Kit Evans

With salt water running through his veins, Kit Evans has charted a course through every corner of the maritime world. A proud alumnus of the University of Michigan's prestigious Naval Architecture program, Kit's journey from blueprint to byline is as varied as the vessels he's piloted.

After cutting his teeth in bustling shipyards, where his designs transformed from paper to seaworthy craft, Kit felt the irresistible pull of the open water. He traded his drafting table for a captain's wheel, spending years guiding charters through the challenging waters of the Great Lakes and later, the Atlantic seaboard. These experiences not only honed his sailing skills but also gave him an intimate understanding of how boats perform in real-world conditions.

Kit's analytical mind and hands-on experience made him a natural fit for marine surveying. His keen eye for detail and comprehensive knowledge of vessel systems quickly earned him a reputation as the go-to expert for both insurance companies and discerning boat buyers. From assessing centuries-old wooden schooners to inspecting cutting-edge carbon fiber racing yachts, Kit's surveys became the gold standard in the industry.

Now, with over two decades of experience under his belt, Kit has found his true calling as a marine journalist. His articles, which grace the pages of top boating magazines, are a perfect blend of technical expertise and storytelling prowess. Whether he's breaking down the pros and cons of the latest propulsion systems or recounting the nail-biting rescue of a crew in distress, Kit's writing captures both the thrill and the pragmatism of life on the water.

A passionate advocate for maritime heritage, Kit dedicates his spare time to restoring classic vessels. His pride and joy, a meticulously refurbished 1960s Columbia 29, is a floating testament to his dedication to preserving boating history. On weekends, you'll find Kit sailing this vintage beauty on the Chesapeake Bay, often accompanied by aspiring sailors eager to learn from his vast experience.

As a regular speaker at boat shows and maritime conferences, Kit shares his insights on everything from sustainable boating practices to the future of autonomous vessels. His popular YouTube channel, "Kit's Nautical Know-How," breaks down complex boating concepts for enthusiasts of all levels.

With one hand on the tiller of tradition and the other reaching towards the horizon of innovation, Kit Evans continues to navigate the ever-changing seas of the boating world, inspiring and informing the next generation of mariners along the way.

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