Tobi Miles

A proud University of Florida alumnus with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Food Science, Tobi Miles has transformed his passion for global cuisines into a thriving career as a travel writer and digital nomad consultant. After cutting his teeth in the bustling kitchens of Miami's fusion restaurants, Tobi realized his true calling lay in exploring the world's diverse culinary landscapes.

With his trusty laptop and an insatiable appetite for adventure, Tobi has turned remote work into an art form. Alongside his wife Sarah, a talented food photographer, he's savored his way through 32 countries and counting. From mastering the art of Thai street food to uncovering hidden tapas bars in Spain, Tobi believes that the key to unlocking a culture's secrets lies at the bottom of a local dish.

Tobi's blog, "Bytes & Bites," has become a go-to resource for aspiring digital nomads and food enthusiasts alike. His unique approach combines practical advice on remote work strategies with mouthwatering accounts of global cuisine, garnished with a healthy dose of cultural insights. His series "Work from Anywhere: A Taste of Freedom" has inspired thousands to reimagine their careers through the lens of travel and gastronomy.

As a recognized expert in the digital nomad lifestyle, Tobi frequently contributes to major travel publications and has been featured in Forbes and National Geographic Traveler. His TEDx talk, "How to Eat Your Way to Cultural Understanding," went viral, cementing his status as a thought leader in experiential travel.

When he's not sampling street food or testing co-working spaces, Tobi can be found leading culinary walking tours in his current home base or hosting virtual cooking classes that bring the flavors of the world to kitchens across the globe. His upcoming book, "Remote Work, Local Flavor," promises to be a comprehensive guide for those looking to blend career flexibility with cultural immersion.

With a keen eye for safety and sustainability, Tobi is committed to promoting responsible travel practices. He believes that by approaching new experiences with respect and an open mind (and palate), travelers can create meaningful connections that transcend borders and foster global understanding, one meal at a time.

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