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16 Awesome Dog Sledding Tours/Trips: U.S.A

Explore the best dog sledding tours in the USA! From thrilling Alaskan adventures to scenic trails in Colorado, find your perfect mushing trip.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
16 Awesome Dog Sledding Tours/Trips: U.S.A

History of Dog Sledding/Mushing:

Dog Sledding Tours USA - Dog sledding or Mushing trips, as it is also known has been around for generations! Where the earliest recorded dog sledding dated back to 1000 AD.

The power of mans best friend has always been vital in transporting supplies such as food, furs, mail, gold and even Medicine in the infamous 1925 Alaskan Serum Run!  (Read More about this further down).

The powerful dogs with their sturdy dog harnesses were found particularly helpful during harsh winters & in arctic climates.

Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race, Alsaka: Photo by: Senior Airman Javier Alvarez. Source:  [Dog sledding tours usa, Dog Sledding Trips/Destinations America]

For example, during the 1925 serum in Alaska 20 mushers & 150 sled dogs traveled over 1000km (674miles).

,in just 5.5 days to the small town of Nome, to bring cures which prevented a Diphtheria Epidemic!

For more on this and the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race (1,150 mile race!) check out this great article on National Historic Trails.

Dog Sledding Tours U.S.A, near me!

These days the Dog Sledding or Mushing is done for more fun & recreational reasons.

As dashing through the snow on a 8 dog open sled is a bucket-list experience of a lifetime.

Full of adrenaline, thrills and a great way to experience nature and maybe even feel like a true pioneer or adventurer like those on the 1925 Serum Run!

Dog Sledding can give you access to the wilderness like no other form of activity, from sledding across frozen lakes,

to off the beaten track Alpine wooded trails and of course sledding through mountainous snowy terrain!

Dog sled tour operators offer a variety of ways to take the dog sled out for a spin, from one day tours to multi day excursions there is something for everyone. #

Some even will teach you the native skills of driving & handled a team of sled dogs.

Now although Alaska is the United States, hub of dog mushing/sledding due to it deep rooted history & only 1000 miles of highway to it's half a million square miles of land!

There are so many other great dog sledding tours across the lower 48 states.

In this list I will outline 16  great U.S states & 50 most instagrammable & exciting Dog sled tours across you will really have an opportunity to try this great activity!

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16 Epic Dog Sledding Destinations:

1. Alaska Dog Sledding

As the mecca of Dog Sledding, Alaska vast arctic terrain makes it the perfect place to try  Dog Sledding and really have that historical Pioneering experience.

With miles of picturesque glaciers, millions of tonnes of snow and  subarctic terrain, Alaska's wilderness is a true gem!

With Dog Sled Races a popular activity here, it's the perfect opportunity to go an experience the barking mad thrills!

Probably the most popular Dog Racing event in the United States is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

This annual race runs from Anchorage to Nome and dates back generations!

Carl Chapman | Wikimedia Commons

Some even call it the "Olympics of Dog Sledding" an awesome bucket list event you should definitely go and see!

As you may have guessed there are many dog sledding tour companies & operators you will not be short of choice!

Most offer trips during all seasons and are located between Denali National Park, & Mount denali (Highest Point in the USA) .

There is also lots of Mushing tour companies located around Chugach National Park (Fairbanks) Juneau, Skagway and of course Anchorage the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race!

Popular Alaska Dog Sled Tours:

Alaskan Tails of the Trail with Mary Shields  (Fairbanks)

This is a great Dog Sled operator to try out in the summer! Ran by the world renowned musher Mary Shields who has been doing dog sled tours since 1984!

She offers her personal home for avid dog sled visitors who wish to experience the majesty of mushing!  The one is best for small groups only, as Mary like to give personal attention to the guests and her sled dogs!

Alaska Best Wilderness

A great Dog sled operator which allows you to experience the completely remote Alskan wilderness north of Yukon River. With great mountainous terrain on offer you won't be disappointed.

Location: Charlie Campbell, Tanana, Alaska, USA

Alaskan Arctic Expeditions

This tour company offers dog sled expeditions around the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Fairbanks area.

Frank Kovalchek | Wikimedia Commons

Alaskan Skijoring Adventures

Skijoring adventures offers jaw dropping views of Mt McKinleys and a stunning landscape for dog sledding across.

Location: Trapper Creek,

Alaska Icefield Expeditions

If summer is coming up then head down to Juneau Icefiled. As Alaskas Icefield Expeditions offers a great summer tour with helicopter sightseeing & of course some fun packing Dog sledding.

