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Atlantic City Thrills: Top 45 Epic Adventures & Hotspots

Dive into the heart of Atlantic City, where thrills live on every corner and adventure whispers your name—your ultimate guide to non-stop fun awaits!

Tobi Miles
September 4, 2022

Atlantic City is one of America’s most popular destinations. Known for its luxury hotels, shopping, attractions and live entertainment, there is always something exciting happening in Atlantic City. Located in the heart of New Jersey, this fun city has much to offer their tourists.

Take a trip to Atlantic City for an unforgettable experience. From gambling to nightlife, to arts and culture, you are sure to find all the excitement this incredible getaway destination has to offer. With a plethora of hotel options, activities, attractions and more, you simply can't go wrong with a trip to sunny AC. Here are forty-five of the best spots to visit when you head to this coastal paradise in New Jersey.

1. Steel Pier Amusement Park

Credit: Mark Jonas, Flickr

📍 Map It: 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 345-4893 |Website| Hours: Varies deping on season| Entrance: Tickets $1.75/person.

Head out for a day of adventure when you visit Steel Pier Amusement Park, one of Atlantic City's most popular attractions. Whether you're with your significant other or your extended family, you can enjoy both classic and modern rides for all ages. Sitting right on the boardwalk, you can marvel at the beautiful ocean views at hand when you go up the famous Ferris wheel, the Big Wheel.

The convenience on the boardwalk means even more things to do. Check out the local bars, eateries and shops that line the boardwalk when you head out to this well-known amusement park. Lovers of a good thrill will be excited to hit all the exclusive rides Steel Pier has to offer.

2. Harrah’s Resort & Casino

Credit: Mark Jonas, Flickr

📍 Map It: 777 Harrah’s Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 441-5000 | Website Hours: Open 24/7

This incredible resort and casino is well known for its luxury accommodations, amenities and is a part of Caesar's collection of upscale hotels. Being one of Atlantic City's major casinos, you are sure to find fortune and fun at the Harrah's Resort & Casino. With newly renovated rooms with spectacular coastal views and panoramic visuals of the beautiful city.

Choose from a variety of fancy, gourmet restaurants on-site such as Gordon Ramsay Steak, home of chef Ramsey's famous dishes. If you've happened to come on a day where there's live entertainment, you're in for a big treat. With artists, comedians and more frequenting this happening casino, there will always be things to do when you visit.

Stay a bit further out from the busy boardwalk but still have close, convenient access to the night life when you choose to stay at Harrah's Resort & Casino.

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3. Tanger Outlets

Credit: markrandolph87, Flickr

📍 Map It: 2014 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (800) 405-9555 | Website Hours: 10 am – 8 pm Monday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm Sunday

The title says it all- enjoy all of your favorite brands at a discount when you shop at Tanger Outlets. When you're adventuring the busy city, you can stop and take a look at all of the incredible stores this outlet mall has to offer. From accessories to clothing and shoes, you can shop until you drop at Atlantic City's Tanger Outlets.

Enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants located within the shopping center. For a shopping experience filled with high-quality brands at a decent price, you can't go wrong with visiting the Tanger Outlets.

4. Playground Pier


📍 Map It: 1 Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 345-3100| Website Hours: 11 am – 10 pm Monday – Saturday, 11 am – 7 pm Sunday

Get your shop on when you visit the Playground Pier, a luxury shopping mall in the heart of Atlantic City. This outdoor mall provides you with spectacular views of the pier so you can enjoy scenic views while you look for treasures. With various restaurants on-site, you can make a whole day of it. Shop and snack in style at the Playground Pier.

With so many unique stores to visit combined with breathtaking coastal views, you can't go wrong with this shopping experience when you visit Atlantic City. This isn't your average shopping mall, offering specialty goods and privately owned shops that are lavish and elegant.

