere and vibrant seasons, it's easy to see why so many are drawn to call Woodstock home. So, if you're looking for a place where you can truly belong, Woodstock might just be the perfect spot for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Woodstock, Vermont appealing for retirees?

Woodstock offers retirees a peaceful environment, top-tier healthcare services, and a variety of activities, ensuring a comfortable and engaging lifestyle.

Can young adults find affordable living options in Woodstock?

Yes, young adults can enjoy Woodstock's bustling downtown, outdoor adventures, and find affordable rent options, making it an attractive place to live.

Why do families prefer to settle in Woodstock?

Families are drawn to Woodstock for its excellent schools, ample outdoor recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community, supporting a wholesome family life.

Is Woodstock an inclusive community?

Yes, Woodstock is known for its inclusivity and progressive values, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and promoting a sense of belonging for everyone.

How does Woodstock's climate contribute to its appeal?

Woodstock experiences four distinct seasons, with warm summers and snowy winters, offering residents a balanced and picturesque living environment throughout the year.

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