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How Much Are Malibu Boats?

Explore Malibu boats' prices & features for luxury, watersports, & cruising. Learn why these vessels are a premium investment for enthusiasts & travelers.

Tobi Miles
March 16, 2023
How Much Are Malibu Boats?

Malibu is among the most reputable boat manufacturers on the market. They produce a wide variety of boats meant for luxury, entertainment, cruising, and watersports. So, how much are Malibu boats?

Currently, the cheapest Malibu boat on the market is the 20 VTX which starts at $54,000 before you customize it. Luxury Malibu boats such as the 23 LSV cost $189,255 if you don’t alter the upholstery or floor plan. The M240 is currently the most expensive boat Malibu has to offer and it costs $195,000.

The Wakesetter and M-Series boats are Malibu’s most expensive vessels. Their boats aren’t cheap, but they are also a step above the majority of the boats that you can find. Follow along as we explore how much each Malibu boat costs and highlight its key specifications.

Malibu Boat Prices

Malibu boats vary in cost based on several key factors. The biggest cost factor is size, dry weight, cargo capacity, and passenger capacity. They primarily produce luxury cruisers and boats meant for waterskiing, such as the Wakesetter series.

You can find used Malibu boats for as little as $54,000 on the low end. However, you will struggle to find a new Malibu boat that costs less than $98,000. Let’s take a look at how much Malibu boats cost.

22 LSV

Malibu’s Wakesetter series is among their most popular offerings. The 22 LSV is a prime example of why this series has been so successful for Malibu. This nearly 22-foot-long boat has a unique diamond-shaped hull that is unmistakable.

It can hold up to 58 gallons of fuel which is more than enough for a long day on the water. The 1,974-pound weight capacity makes it so that you don’t have to limit your passengers or cargo. This boat is perfect for families, large groups, and entertaining guests.

The engine is powerful enough to reach high speeds and it’s perfect for watersports. Luckily, the Malibu 22 LSV has a 360 horsepower engine so you can go as fast as you want. Malibu 22 LSV boats start at $134,900.

23 LSV

The 23 LSV is another part of the Wakesetter series, but it stands out from the 22 LSV. This spacious tow boat can hold up to 2,256 pounds of cargo and passengers. You can bring plenty of equipment for waterskiing and even fishing with the many spacious compartments.

Measuring 23’ 7” long, the 23 LSV is a sight to behold whether you’re on a lake or sea. You get 65 gallons of fuel capacity so you don’t have to worry about returning to shore too quickly. The 360-horsepower engine is just as good for cruising and fishing as it is for watersports.

This is a perfect party boat or vessel to spend a long day on the water with your family. The 23 LSV can comfortably fit up to 16 passengers with plenty of luxuriously upholstered seats. Of course, it comes at the high price of $189,255 because of all the bells and whistles.

25 LSV

Another boat in the Malibu Wakesetter series, the 25 LSV is another step up in quality. This boat fits up to 18 passengers at a time, and the weight capacity is 2,538 pounds. Malibu spared no expense with the 25 LSV, and that’s clear when you see the lavish interior.

It also features the impressive Malibu Monsoon engine that offers 430 horsepower of pure speed. The fuel tank on the 25 LSV is massive and can hold up to 103 gallons of gas. Measuring nearly 26’, the 25 LSV is visible from a far distance.

Malibu also offers plenty of customization options for the Wakesetter 25 LSV. This includes custom options for the lighting, floor plan, and upholstery. You can find a stock 25 LSV for $167,846, but custom options can add thousands of dollars to the cost.

26 LSV

The 26 LSV is by far the most powerful boat in Malibu’s Wakesetter series. This boat features a 606-horsepower engine which offers more torque than you could ever need. Such a large engine is necessary for a boat that is built to hold as much as 2,538 pounds.

The patented Wake Plus Hull is impressive and ensures that you can enjoy a smooth ride even in choppy waters. Measuring 26’ 5” long, this boat is quite easy to navigate despite its massive size. You can fold down some of the seats on the 26 LSV to lie down and even take a nap or soak up the sun.

The tower is easy to extend or retract if you simply turn the dial. You also get a 5-year warranty with the Malibu 26 LSV which is quite generous and can give you peace of mind.

24 MXZ

The 24 MXZ is one of Malibu’s heaviest boats and it weighs 6,000 pounds when it’s dry before you add cargo and passengers. It can handle an additional 2,397 pounds once you load the boat with cargo and passengers. You can fill the 24 MXZ’s fuel tank with up to 82 gallons of gas, so you don’t have to worry about stopping to refuel.

Luckily, Malibu made it easy to attach the 24 MXZ to a trailer despite its large size. That way, you can easily transport this boat either to your home or to a marina as needed. Malibu also includes a 5-year warranty to help sweeten the pot if you are undecided.