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5. Absecon Lighthouse


📍 Map It: 31 S Rhode Island Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 449 -1360 | Website | Hours: 11 am – 4 pm daily Thursday – Monday | Entrance: $10 for adults, $6 for children 4-12

Get ready for a spectacular view of the pier when you visit Absecon Lighthouse. This must-see attraction packs a bit of a workout with 228 steps to climb, but the wait is so worth it. This lighthouse is the tallest one in New Jersey and will make for an unforgettable adventure when you visit Atlantic City.

Once you've reached the top, you can spot nearly everything the beautiful city has to offer. From the Jersey Shore to all the attractions, get the perfect panoramic view of Atlantic City when you climb up Absecon Lighthouse. This landmark is one that you simply must experience when you visit New Jersey.

6. Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

Credit: Mike Lynaugh

📍 Map It: 1441 Boardwalk Corner of Boardwalk and, N New York Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 347-2001 | Website | Hours: 11am – 5pm Sunday – Friday, 10am – 7pm Saturday | Entrance: $18.99, 13+, $12.99 ages 5 – 12, $14.99, Seniors

For a unique experience, you can visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. Filled with rare oddities and exhibits that will surprise you, this attraction is a must-see when you visit Atlantic City. If you've seen the show, you are sure to love all the exciting features of this incredible museum.

From animal skeletons to the world's smallest car, you can find large varieties of interesting things at this Atlantic City, exclusive museum. Located right on the boardwalk, you can head on in when you're perusing Atlantic City's biggest attraction.

Please be advised if you arrive with children that some exhibits may be scary even though the destination is all ages.

7. Atlantic City Boardwalk


📍 Map It: Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Website Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: Free

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is arguably one of New Jersey's biggest attractions. Filled with various entertainment, dining, shopping and more, this iconic destination is a must-see when you visit New Jersey. This boardwalk holds a bit of history- it is the first and oldest in America!

With a distance of nearly five miles, you can find all the excitement and fun you need when you visit the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Since 1870, this attraction has held near and dear to the hearts of so many Americans. Don't forget to check out the breathtaking coastal views and visit the beach, which is also one of New Jersey's best attractions.

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8. Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe

Credit: Real Estate NJ

📍 Map It: 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Phone: (609) 449-1000 | Website

This iconic attraction sits on Atlantic City's boardwalk and offers incredible accommodations and one of the best casinos in New Jersey. This large hotel has everything you need and more, with convenience access to New Jersey's famous boardwalk and boasting luxury amenities.

With on-site restaurants, music memorabilia and history to check out and so much more, you will have no problem finding exciting things to peruse at this famous hotel. You can even spot Elvis Presley's car and Elton John's shoes in this historic hotel.

9. Ocean Casino Resort

Credit: Ocean Casino Resort

📍 Map It: 500 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Phone: (609) 783-8000 | Website

If you're looking for a luxury, five-star hotel experience, you can find it at Ocean Casino Resort. Step into a lavish accommodation, providing you with an exquisite stay from the second you arrive.

This upscale resort is well known as being the most luxurious in the Atlantic City Area. With on-site golfing, private bays and a social club boasting food and cocktails, you can have it all when you stay at Ocean Casino Resort.

This hotel is also conveniently located on the boardwalk, which means everything you need and want to access is right there. From high quality amenities to a lavish, coastal experience, Ocean Casino Resort simply is the best.

10. Atlantic City Ballet

Credit: Shore Local News

📍 Map It: 2301 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Phone: (609) 348-7201 | Website  | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Lovers of performing arts will rejoice in this incredible attraction, available in Atlantic City. This professional ballet company sits on the famous boardwalk and is ready to give you the perfect ballet experience.

In addition to ballet, they offer shows with jazz, tap, modern dance and more. Check out the many shows available on their website and embark on a beautiful dance performance experience when you visit Atlantic City. This unique experience is the perfect way to spend your evenings in this stunning city.

11. Historic Gardner’s Basin

Credit: Do AC

📍 Map It: Gardner’s Basin

If you're into the history of one of America's greatest cities, then the historic Gardners basin is a great attraction to visit. This hidden gem offers a relaxing vibe with breathtaking scenery. You can sit back and enjoy nature while viewing historic Atlantic City when you visit this lake area destination.

