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Alaska Airline's Carry-On Rules (Exact Size & Weight Limits)

"Get all the details on Alaska Airlines' carry-on size & weight limits before you fly! Perfect for travelers needing clear carry-on guidelines."

Tobi Miles
October 17, 2022
Alaska Airline's Carry-On Rules (Exact Size & Weight Limits)

Alaska Airlines is a prominent airline company based in the American Northwest. This company offers reasonable flights around the US as well as internationally. If you are a first-time flyer with this airline, it's best to understand their baggage policies before your flight! Some aspects of baggage restrictions are the same across all airlines, while others are specific to each company.

Alaska Airlines carry-on bags must not exceed the dimensions of 22" x 14" x 9" or 45 linear inches. The carry-on bag and personal items are free of charge. Your carry-on must weigh less than 50 pounds. You are allowed one personal item, such as a purse or backpack, and one carry-on item per person.

If you are traveling with clothes and toiletries in your small carry-on and a backpack with personal items, you should not run into problems during your travels. Just be sure your personal item can fit under your seat and your carry-on is not too big. There are certain restrictions for large checked baggage and particular hazardous items packed in your carry-on. Follow along to fully understand the rules and regulations for baggage with Alaska Airlines!

What Is The Carry-on Policy For Alaska Airlines?

For carry-on luggage on Alaska Airlines, each passenger is allowed to bring a personal item and a carry-on on the plane for free! Your carry-on time must not exceed 45 linear inches, including the handle and wheels. This means that the length, width, and height measurements of your carry-on when added can not be over 45-inches. Typically, this means the measurements should be roughly 22'' x 14'' x 9'' inches.

You are allowed a free personal item with Alaska Airlines! The personal item must be small enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you. This includes backpacks, purses, and other small bags. There are no restrictions to your personal item other than it must be small enough to bit under the seat.

For those looking to check their bags, certain fees increase with the number of bags checked. Generally speaking, checking one bag under 45 kilograms will cost about $30. If your luggage is overweight or oversize, there will be variable fees per bag. These fees depend both on weight and size categories. There are other prices for special luggage.

Overall, the guidelines for Alaska Airlines luggage are standard for the industry. The free carry-on is a great perk with this airline and the size is not too restrictive. Just be sure to measure your carry-on and personal item before the flight and you should have no issues. If you have special items like large luggage, golf clubs, or a wheelchair you will not have to pay an extra fee to check those onto the plane.

What Are The Size Limitations For Alaska Airlines?

The size limitations for Alaska Airlines are more strict with carry-ons than checked bags. You want to make sure your bag does not get denied at the gate. Making sure you have the right sizes can save you a lot of stress and hassle from the beginning. Ensuring you have a smooth and relaxing travel experience. Carry-on size limits tend to be universal across all airlines, but here are the specifications for Alaska Airlines.

The carry-on bag size limit for Alaska Airlines is 22'' x 14'' x 9'' inches and must include wheels and handles. When added up, these measurements must not exceed the number of 45 to judge the linear inches. This allows people with individual bags with slightly different measurements to bring their carry-on with them.

For your checked bag, you want to make sure it is not larger than 62 linear inches. Just use the same measuring principles as the carry-on! By measuring the length, width, and height of your checked bag and adding those numbers together you will know the linear measurements. Knowing this will prevent you from having to pay oversized fees at the ticket counter.

What Are The Weight Limitations For Alaska Airlines?

Weight is not the most regulated measurement for carry-on bags. Generally, carry-ons are not supposed to exceed 50 lbs. But for those who pack the usual clothes and toiletries, it is unlikely you will reach that limit.

Travelers rarely run into scales to measure the weight of the carry-ons because the sizing dimensions are much more important. You simply must be able to live the suitcase over your head into the bins above the seats.

As for checked baggage, your suitcase must not weigh more than 45 kilograms or 50 pounds. If your bag is over this weight you will have to pay at least an extra $100 at the counter. The more overweight the bag is the more fees will apply. This fee is the same regardless of how many pounds over the limit you are.

But if you pay the fee they will still carry it for you.  If you have special baggage you want to fly with, such as a bike or golf clubs, those are often not subject to these fees on Alaska Airlines if it is on their list of exception items.

How Strict Is Alaska Airlines With Carry-On Size?

Alaska Airlines is quite strict with the sizing limitations of its carry-on policy, as do most airlines. This is because if your luggage is larger than the set dimensions, it may not fit in the overhead bin. Which would cause many complications during the boarding process, and it is a fiasco you do not want to be responsible for. Additionally, if your luggage barely fits it will take away the ability of others to store their carry-on.

