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How Much is Freedom Boat Club? (State By State Cost Guide!)

Explore Freedom Boat Club costs state by state! Learn about membership fees, benefits, and why it's a budget-friendly option for boating enthusiasts.

Tobi Miles
October 23, 2022
How Much is Freedom Boat Club? (State By State Cost Guide!)

Boat clubs allow members the joy of boating without purchasing a watercraft themselves. Freedom Boat Club is one of the best internationally, with over 300 locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Members can get out on the water with support from experienced staff, a range of boat choices, easy access, and excellent affordability.

The cost of membership at Freedom Boat Club varies by location. Expenses include a one-time entry fee as well as monthly membership dues. However, the benefits of being a member far outweigh the cost, labor, and upkeep that come with boat ownership.

The initial cost of joining Freedom Boat Club and monthly membership tend to be far less than boat ownership.

Membership includes a range of benefits, such as boat access and upkeep and unlimited training from expert captains. This is an excellent feature whether you have been boating all your life or are new to the water. Primarily, membership allows you to take out any boat, anywhere, for as long as you want.

There is a range of watercrafts available at Freedom Boat Club. Some premier boats include pontoons, bowriders, wake boats, deck boats, and fishing boats.

How Much is the Membership of Freedom Boat Club?

Chicago Harbors

Freedom Boat Club has a one-time entry fee that ranges in price from $2,400 to $11,000. There is also a monthly membership fee of $130-$400. This price tag varies by state and by country. Once you become a member at your local Freedom Boat Club Location, you may utilize boats and facilities whenever you want, so long as it is boating season in your area.

Boat ownership is expensive. Freedom aims to bypass this and provide ease of access. Some common expenses that boat owners run into are the initial cost of purchasing a boat, slip costs that can reach well over $10,000 per year, docking fees, insurance, a boating license and lessons, upkeep, and motor costs.

Freedom Boat Club eliminates the expenses of boat ownership and the hassle of boat upkeep. It is an affordable and convenient option for both avid boaters and those seeking casual quality time on the water.

Freedom Boat Club Cost: State-By-State Breakdown

The cost of being a Freedom Boat Club member varies based on your location. However, once you are a local club member, you may access Freedom’s extensive range of boats wherever you go.

The price range at Freedom Boat Club tends to rise and fall with a location’s median income. Wherever you start up your membership, the cost should not break the bank wherever you start your membership.

The actual cost of membership may vary when you purchase your plan. Boat Clubs often change based on market value and how in demand a certain club is. This chart is meant to provide a rough estimate for your area. Contact your local Freedom Boat Club representative for exact pricing and plan details.

How Much Does a Monthly Membership for Freedom Boat Club Cost?

The monthly membership for Freedom Boat Club ranges from $130-$400, depending on your location and the plan that you choose.

There is no minimum commitment for Freedom Boat Club. Membership includes a clause allowing free cancellation within 30 to 60 days of joining the club. However, this does not redact the one-time entry fee in most cases. Guests will be billed for their final month after canceling.

Freedom Boat Club understands that guests may choose to terminate their membership for various reasons and does not make it difficult to leave a contract if necessary.

Most Freedom Boat Clubs base their membership on a one-year program. Membership auto-renews at the end of each year unless boaters cancel their membership ahead of time. Different clubs have different policies on membership duration and cancellations, so be sure to understand how your club works.

The cost of membership is tiered at Freedom Boat Club based on what their boaters would like to get from the experience. The main difference in pricing plans is based on travel. The base tier allows for boat usage at your club’s location. Some plans cover your state or country if outside the United States. Depending on how many clubs you want to access, you may select regional or international plans.

No matter which membership tier you choose, boat usage is unlimited. You may go out monthly or daily; it does not matter.

Members are also permitted to take boats on overnight trips. Restrictions and additional training may apply in some circumstances, but this is at no cost to members.

What is the Cost of the One-Time Entry Fee for Freedom Boat Club?

The one-time entry fee for Freedom Boat Club ranges from $2,400 - $11,000. Although this may sound steep, it is a single payment that guests will not have to worry about yearly. Once they have a membership, this payment can last a lifetime.

The fee varies so much based on the club for the same reason that a home in New York City costs far more than one in Tallahassee, for example. The market value across the country changes immensely based on location and median income.

The one-time payment also varies based on desirability. A club with a low boat-to-member ratio will cost less than one with a large volume of members already. Freedom Boat Club is committed to not overcrowding its facilities.

What Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Include?

Membership with Freedom Boat Club is almost all-inclusive. The primary draws include unlimited one-on-one training, special events, insurance, and unlimited boat usage.

Unlimited One-on-One Training

Freedom Boat Club is dedicated to member safety. One of the ways that they accomplish this is through their free unlimited training program. Classes are taught by licensed coast guard instructors. They are instructed in a one-on-one format for optimal understanding and tailoring of lessons.

