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20 BEST Airboat Tours in the Everglades (Budget-Friendly & Exotic!)

Explore the Everglades on a budget! Our guide lists the top 20 airboat tours: eco-friendly, exciting wildlife encounters, and breathtaking views for all ages.

Tobi Miles
September 23, 2022
20 BEST Airboat Tours in the Everglades (Budget-Friendly & Exotic!)

Have you been excited to explore the Everglades and considering an airboat tour? Some of you may wonder, “what is an airboat anyway?” Airboats are the best way to navigate the shallow waters in areas like the Florida Everglades.

Airboat tours are perfect for people of all ages! The tours are very eco-friendly than other boats as they don’t destroy the environment or specie habitats by creating pollution. On your tour, you’ll learn about plants and wildlife, all while getting to speed on the waters and soaking in the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see.  

There’s something for everyone in the Everglades. Are you up for the adventure? 

20 Top Airboat Tours in the Everglades

If you’ve been wondering what company you should go with on your adventure of the Everglades, don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s dive into our top 20 airboat tours of the Everglades. 

1. Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours and Rides

Credit: Philip Lange / Shutterstock

Everglades Holiday Park is located on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The airboat tour and the alligator park are their top attractions for locals and tourists It’s perfect for people of all ages, so even your kids will enjoy this attraction!

After your airboat tour, you will have an alligator show that includes the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Team and the Gator Pit.

This airboat tour will take you at top speeds with your expert tour guide leading the way! There’s no need to worry about safety as these airboats are safe, comfortable, and protected from weather conditions.

As you encounter the alligator on your tour, you’ll be able to snap photos and come face-to-face with other exciting creatures. You’ll have one of the most amazing days on this wildlife adventure!

Price of Tour: Adults: $36.99, Child: $24.99
Length of Time: 1 hour

2. Everglades Swamp Tours - Airboat Rides Fort Lauderdale

Credit: LisaCarter / Shutterstock

With Everglades Swamp Tours, every tour is unique or private, so when tourists finish their tours, they’ll leave with an unforgettable experience. You’ll be able to ride with them and see alligators in their natural habitats.

The Everglades Swamp Tours will also allow you to see other species like certain birds and fish that aren’t anywhere else in the United States.

The Everglades Swamp Tours have over sixty years of experience in the Florida Everglades. The guides are very knowledgeable and will take you on the ride of your life. On your tour, they’ll educate you on the history and wildlife that the swamp calls home.

Whether you’re on a family outing or with a date who loves an adventure, their professional swamp tour is simply one of a kind!

For Airboat rides that are more than two hours long, you’ll need to call for pricing. If you want to schedule a private tour, they can be customized to your preference.

Price of Tour: 1 Hour Tour: $60, 1 Hour Private Tour: $250, 1.5 Hour Private Tour: $300, 2 Hour Private Tour: $425
Length of Time: 1-2 Hours 

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3. Buffalo’s Tiger Florida

Credit: OneInchPunch / Shutterstock

The Buffalo Tiger Airboat Tours is an Indian-owned and family-owned business. They provide unique airboat tours that will show you their homeland and the culture of their people.

The guides are very experienced and will take you out in the Everglades to witness the gorgeous Miccosukkee Indian Reservation.

Price of Tour: 30 Minute Tour: Adult: $30, Child: 15 | 45 Minute Tour: Adult: $45, Child: $27.50 | Call for pricing of private tours
Length of Time: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 

4. Everglades River of Grass Adventures - Airboat Rides Miami

Credit: Juergen Huettel / Flickr

At the River of Grass Adventures, how you view the Everglades matters to their employees. They offer private Everglade Airboat tours that will take you deeper into the wetlands to experience an Everglades Safari! Their airboat tours can hold from four to nine guests on a small custom boat.

The boat captains will educate their guests and give you the thrill of a lifetime while prioritizing safety. If you arrive with a large group, they can take up to four boats out together for a special rate that will make it a photo-worthy event.

