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Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Vegas for Families, Retirees & Young Adults

Thinking about moving to Vegas? You're not alone. The city's more than just bright lights and casinos; it's got neighborhoods for every vibe. Whether you're after the hustle and bustle of city life or a quiet suburban retreat, Vegas has got you covered.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Vegas for Families, Retirees & Young Adults

Key Takeaways

  • The Strip offers a unique living experience with its glitz, glamour, and unparalleled convenience, making it ideal for those who love being in the heart of the city's hustle and bustles, yet it also has quieter areas suited for retirees and families.
  • Summerlin stands out as a suburban oasis on the western rim of Vegas, favored by retirees, young adults, and families alike for its top-rated schools, low maintenance living, vibrant social scene, and numerous outdoor adventures, all within a safe and peaceful community.
  • Downtown Las Vegas provides a blend of old Vegas charm and new-age vibes, offering a rich cultural scene, ample career opportunities, and a bustling nightlife, making it appealing to retirees, young adults, and families seeking an urban lifestyle with a sense of community.
  • Henderson is highlighted as a family-friendly option with its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and abundant parks and recreation, alongside a thriving job market and vibrant social scene, making it attractive for families, young adults, and retirees looking for a cozy community vibe.
  • Across all locations, the emphasis on community, safety, and a wide range of amenities and activities suggests that Vegas has a neighborhood to meet diverse lifestyle needs and preferences, from bustling city life to quiet suburban living.

The Strip - For the Glitz and Glamour

Living on The Strip's a dream if you're all about that glitz and glamour. Imagine having world-class entertainment, top-notch dining, and some of the best shopping experiences right at your doorstep. But it's not just about the bright lights and big city vibes; there's more to consider if you're thinking about calling The Strip home.

For the Young Adults

  • Entertainment and Nightlife: You're in the heart of Vegas. From exclusive clubs to concerts by top artists, it's all happening here.
  • Convenience: Living on The Strip means you're minutes away from work if you're in the hospitality industry, plus there's easy access to public transportation.
  • Cost of Living: It's higher here, but if you're after that vibrant city life, it might be worth it.

For Retirees

  • Accessibility: Everything you need is within walking distance, and there are plenty of health facilities around.
  • Quiet Communities: Believe it or not, there are quieter areas on The Strip perfect for those looking to enjoy their retirement in the middle of the action, without the constant buzz.

For Families

The Strip might not be your first thought, but:

  • Educational Opportunities: Some exceptional schools are just a short drive away.
  • Activities: Family-friendly shows, attractions, and parks provide good entertainment for kids.

Considering Weather and Crowds

  • Best Weather: Spring and fall are amazing on The Strip with comfortable temperatures perfect for exploring.
  • Avoiding Crowds: Mid-week visits to attractions can be less crowded than weekends.

For Those Seeking Happiness

Living on The Strip can be an exhilarating experience. The happiness found in the hustle and bustle, the variety of people you meet, and the endless activities mean there’s always something to do. However, remember it's also essential to find peace amidst the chaos.

For Festival Lovers

The Strip hosts numerous festivals year-round, from music to food and art festivals. Living here means you'll never miss out on these fantastic events.

Activities Beyond Casinos

  • Outdoor Adventures: Believe it or not, you're close to some great outdoor spots like Red Rock Canyon for hiking.
  • Art and Culture: Check out the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and various performances that change regularly.

Summerlin - A Suburban Oasis

When you're sorting through the best spots to lay down your roots in Vegas, Summerlin pops up, and for good reasons. Nestled on the western rim of the city, it's like hitting the jackpot but with suburban living. Whether you're a retiree looking to enjoy your golden years, a young adult stepping into independence, or a family seeking a wholesome environment, Summerlin's got something for everyone. Let's break it down.

For Retirees

  • Low Maintenance Living - With numerous age-restricted communities, you can find homes that are easy to upkeep, letting you focus on enjoying life.
  • Golf Courses Galore - If hitting the greens is how you love to spend your days, you're in luck with some of the finest courses around.
  • Healthcare Facilities - Top-notch medical services are within arm’s reach, ensuring you're covered for any health concerns.

For Young Adults

  • Vibrant Nightlife and Social Scene - From chic cafes to lively bars, social butterflies have plenty of options to explore.
  • Outdoor Adventures - Think biking trails, hiking, and rock climbing just a stone's throw away for the thrill-seekers.
  • Career Opportunities - With its growing economy, especially in tech and healthcare sectors, finding a job here is more of an opportunity than a challenge.

For Families

  • Top-Rated Schools - Your kids can benefit from some of the best educational institutions in the state, public or private.
  • Parks and Recreational Spaces - Ample parks, pools, and playgrounds mean quality family time is sorted.
  • Safe Neighborhoods - One of the safest communities in Vegas, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Weather, Crowds, and Festivals

Enjoying over 300 days of sunshine with mild winters, Summerlin's weather is pretty much perfect if you love the outdoors. Despite its popularity, the well-planned neighborhoods keep the crowded feeling at bay, offering a peaceful living environment. And if you're into festivals, there are plenty, from art festivals to farmers markets, ensuring your weekends are never dull.

Downtown - The Heart of the City

When you're scouting for the best spots to live in Vegas, don't skip past Downtown. This area's more than just the historic core of the city; it's where the old Vegas glam meets new-age vibes. Whether you're a retiree eager for a vibrant community, a young adult looking for endless entertainment, or a family seeking cultural richness, Downtown's got something special for you.