Before members are permitted to rent a boat, a boating safety class is mandatory. This ensures member safety and acts as a way of protecting the watercraft from basic user error.

Beyond the general introductory courses, members may also choose from various lessons to improve their skills. There are a handful of on-the-water sessions to enroll in to get hands-on experience with vessels before taking them out on your own.

Lessons are unlimited. Instructors will spend whatever time it takes to get all members ready and comfortable with taking out boats on their own.

Beyond member benefits, Freedom Boat Club is also dedicated to its local communities. They offer New Boater Day Experiences that are open to the public. Their classes are also available to people who do not have club membership for a fee.

Special Events

Freedom Boat Club is more than its fleet of vessels - it is a social experience and often involves the entire community. There are over 350 franchises, each with a packed calendar of events.

Socials involve Freedom members, their family, and their friends. Some examples of events that Freedom hosts include party boat cruises, private dinners, charity functions, sporting events, and plenty more.

The boating community is strong, and many members have made new friends at these events. They are an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals passionate about being on the water.

Community events at Freedom Boat Club include taster days where community members may visit the boat club to see what membership entails. They also often host boat safety days, where everyone is welcome to learn about operating a boat.

Members may also host events at Freedom Boat Club when a facility space allows. Many franchises have event halls that tailor to small and large groups. Weddings, birthdays, vow renewals, and more have been hosted on Freedom grounds. Different franchises have different spaces, so check your local branch to understand what they can host.


Insurance is a significant thing to consider for any boat owner. Freedom has you covered. All vessels come with insurance, so if you run into issues like damage to the boat or engine breakdowns, Freedom will cover most, if not all, of the expense.

Freedom’s extensive insurance plan provides all members with liability coverage and hull and machinery damage.

At the most, members may be asked to pay a small copay when a boat is damaged due to user error. However, this is only in rare cases with significant damage.

Not only are all boats in the Freedom fleet insured, but Freedom also teaches community members how to purchase insurance for their boats. Boat insurance is intricate and has a lot of small details to consider. Their community classes allow everyone to be better versed in boat ownership and insurance details.

When you become a member of Freedom Boat Club, you automatically fall under their insurance plan when driving one of their watercrafts.

Unlimited Boat Usage

Whether you take a boat out every single day of the month or once, you pay the same monthly fee. Members are also welcome to take boats on overnight trips if they have the proper training and comfort.

Unlimited boat usage spans beyond a member’s local club. If they have the full reciprocity package in their membership, they are welcome to use any boat, anywhere.

Freedom has over 360 clubs across the world, from Florida to Spain. Whether traveling for business or vacation, you are welcome to take a boat out at any club worldwide.

Freedom has a variety of tiered packages to choose between. The lowest includes strictly using boats at your local Freedom Boat Club. There are also state, regional, and international packages for avid travelers.

Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and most extensive boat club franchise. They have hundreds of locations and are incredibly experienced in providing people with top-of-the-line watercrafts. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, their unlimited access to boats is the best consumers have access to.

Another perk of Freedom Boat Club is their rules surrounding family and friends using boats. So long as one Freedom Boat Club member is present, they are welcome to bring along as many family and friends as they would like on boat excursions. Dogs are also welcome.

What Is Not Included in the Membership Fee for Freedom Boat Club?

The membership for Freedom Boat Club is nearly all-inclusive. The only thing that members need to pay for is fuel on extended boat trips.

Members are welcome to take boats any distance they want for an extended period. However, fuel expenses are on them for these trips. Dock staff fuel up boats before they are taken out. Any additional fuel needed is at the expense of the boater.

Fuel aside, there are absolutely no usage charges. All fees are covered in the entry fee and monthly membership cost. All marinas and most docking stations have fuel pumps for members to access.

Different plans also cover different things. The basic package allows guests to take out boats in their local club. However, avid travelers may choose the full reciprocity package that enables them to access boats all over the world.

Is Membership to the Freedom Boat Club Worth It?

Membership with Freedom Boat Club is entirely worth the expense. It is a convenient and money-saving option. Freedom Boat Club is the answer if you are searching for an affordable alternative to boat ownership.

Not only is the cost of membership significantly less than the fees associated with owning a boat of your own, but it is also a social experience. Membership with Freedom means being a part of an international community of like-minded individuals who love boating.

It is also the perfect option for travel-savvy boaters. Members have exclusive access to clubs throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Take a boat out anytime, anywhere.

The pure convenience of Freedom Boat Club is another major perk of membership. Members can forget about all of the typical stressors with boat ownership and take to the waters. There is no maintenance, cleaning, winterization, or other hassles. The skilled staff takes care of all of that.

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