Location: Juneau, Alaska, USA

Our Favorite?

For a comparison of our favorite Dog Sledding tours in Alaska, follow the link HERE

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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2. Colorado Dog Sledding

The Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver make for the perfect location to try a Dog Sledding experience, especially if you don't want to head up all the way to Alaska!

Popular Colorado Dog Sled Tours:

Snow Buddy Dog Sled tours

Based in Oak Creek has a cool expedition through Dunckley Pass to little flat tops. You have the option to take this one self driven or guided.

Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park

Based in Fraser does alot of daily tours, so is a good one for a last minute booking!

Goodtimes Adventures based in Breckenridge offers, a fantastic 6 mile trail through Swam River valley.

chensiyuan | Wikimedia Commons

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Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides

Location: Vail Valley, Colorado

If your looking for a scenic private dog sled trail by a well established company, then Mountain Musher is one of the best.

They run an awesome Dog Sled Expedition which will take you through aspen forests and real wilderness routes!

Don't expect to see any annoying snow mobiles on this trip...but keep your eyes peeled for plenty of wildlife, from Coyotes to deer.


Mountain Musher runs two trips per day in the morning/afternoon which take approximately two hours each run over 6 miles.


The cost for a trip with these guys is around $175pp

Sledding solo costs double that $350.

This may seem steep but prices get even higher during holidays so avoid close to Christmas and Valentine day!

They also have a strict no cancel policy so make sure your fully ready to go.

jeff collins | Wikimedia commons

Another option in Telluride, is Wintermoon Sled Dog Adventures ,

These offer a fantastic Dog sledding trip which takes you through San Juan and Uncompahgre National Forests, in a thrilling ride.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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3. Minnesota Dog Sledding

Head down to North Minnesota for a real spectrum of terrain from scenic lakes to wild forests! You will find this one a real unique Experience!

Dog Sledding is wondrous in Minnesota 

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Popular Minnesota Dog Sled Tours:

White Wilderness  located in Ely, Minnesota. Offers a vast number of Dog Sledding expeditions from single day trips to four night tours.

The four nighter is a real bear grills experience which takes you deep inside the Boundary Waters wilderness giving you a great opportunity to explore the entire Gabbro Lakes area.

Open December till March, this is one of the best for an all encompassing experience, with accommodation and  meals provided for multi day excursion.

However, all this does come with a price tag at $345 for the Solo Dog Sled trips pp (weekend) and $1575 for the 4 night package.

Season: Open December to March.

It's amazing to see the Joy in Dogs faces during a Dog Sledding Experience. 

Lodge of Whispering Pines

An alternative provider is Lodge of Whispering Pines which provide Full Service resort open ALL SEASONS! Located just north of Ely on the Echo Trail.

This Dog Sled operator starts it tours at it's quaint log lodge been taking you through the Superior National forest.

Accompanied by a veteran musher & wilderness guide, you will be in safe hands on your journey.

Season: All Seasons

Boundary Country Trekking

If a learning experience is what your after then Boundary Country Trekking is the one for you.

They will teach you everything from driving your own sled to and mushing your own Dog team!

This is a real you & the dogs trip where you will learn the historic art of Dog Sledding.

Season: Open December to March.

They offer weekly trip and provide a selection of lodging from log cabins to quirky yurts & heated tents.

Chilly Dogs Sled Dog Trips

The hilariously named "Chilly Dogs" is a real fun & adventurous FAMILY dog sledding tour operator.

Located in the Dog Sledding hot spot of Ely, you will not be short of choice with a variety of half day, full day and overnight camping trips on offer.

Their dog sledding tours take you through a quiet winter trail through an army of pine and birch and across frozen lakes and rivers.

Top tip: Best for families.

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Wintermoon Summersun Adventures

Wintermoon has some of the happiest Huskies i've ever seen!

Full of energy and life they really make you excited about taking a trip.

Located 50 miles north of Duluth, there Dog sled trails take you through Superior National Forest and include lodging, meals and teaching.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

4. Montana Dog Sledding

Big Sky Country is one of the most epic places to take a Dog Sled ride through!

With world famous national parks such as Yellowstone and Glacier you will not be short of terrain & a adrenaline pumping experience!

Top Tip: Head down the first week of December when the wilderness trails are compacted with snow and ready to be bursted through on your Dog Sled!

Montanas Electric Peak Mountain area turns into a stunning winter playground as the snow falls! 

Popular Minnesota Dog Sled Tours:

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Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures

Located in Emigrant, Montana, this is the ultimate Yellowstone experience!

