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TSA Reveals: Is Your Lysol Spray Flight-Ready?

Ever wondered if your favorite germ-buster can fly with you? Let's unpack what the TSA has to say about jet-setting with Lysol in tow. Get ready for a clear takeoff!

Tobi Miles
August 7, 2022

With all the germs and fear of recent events, many travelers pack plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes. Many use masks and gloves to protect them but also may want to pack Lysol. But can you bring Lysol on a plane?

The TSA says you can bring on Lysol gels and sprays so long as they are under the 3.4oz cleared amount. You can take other products, preferably wipes, and hand sanitizer, on the plane. Certain items you can purchase in the airport terminals, while others are better brought with you or left at home.

There are various types of Lysol or disinfectant spray that you can bring with you on a plane. There are also products you cannot and should not bring with you when traveling. During COVID and Flu season, bringing along Lysol is a typical traveler practice.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for Disinfectant Sprays 2022

The TSA supports all efforts that passengers try to make to protect themselves and others. Its TSA website shows that Lysol wipes are allowed and certain products used as disinfectants. You can find all the rules on the TSA website to verify what you can and cannot bring.

  • The TSA approves all Lysol or disinfectant wipes for travel, but you must stow them properly.
  • You must carry Lysol sprays or gels in a carry-on bag.
  • Lysol sprays and gels must be in travel-approved containers.
  • To clear security, the amount must be less than the approved limit of 3.4oz.
  • The Lysol or disinfectant cannot be any type of aerosol can.
  • You can only carry on aerosols that are for medicinal purposes.

Can I Carry Lysol On The Plane?

You can carry Lysol on a plane in specific forms. For convenience, many companies have compacted Lysol for traveling. You can find all Lysol products, wipes, and sprays that are TSA-approved at a local store.

To carry Lysol on a plane, it must meet the requirements of the TSA checkpoint. A container of spray or hand sanitizer must be 3.4oz or less. Lysol wipes are allowed in carry-on bags, diaper bags, and personal items.

Is 3.4-oz Lysol Spray Allowed In My Carry-On?

The TSA verifies that you can bring a 3.4-0z Lysol spray on a plane. However, aerosols and some sprays are not permitted due to the compressed air. A pump spray bottle is not an aerosol and is often allowed.

The Lysol cannot be flammable and must be less than the 3.4 oz maximum to be carried on. Security will only allow certain aerosol sprays or containers for medicinal use. It is a safe bet that bringing wipes will save you time and hassle in security.

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Will The TSA Take My Lysol Spray?

The TSA will take your Lysol spray if it does not meet their requirements for travel. Most Lysol sprays come in airtight or aerosol-type containers, which you can’t carry on a plane. If you fail to pack the proper form of Lysol or the right amount, then the TSA can confiscate it.

If the TSA finds out that any form of liquid or spray you have is flammable, they’ll remove it. The TSA must follow strict rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of all the other passengers. This may require them to take action and take any liquids or sprays they see as unfit.

You may find that bringing Lysol, Clorox, and even shaving cream on a plane has many restrictions. All sprays and cans may be taken at security.

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Are Lysol Wipes Okay To Bring On A Plane?

Lysol wipes are clear for carry-on and checked luggage. The TSA actually prefers you to bring Lysol wipes with you through security. You should still stow them in a bag with your liquids for screening, but wipes are a common item.

Wipes are a common household item often packed into a carry-on for easy disinfectant. Be sure it is a travel size and does not exceed the liquid limit.

Can I Pack Lysol Spray In My Checked Luggage?

Lysol spray is often in the form of an aerosol, which is forbidden on most flights and also in checked luggage.

You cannot pack any type of sprays that are not toiletries or medicinal in your luggage. So packing your Lysol spray to help you clean your hotel room is not allowed.

Can I Buy Lysol Spray At The Airport?

The TSA and FAA do not allow any flammable or strong sprays that can cause damage to fabric. You will not find Lysol spray at the airport, but you may find the perfect travel-size wipes. You can find Lysol wipes, fabric pens, and other amenities in the terminal shops at the airport.

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Can You Bring Lysol On An International Flight?

Again, you can only bring the approved Lysol products on an international flight. Aerosol sprays, like Lysol, cannot be brought onto any plane if it is not a medical product. You can bring Lysol wipes and a small hand sanitizer in your carry-on or personal bag.

You can also not pack Lysol in your checked luggage if it is an aerosol can or bleaching product. So whether flying to Bermuda or London, bring TSA-approved Lysol products and wipes.

Still Not Sure? Ask the TSA

If you are still unsure about what products you can bring on your flight, visit the TSA website. The website has resources and links that will help to answer any questions you may have. You can find out what is allowed in checked and carry-on by utilizing the search bar and database.

You can also find the support helpline on the TSA website, where you can reach a TSA representative. The agent will be able to help you navigate the website if you’re having trouble or answer any questions. Sometimes talking to a real person can give you some security before you travel.

If you are at the airport and have questions or concerns about Lysol, you can ask an agent. When going through security, ask a TSA agent if you have any concerns. Someone will be happy to help you through security and with any questions you may have.

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From flu season and other germs that float around, people would love to bring Lysol on a plane. To get through TSA security, you can pack Lysol spray in a spray bottle with no compressed air. Wipes are the preferred way to bring Lysol disinfectant on a plane since they’re allowed in checked and personal luggage.

When flying, you should understand that you cannot bring any aerosol cans that are not toiletries or medicine. The TSA also does not approve of selling these items in the terminals. You will be only allowed to bring on what is cleared by the TSA.

You can look at the TSA website if you have any questions or concerns when flying internationally. The TSA and FAA agree all flammable or dangerously strong chemicals will not be allowed. You can also ask any agents throughout the airport for assistance.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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