Settled within all the high traffic areas, you can easily slip away into this nature filled attraction while you venture out into the heart of Atlantic City. Some of the cities boat rides and cruises will even visit this water area when giving tours. For a nature walk to get away from the hustle and the bustle, the Historic Gardner's Basin is the perfect solution.

12. Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

Credit: Boardwalk Hall

📍 Map It: 2301 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 348-7000 | Website | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

This hall is home to many events that include concerts, comedy shows, pageants and more. Since the Boardwalk is always filled with tourists, you can bet that the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall always has something exciting happening. Check out the website to get in on the next show when you visit.

They also dabble in performance arts, so you never know what you will find at this incredible hall when you visit Atlantic City. Check out the calendar and purchase tickets for an exciting event next time you hit Atlantic City.

13. Atlantic City Cruises Inc.

Credit: Atlantic City Cruises

📍 Map It: 800 N New Hampshire Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 347-7600 | Website | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

What could be more exciting than embarking on a cruise while on vacation? Atlantic City Cruises Inc. is home to many cruises that can take you on the beautiful waters of New Jersey. Set sail on the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy some sun, drinks and food while you sightsee.

They offer happy hour cruises, morning cruises and historic tours. You can also try the dolphin watching cruise if you're looking to spot some wildlife when you hit the beautiful ocean. These incredible cruises add a whole new level of excitement to your Atlantic City vacation and will make for an unforgettable experience.

14. Atlantic City Air Show

Credit: Philadelphia Magazine

📍 Map It: Atlantic City Beach & Boardwalk | Website Hours: Varies per event | Entrance: Free

If you're visiting Atlantic City in the summer, you will be in for a treat! The Atlantic City Airshow is an annual event that offers an incredible air show, for free! Head to the beach, sit back and enjoy the show.

For 2022, Thunder Over the Boardwalk Air Show is the theme, saluting all the army veterans and those who are serving. Members of the Air Force will show off their aerial tricks for all to see. This unique experience offers excitement for all ages.

Lovers of airplanes will feel pure excitement when watching one of their infamous shows. Head to the website for details on dates and information for this year's annual show.

15. Borgata Hotel

Credit: The Knot

📍 Map It: 1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 317-1000 | Website |

Part of the MGM Hotel collection, the Borgata Hotel boasts one of the major casinos available to visit in Atlantic City. This upscale hotel offers everything luxury and immaculate service, sure to give you the perfect experience when you stay. Fans of the night scene will love staying at this upbeat, elegant hotel, close to all the most popular restaurants and attractions.

This classy destination is located in the heart of Atlantic City, surrounded by entertainment, nightlife and more. Enjoy a luxury stay when you stay at the Borgata, known for having excellent room service, lavish linens and the likes. Easy access to the boardwalk and coastal views makes it an even more appealing stay.

16. Tropicana

Credit: Wyndham Hotels

📍 Map It: 2831 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 340-4000 | Website |

This Havana themed resort will take you to a beautiful paradise without ever having to leave New Jersey. This all-ages destination offers loads of fun for everyone. From games and activities to scenic pools, you can find both excitement and rest and relaxation in sunny Atlantic City.

This lovely resort even has its own shopping mall called The Quarter. In addition, there is an on-site hair salon if you're looking for a new do. Take a trip into town and explore the nightlife, entertainment, restaurants and bars. This all-inclusive resort is perfect for those who don't necessarily want to venture out but still have the option to. This tropical oasis is the perfect dose of paradise without having to leave the states.

17. Margaritaville

Credit: Margaritaville

📍 Map It: 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 431- 4100 | Website | Hours: 11:30am – 9pm Sunday – Friday, 11:30am – 10pm Saturday

It's all in the title- It's five o'clock somewhere! Thanks to that popular saying and the populations love of margaritas, Margaritaville is definitely an experience to be had. This lively bar and restaurant have a full menu and all the margaritas you need to get the party started. Located on the boardwalk, this fun nightlife attraction is certainly one to check out when you explore Atlantic City.