Dog Sled adventures strong huskies will power you through varied terrain and across frozen rivers battling to pull you across every slope and through the scenic National Park.

Top Tip: Take a small group tour to get better access to the more scenic off the beaten track Dog Sledding routes.

They offer a variety of Dog Sledding experiences from a short one hour burst to a half day.

Best Value: Sample for $95 or "Learn to Mush" half-day experience for $195.

Kids rates are $45 and $150. Most people opt for the half day as it gives you more time to better get to know the dogs.

Yellowstone Dog Sled adventures is great fun for the whole family, especially at Christmas!

Be warned: At Yellowstone even the lowest points are about a mile high so be aware of the high altitude & thin air.

So if your sensitive to this or have pre existing health conditions I would probably opt for a lower altitude dog sled experience.

Base Camp Bigfork Dogsled Lodge

Located at Big Fork, Montana.

Base camp offers an adventurous dog sledding trail with options for multi day excursions with lodging provided.

Absaroka Dogsled Treks

Based at Chico Hot Springs Resort in Montana, Absaroka offers you a great family experience!

With options to drive your own team or let the wilderness guide battle the elements for you.

They even offer a Musher training school.

Running Wolf Kennel

Located in Anaconda, Montana. Wolf Kennel provides a real mix of landmarks to spot on your dog sledding trip,

from historic mining areas to Flint creek and even an endangered lynx habitat.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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5. Oregon Dog Sledding

Oregon Trail of Dreams:

Although Oregon doesn't usually come to mind when one thinks of Dog Sledding.

This Mushing tour provider offers some fantastic daily dog sled expeditions ,

during the winters at Mount Bachelor, (20 miles south west of Bend, Oregon).

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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6. Massachusetts Dog Sledding

N.E. Outfitters:

Northern Exposure Outfitters are probably one of the best, Dog Sledding Tour companies in Massachusetts.

As a family owned & run business you can expect a real loving heart and passion which goes into every Dog Sledding Expedition.

As real passionate mushers they are quoted to have said:

We can’t wait to share our passion of mushing with you and want to provide you with the best educational experience and equipment out there!

Brianna & Bailey

Located in Brookfield, they run a variety of mushing trips from one hour to overnight expeditions.

Where you have the option to Mush your own team of dogs or just be a passenger while driven by a professional musher.

They also are great community spirits and run winter carnivals and events for the scouts.

Hilltown Wilderness Adventures

Another option in Massachusetts is Hilltown Wilderness. They offer all season dog sled tours, rig rides and even a Mushing & Skijor School.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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7. Vermont Dog Sledding

The largest producer of Maple Syrup in the U.S.A. Vermonts primarily forested landscape makes it a haven for Mushing & Dog Sledding.

With Montpelier, being the only U.S state Capital without a Mcdonalds!

You can see that this state loves it's historic nature and everything Natural!

Come Sun or Snow Vermonts landscape is always Picturesque & Beautiful! Great for Dog sledding!

Popular Vermont Dog Sled Tours:

Vermont Dog Sled Rides, Skijoring and Tours

Is an experienced Vermont backcountry negotiator. They offer various Dog sledding trips from quick 1 hour runs to full day experiences.

They even offer a variety of Skiing & snowshoeing activities where you can ride alongside taking turns riding the pack of dogs.

They also offer a summer program for dog carting.

Eden Dogsledding/Dog Sledding on wheels & Mushing

Eden Ethical Dogsledding's specialises, in a variety of well run Mushing trails all year round.

A great professional outfit offering short tours to sled & stay options.

They pride themselves on the "unchained gang" they never chain their dogs!

According to the Boston Globe:

"Spend a few hours mushing with Jim Blair & your ready to chuck it all in for half a dozen alaskan huskies & a sled."

Eden Dog Sledding Vermont

Montgomery Adventures

Located in Montgomery Vermont, Montgomery Adventures provides some great mountain dog sled trails.

Husky Works Mushing Company

Located in West Warsboro Vermont, Husky Works provides private Winter mushing trails with their team of friendly & energetic siberian Huskies.

Peacepups Dogsledding

Check out the area around Lake Elmore, Vermont as you can take part in Dogsled tours, skijoring lessons and cart rides.

Dog Sledding can be tiring but it's sooo worth it! Especially in Vermont.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

8. Maryland Dog Sledding

Maryland famous for it's vast number waterways and coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

So expect so scenic Dog Sledding through Nature here.

Popular Maryland Dog Sled Tours:

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures

Located in the scenic Northern Baltimore county, Maryland Sled Dog Adventures offers a variety of activities such as rides, tours and educational programs.

