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What To Wear To a Broadway Show (Insights From An Expert!)

Get expert tips on the perfect attire for Broadway shows, from casual matinees to formal opening nights. Ideal for travelers aiming to blend in!

Tobi Miles
October 8, 2022
What To Wear To a Broadway Show (Insights From An Expert!)

Broadway is a boulevard in New York City packed tightly with the best theatres in the world. Travelers come from everywhere to view popular long-running performances such as Hamilton and Wicked.

There is no dress code enforced for Broadway shows, but guests are expected to dress in business casual attire. Men can wear a button-up with khaki pants. A pencil skirt or pair of dress pants and blouse is ideal for women. Matinee shows have casual dressing requirements, but formal wear is necessary on Opening Night for entry.

Attending your first Broadway show can be an exciting and memorable experience. With such a hot debate over what is appropriate to wear to the theatre, it can be confusing to put together the right outfit. Keep reading to get an understanding of theatre etiquette basics and some helpful tips for dressing to impress. 

Broadway Show Dress Code

Credit: Live About

In the past, Broadway theatres had dress codes that were strictly enforced at the door. Those who wished to attend a show were required to wear a certain type of apparel or were turned away. 

Current day, Broadway shows are much more accessible and open to all. In efforts to make the craft more inclusive and appeal to a more mainstream audience, theatres have eased up on their requirements. Instead of strictly enforcing a dress code on guests, they welcome everyone inside who has purchased a ticket. 

Despite this change in the community, many Broadway experts and enthusiasts still believe there is an unspoken dress code that guests are expected to follow. Some believe this applies only to certain performances, showing times, or events. Others are committed to these ideas regardless of circumstance. 

While no one is checking at the door for a particular attire, visitors who are underdressed may receive unwanted looks from theatre purists in attendance. The direct answer to the question of whether or not Broadway theatres have a dress code is no: guests can theoretically wear whatever they would like to attend the show if their choosing. 

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What To Wear To a Broadway Show In The Spring/Summer

Spring is generally a beautiful time in New York City. Travelers can expect mild temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with occasional rain. 

Summers in New York City, on the other hand, are warm and sunny, and can occasionally get very hot during the day. Guests who are traveling to the theatre on foot should keep this in mind and wear light layers to anticipate the sun. 

Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are a business casual staple piece, perfect for a Broadway show. A good outfit idea for both men and women in the Spring is a lightweight button down with a nice pair of pants and dress shoes or heels. 


Slacks pair perfectly with a button down shirt or blouse for a more dressed up look. This piece can still be comfortable, but will look nicer than a pair of jeans. 


Boots are a stylish addition to a business casual outfit. Men can choose a pair of solid ankle boots to pair with slacks and a button down. Women wearing dress pants or a skirt may select a high-heeled boot. 

Rain Jacket

To ensure maximum comfort, it is recommended to pack light layers with an optional jacket or raincoat. It is also a good idea to have an umbrella with you in case you experience any downpours.


Ladies can also wear a dress made of similar materials with a loose fit. It is optional to wear tights or bring an additional layer for inside the theatre in case the temperature decreases. 

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What To Wear To a Fall/Winter Broadway Show

Credit: Vox

Fall is another beautiful season in the city. Guests who visit at this time can enjoy the scenery of leaves changing colors on the trees with cool temperatures averaging 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

New York City winters are extremely cold and see a lot of snow in the peak of the season. Tourists should prepare for this by packing thick clothing. It is recommended to dress in warm layers during this season, especially when traveling to a Broadway show at night.


Pack a wool sweater or cardigan for your Broadway outing in New York City during the cold months. This can be anything from a classic crewneck to a turtleneck cut, and will require additional layering on top to stay warm. This is a great piece to have underneath a thicker coat you may remove once you get inside. 

Scarf and Gloves

A scarf and gloves layered on top of your outfit make the perfect accessory. Keep your neck and hands warm with easily removable items for comfort inside the theater. 

Hat and Earmuffs

When walking into the theatre from the street, a knit hat with earmuffs will be your best friend. Avoid freezing in the cold air with wool or similar materials to stay extra warm. 


When it comes to staying warm in New York in the snow, thermals are an excellent base layer choice. Keep your body heat insulated under several additional layers including pants, coats, and winter accessories. 


Ideal clothing materials for staying warm include wool, cotton, and fleece. Consider putting together an outfit that consists of thermal underwear, heavy pants, a warm sweater, and thick coat for the top. You may need to wear multiple sweaters and coats, depending on specific weather conditions. 

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What Should You Wear To a Daytime Broadway Show?

Attending a Broadway show with a matinee ticket (during the day) generally comes with more lenient dressing requirements. While there is still no official dress code, it is generally more acceptable in the community to dress casually for afternoon shows as opposed to the evening ones. 

At a daytime Broadway show, you can expect to see others in casual attire such as polo shirts and khakis. When attending this type of show, it is acceptable to wear ironed jeans and a shirt with presentable shoes or dress pants and a nice blouse. 

What Do You Wear To Broadway At Night?

Broadway shows in the evening tend to have a higher expectation associated with them in regards to dress code. Most theatre enthusiasts follow a strict business casual dress code and expect others to do the same. 

Some outfit ideas include trousers and a button-down for men or a pencil skirt and blouse for women. Dress shoes and ballet flats are always acceptable footwear when visiting the theatre. 

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What To Wear To a Broadway Show On Opening Night 

While it is still true that dress codes are no longer enforced by theatres for Broadway shows, there is one small exception. Opening night on Broadway is a big deal and is treated as a special event. 

Those who are invited to attend opening night are expected to dress their best in formal attire. If you are planning to visit the theatre on this esteemed occasion, refer to the guide below to get some great outfit ideas. 

Credit: Playbill

Opening Night Outfit Ideas For Men 

On opening night, guests are expected to wear formal attire. For men, this translates to a suit or a tuxedo, paired with dress shoes. Hair should be well-groomed and clothes ironed for a clean-cut look. 

Opening Night Outfit Ideas Women 

Formal wear for women on opening night can consist of a nice dress with ballet flats or heels. In addition to dressing the part, women should make an effort to have presentable hair and makeup to go along with it. 

Can You Wear Sneakers To Broadway? 

While sneakers are not the most ideal choice for a Broadway show, no one will stop you from wearing them at the door. This is especially true for daytime showings, which tend to be more lenient with dressing expectations. 

Can You Wear Jeans To A Broadway Show? 

Yes, jeans are acceptable to wear to a Broadway show. This is mostly true for daytime showings, as the unspoken expectations for apparel are much less strict during this time. If you do decide to wear jeans to Broadway, be sure they are your best pair and have been ironed out for any wrinkles. 

Should You Wear A Suit To The Theatre? 

Generally speaking, it is no longer necessary to wear a full suit to a Broadway show, as guests are admitted wearing almost anything nowadays. If you would like to wear a suit, you are more than welcome to, however. 

In the same way that attendees are allowed to dress casually, there is also an option to dress formally at your discretion. As an audience member, you can decide to view a quick show similar to a movie or dress up to make a special night out of it. 


Attending a Broadway show can be a very exciting experience, especially if you will be visiting for the first time. The general verdict is that there is no official dress code for Broadway shows. 

Despite the lack of dress code enforcement, guests are still expected to look their best. The unspoken rule in terms of Broadway etiquette is to default to business casual attire. Anything outside of this style, especially for an evening show, will make you stick out like a sore thumb. 

Afternoon (matinee) showings generally afford guests more leniency in dressing more casually. Aside from general dressing guidelines, with the exception of opening night, audience members can wear what makes them feel comfortable and is permitted by the weather.

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