Don't forget to check out the event calendar, since this fan-favorite is well known for providing live entertainment. Views of the beach make it an even more exciting destination when you venture out to New Jersey.

18. Rainforest Cafe

Credit: Open Table

📍 Map It: 2201 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 345-5757 | Website Hours: 11am – 9pm Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 10pm Friday & Saturday

Hit one of Atlantic City's most popular restaurants when you visit the Rainforest Cafe. This unique dining experience allows you to feel like you've entered a beautiful, tropical rainforest. With green foliage, forest friends and real-life fish tanks, you have certainly entered a rainforest paradise.

Aside from the life-like decor, this chain restaurant offers a large menu with excellent dishes. This go-to is a must experience, thanks to its colorful, animal-filled appeal. Perfect for alll ages, it is simply something you must see when you visit Atlantic City.

19. Little Water Distillery

Credit: Little Water Distillery

📍 Map It807 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 344-7867 | Website | Hours: 5pm – 9pm Fridays, 1pm – 8pm Saturday, 1pm – 6pm Sunday| Entrance: $10/person for tour

If you happen to travel a bit further than the boardwalk, the Little Water Distillery is a great stop. This awesome distillery is a great place to sit back, unwind and have a drink. During a tasting session, you can enjoy whiskey, rum, gin and more. Learn about this distillery's history and process as you relax in beautiful Atlantic City.

You can also book a tour if you're looking for a more hands on experience. Walk around and hang out with friends while you sip cocktails and take in the coastal views. It's also a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk if you're looking for a more laid-back scene.

20. Bar 32 Chocolate & Cocktails

Credit: Open Table

📍 Map It121 S Tenessee Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 248-6960 | Website Hours: 4pm – 10pm Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. Friday & Saturday 4pm – 12am.

Chocolate lovers will rejoice with they visit Bar 32 Chocolate & Cocktails. From chocolate themed drinks, to truffles, confection masterpieces and more, this restaurant offers chocolate heaven. If you're a chocoholic, this bar is a must-visit. Enjoy American fare in addition to these fine treats.

You will adore the creativity in each concoction. Enjoy all things chocolate when you visit this incredible restaurant in the heart of Atlantic City. If you've got a sweet tooth, you simply must stop in and enjoy a gourmet creation.

Chocoholics, welcome to chocolate-filled paradise!

21. Chicken Bone Beach Historical Foundation

Credit: Atlantic City Arts Commission

📍 Map It: 1721 McKinley Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 441-9064 | Website

This historical beach located in Atlantic City was once a segregated attraction. In the early 1900's it was dubbed the name due to the large quantities of chicken bones buried in the sands. Once the segregation ended, this beach started to blend in with the rest, becoming the historical landmark it is today.

Because of the nature of this segregated beach, it is now a symbol of unity, promoting black culture and equality. This landmark sometimes hosts events such as jazz concerts and is now a place learn more about the history of the city. This is a great historical spot to check out when you visit Atlantic City.

22. Sugar Factory

Credit: Hard Rock Hotel

📍 Map It: 1000 Boardwalk Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 428-7751 | Website Hours: 11am – 12am Monday – Thursday, 11am – 2am Friday, 8am – 2am Saturday, 8am –12 am Sunday

Those with a sweet tooth will be thrilled to experience the Sugar Factory. The title says everything you need to know- enjoy delicious concoctions, all created to wow and impress. These creative masterpieces include every candy and chocolate confection you could ever imagine. Located inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe, this dessert paradise is a must-visit.

Choose from a plethora of both big and small desserts. Some can feed up to twelve people while others include fine confections such as sprinkled donuts. Don't forget to check out the alcoholic drink menu for an even more unique, sweet experience. If you've got a sweet tooth, you have to stop in at this sugar-filled oasis.