They also offer skijoring & bikejoring lessons and rig rides.

Husky Power Dogsledding

Located at Mountain Maryland Kennels, close to Wisp Ski resort (West Maryland).

Husky Power Dog sledding provides a variety of Dog sled & dogsled on wheel rides from as short as 10 minutes to 1/2 days.

Open all seasons.

Husky Powered Dog Sledding Tours: Maryland.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

9. New York Dog Sledding

Adirondacks Region:

A surprising one on the list but definitely should not be overlook is the Adirondacks region in New York.

As home to the first Olympic Dog Sled race and even a few of its own, Adirondacks a fantastic place to get dog sledding!

Winter in Adirondacks is a magical time with many quaint little towns it's not unheard of to see some local residents using the dog sleds as transportation!

Sometimes you've gotta improvise when Dog sledding in New York

Lake Placid:

Lake Placid area has to be my favourite sleepy town which is perfect in the winter.

Watch as Mirror lake turns into a frozen winter playground and local Dog Sled drivers at parked up all along main street offering tourists a ride across the lake.

Afterwards warm up in one of the cozy coffee shops or breweries.

Notable places to dog sled include: Golden Arrow Dogsled Rides and Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours.

Thunder Mountain doesn't require reservations and operate from mid morning to early evening giving tourists a chance to loop round Mirror lake and take an Adirondack wilderness tour.

Fun Fact: Alot of the Sleds you will see in Adirondacks  sleds are made by Local craftsmen from the durable and lightweight ash trees, which are native to the Adirondack region.


Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours is located across the street from High Peaks Resort on Mirror Lake. Just behind Players Sports Bar/Top of the Park on Main Street in Lake Placid.

Winter at Lake Placid is a Magical Experience! Source:  [Dog sledding tours usa, Dog Sledding Trips/Destinations America]

Winter at Lake Placid is truly magical! Mirror lake inn is one of my favorite places to stay (you can see it in the background on the pic above). However, it does sell out fast during the winter season so check availability before.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

10. Michigan Dog Sledding

Located in the Great Lakes & mid western regions, Michigan provides some exquisite scenic landscape to really take in while Dog Sledding!

Best Value Dog Sledding Trip:

Nature’s Kennel

Located at Mcmillan in upper Michigan, Natures Kennel has some real professionals Dog sledders & some of the most skilled Mushers in the United States!

For example, one of the owners has raced in the last 7 Iditarod Dog Sled Races in Alaska! So you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Despite the skilled owners, they offer one of the BEST VALUE dog sledding experiences going where you can take a trip for less than $100.

The best budget Dog Sledding Trip they do is just $75 for a half hour ride around Boyne Highlands Resort close to Harbor Springs, Michigan.


Top Tip:

Try the half our trip on any winter weekend or holiday.  Owned by a husband & wife team, they really do spend most of their time getting ready for the big winter Dog Sledding!

Other Dog Sledding Tours/Trips:

S & L Arctic K9's Sled Dog Adventures

Dog sledding trip and tour packages which will take you through the winding & hilly terrain of Cadillac, Michigan.

Sled Dog Express

Located at Thompsonville, Sled Dog Express offers a cool Winter wonderland experience at Crystal Mountain. .

Snowy Plains Kennel

Located at Gwinn, Michigan. This is a great place for a family dog sledding adventure with Snowy plains even offering a childrens book about sled dogs to get them all excited!

Team Evergreen Kennel

A great place if you want to learn how to race! Team Evergreen offers mid distance racing and budget Dog Sled rides.


Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

11. Maine Dog Sledding

Head to Maines western and northern woods during the winter & you will find a snow covered winter wonderland!

Many Dog Sled operators take full advantage of this offering, a variety of exciting dog sledding packages & even overnight camping in the woods.

Winter in Maine is Spectacular! Just something missing....ahh thats it, DOG SLEDDING!

Popular Maine Dog Sled Tours:

New England Dogsledding

Offers a real immersive experience where avid dog sledders can learn how to handle & drive an entire team of dogs!

This hands on trip is made even better by the wondrous White Mountain National Forest as it's playground!

Husky Dogs love having fun in the Maine snow!

Mahoosuc Guide Service

For a more package based resort style experience head down to Grafton Notch, Maine.

Surrounded by Maines magical Umbagog Lake and the towering Mahoosuc Mountains,

you can take an adrenaline pumping ride through scenic trails which are of the beaten track!

With a variety of packages on offer Mahoosuc Guide Service is a "full service' dog sledding experience.

