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What To Wear In Miami (Outfits for Year Round Events!)

Pack smart for Miami with our guide on what to wear for every event, from beach days to upscale nights. Stay stylish & comfortable year-round.

Tobi Miles
October 6, 2022
What To Wear In Miami (Outfits for Year Round Events!)

Miami is a hot tourist destination, best known for its beaches and buzzing nightlife. Its unique culture and long list of attractions bring tourists to the city year-round.

There is no dress code in Miami, but tourists should look their best at all times. Casual clothing is acceptable during the day, while formal attire is expected for nightclubs, parties, and upscale restaurants. For a night out, women should wear a dress and heels. A black button-up with dress pants is acceptable evening attire for men.

If you are planning a trip to Miami and are struggling with what to wear, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for outfit ideas pertaining to every possible activity and venue you could visit during your upcoming vacation. 

What To Wear In Miami

Miami has a tropical climate, meaning the weather is typically warm and sunny for most of the year. In addition to the heat, the city experiences a lot of humidity that can be uncomfortable in the wrong outfit. From the hottest to coldest days, this seasonal guide will help you dress appropriately for the current weather during your visit to Miami. 

What To Wear In Miami In The Spring and Summer

Miami’s weather in spring and summer is generally warm and sunny. Tourists can expect it to be hot and humid, and should dress accordingly. The summer in Miami can be extremely hot during the day. High temperatures can exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is something travelers should come prepared for. 

T-Shirt & Shorts

When traveling to Miami during the hotter months, a lightweight, short sleeved shirt will help prevent overheating. Wear it as-is or tie the front in a knot to crop it. 

Shorts are a staple for Miami spring and summer outfits. Cargo shorts are a good choice for men, while women can wear cropped jean shorts paired with a tank or crop top. 

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A flowy sundress will keep you cool with a lightweight material that is easy to move around in. For additional protection from the sun, choose a dress with a maxi cut. 

What To Wear In Miami In The Fall and Winter

The Fall is a beautiful time in Miami. While the city is mostly known for its beaches and summertime activities, this is still an optimal time to visit. When traveling to Miami in the Fall, it is recommended that you pack light layers.

It will not be cold enough to bundle up, but it is a good idea to have additional clothing in case it gets chilly in the morning or at night. Winters in Miami are chilly but not freezing. The average temperatures drop to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. While it has snowed in Miami on a few occasions, it is not likely to happen. 


A sweater is an essential layering piece for chilly or cold weather. Wear it as a top with jeans in the fall, or under a thicker coat in the winter. Popular cuts include crew neck and turtleneck.

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A large coat can be worn over a shirt or lighter sweater to stay warm inn the winter. Bomber jackets are great for casual outings, while a longer french coat is better for a formal evening. 


A scarf is the perfect layering accessory for Miami winters. Go for a color that compliments your outfit or a bolder pattern that stands out. 


Whether it is raining, snowing, or just chilly, boots are a great addition to a Miami fall or winter outfit. Choose a pair of ankle boots to go with jeans or knee-high boots for a formal evening. 

What To Wear To The Beach In Miami

Miami is most famous for its beautiful stretches of golden, sandy beaches. Millions of tourists visit Miami Beach yearly during the summer, and it is also a popular Spring Break vacation destination. 


The obvious choice for an outfit to wear to the beach is a swimsuit. Add an additional flair by choosing a bright color that stands out. Neon orange and lime green are popular choices for travelers visiting this tropical paradise. 

Swim Coverup

Women can bring a fashionable swim cover up to wear on the way to the beach and when visiting surrounding areas. You can choose to match your swimsuit for a monochromatic look or pick a different color as an accent. 

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Resort Shirt

A resort shirt can be worn on top of swim trunks for men. Wear it buttoned or un-buttoned. This is a convenient choice for visiting nearby stores and restaurants during a beach day. 


A Miami beach outfit is never complete without a stylish pair of sunglasses. You can get creative with the shape and color you choose. You might select a designer brand to match the vibe of the locals. 

What To Wear To Miami Restaurants

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants in Miami with excellent dishes that bring tons of traffic to the city. From Latin influences to international cuisine, this melting pot of different cultures has much to offer hungry tourists.

Your choice of outfit for a Miami restaurant will depend on the location you plan to visit, the time of day, and type of restaurant. Casual attire is generally acceptable for restaurants that are open during the day. 

If you plan to visit a more upscale restaurant that opens in the evening or requires a reservation, it is a good idea to dress more formally.

Button-Up Shirt

Men can start with a nice button-up shirt for a nice dinner at a Miami restaurant. Depending on the time of day and type of place, you can wear a neutral color or all black for a more formal look. 