23. Nero’s Italian Steakhouse

Credit: Atlantic City Weekly

📍 Map It: 2100 Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 343-2502 | Website Hours: 5pm – 10pm Friday & Saturday, 5pm – 9pm Thursday, 10am – 2pm Sunday

Looking for a big juicy steak while on vacation? Nero's Italian Steakhouse can provide you with an unforgettable dish. This specialty restaurant is a top choice in fine dining in the Atlantic City Area. Their exquisite menu offers elegant cuts of meat, impressive cocktails and more.

You can find this steakhouse located inside Caesar's. If you're venturing into the nightlife, you will love hitting Nero's. It is surrounded by the luxury night scene. Go gallivanting in the city after you've enjoyed the perfect steak dinner. This upscale restaurant is a staple in the area and something you must try at least once!

24. World War I Memorial

Credit: PBS WHYY

📍 Map It: S Albany Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 783-8000 | Website | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: Free

If you love a dose of history, you simply must visit the World War I Memorial in Atlantic City. This landmark is located in the city's O'Donnell Memorial Park, a historic park in the Atlantic City area.

This stunning memorial was built in 1922 and honors all the battles soldiers enduring during World War I. With names and military services displayed for all to see, this piece of history is both somber and beautiful. Remembering those who were lost in the war is a great tribute to those who have served. Enjoy a historic experience and salute all of those who defended our nation when you visit the World War I Memorial.

25. New Jersey Korean War Memorial

Credit: Atlantic County, NJ

📍 Map It: 124 Park Place, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 345-2500 | Website | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: Fre

Just like the World War I Memorial, this memorial sits proudly to represent the Korean War. Those who fell in war are displayed as a salute to their dedication to our country. This elegant memorial represents the battles fought and the fallen.

This lovely memorial sits across from the beach so you can check it out as you hit the sun and sand. This must-see historical landmark is perfect for honoring those who serve and to get a little insight of the history at hand. This beautiful memorial is a great place to visit when you go to Atlantic City.

26. Atlantic City Historical Museum

Credit: Jason Klobassa, Flickr

📍 Map It: 600-698 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 347-5839 | Website Hours: 9 am – 5 pm weekdays | Entrance: Free

Continue your journey to the history of America when you visit the Atlantic City Historical Museum. Discover all the historic artifacts inside this incredible destination when you check out the museum, conveniently located on the boardwalk.

Explore what makes Atlantic City unique and admirable when you walk through the many exhibits of this historical museum. If you visit on the right day, you may come across a fun event or additional exhibits depending on the season as well. For a fun insight on what makes Atlantic City, you will love visiting the Atlantic City Historical Museum.

27. Central Pier Arcade & Speedway

Credit: Top Brunch Spots

📍 Map It: 1400 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 | Phone: (609) 345-5219 | Website Hours: Varies per season | Entrance: Activity Dependent

Arcade lovers can rejoice at this little slice of gaming heaven. From classic to modern games, you can have all the fun in the world at this incredible, nostalgic arcade and speedway. Go-karts make for an exciting afternoon or embark in some target practice with various shooting experiences, such as paintball.

After you've visited the beach, you can walk right over to the arcade which sits directly on the beach. You will love having a bit of good old, classic fun when you visit Central Pier Arcade & Speedway.

28. Fralingers Saltwater Taffy

Credit: Time Out

📍 Map it: 1100 Boardwalk Ocean City, NJ 08226 | Phone: (609) 399-2202 | Hours: Vary per season

If you've got a sweet tooth, stopping at Fralingers Saltwater Taffy is a must when you visit Atlantic City. Crafted to perfection, this taffy has been around since the late 1800's. With so many flavors to choose from, you are sure to love testing out all the different varieties.

Start with a basic flavor like chocolate or vanilla or go bold with a specialty flavor such as pumpkin or egg nogg. Soft and chewy taffy is a great treat all year round so be sure to stop in when you're in the area.

