10 Epic Ranch Holidays in the USA

Explore the top 10 epic ranch holidays in the USA for a unique vacation experience. From luxury stays to working ranch adventures, find your perfect cowboy getaway.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2024
Explore the top 10 epic ranch holidays in the USA for a unique vacation experience. From luxury stays to working ranch adventures, find your perfect cowboy getaway.

Best Ranch Holidays in the U.S.A - Do you ever sit and dream about riding the range and off into the sunset? Have you ever yearned for a totally different sort of vacation? Whether you're an experienced horse rider or just love being around horses in the great outdoors these top ten American Ranch Vacations will fulfil all your dreams.

Just imagine being cowboy(or cowgirl) on a working ranch. Riding the trails amidst awe inspiring scenery, roping a steer and joining in with the other ranch hands.You will soon feel at home on the range. Get ready to shout "Yee ha!"

Horses are beautiful creatures

10. The Ranch at Rock Creek

This Ranch is located on the outskirts of Philipsburg. It has amazing views of 6,600 acres of rugged Montana wilderness.Guests are encouraged to learn how to rope and herd cattle, barrel race and join in the fun so be sure to bring your boots and spurs!

Other activities include trail riding, fly fishing, hiking and even a ride in an authentic Western horse-drawn stagecoach! Visitors can choose to stay in a homely log cabin with gas fires and private baths or sleep under the starry Montana sky in one of the eight luxury canvas tents.

The Ranch at Rock Creek.

Where is the ranch?

Phillipsburg , Montana, U.S.A

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9. Seven Lazy P Guest Ranch.

Seven Lazy P Guest Ranch is a beautiful 1,200 acre property situated in on the eastern side of the Rockies on the Rocky Mountain Front. It has been family owned and run for over 50 years.

The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed with room for just 20 guests at any one time.The ranch horses are well trained and safe for all levels of riders.Guests can enjoy exploring numerous trails on their trusted mounts."Cowboys in Training" can stay in Western style log cabins, enjoy 3 hearty meals a day and horseback ride to their hearts content.

DudeRanchMT | Wikimedia Commons

Where is the ranch?

Choteau, Montana, U.S.A

8. Travassa Austin.

A Rustic fitness retreat, loved by city dwellers and located just a 25 minute car drive from the states capital.It is set in the heart of Hill Country amongst 210 acres of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve with views over Lake Travis. The Resort boasts an 11 room Spa and 70 guestrooms nestled in the hillside.

There is a 3 acre farm with stables and horses to enjoy the equestrian activities.Or guests can don their cowboy hats and experience a mechanical bull workout to the background music of country songs.

MXRider | Wikimedia Commons

There are lots of other things to do, such as archery and dancing classes.One of the most popular courses is the chicken keeping course where guests learn about all aspects of keeping a backyard flock.

Where is the ranch?

Austin, Texas, U.S.A

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7. Zapata Ranch

Zapatcha Ranch is owned by The Nature Conservancy.It is located on the eastern wall of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.It borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

It has 15 Guest rooms and is also a 103,000 acre working cattle and bison Ranch.Guests can enjoy riding the range alongside the roaming herds and take part in the everyday Ranch work.

LucyL | Wikimedia Commons

There are also hikes to be enjoyed through the sand dunes and organised bird watching.There are also special excursions, like a horseback ride into the Sangre De Cristo Mountains ending in a night of camping under the stars.Foodies can enjoy gourmet cuisine on site, including ranch raised beef and bison.

Where is the ranch?

Mosca, Colorado, U.S.A

6. Vista Verde Guest Ranch

Vista Verde Guest Ranch is situated north of Steamboat Springs,Colorado.It gives a typical dude ranch experience with a touch of luxury. Each cabin has its own hot tub, perfect for a long soak after a hard days riding.

CountryPlacesUSA | Wikimedia Commons

The rustic log furniture is harvested and crafted on the ranch. More serious cowboys head to the ranch in September for an adult only environment and the chance to ride all day around the 16,000 acre area, roping and rounding up cattle from their summer pasture.

There is a special indoor arena for guests to enjoy year round horseback riding and activities.

Where is the ranch?

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A

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5. The Lodge & Spa at Bush Creek Ranch

This Ranch is offers guests a luxurious experience amidst a 15,000 acre, century old working cattle ranch. It is located near to Saratoga in South Central Wyoming ,bordering a million acres of federal wild lands.It offers guests a variety of horsemanship activities to suit all levels of rider such as wrangling, barrel racing and day long rides.

Mx_827 | Wikimedia Commons

There is also the chance to take an early morning ride out to enjoy breakfast on the banks of Brush Creek.

Or enjoy a gallop on the range alongside the working cowboys.Be sure not to miss a horseback trek through the Brush Creek bison paddock.Ending up at Robbers Roost,a historic place of interest where a group of thieves once hid out until being found by the local sheriff.

Where is the ranch?

Saratoga,Wyoming, U.S.A

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4. Paws Up - Ranch Vacation

This Ranch is an amazing 60 square miles larger than Manhattan. It is a working cattle ranch offering style and solitude.There are 28 luxury western style holiday homes and 30 glamping tents.It has a 22,000 square feet equestrian centre.

The largest in Montana.The ranch offers a variety of experiences, including a private roping lesson or the chance to ride a cattle drive with working cowboys.

Unknown | Wikimedia Commons

After all the hard work, guests can enjoy the Chuckwagon Dinner where they will be taken out in a horse drawn wagon to Blackfoot River. Once there they can partake in a meal cooked over a campfire with a cowboy playing the banjo.

Where is the ranch?

Greenough, Montana, U.S.A

3. Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa

Nature lovers will be wowed by, The Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa.It is set in 160 acres on the banks of the Colorado River, enjoying breathtaking woodland views.It is a working Ranch that caters for all levels of horsemanship.Expert cowboys lead guests along trails in the beautiful Colorado River Valley.

Unknown | Wikimedia Commons

There are a variety of activities on offer, including Kayaking,Rafting and rock climbing. A T V tours are also available for the adventurous.After all the activity guests can enjoy the bourbon Cowboy Spa treatment which includes a bourbon and sugar scrub and 60 minute massage.

Where is the ranch?

Moab, Utah, U.S.A

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2. Tanque Verde Ranch

The Tanque Verde Ranch is set in a 60,000 acre desert landscape. It is the country's largest dude ranch. Daily trail rides through varied landscapes can be enjoyed on one of the ranch's 160 horses. Guests can enjoy an authentic experience of living and working as a cowboy and enjoying lots of outdoor adventures.

There are no TV's on this ranch."Cowboy Cookout barbecues" are a weekly feature with live music. Nickelodeons "Hey Dude" TV show which was aired in 1989 was filmed here.

CountryPlacesUSA | Wikimedia Commons

Horse Riding is a growing trend and a useful part of a wellness regime as it helps to clear the mind and reduce stress.It is beneficial for both mental and physical health and just being around horses in the great outdoors is relaxing and therapeutic.

Where is the ranch?

Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A

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1. Triple Creek Ranch

Triple Creek Ranch is a Relais & Châteaux property.It sits in 26,000 acres amongst the Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Northern Rockies so theres plenty of room to ride.Guests can enjoy their stay in 23 luxurious log cabins.

There is a great cowboy atmosphere with lots of activities, including Western horsemanship events, cattle drives and team penning. Afterwards guests can kick back and enjoy some rest and relaxation in the cabins which have well stocked mini bars and lots of food, including home baked cookies and fruit.

MontanaOnline1 | Wikimedia Commons

Where is the ranch?

Darby, Montana

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