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Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Alaska for Everyone - From Retirees to Families

Thinking about making the big move to Alaska? You're in for a treat! It's not just about snow and sled dogs; Alaska's got some of the most stunning landscapes and tight-knit communities you'll find anywhere.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Alaska for Everyone - From Retirees to Families

From the bustling streets of Anchorage to the serene beauty of the small towns, there's a spot for everyone. Whether you're after adventure or peace and quiet, let's dive into the best places to live in the Last Frontier.

Key Takeaways

  • Anchorage: Alaska's most populous city offers a unique urban-natural landscape, making it an ideal place for retirees, young adults, and families alike. With its diverse economy, vibrant downtown, excellent schools, inclusive community, and milder climate, Anchorage provides a high quality of life with activities and safety for all.
  • Juneau: As the state capital, Juneau is perfect for those seeking a blend of city life and wilderness. It offers great job opportunities, especially in government and tourism, top-notch schools, a progressive environment, and diverse community activities. Despite its remote location, Juneau's cost of living is balanced by its community vibe and stunning natural surroundings.
  • Fairbanks: Known for its tight-knit community, Fairbanks lights up with cultural festivals, academic opportunities, and a dynamic job market. Favorable for retirees, young adults, and families, it features top-rated schools and family-oriented activities, set against a backdrop of milder summers, winter sports opportunities, and one of the best places to witness the Aurora Borealis.
  • Sitka: A scenic town rich in Tlingit culture and Russian history, Sitka appeals to those seeking a quieter lifestyle without sacrificing accessibility or job opportunities. It offers a temperate climate, engaging community activities, and an outdoor lifestyle ideal for retirees, young professionals, and families looking for quality education and leisure in a less crowded setting.
  • Overall, Alaska presents a diverse array of living options catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize job opportunities, community atmosphere, natural beauty, or educational facilities, places like Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, and Sitka offer unique benefits making them some of the best places to live in Alaska.


Heading into Anchorage, you're immediately struck by its unique blend of urban and natural landscapes. It's Alaska's most populous city, but don't let that fool you into thinking it'll feel cramped or overwhelming. Here's why it could be your next home, no matter who you are or what you're looking for.

For Retirees

  • Quiet Neighborhoods: Places like Turnagain and South Addition offer peaceful living with access to city amenities.
  • Healthcare: With state-of-the-art facilities, healthcare isn't a concern.
  • Activities Galore: From art galleries to parks, staying active and entertained is easy.

For Young Adults

  • Vibrant Downtown: Filled with cafes, bars, and shops—it's the social heart of the city.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Hiking in Chugach State Park or biking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail—adventure is just outside your door.
  • Job Opportunities: Anchorage's economy is diverse, offering jobs in healthcare, oil, and hospitality.

For Families

  • Excellent Schools: Anchorage schools offer great education options, including public, private, and charter schools.
  • Parks and Recreation: With over 250 parks and 122 miles of trails, families have ample space for outdoor fun.
  • Community Events: From the Fur Rendezvous in winter to the Alaska State Fair, there's always something happening.

Considering Gender

  • Inclusive: Anchorage is a welcoming city with a strong sense of community and inclusivity across all neighborhoods.
  • Safety: Public safety initiatives and community policing efforts continuously work toward making Anchorage a safe place for everyone.

Best Weather

  • Milder Climate: Compared to the rest of Alaska, Anchorage enjoys a somewhat milder climate, thanks to its coastal position.
  • Long Summer Days: Enjoy up to 22 hours of daylight in the summer—perfect for those who love the sun.

Avoiding Crowds

  • Hillside: A bit further out, this area offers more space and tranquility, away from the city buzz.
  • Bear Valley: If you're after peace and quiet, plus stunning views, this is your spot.
  • Iditarod: The legendary dog sled race starts here. It's a must-see spectacle.
  • Music and Arts: The Alaska Center for


When you're scoping out the best places to live in Alaska, Juneau's gotta be on your list. It's not just the state capital; this place is a hidden gem for folks looking for that perfect blend of city life and untouched wilderness.

For Retirees

  • Quiet Neighborhoods: Places like Mendenhall Valley offer peace and quiet with stunning nature right at your doorstep.
  • Community Activities: There's no shortage of groups and clubs to keep you busy, from hiking clubs to art classes.

For Young Adults

  • Vibrant Downtown: If you're into bustling cafes, artsy spots, and live music, downtown Juneau is your go-to.
  • Job Opportunities: With government and tourism being big here, job seekers have some solid options.

For Families

  • Top-Notch Schools: Education is key, and Juneau delivers with some of the best schools in the state.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Think family hikes, ski trips, and whale watching. It's all about creating those lasting memories.

Equal for All Genders

Juneau is progressive and welcoming, making it a comfortable place for everyone to call home.

Best Weather

While Alaska's notorious for its cold, Juneau is a bit milder. You'll still experience all four seasons, but the winters are less harsh than in other parts of Alaska.

Avoiding Crowds

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle? Try areas like Douglas Island. It's close enough to the city but offers that secluded feel you might be after.

Festivals and Activities

From the famous Gold Rush Days to cultural celebrations, Juneau's event calendar is packed with fun for everyone.

Cost of Living

It's not the cheapest, thanks to its remote location, but you're paying for quality of life. The majestic views and community vibe make it all worth it.

Things to Do

  • Mendenhall Glacier: A must-visit. The trails and visitor center offer breathtaking views and vital info on climate change.
  • Tracy Arm Fjord: Boat tours here will leave you awe-struck with the natural beauty and wildlife sightings.