Price of Tour: 1 Hour: $250 for 2 guests, 1.5 Hours: $350 for 2 guests, 2 Hours: $425, 2.5 Hours: $550 for 2 guests
Length of Time: 1 - 2.5 Hours

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5. Everglades Airboat Expeditions

Credit: Mia2You / Shutterstock

With Everglades Airboat Expeditions, you’ll embark on a journey of a lifetime on one of their high-performance airboats. Their airboats travel fast and cover a large area of the Everglades, ensuring you’ll get to see as much as possible. These airboat captains are professional drivers and make safety their top priority in tours.

Each airboat is equipped with supplies to help make your experience more enjoyable. Each boat carries coolers filled with ice and complimentary water bottles so you can stay hydrated during the trip! You are also allowed to bring sunscreen and service dogs along.

Price of Tour: 1 Hour Tour: Adult $60 Child $30 | Private Tours: 1 Hour: $200 for 2 guests, 1.5 Hours: $275 for 2 guests, 2 Hours: $375 for 2 guests |
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 Hours 

6. Coopertown, The Original Airboat Tour

Credit: Philip Lange / Shutterstock

Coopertown is the gateway to the Florida Everglades and is known for its home-style frog legs and gator tail. They offer personalized private tours for families or groups of friends and cover 15 to 30 miles of the Everglades.

The guides will take you into open saw grass to know why the Everglades acquired the name “River of Grass.” You’ll get to see the Purple Gallinule, which was voted the most colorful bird in Florida. You’ll also be able to see the endangered Everglade Snail Kite along with herons, grackles, turtles, and raccoons.

Price of Tour: Adult: $20, Child $10, Please call for private tour reservations and pricing. 📞
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 Hours 

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7. Gator Park Airboat Tours

Credit: Alena Vishina / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for some serious gator action, you’ll want to check out the Gator Park airboat tours. They are the premier airboat for your location if you want to see fierce reptiles. Airboat tours depart every three minutes, so from the moment you arrive, your adventure begins.

Along the tour, you’ll learn that the Everglades is home to more than 200,000 alligators. It’s also home to twenty-eight types of snakes, some of which are venomous.

Price of Tour: Adults: $27.99, Child: $18.99
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 hours

8. Airboat in Everglades

Credit: Frank Fell Media / Shutterstock

Airboat in the Everglades offers airboat tours for tourists all over the world. You will ride through sawgrass mangroves in less than six inches of water. The Everglades are home to some of the most diverse species and vegetation and have incredible scenery to help you create unforgettable memories.

Their airboats are packed with some of the most comfortable seats and jets to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. You’ll be able to purchase group packages, regular tours, or private tours offered by the Airboat in the Everglades team. The captains of the boats know where to go, so you can get opportunities to capture wildlife in a photo!

Visitors have raved about Airboat in the Everglades saying they had a fun and smooth ride. They have also said they were able to see a momma alligator with her babies!

Price of Tour: 1 Hour: Adult $60 Child $30, 1 Hour (Private): $200 up to 2 people, 1.5 Hour (Private): $275 up to 2 people, 2 Hours (Private): $375 up to 2 people
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 hours 

9. Everglades Nature Tours

Credit: Mia2You / Shutterstock

Everglades Nature Tours are affiliated with the Everglades National Park Service. Guides explore the Everglades to not only explore its beauty, but to educate along the way. They also take on different areas of the Everglades for exploration.

The company offers airboat tours, swamp buggy, canoe, kayak, pole boats, flat bottom boats, fan boats, swamp walking tours, and guided hunting and fishing excursions. Many visitors have raved about how enjoyable and unique this tour is.

They’ve said the tour guides are very knowledgeable and interact with their guests. The airboat tours are on smaller boats to make you feel more connected with nature and are on a different route from other companies.

Price of Tours: From $65
Length of Tours: 1 - 2 Hours 

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10. Everglades Safari Park

Credit: 4kclips / Shutterstock

With Everglades Safari Park, you’ll discover the next level of fun while the boat captains navigate you through the smooth waters on their infamous airboat tour.  

