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What To Wear in Las Vegas (Be Ready For Anything!)

Pack smart for Vegas with our guide on what to wear for any season or occasion, from casinos to shows. Stay comfy & stylish in Sin City.

Tobi Miles
September 22, 2022
What To Wear in  Las Vegas (Be Ready For Anything!)

Las Vegas is known for its luxury casino hotels and being home to the most expensive strip of real estate in the world. The city brings in millions of tourists yearly to see extravagant shows, gamble, and experience some of the best clubs and parties around.

There is no dress code in Las Vegas during the day. Casual, resort-style clothing is acceptable to wear to restaurants, casinos, attractions, and while walking The Strip. Pool party attire should consist of swimwear underneath a shirt or cover-up for public areas. In the summer, tourists should wear shorts and sandals. Lightweight, removable layers are ideal when it’s cold.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas in the near future and don’t know what to pack, look no further. We have created a comprehensive guide to help you understand what is appropriate to wear in Las Vegas during your daytime adventures for every season and activity. Read on to learn the ins and outs of dressing as a Vegas tourist. 

What To Wear In Las Vegas During The Daytime

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Las Vegas is located in the desert with a relatively warm climate year-round, even in the colder months. In the peak of the summer, temperatures rise over 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily. 

As the seasons change in Las Vegas, so should your wardrobe. This is especially true if you plan to spend a lot of your time outside. Below is a breakdown of what to wear in Vegas by season. 

What To Wear In Vegas In The Spring 

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The Spring time in Las Vegas is categorized by mildly warm and sunny weather. Being in the desert, tourists can still expect it to be hot during the day, especially in the late afternoon. As a result, lightweight clothing is recommended for most daytime activities during this season.


A short sleeved t-shirt made of a lightweight material is necessary for a Vegas trip in the Spring. Whether you are planning indoor or outdoor activities, you will be comfortable in this staple piece. 

Tank Top 

Tank tops are also a great option for almost any activity you have planned during the day in Vegas when the weather is mild. This is especially true if you will be outside or walking around in the afternoon in peak daily temperatures. 


Las Vegas weather in the Spring is warm and occasionally hot. As a result, you will likely be uncomfortable in jeans or pants. It is a good idea to pack a pair of shorts to wear during the day. 

Cropped Leggings 

Cropped leggings are another great option for daytime activities in Vegas. Aim for an athletic material that is moisture-wicking or another lightweight fabric to stay cool.  

What To Wear In Vegas In The Summer 

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In the summer in Las Vegas, temperatures typically surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourists visiting during this time will want to pack lightweight and minimal clothing. 

Crop Top

Crop tops are an excellent choice for daytime attire in Las Vegas. Choose something colorful or with a unique cut for style. In the summer, it is best to keep clothing as minimal as possible to avoid overheating. 


Pair a tank or crop top with a skirt for hot summer days. It can be a flowy midi skirt or a shorter mini skirt, depending on the occasion. 


A pair of culottes is a versatile piece to wear on hot days walking around in Vegas. Instead of jeans or tight pants that can make you sweat, a lightweight material will keep you cool as you move around. 

Athletic Shorts

If you are planning to be walking or outside for most of your day, it is smart to have a pair of athletic shorts to beat the heat. This can be anything from yoga shorts for women to basketball shorts for men. 


In the Vegas heat, clothing should be minimal, along with footwear. To avoid sweaty shoes as much as possible, try to go for flat sandals that are optimal for walking but will still keep you cool. 

What To Wear In Vegas In The Fall

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Fall in Las Vegas is slightly chilly throughout the day, but not quite cold enough to bundle up all the way. This is especially true for outdoor activities or those that require a lot of walking under the sun. 

Short Sleeve Top 

Although temperatures drop slightly in the Fall, a short sleeve top is still a great base for a Vegas daytime outfit. This can be a plain white t-shirt or a more fashionable blouse. 


Jeans are a good choice for walking around in Las Vegas in the Fall. In mild weather, they will keep you from feeling chilly during the day. You will be able to easily transition to nighttime without having to change as well. 

Athletic Pants 

Athletic pants such as leggings or sweatpants are another acceptable choice for Vegas in the Fall. In the morning and early afternoon, you can stay warm without burning up later under the late afternoon sun. 

Lightweight Sweatshirt 

When it comes to dressing in Las Vegas in the Fall, it is best to layer your clothing. A lightweight sweatshirt on top of a t-shirt can be easily removed when it’s hot and put back on  to go outside. 

What To Wear In Vegas In The Winter 

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Winters in Vegas are not extremely cold, but would be uncomfortable without a jacket. Occasional wind outdoors contributes to the low temperatures, which tourists should keep in mind while traveling.