With its close-knit community and stunning surroundings, it's no wonder folks in Juneau rank among the happiest in the state.


When you're eyeing Alaska for your next home base, Fairbanks might just catch your attention for a plethora of reasons. Nestled in the heart of the state, it offers a unique blend of suburban feel and the wilderness Alaska is famed for. Whether you're retiring, just stepping into adulthood, or looking for a family-friendly spot, Fairbanks has something for everyone. Let's dive into why this city could be your next destination.

For Retirees

  • Cozy Community: Fairbanks boasts a tight-knit community vibe, making it easy to make new friends and engage in community activities.
  • Leisure and Relaxation: From thermal springs to scenic gardens, there's no shortage of places to unwind.
  • Accessibility: Despite being in Alaska, Fairbanks is relatively easy to navigate, with essential services and healthcare facilities within reach.

For Young Adults

  • Job Opportunities: With a growing tech scene and several universities, job prospects are abundant, especially for those in academia, research, or IT.
  • Vibrant Nightlife: You'll find a lively bar and music scene here, perfect for social butterflies.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Skiing, hiking, and witnessing the Northern Lights are just a few of the adventures awaiting you.

For Families

  • Top-Notch Schools: Education is a priority, with several highly rated public schools making it an ideal place for young families.
  • Family Fun: From dog sledding to ice sculpture festivals, there are plenty of family-oriented activities throughout the year.
  • Safe neighborhoods: Safety is key, and Fairbanks offers peaceful, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Considering Weather and Crowds

  • Milder Summers: Enjoy warm, comfortable summers perfect for exploring outdoors.
  • Winter Wonderland: The cold winters are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, albeit it's less crowded than more touristy spots in Alaska.

Festivals and Activities

  • Ice Art Championships: Marvel at stunning ice sculptures each winter.
  • Midnight Sun Festival: Celebrate the longest day of the year with music, food, and festivities.
  • Aurora Borealis Viewing: One of the best places on Earth to witness the Northern Lights from August to April.
  • Moderate Cost of Living: Though higher than the national average, it's reasonable for Alaska, especially considering the amenities.
  • Community Happiness: The


Nestled on the west side of Baranof Island, Sitka might just be the hidden gem you're looking for in Alaska. Unlike the busier hubs, this small town offers a blend of Tlingit culture, Russian history, and an unmatched natural backdrop. Whether you're a retiree, a young adult, or part of a growing family, Sitka has something special for everyone.

For Retirees

  • Leisure and Community: Sitka's laid-back pace is perfect for those looking to enjoy their golden years in peace. With community centers and programs tailored for seniors, you'll find both the social interaction and the relaxation you desire.
  • Accessibility: Despite its location, Sitka is surprisingly accessible. With daily flights and a ferry service, getting around and staying connected with the rest of the world is easier than you might think.

For Young Adults

  • Job Opportunities: The local economy in Sitka thrives on tourism, fishing, and healthcare, offering a variety of job prospects for young professionals.
  • Nightlife and Outdoor Adventures: While it may not have the bustling nightlife of a big city, Sitka's pubs and bars have a unique charm. Plus, the outdoor lifestyle here is unparalleled – think kayaking, hiking, and wildlife watching.

For Families

  • Top-Notch Education: The schools in Sitka are some of the best in the state, ensuring a solid foundation for your kids.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: From exploring the Sitka National Historical Park to bear-watching tours, there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Sitka's Seasons

  • Best Weather: If you prefer milder Alaskan weather, Sitka's climate is temperate, avoiding the extreme cold found in much of the state.
  • Avoiding Crowds: To dodge the peak tourist season, plan your activities in the shoulder months – May or September.

Festivals and Activities

Sitka's calendar is dotted with unique festivals and activities that bring the community together and offer a glimpse into the local culture:

  • Sitka Fine Arts Camp: A summer highlight that turns the town into a hub of creativity.
  • Alaska Day Festival: Celebrate Alaska's heritage with parades, reenactments, and lots of community spirit in October.


Choosing where to live in Alaska is no small feat with its vast landscapes and unique communities. Sitka stands out as a vibrant gem that truly offers something for everyone. Whether you're a retiree looking for a peaceful haven, a young adult seeking adventure and opportunity, or a family desiring a nurturing environment for growth, Sitka beckons with open arms. With its rich cultural tapestry, breathtaking nature, and warm community spirit, it's more than just a place to live—it's a place to thrive. So why not consider making Sitka your new Alaskan home? After all, it's not just about the destination but the incredible journey and life you'll build there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider living in Sitka, Alaska over Fairbanks or Juneau?

Sitka offers a unique mix of Tlingit culture, Russian history, and natural beauty. Its slower pace, community focus, and diverse job opportunities in sectors like tourism and healthcare make it a compelling choice for retirees, young adults, and families.

What makes Sitka attractive to retirees?

Retirees are drawn to Sitka for its laid-back lifestyle, active community programs, and easy accessibility. The town's rich culture and beautiful landscapes offer a serene environment for retirement.

Are there job opportunities in Sitka for young adults?

Yes, young adults can find job opportunities in tourism, fishing, and healthcare. Sitka’s economy is diverse, providing a range of career paths for the younger population.

What family-friendly attributes does Sitka offer?

Sitka boasts top-notch schools, mild climate, and family-friendly attractions. The town’s community spirit is showcased through various festivals and events, making it an appealing place for families.

How does Sitka cater to outdoor enthusiasts?

Sitka is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like kayaking, hiking, and exploring the natural surroundings. Its stunning location on Baranof Island provides ample opportunities for adventure.

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