29. Chef Vola's

Credit: WPG Talk Radio

📍 Map It: Chef Vola's - Google Maps |Phone: (609) 345-2022| Website Hours: 5pm-10pm Tuesday-Saturday

Head out to Atlantic City's best Italian cuisine the next time you're in the area. Since the 1920's, this has been one of this spectacular city's best eateries. This suburban gem offers you the finest dining experience around. Lovers of Italian food will love visiting Chef Vola's.

This restaurant has always operated as an exclusive club of sorts, a best kept secret or hidden gem, if you will. You will love experiencing true Italian cuisine and hanging out at this lounge-type, basement situated restaurant. Reservations are required so make sure you call ahead.

30. Atlantic City Aquarium

Credit: Top Brunch Spots

📍 Map It: Atlantic City Aquarium - Google Maps Website | Phone: 609-348-2880 | Hours: 10am-4pm | Entrance: $8 for Adults, $5 for children under 12 and $6 for Seniors

Who doesn't love a good aquarium? If you're headed to Atlantic City, this attraction is a must see. Take the whole family and marvel at the beauty of oceans finest friends. Located right on the beach, this is the perfect setting for a peaceful, ocean experience.

Enjoy seeing tropical fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays and more when you visit Atlantic City Aquarium. This place gives an underwater experience feel, with habitats that make you feel like you're exploring the ocean floor. This stunning aquarium is the perfect activity for all ages.

31. Storybook Land

Credit: Wikipedia

📍 Map It: Storybook Land - Google Maps Phone: (609) 646-0103 | Website Hours: Wednesday-Monday 11pm-6pm | Entrance: $30.95 for adults and children, $27.95 for Seniors

Discover the imaginative excitement of all of your favorite storybooks in one amusement park. This family attraction offers a unique experience where you can come face-to-face with the characters of your most favorite nursery rhymes. With rides that have themes like " Alice in Wonderland," and "The Three Little Pigs," what is not to love?

Though the park theme is geared towards younger children, don't let the title fool you. There are plenty of high intensity rides and rollercoasters for adults to enjoy as well. With train rides, swings, a fun maze and more, this little amusement park is the perfect stop when you visit Atlantic City.

Depending on the time of year, there may be special events held. Keep in mind that Christmas at Storybook Land is even more magical.

32. Atlantic City Paintball

Credit: AC Paintball

📍 Map It: AC Paintball - Google Maps Phone: 609-561-3883| Website Hours: Monday- Friday 9am- 4pm | Entrance: $29.95

Thrill seekers will love to stop by Atlantic City Paintball for some good, old competitive fun. This incredible outdoor facility offers you everything you need to join in on an epic paintball match. Rent all the equipment you could ever need and purchase a package to play for the day.

This high energy sport will provide you with an action-packed day and the outdoor field boasts a challenging field that will have you motivated to get out there and beat your opposing team.

33. Atlantic City Parasail

Credit: TripAdvisor

📍 Map It: Atlantic City Parasail - Google Maps | Phone: 609-345-1212 | Website Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

In a city surrounded by ocean water, how can you not explore the exciting world of water sports? Atlantic City Parasail is ready to offer you a fun adventurous afternoon of water activities.

This company has been operating since 2010 and is highly popular. Get a better view of all of Atlantic City when you soar high above the ocean. Get a picturesque view of all the beauty that is Atlantic City including the casinos, hotels, boardwalk and more.

Head out on a boat and enjoy roughly fifteen minutes of parasailing. Feel like you're floating while obtaining that spectacular view. Thrill seekers will love embarking on this fun water adventure.

34. The Irish Pub

Credit: WOBM

📍 Map It: Irish Pub and Irish Pub Inn - Google MapsWebsite |Phone:(609) 344-9063 | Hours: 24/7

Known as being one of America's greatest pubs, this ode to Irish culture has been serving its residents and tourists since 1972. This little pub is open all year round, 24 hours a day for your convenience. It is also situated inside a historical, Victorian Inn that offers rooms at a highly discounted rate.