Dress Pants

Dress pants are a great choice for both men and women visiting an upscale restaurant in Miami. Men can pair them with a button-up shirt, while women can wear a blouse on top. 


You can’t go wrong with a dress when going out to eat in Miami. The amount of choices are endless, but you may go with a bright floral design during the day or form-fitting black dress at night. 

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A pair of high heels is the perfect companion for a nice dress or slacks for a formal dinner. You can go with classic pumps or spice it up with a more extravagant color or style. 


Depending on the season and weather conditions, you may want to include a jacket in your dinner outfit. Men can wear this over a button-up and slacks, while ladies may drape it over the shoulders to compliment a dress and heels. 

Miami Nightclub Outfit Ideas

Miami is also known for its vast selection of extravagant nightclub venues. The city has a reputation of high-end parties and big spenders. As such, tourists in attendance are advised to dress the part. 

While many nightclubs in Miami do not have the same strictly enforced dress codes as some others do, it is still a good idea to dress your best when heading out. Being in such a flashy city, you may feel underdressed in comparison to other attendees if you don’t. 

Collared Shirt

Collared shirts are acceptable for casual club venues. Men can pair this top with slacks or jeans on the bottom and dress shoes. 

Dress Pants

Dress pants are an ideal choice for both men and women at the club in Miami You can’t go wrong with a pair of black slacks to complement formal attire. 

Sequined Top

A shimmery, sequined top is an excellent statement piece to wear to the club. Stand out on the dance floor with a piece of clothing that lights up the night. 

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are the final component to a Miami clubbing outfit. Men should wear a shiny pair of black dress shoes. For women, heeled sandals or boots will complement formal attire well. 

What To Wear In Miami During The Day

During the daytime in Miami, you can expect the weather to be relatively warm throughout most of the year. As a general rule of thumb, casual attire is acceptable from morning to afternoon throughout the city. 

Most activities that you will be participating in when the sun is out, such as going to the beach or sightseeing, will not require formal dressing. Just remember that Miami residents are notorious for exorbitant attire, so be sure to still dress your best when going out in casual wear. 

Crop Top

Wearing a crop top is an excellent way to beat the heat in Miami. When walking around during the day to various activities and attractions, a cropped tank or tube top will serve you well. 


Shorts are an optimal choice for both women and men in Miami during the day. Pair them with a t-shirt or tank top for a comfortable daytime outfit under the sun. 


A romper is an excellent option for women exploring Miami during the day. Loose-fitting, lightweight materials are ideal to avoid sweating and overheating. 


Sandals pair well with shorts, rompers, and sundresses. If you don’t plan to do much walking, you can stay cool during the day with a pair of flat, open-toed shoes. 

What To Wear In Miami At Night 

Evenings in Miami are truly exciting. The city comes alive with nightclubs, restaurants, and party venues for tourists to explore. When planning a night out on the town in Miami, it is important to look the part, which starts with the outfit you choose. 

All Black

You can never go wrong with all black for night time attire. Depending on the season, this can be a short sleeve top with pants or a nice jacket on top of that. 

Bodycon Dress

If you plan to go out to a nightclub or a nice restaurant, a dress may be appropriate for women. In the summer, bodycon dresses provide a flattering cut that can be dressed up with heels, coats, and accessories. 

Fur Coat

In the fall or winter when evenings are chilly, layer a coat on top that can easily be removed if needed for comfort. In the true spirit of Miami, men and women can sport a floor-length fur coat to accessorize the outfit of their choice.


High heels are recommended for most venues in Miami at night. When visiting an exclusive restaurant or traveling through Miami in colder weather, go for a pair of knee-length boots. 

What Should I Wear Out In Miami?

When going out in Miami, it is never a bad idea to dress your best. In such a glamorous city, it is almost impossible to be overdressed. All black attire is always classy as a starting point, but feel free to add some pops of color or an unusual pattern to stand out from the crowd! 

Do You Need To Dress Nice In Miami? 

You do not need to dress nice at all times in Miami. This is particularly true during the day, where activities and venues will not require anything particular to be worn. While there may not be any restrictions, you should always try to look your best when visiting Miami, even in casual attire.


Miami has a reputation for being an extravagant city full of glamorous people and big spenders. When visiting the city, it is likely that you will want to experience this culture in full at the restaurants, night clubs, and parties you attend.

In general, you should dress and look your best when traveling to Miami. Whether you are lounging at the beach during the day or going to an exclusive venue in the evening, the highest quality outfits you can put together are recommended. 

When packing for your upcoming Miami trip, keep in mind how you want to look and choose the right pieces to execute your vision. Remember to consider the key points we mentioned about the current season, weather, and activities or events in question.

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