Among tours is the original eco-experience boat tour. This tour will provide 30 to 40 minutes of educational fun, while learning about the plants and animals that live in the Everglades.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can travel deeper into the Everglades with a private tour. You will go off the beaten pathway and discover the trails, plants, and animals. The tour guides will also give you a pair of earbuds you can wear along the way.

Price of Tour: Original Tour: Adults$ 39 Child: $20, 40 Minute Tour (Private): $310, 60 Minute Tour (Private): $360
Length of Tour: 30 - 60 minutes 

11. Everglades Airboat Tours

Credit: Allouphoto / Shutterstock

Everglades Airboat tours offer both group and private tours. The one-hour private tour will take you through famous wetlands to view alligators, plants, and more.

This tour will give you a better understanding of the ecosystem and habitats in the Everglades. If you’re visiting South Florida for the first time, you’ll want to add this to your to-do list.

They also offer sunset airboat tours if you have more time on your hands. To create an unforgettable image, you will see a glorious sight of the sun setting on the water. The sunset tours are 1.5 hours long, and you’ll get to adventure into mysterious parts of the Everglades.

Price of Tour: Group (1 hour): Adult $60, Child $30 | Private (1 hour): $250 for 2 people | Private (1.5 hours): $300 | Private (2 hours): $400
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 hours

12. Mack’s Fish Camp - Gladesmen Airboat Tours

Credit: Will Rodriguez / Shutterstock

Mack’s Fish Camp provides one of the best airboat tours of the Everglades. They offer airboat tours, Everglades eco tours, Airboat bass fishing, fishing guide services, Jon boat and canoe rentals, and camping and fishing.

The Everglades Airboat tours will give you a relaxing thrill ride that will be much different from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re thinking about a public Airboat tour, they are an affordable way for you to see the Everglades.

Public tours usually include other activities along with the price of admission. Most public tours on average are shorter, lasting anywhere from 35-45 minutes.

Private tours cost a little more; however, you’ll receive more personal attention from your boat guide. Unlike public Airboat tours, private tours can last one hour or longer.

Price of Tour: Eco Tour: $300 | The Experience: $375 | Glademens Journey: $475
Length of Tour: 1.5 - 3+ Hours

13. Everglades VIP Tour

Credit: Philip Lange / Shutterstock

The Everglades VIP Tour is the ultimate airboat tour experience. Your trip will include round-trip transportation from your hotel to Everglades Holiday Park. You will get sixty minutes that are fully narrated by your guide on the airboat through the Everglades.

You will get a twenty-minute live alligator presentation by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue. Lastly, you will receive two free professional-grade photos and pick-ups from Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.

You will get a twenty minute live alligator presentation by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue. Lastly, you will receive two free professional grade photos and pick-ups from Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.

Price of Tour: Starting from $49
Length of Tour: 1 Hour

14. Airboat USA

Credit: Gagliardi Photography / Shutterstock

Airboat USA offers some of the best airboat tours in the Miami area of the Everglades. They have worked with locations, different art departments, and logistics from CSI Miami to the Kardashians. They provide jungle landscapes, airboats, swamp buggies, all-terrain vehicles, and amphibious vehicles.

Airboats USA offers 1.5-hour and 2-hour private airboat tours. These tours are private and travel deep into the Everglades to view wildlife Safari. They hold from 1 to 16 guests, so whether you’re looking to do a family tour or go out with friends, this is the best way you’ll learn and see about the Everglades.

Food and drinks are not included in the tour price, but you have permission bring your own. Gratuities are also not included in your ticket price.

Price of Tour: 1.5 Hour: From $350, 2 Hour: From $450,
Length of Tour: 1.5 - 2 Hours

15. Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours

Credit: Jaimie Tuchman / Shutterstock

You’ll create an unforgettable airboat tour experience at Captain Jack’s! Zip through the Everglades or venture through the cypress forest on a swamp buggy. You’ll have the chance to see wild gators, birds, and more!  This Airboat tour will even let you hold a baby alligator.

For the ultimate Airboat tour experience, you’ll have the option of combining tours and purchasing the total Everglades combo. This combo includes 110 minutes of tours and six attractions. The three tours will be through mangrove tunnels, grasslands, and the cypress forest.