For Retirees: Downtown is a goldmine if you're looking for a lively place to enjoy your golden years. With its walkable streets and an endless array of coffee shops, galleries, and theaters, you won't miss a beat. The cultural scene here is rich, making it perfect for anyone who loves to be surrounded by arts and history.

  • Cost of Living: While Downtown can be pricier than suburban areas, many find the trade-off for accessibility and entertainment well worth it.
  • Healthcare: Access to top-tier healthcare facilities is a big plus, ensuring peace of mind for residents.
  • Community: The area is known for its diverse and welcoming community, making it easy to find friends and social circles.

For Young Adults: If you're all about that urban life, chasing career opportunities, and thriving in a bustling environment, Downtown Las Vegas beckons. The nightlife is unbeatable, with some of the most vibrant bars, clubs, and dining spots.

  • Career Opportunities: With the tech and hospitality sectors booming, job prospects are looking good.
  • Activities: From First Friday art events to music festivals, there's never a dull moment.

For Families: Surprisingly, Downtown is becoming a family favorite, too. With parks, museums, and an array of family-friendly activities, it offers a balanced urban lifestyle.

  • Schools: There are several top-rated schools in the vicinity, making education a big plus.
  • Safety: The community is proactive about safety, with various initiatives to keep the streets safe for everyone.

Considering Best Weather: Vegas is known for its sunny days, and Downtown is no exception. For those looking to bask in the warm weather without venturing too far from city perks, this is your spot.

Avoiding Crowds: While Downtown can get lively, especially during events, it also has its quiet corners. Opt for residential areas a few blocks away from the main attractions, and you'll find your peaceful haven.

Henderson - Family-Friendly Living

Henderson is your go-to spot if you're on the hunt for family-friendly living in the Vegas area. It's not just about finding a place with good schools and parks (though Henderson has plenty of both). It's about that cozy, community vibe that makes you feel right at home.

  • Safe Neighborhoods: First off, Henderson boasts some of the safest neighborhoods around. It's the peace of mind every parent craves. You can let your kids bike around the block or head to the park without a worry.
  • Excellent Schools: Education is top-notch here. Schools in Henderson consistently rank above the national average, making it an ideal spot for your kids to thrive academically.
  • Parks and Recreation: Henderson is a paradise for the outdoorsy family. With over 50 parks and miles of trails, it's perfect for weekend picnics, hikes, and bike rides. There's always something to do that gets you moving and shaking outside.
  • Community Activities: The city's calendar is packed with family-friendly events and festivals. Whether it's a summer concert in the park or a holiday parade downtown, Henderson knows how to bring people together.

For Retirees:

  • Peaceful Living: If you're looking to enjoy your golden years in serenity, Henderson's calm neighborhoods and stunning sunset views over the mountains are just the ticket.
  • Active Senior Communities: You'll find plenty of active adult communities here. They're great for making new friends and staying active with amenities like golf courses, pools, and clubhouses.

For Young Adults:

  • Booming Job Market: Henderson's economy is on the upswing, offering lots of career opportunities, especially in healthcare, tech, and education.
  • Vibrant Social Scene: It might be quieter than Downtown Vegas, but Henderson has its own bustling cafes, bars, and restaurants. Plus, Vegas's glitzy nightlife is just a short drive away.

For All:

  • Weather and Climate: Enjoy sunny days galore. The weather here is perfect if you love the heat and can't stand shoveling snow.
  • Cost of Living: While it's not the cheapest, the value you get in Henderson in terms of quality of life makes every penny worth it.


Deciding where to live in Vegas isn't just about bright lights and late nights. Henderson stands out as a gem for anyone looking for a balanced lifestyle. Whether you're raising a family, enjoying your golden years, or kickstarting your career, it's got something for everyone. With its blend of safety, community, and access to the hustle of the city, it's hard to overlook. So if you're on the hunt for a place that ticks all the boxes, Henderson might just be your next home sweet home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Henderson a good place for families to live?

Yes, Henderson is an excellent place for families to live, offering safe neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and an abundance of parks and recreational activities. The city also hosts various community events, fostering a strong sense of community among residents.

What does Henderson offer to retirees?

For retirees, Henderson provides peaceful living environments and active senior communities. It's an ideal location for those looking to enjoy their retirement in a vibrant yet serene setting.

Are there opportunities for young adults in Henderson?

Absolutely. Young adults in Henderson benefit from a booming job market and a vibrant social scene. The city's growth and proximity to Downtown Las Vegas offer ample professional and entertainment opportunities.

How is the weather in Henderson?

Henderson enjoys favorable weather conditions year-round, with plenty of sunshine and mild winters. This makes it a great place to live for those who enjoy outdoor activities without the extreme temperatures.

Is the cost of living high in Henderson compared to its quality of life?

The cost of living in Henderson is relatively balanced with its quality of life. Residents find that they get a good value for their money, enjoying a high standard of living, excellent amenities, and services at a reasonable cost relative to the benefits offered.

How close is Henderson to Downtown Las Vegas?

Henderson is conveniently located near Downtown Las Vegas, making it easy for residents to access a wide range of entertainment options. The proximity provides a perfect balance between a peaceful residential life and access to vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

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