Located just outside the boardwalk, you can easily access this Irish pub and enjoy some of their famous dishes like St. James Potatoes. Don't forget to grab your favorite ale and discover a little tidbit of Irish culture.

35. Atlantic City Surf School

Credit: Yelp

📍 Map It: Jersey Devil Surf Shop - Google Maps Website | Phone: (609) 515-4969 | Hours: Daily 8am-6pm | Entrance: Varies

Keep it interesting with more water sports if you happen to visit Atlantic City in the summer. This school can teach you how to surf. Start with paddling out, standing up and be riding the waves in no time. Sessions can be taught seven days a week so check out the site for scheduling.

In addition, they will teach you surf etiquette and how to respect the ocean. The importance of keeping our ocean safe and clean is an important issue so learn all about it when you head to surf school. If you're up for a new adventure, learning to surf is a great way to spend the afternoon in Atlantic City.

36. Knife & Fork Inn

Credit: New Jersey Leisure Guide

📍 Map It: Knife and Fork Inn - Google MapsWebsite | Hours: 4pm-6pm Daily | Phone: (609) 344-1133 |

Take a trip to this historic inn when you visit Atlantic City. This establishment is the town's oldest restaurant. Founded in 1912, Knife & Fork Inn operated as a men's club and the second floor, as a ladies lounge. This rebellious restaurant openly served alcohol despite the Prohibition Act in the 1920's.

This little piece of history is a full-service restaurant with luxury cuisine and an elegant vibe. With gourmet cuisine such as steak dishes and seafood, this nod to earlier eras will have you feeling nostalgia. Featuring a twenties glamour appeal, you will undoubtedly love your experience at the Knife & Fork Inn.

37. Atlantic City Beaches

Credit: Vlad Pdvorny, Flickr

📍 Map It: Atlantic City Beach - Google MapsWebsite | Hours: 24/7

What is a vacation without some fun in the sun and sand? Atlantic City is well known for having some of the best beaches in America. You've got a bunch to choose from, all boasting nearby attractions and plenty to do and see. Ocean views are plentiful in Atlantic City.

Brigantine Beach is one of the more popular attractions for families while Atlantic City Beach is known for easy access to the boardwalk. Choose from eight local beaches to enjoy some sun, fun and much needed relaxation. Even if you don't come in the summer, the beach is a great place to walk and enjoy some beautiful coastal views. If its chilly out, you can still take in the scenery and embark on adventure.

38. Boardwalk Tram Tour

Credit: Youtube

📍 Map It: Boardwalk Tram Service - Google Maps Website Hours: 10am-10pm | Cost: $4 per day

Not only is this the best option for non-stop scenery but it is super convenient for families with small kids or elderly folks to get a tram pass. Purchase a pass that allows you to hop on and off all day long with ease. Don't miss a beat when you step aboard the tram and get to marvel at the best of views in Atlantic City and all of its beauty.

The boardwalk stretches nearly eight miles so if you're not up for the walk, the Boardwalk tram can still provide you with a fantastic experience of New Jersey's most famous attraction. This fast paced approached is perfect for those who want to get as much in as they can in one day as well.

39. Lucy the Elephant

Credit: New York Times

📍 Map It: Lucy the Elephant - Google Maps Website | Phone: (609) 823-6473 | Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm

This elephant structure is one of New Jersey's more famous attractions, located just outside of Atlantic City. Standing 65 feet high, this incredible statue holds a small museum inside for all ages to visit. Get your picture taken with the infamous elephant and then head inside to learn a bit more about its importance.

This registered historical landmark holds original artifacts and an exclusive view of the ocean you simply won't want to miss. Get a tour inside and then sign the guest book when you leave. This large, stunning elephant statue is a sight to see.