Price of Tour: Mangrove & Buggy Combo: From $69 | Mangrove & Grassland Combo: From $73 | Total Everglades Combo: From $97 | Private Mangrove & Buggy Combo: From $339
Length of Tour: 80 - 110 minutes

16. Osceola Panthers

Credit: Eric Gilbert Creative / Shutterstock

Osceola Panthers airboat tours is the best place to get a non-commercial airboat ride. They have a nice gift shop in the end so that you can grab some wacky souvenirs. The ride itself is great and is on a small boat with very few people, making this an enjoyable airboat tour.

You’ll stop on a little island to see alligators while even being able to hold a baby alligator. There is no extra charge to hold the baby alligator or to have your picture taken.

Price of Tour: $22 per person
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 hours

17. Down South Airboat Tours

Credit: Mirigrina / Shutterstock

The Down South Airboat Tours are not your typical attraction. They offer you private Everglades adventure only locals usually see on their private boats. These tours will show you a beauty that only Hollywood would show you in the movies.

These tours are on the freshwater side of the grasslands and are not pre-routed to a specific area. Every tour is different, so you’ll never see the same sights twice with Down South Airboat Tours. Their touring attraction is located right by the reservation.

Price of Tour: 1 hour: $250 | 1.5 hours: $315 | 2 hours: $415
Length of Tour: 1 - 2 hours
* Prices are for two people 

18. Speedy’s Airboat Tours

Credit: The Image Party / Shutterstock

Speedy’s Airboat Tours offers tours on small boats so you can see the Everglades up close and have a personalized airboat tour. Unlike other airboats that can carry up to thirty people, they will put a maximum of six people on each tour. 

Additionally, these tours will take you into private sections of the Everglades that no other companies have access to.

Taking you into private sections of the Everglades makes the tour stand out compared to other Airboat companies. Many tours can be very alike, so it’s refreshing that Speedy’s offers some change when it comes to experiencing something new.

Price of Tour: Call for pricing 📞
Length of Tour: Call for tour times 📞 

19. Wooten’s Everglades Airboat Tours

Credit: RICIfoto / Shutterstock

You’ll be able to experience more of the Everglades at Wooten’s Airboat Tours. You’ll glide across two hundred and fifty-nine private acres on the grasslands at Wooten's. You’ll have an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable ride while having fun learning with friends and family.

There's the option of choosing from three popular Airboat Tour combos, The Original Combo, The Extended Combo, and The Total Everglades Combo.

For popular Airboat tours, you can choose from The Grassland Airboat Tour, The Extended Airboat Tour, and the Private Airboat Tour.

Price of Tour: Original Combo: From $62 | Extended Combo: From $75 | Total Everglades Combo: From $97 | Grassland Airboat Tour: From $32.50 | Extended Airboat Tour: From $47 | Private Airboat Tour: From $300
Length of Tour: 30 - 110 minutes 

20. Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tour

Credit: Jan Nedbal / Shutterstock

Jungle Erv’s provides one of the best mangrove wilderness airboat tours that have ten seater boats. With the wilderness airboat tours, you'll have the options of The Wilderness Airboat Tour, Wilderness & Buggy Combo, Wilderness & Grassland Combo, and The Wilderness Ultimate Combo.

With the Mangrove Airboat Tours, you’ll have the option of the Mangrove Airboat Tour, Mangrove & Buggy Combo, Mangrove & Grassland Combo, and the Mangrove Ultimate Combo. 

Three attractions are included in every tour that consists of the animal sanctuary, an alligator show, and a hug from an alligator.

Price of Tour: Widlerness Airboat Tour: From $42 | Wilderness & Buggy Combo: From $69 | Wilderness & Grassland Combo: From $73 | Wilderness Ultimate Combo: From $97 | Mangrove Airboat Tour: From $42 | Mangrove & Buggy Combo: From $69 | Mangrove & Grassland Combo: From $73 | Mangrove Ultimate Combo: From $97 |
Length of Tour: 50 - 110 minutes

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