This boat starts at $159,000, but the price can quickly increase once you customize it. Customization options range from changing the seating layout and upholstery to adding luxury amenities.


Measuring nearly 23’, the Malibu M220 is perfect for watersport enthusiasts. It creates a powerful but comfortable wake perfect for waterskiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. You can fit up to 15 passengers on the M220 which is more than enough space for a fun day of watersports.

Luckily, you can bring just about anything you need to fish, eat, and go waterskiing because it holds over 2,100 pounds. The dry weight is just over 6,000 pounds before you load the M220. You can take this boat out for several excursions before you need to refuel because it holds 79 gallons of fuel.

This boat offers 400 pounds of thrust which is necessary to move such a large vessel. The 360-horsepower engine can easily handle sailing at 50 knots. You can expect to spend at least $138,667 for a stock Malibu M220 boat before you customize it.


The M240 is a slight step up from the M220 with the same ingenuity as the former. You can bring up to 16 people along with you as you set sail in the Malibu M240 as it can hold 2,397 pounds. The Malibu M240 is massive and it weighs 7,500 pounds before you put it in the water.

This boat has everything that you need for a full day of cruising, but there are also many customization options. The pull-out cooler can hold plenty of cold food and drinks, and there’s enough space to bring one of your own. You can customize the floor plan directly through Malibu if you want to maximize storage space.

The 86-gallon fuel capacity is necessary for such a large boat, and it saves you time since you don’t have to constantly refuel. Malibu refers to this boat as The Alpha, and it’s immediately clear why when you see it. The Malibu M240 costs $195,000 before you customize the floor plan, upholstery, and lighting.

23 MXZ

Known as The Dominator, the Malibu 23 MXZ earned its name with its powerful and massive demeanor. The cockpit is just as comfortable as the rest of the boat which few manufacturers focus on as much as Malibu. You can steer the boat just as comfortably as your friends and family in the back that are enjoying a cold drink.

It holds just under 60 gallons of fuel and features a 360-horsepower engine. The 23 MXZ offers more torque than you could ever need for a luxury cruiser like this. Docking is easier than ever with the Malibu 23 MXZ because of the transom camera.

This makes it easy to dock without effort. You can also capture photos and videos that you can store on your phone, tablet, or computer to remember the day. They go for $135,000 on the low end, but you can find a used 23 MXZ for closer to $130,000.

21 LX

The design of this boat is specifically intended to cut through choppy waters. This comes in handy when you take your Malibu 21 LX out into high-wake waters that you have to share with several other boats. You can thank the unique shape of the bow for its ability to power through troublesome waters or simply gain an edge in watersports.

It holds 50 gallons of fuel which is somewhat low for Malibu, but it’s great compared to many other boats on the market. Measuring 21’ 6”, the 21 LX is smaller than most of the other Malibu boats on this list. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less packed with special features and amenities.

The 21 LX can fit up to 12 people comfortably as long as the cargo and passenger weight doesn’t exceed 1,692 pounds. It comes with a pop-up ski pilon which is a major plus for fans of watersports. The inclusion of the G5 tower lets you hang lights and speakers to make the day as fun as possible. This boat is cheaper than many of the boats on this list and costs $103,545.


Malibu makes many boats that are meant for waterskiing, but the TXi MO is specifically meant for waterskiing. Every aspect of its design is meant to support a ski pylon and cut through the water as well as possible. Even the command center exudes luxury and convenience with the touchscreen console.

It also comes with several bells and whistles such as a built-in GPS and speed control. This comes in handy if you are boating through unknown waters or simply don’t want to risk losing track of shore. The throttle and steering wheel are particularly comfortable, so even the driver gets to enjoy the comfort that the TXi MO has to offer.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a waterskiing boat without the excellent storage rack on this vessel. You even get a transom shower at the back of the boat that supplies hot water so you can clean up when you’re done. Stock TXi MO boats cost $96,970 if you don’t customize them and change the floor plan.


The TXi MO CB is even better than the aforementioned Malibu TXi MO. Malibu has earned 13 world records with this boat and counting. It features advanced rudder control which gives you the most precision possible to navigate without taking any chances.

Much like the TXi MO, Malibu included a high-resolution touch screen with the TXi MO CB. The TXi MO CB features a unique closed bow. It can only hold up to 5 passengers which is quite small for a Malibu boat, but that doesn’t mean it lacks quality. Despite the small size, the TXi MO CB has a 360-horsepower engine.

The only downside of this boat is that you have to pick and choose how much cargo you haul. That is because it can only hold 705 pounds, and it only weighs 3,100 pounds when dry. The TXi MO CB costs $98,975.

20 VTX

Malibu doubled down on watersports once again with the 20 VTX. It includes a removable ski pylon and performance tower that is perfect for waterskiing. Malibu once again focused on the driver with this boat as the command center is comfortable and includes a smart operating system.