40. Atlantic City Miniature Golf

Credit: Atlantic City Mini Golf

📍 Map It: Atlantic City Miniature Golf - Google MapsWebsite | Phone: (609) 347-1661 | Hours: 10am-11pm Daily | Entrance: $10 per person

Take a break from sightseeing and indulge in some good old mini golf fun when you visit Atlantic City. This highly popular attraction is always a hit and has been a well-loved spot on the Boardwalk for over twenty years.

Those who love to compete will love switching it up and hitting eighteen holes with their friends and family. With an on-site ice cream bar with a plethora of flavors, you can't go wrong spending an afternoon at Atlantic City Miniature Golf.'

41. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Credit: Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

📍 Map It: Forsythe Wildlife Refuge Brigantine - Google MapWebsite

Lovers of nature will enjoy taking a beautiful hike at this hidden gem just outside of Atlantic City. Embark on trails that will show you all the beautiful wildlife New Jersey has to offer. With migratory birds being the prominent attraction, you can find all sorts of animals throughout this eight-mile, marsh wonderland- a true outdoor experience.

You can opt to drive through or walk the numerous hiking trails to get a closer look at all the beauty of the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Head out in the morning for exercise and breathtaking views that will be the highlight of your trip to Atlantic City.

42. Wet Willie's

Credit: Resorts Hotel Casino

📍 Map It: Wet Willie's - Google MapsWebsite |Phone: 609-246-7398 | Hours: 11am-1am Sunday-Thursday, 11am-2pm Friday and Saturday

Wet Willie's is an Atlantic City staple, plain and simple. Though their concoctions are anything but simple, these handmade delicacies are frozen, boozy concoctions that are refreshing and delicious. With three locations in AC, there is simply no reason not to stop and try. With alcoholic flavors such as Sex on the Beach and specialties like Monkey Shine (banana daiquiri), you are sure to enjoy grabbing a frozen cocktail when you're hitting the boardwalk.

Some are full service and even offer food. Make sure to check them out when you are out and about on a sunny day in Atlantic City!

43. Dock's Oyster House

Credit: John Mirenda Construction

📍 Map It: Dock's Oyster House - Google MapsWebsite Phone: (609) 345-0092 | Hours: 4pm-6pm Daily

You've entered beach territory, but have you really experienced the beach without indulging in some seafood delicacies? If you're in the mood for a good chowder, Dock's Oyster House has you covered. Since 1897, Dock's has graced their presence among millions of tourists and still stand as one of the best seafood joints in the area.

Though it's had some modern renovations, it still screams classic seafood joint with a few upscale touches. The crab and corn chowder with jalapeno cream are just one of the many dishes the locals rave about. For a good seafood experience on the beach, you've got to hit Dock's Oyster House.

44. HQ2 Nightclub & Beach Club

Credit: HQ@AC

📍 Map It: HQ2 Nightclub - Google MapsWebsite | Phone: (609) 783-8001 | Hours: Friday & Saturday 11pm-4am, Sunday 12pm-7pm

Those who enjoy the nightlife will love visiting HQ2, arguably the hottest night club in Atlantic City. Known for its famous DJ's like Kim Lee and Kascade, this club is always hopping. During the day, rent a cabana, get bottle service and enjoy the lavish lifestyle while you rub elbows with the famous.

Located inside the Ocean Casino & Resort, you can even sleep off your crazy night out in one of the many ocean view rooms. With a luxury and an exclusive club experience, you can't go wrong with HQ2 if you're looking to get loud in AC.

45. The Wild, Wild West Casino

Credit: Youtube

If you're in the mood to gamble, head to the Wild, Wild West Casino right on the boardwalk. For some upscale western fun, you can gamble, ride a bull, enjoy a cocktail and more when you hang at this cool attraction. This colorful, "old western" theme is inviting and appealing for everyone.

Though small, this western themed casino is always busy and always exciting. Riding a mechanical bull while on vacation seems like an absolute must, right?

📍 Map It: Wild Wild West Casino - Google MapsWebsite | Phone: (609) 340-2000 | Hours: 24/7

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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