When walking around in Vegas in the winter, a light sweater should be enough to keep you warm during the day. With the sun still out, temperatures are bearable when walking between attractions. This can be layered with an additional jacket on top for colder days. 


Contrary to the spring and summer, pants are necessary to stay warm in the winter. Some great choices depending on the top you are wearing include jeans, sweatpants, or even slacks. 


A hoodie is an essential wardrobe piece to have with you during the winter in Vegas. If you are walking around in the morning or on an especially cold day, it is a good idea to have an additional removable layer on to stay warm. 


Boots are both a fashionable and practical choice for Las Vegas winters. Pair them with jeans or dressier pants and a sweater for a classier look. Warm socks are recommended underneath for cold and windy days. 

What To Wear To A Las Vegas Casino 

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Casinos are all over in Las Vegas, and make up most of the main tourist destinations. This means that you will most likely be walking in or around them to access your chosen activities and attractions.

The great news is that casinos do not have an official dress code in Las Vegas. With no rules set in stone for how to dress, tourists can assume that attire should be casual.

Hawaiian Shirt 

A Hawaiian shirt or similar button down top is a classic choice for walking around a Vegas casino during the day. You are likely to see many other tourists in this comfortable attire gambling, eating, or traveling to and from their hotel room.  


Shorts are acceptable attire for both men and women during the day in Vegas. Pack a pair of cargos or jean shorts paired with your favorite t-shirt or tank top for a comfortable casino outfit. 


Similar to shorts and a tank top, rompers are a great choice for ladies. Choose a flattering cut or bold patterned jumpsuit paired with sandals for the ideal casino attire. 

Flip Flops 

Flip flops pair well with casual outfits like shorts and a t-shirt, which most other Vegas tourists will be wearing in the casino during the day. It is a comfortable choice for sitting at slot machines or tables and walking short distances between restaurants inside the casino. 

Outfit Ideas For Walking The Strip 

Walking The Strip is another popular activity that is basically inevitable for Vegas tourists. If you are visiting the city, you will most likely be doing this at one point or another to get to all of the worthwhile attractions. With so many dining and entertainment options condensed into this one area, walking around for leisure is a daytime activity in itself. 


Athletic clothing is ideal for walking the strip comfortably, especially in the summer months. It is best to wear moisture-resistant clothing pieces, such as shorts and a short sleeved activewear shirt or leggings and a tank top. 

Tennis Shoes 

Tennis shoes are recommended for any walking activity. Choose a comfortable pair that you can be active in without getting blisters. When it’s hot outside, socks made out of a lightweight material are best. 

Zippered Sweatshirt 

In the fall or winter when it’s chilly outside, you should bring a zippered sweatshirt with you while walking the strip. It will keep you warm while you’re outside while giving you the option to take it off when it gets hot or when you step indoors. 


Sunglasses are one of the best accessory pieces you can have with you in Las Vegas. When you plan to be outside walking in the daytime, a pair of sunglasses will shield your eyes from the reflective sun while accessorizing your outfit at the same time. 

What To Wear To a Las Vegas Show

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When attending a show on the Las Vegas Strip, you may initially wonder if there is a particular dress code you should follow. For Las Vegas shows, and nearly any venue in the city visited during the day, there is generally no dress code. 

While you may feel underdressed in shorts and a t-shirt, the same rules of the casino apply to shows and almost everywhere else. More upscale attire would be expected when attending a show in the evening, but comfortable resort clothing is acceptable in daylight hours. 

Is There A Dress Code For Shows In Las Vegas? 

The same general rules for dressing in Las Vegas apply to shows. When attending a show during the day, casual clothing is acceptable.

If you plan to see a show in the evening, a more formal outfit will be a better choice, as most people around you will be dressed up for the occasion. But, here are some options for what you can wear:

Casual Dress 

A casual, flowy dress is the perfect attire for a daytime show in Las Vegas. It will keep you comfortable without feeling underdressed, as it’s a slight step up from jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. 

Strappy Sandals

Pair a dress or nice outfit with some strappy sandals for style. This is a great way to dress up slightly without putting on an entire formal outfit. 

Polo Shirt 

A polo shirt is a good choice for men, in between casual and formal, for a daytime Vegas show. Wear a pair of nice shorts and sandals or dress pants on the bottom, depending on the occasion. 

Our Final Take

Las Vegas is a fast-paced environment with endless entertainment options for tourists. The seemingly extravagant nature of the city can be off-putting at first when it comes to dressing, giving many visitors the misconception that they must dress to impress at all times. 

As a tourist in Las Vegas, the only decisions you have to make in the daytime about what to wear mostly have to do with your comfort in the current weather conditions.

When planning for your trip, be sure to consider the season and activity you will be participating in for the best results. When in doubt, removable, lightweight layers are always ideal.

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