You get a 39-gallon fuel capacity with the Malibu 20 VTX. The 20 VTX also features a 430-horsepower engine which explains how it packs so much power into a medium-sized boat. Luckily, there is a sturdy windshield on this boat so you can go at high speeds without getting wind burns on your face.

This boat only can fit 11 people, but there is plenty of space for storing food, drinks, and waterskiing gear. You can find a used 20 VTX for between $54,000 and $79,000.

How Fast Does a Malibu Wakesetter Go?

A Malibu Wakesetter can go up to 48 miles per hour, but it varies on the model and how much weight is on board. It is difficult for any boat to reach its full speed if you max out the weight capacity. You will also struggle to reach top speed if you are going against heavy winds.

The Malibu Monsoon engine is designed to provide as much power as possible. This includes the LT4, M5Di, and M6Di engines which you can find in all of their current models. The least horsepower that their new engines offer is 360 HP, and the highest horsepower is 607 HP.

Why Are Malibu Boats So Expensive?

Malibu boats are so expensive because of their powerful engines, comfortable interiors, and luxurious upholstery. They can cut through the water better than most high-performance wake boats on the market. The key difference is that Malibu puts as much emphasis on performance as on luxury.

Their signature Monsoon engines are unique and offer plenty of horsepower. Many of their boats offer 360 horsepower or more. That is more power, speed, and torque than most boaters need, but it’s worth having the option.

Malibu also uses premium materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, and a durable gel coat. They are also so expensive because they include a 5-year warranty if you buy a Malibu boat through them. Malibu boats also offer plenty of onboard storage which is a sought-after amenity that adds value to any boat.

Do Malibu Boats Hold Their Value?

Malibu boats hold their value, but it is difficult to make a profit off of one. With that said, boats typically depreciate at a slower rate than cars, so you can still profit if you sell it soon enough. Malibu boats especially hold their value if they are made anytime after 2010.

Factors such as the boat’s condition and what type of water you kept it in affect the resale value. For example, you may get more resale value out of a boat that was kept in freshwater than in saltwater. This is particularly true if you kept your Malibu boat in a saltwater marina for years.

Saltwater is much harder on boats than freshwater and can sometimes knock an additional 5% or more off its value. Malibu boats typically lose between 10% and 15% of their value within the first year of using them. Even still, that means that your Malibu boat will hold more value than a luxury sports car.

How Long Do Malibu Boats Last?

You can expect a Malibu boat to last for up to 20 years or more. However, you will need to repair and replace the engine several times within your Malibu boat’s lifespan. You will likely need to replace the engine every 8 years or sooner depending on how well you maintain it.

The hull of the boat itself will likely last for the entire lifespan of the vessel. That is because Malibu boats feature durable hulls that are made of fiberglass. They quit using wood in 1995 and have primarily used fiberglass ever since then.

Make sure to change the oil on your Malibu boat every 100 hours so that it will last as long as possible. Winterize your Malibu boat each fall or winter to avoid ice damage if you are in a cold climate. Otherwise, your Malibu boat may need an expensive overhaul after 15 years which will decrease its value.

Can Malibu Boats Go In The Ocean?

Malibu boats can go in the ocean, but most of their boats are meant for lakes and rivers. Watersports are more common in freshwater than in saltwater. Malibu’s specialty has become watersports over the years, so it stands to reason that they’re ideal for freshwater.

With that said, you can take a Malibu boat into the ocean without worrying about serious damage. Malibu uses fiberglass which is known for withstanding saltwater better than materials such as aluminum. The main downside of taking a Malibu boat into the ocean is that the other components aren’t protected against saltwater.

Many boaters use Malibu boats for saltwater fishing because of their fuel capacity and excellent storage. With that said, you should be careful and avoid excessive speeds in the ocean because of the waves.

Are Malibu Boats Worth The Money?

Malibu boats are worth the money because of their excellent performance and longevity. Several of their models have even beaten world records, such as the TXi MO CB which earned 13. They are also incredibly durable because Malibu uses fiberglass which is the toughest material you can use for boats.

Old Malibu boats are also worth the money because they are known to last for years. Their engines have a great reputation and their engines can last for 3,000 hours before you need to replace them. With that said, you will struggle to find official replacement parts for old models if Malibu has discontinued them.

Another reason that Malibu boats are worth the money is that they come with a 5-year warranty. The upholstery, interior, and audio system are all covered by the 5-year warranty. However, Malibu only covers the gel coat for 1 year of the warranty.

So, How Much Are Malibu Boats?

Malibu boats range in cost between $54,000 and $195,000. However, you will only find a Malibu boat that costs as little as $54,000, such as the 20 VTX, on the used market. Boats such as the Malibu 23 LSV cost just under $200,000.

However, Malibu lets you customize each of their boats through their website at an additional cost. This can add thousands of dollars to the value of the boat. The cheapest brand-new luxury Malibu boat is the TXi MO which starts at $96,970.

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