However, the weight limitations of Alaska Airlines are a bit more flexible than the size limitations for carry-ons. You likely will not come across as a scale to measure the weight of your carry-on. So it does not necessarily need to be under 50 pounds. Of course, this is still highly recommended because you will be required to lift the bag over your head to store it during the flight.

In terms of the number of carry-on items allowed in Alaska Airlines' policy, they are quite strict as well. You will never be allowed to bring on multiple carry-ons or personal items. There simply is not space for everyone to have three or more bags, so you are only allowed the carry-on and personal items. Attempting to push this limit could result in you leaving the extra bag behind. It also could mean you will not be allowed on the plane.

What Are Alaska Airlines Baggage Restrictions?

The baggage restrictions for Alaskan Airlines are relatively standard. There are basic limitations for personal items, carry-ons, checked luggage, and special baggage. The personal item must be small enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you and not contain any hazardous items. You can keep entertainment, snacks, small pillows, and any other TSA-approved items in this personal bag.

The restrictions for carry-on items are largely related to size. The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 45 linear inches and can not contain hazardous materials that are such as flammable chemicals or weapons. The carry-on can be a soft/hard suitcase or a duffel bag, but can not be heavier than 50 pounds. Carry-ons are also fee-free for every passenger.

Checked bags can not be larger than 62 linear inches or be heavier than 50 pounds if you want to avoid extra fees. If you go over the weight or dimensions you will have to pay an extra $100 for the bag, unless you are checking an item on their fee exceptions list. You are able to pack more dangerous items in your checked bag versus your carry-on such as certain firearms, machines, and chemicals.

What Is Allowed In a Carry-On For Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines largely outlines what you are not allowed to bring on your carry-on, rather than what you can. You can pretty much pack anything you would like into your carry-on.  As long as you do not have any dangerous explosives, lighters, drugs, weapons, or flammable items.

However, as many travelers can report accidents can happen! Some travelers forget there are possible dangers in their bags. Simple items like a screwdriver, corkscrew, mini hairspray bottle, or a pack of lighters in your carry-on will get flagged at TSA and be confiscated. These honest mistakes will not get you in trouble with TSA or your airline but it is best to avoid the extra trouble!

Typically, the carry-on is filled with clothes and toiletries to be used at the final destination. Some travelers fill their carry-on with personal entertainment for flights or equipment for a job they choose to bring with them. As long as it is nothing potentially dangerous, Alaskan Airlines will not keep you off the plane for most personal items you place in your carry-on luggage.

How Many Carry-Ons Can I Bring?

As far as carry-ons go, you are only allowed to bring a single carry-on bag onto your Alaska Airlines flight. This is the bag you store above you in the overhead bin and can not be larger than 45 inches. However, you are also able to bring a personal item on the plane to keep by your side during the flight.

The personal item could be a backpack, briefcase, purse, or pillow to help keep you comfortable during the flight. This needs to be smaller than the carry-on and fit underneath your plane seat. So the personal item can not be too large or awkwardly shaped. Therefore, you are only allowed to bring two main items (carry-on bag and personal item) with you onto the Alaska Airlines plane.

Can I Bring a Purse And a Backpack On To Alaska Airlines?

Generally speaking, you can absolutely bring a purse or backpack along with you onto your Alaska Airlines flight! These items tend to qualify as your personal item, so you could have them at your feet during the flight.

So long as it is not too large that the bag will not fit under the seat, you can certainly bring these items along with you. You could also use these items as your carry-on and store them in the overhead bins during the flight, but it is not necessary.

Even larger than average backpacks and purses as be brought as a personal item, but if it gets too large you could run into some problems. However, if you are hoping to bring a traditionally sized purse or backpack with you on your Alaska Airlines plane, you will have no issues.

As long as the item is not too big, pretty much anything could be your personal item! You will run into problems if your backpack or purse is too large to fit under the seat in front of you. A typical school backpack fits perfectly in this space. But if you are looking to bring an extremely large backpack, such as one made for long hiking trips, that will have to be checked.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Free Carry-On?

Alaska Airlines does allow a free carry-on with each ticket purchased! From first class to economy, each person is granted a free carry-on option for their trip. As long as your carry-on item is not larger than 45 linear inches, it can be any kind of bag. A hard case suitcase, soft case suitcase, duffle bag, or backpack are all ab

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