Maine Dog Sledding at Mahoosuc-Guide-service. Source:  [Dog sledding tours usa, Dog Sledding Trips/Destinations America]

Mahoosuc Intro Package:

This is a two day dog sledding trip which is a combination of skiing, mushing and even snowshoeing which makes an ultimate adventure.

Although, it can be physically challenging if your used to cross country skiing you shouldn't have a problem. Prices are $595pp. They alos offer a three day tour.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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12. Wisconsin Dog Sledding

With an interior of forests surrounded by the coastlines of the 2 Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior).

A variety of landscapes makes this mid western state an easily accessible place to try dog sledding.

A popular Dog Sledding Tour here is Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

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A post shared by  Ryanna kall (@kallryanna) on 2017-01-08T05:21:00.000+06:00

Ran by John & Mary Thiel they pride themselves on a hands on experience.

Here you can train to be a musher of 35 beautiful & friendly Siberian huskies, in one of their 2-4 hours dog sled adventures.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

13. Wyoming Dog Sledding

As the 2nd most sparsely populated state in the country!

You can be sure to find some remoteness & really get back in touch with nature in Wyoming.

Highlights include Grand Teton National park, Old Faithful (erupting geyser) and even Devils Tower National Monument.

What better way to explore these then through an epic Dog sledding tour.

A Great shot of Yellowstone National Park in the Winter! The suns beams scatter through the trees in spectacular fashion. 

Jackson Hole’s Continental Divide Dog Sled Adventures

Located in Dubois, Wyoming. Jacksons hole is ran by Iditarod Race Legend Billy Snodgrass.

He will take you through the pristine forrest and mountain side trials of  the Wyoming wilderness.

With expert knowledge on hand, it's great to be taught by someone who is truly passionate about their 170 Alaskan Sled dogs.

Popular Dog Sledding tours include ones which go through Granite Creek Canyon & Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Wyoming Dog Sledding Tours

Keep your eyes open as you may catch some rare glimpses of Bald Eagles, big horn sheep and as you would expect moose, deer and elks!

How much does it cost?

A variety of Dog sled tours are on offer from half day ($248) overnight to multi day experiences.

A full day (dog sledding/snowshoe) mix is $355.

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

14. California Dog Sledding

A Surprising one on the list! As opposite to Alaska as you can get!

California amazing outback provides a surprisingly epic landscape to go on a Dog Sledding adventure.

With the Lake Tahoe Region being a major highlight.

A popular tour provider here is Wilderness Adventures Dog Sled Tours  located in Olympic Valley, California.

Dog Sledding In California is a strange concept for some! But it does have some great national & State Parks! 

They provide some fantastic trails through the Lake Tahoe regions wooded playground of trails.

With ample wildlife expected keep your eyes peeled for those pesky Porcupines and even the odd coyote!

Top Tip: Book a one hour trip on a weekday for just $110!

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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15. Washington Dog Sledding

Washington the North western state most famous for such scenic nature as the Olympic National park and Mount Rainer National Park.

Its a fantastic place to have some great adventures especially if your struggling for choices on the west coast!


A popular Dog sled Tour here is Northwest Dogsled Adventures.

Located in Cle Elum, Washington. They offer some great winter tours...with there pack the "flying furs".

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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16. New Hampshire Dog Sledding

New Hampshire, part of New England, is well know for its quaint towns and vast expanses of wilderness!

As you head further north you will come to White Mountain National Forest, (a winter sports hub)

and of course Mount Washington (the regions highest peak!)


With moose, black bears & even part of the great Appalachian Trail. This is true Dog Sledding Heaven!

Top tip: Experience taking the classic cog railway to Mt Washington's peak.

Popular New Hampshire Dog Sled Tours:

Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel

Operating all year round Muddy Paw Sled tours provides some epic dog sledding rides through the White Mountains.

From just 2  to 50miles and even overnight excursions. These are best in the winter.

Come summer you can try our some "Rolling Dogsledding & Whitewater rafting combo" the hilariously named "Paws & Paddles".


Seal Cove Journey's

Located in Canaan, the Upper Connecticut river valley of New Hampshire, it's a scenic area with nature surrounding.

Seals Cove offers a selection of dog sledding & learning packages which can be tailored to your needs.

Valley Snow Dogz

Located in Campton, New Hampshire. Valley Snow Dogz offers a year round sled dogging experience.

A great one for Families, you will have fun & be educated at the same time.

These guys are also great for special occasions, big groups & events.

Christmas time is the perfect time for dashing through the snow on a 6 dog open sleigh! 

Where to stay?

Check prices & availability of our recommended hotels, HERE

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