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Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Montana for Families & More

Montana's got a little bit of everything, doesn't it? Wide-open skies, towering mountains, and rivers that look like they've been ripped straight from a postcard. If you're thinking about calling the Treasure State home, especially with your family in tow, you're in for a treat.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Montana for Families & More

Finding the perfect spot in Montana isn't just about the views, though they are spectacular. It's about communities where your kids can thrive, schools that offer top-notch education, and neighborhoods where you can really feel at home. Stick around as we dive into some of the best places in Montana for families to plant their roots.

Key Takeaways

  • Bozeman is highly recommended for families due to its excellent educational system, low crime rates, and variety of family-friendly activities.
  • Missoula offers a rich blend of culture and education, making it an ideal choice for families and young adults who enjoy a vibrant community with an array of outdoor activities.
  • Whitefish appeals to families, retirees, and young adults with its quality schools, healthcare facilities, varied outdoor activities, and a strong sense of community.
  • Helena stands out for its comprehensive education opportunities, healthcare accessibility, and a balanced lifestyle for families, retirees, and professionals alike.
  • Billings is highlighted for its exceptional schools, thriving job market, vibrant nightlife, and all-year moderate weather, catering well to families, young adults, and retirees.
  • Identifying the best places to live in Montana requires considering factors like quality of education, healthcare accessibility, community vibe, outdoor activities, and personal lifestyle preferences.


Montana, known for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor living, offers a unique slice of American life. Whether you're retiring, just starting out, or raising a family, there's a spot in Montana that's perfect for you. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to the best places to live in Montana, tailored to fit a range of lifestyles and preferences.

For Retirees: Whitefish

  • Laid-back vibe: Whitefish is ideal if you're looking for tranquility amidst nature.
  • Activities: Golfing, fishing, and art galleries give you a blend of leisure and culture.
  • Community: The town has a strong sense of community, making it easy to make new friends.

For Young Adults: Missoula

  • Jobs and Education: Home to the University of Montana, Missoula attracts young professionals and students.
  • Nightlife and Culture: With a vibrant music scene, breweries, and coffee shops, you won't run out of things to do.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Hiking, biking, and kayaking are just outside your doorstep.

For Families: Bozeman

  • Education: Bozeman boasts some of the best schools in the state, ensuring your kids get a quality education.
  • Activities: From dinosaur museums for the kiddos to coffee shops for the adults, there’s something for everyone.
  • Safety: Known for its low crime rates, Bozeman allows you to raise your family with peace of mind.

Considering Gender: Helena

  • Equal Opportunities: Helena is recognized for fostering women in leadership roles and supporting gender equality in the workforce.
  • Healthcare: Access to quality healthcare services, including women’s health and family planning.

Best Weather: Kalispell

  • Mild Winters: Unlike other parts of Montana, Kalispell enjoys relatively mild winters, perfect if you're not a fan of extreme cold.
  • Summer Beauty: Summers are picturesque, ideal for those who love to explore nature in its full glory.

Avoiding Crowds: Lewistown

  • Small-town Feel: With fewer tourists, Lewistown offers a more authentic Montana experience.
  • Nature: Surrounded by five mountain ranges, you’re never far from a peaceful hike.
  • Rich History: Butte's St. Patrick’s Day celebration


When you're scoping out the best spots for your family to put down roots in Montana, Missoula should definitely be on your radar. Known for its vibrant culture and being a hub for education and the arts, it's a city that seems to have figured out the balance between nature and urban life. Here's the lowdown on why Missoula might just be the spot you're looking for.

For Kids and Education

Missoula shines when it comes to education. With top-notch public schools that boast high graduation rates and a university that brings in diversity and culture, your kids are set for a solid foundation. Plus, there's never a lack of activities, from music lessons to outdoor adventures in the nearby wilderness.

Community and Safety

Feeling safe and supported by your community is key, and Missoula's got you covered. It's the kind of place where neighbors know each other and it's common to see community gatherings or local events happening around town. The crime rates are lower than in bigger cities, which is a huge plus for families.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

Outdoor lovers, rejoice! Missoula's surrounded by mountains, rivers, and forests, which means hiking, biking, and fishing are just a part of daily life here. But it's not all about nature - the city also boasts a thriving music scene, unique local shops, and eateries that focus on locally sourced ingredients.

Cost of Living

While Montana's cost of living can be high in certain areas, Missoula strikes a nice balance. Housing prices are more reasonable compared to hotspots like Bozeman. Plus, the diverse job market means opportunities for professionals in healthcare, education, and technology.

Avoiding the Crowds

Even though Missoula's a well-known city in Montana, it's managed to maintain that small-town feel. You won't find the massive crowds or traffic jams that larger cities struggle with. This makes for a more relaxed pace of life, something many families are searching for.

Festivals and Activities

Missoula plays host to an eclectic mix of festivals and activities year-round. From the International Wildlife Film Festival to the famous Farmers Market, there's always something going on. These events are a great way for new residents to dive into the community and experience the local culture firsthand.

  • Retirees will find the local healthcare facilities top-notch


Ah, Whitefish. If you’ve been dreaming of a spot in Montana that’s got the vibe of a cozy mountain town with all the perks of a larger city, Whitefish might just be your go-to. Let's break down why it’s a top contender for families, retirees, and just about anyone looking to enjoy the Montana lifestyle to the fullest.

For Families

  • Schools: Whitefish boasts top-notch schools, perfect for ensuring your kids get a solid education.
  • Outdoor Activities: From skiing at Big Mountain in the winter to boating on Whitefish Lake in the summer, your family won’t run out of things to do.
  • Safety: This town prides itself on a strong sense of community and a low crime rate, making it a safe place for your kids to grow up.

For Retirees

  • Healthcare: Quality healthcare facilities are within reach, ensuring you’re covered for any medical needs.
  • Community: There’s a tight-knit retiree community here, making it easy to make friends who share your interests.
  • Activities: Whether it's golfing, fishing, or participating in local clubs, you’ll find plenty to keep you active and engaged.

For Young Adults

  • Job Market: With a growing tech scene and opportunities in the service industry due to tourism, young professionals can find their footing.
  • Nightlife and Culture: Enjoy the variety of bars, restaurants, and cultural festivals that Whitefish has to offer.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Your weekends can be as adventurous as you want – hit the trails, ski slopes, or waterways.

Considering the Weather

If you’re someone who loves the idea of experiencing all four seasons, Whitefish won’t disappoint. Enjoy mild summers perfect for lake days, vibrant falls, snowy winters ideal for skiing, and refreshing springs.

Avoiding the Crowds

Despite being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of hidden gems in and around Whitefish where you can escape the crowds. Explore lesser-known hiking trails or find your own secluded spot on the lake.

Festivals and Activities

Whitefish is never dull, with events ranging from the famous Winter Carnival to the Huckleberry Days Arts Festival. No matter the season, you’ll find something to celebrate.


Moving to Montana and wondering about the best spots? If you've got families, retirees, or you're just kicking off adult life, Helena's got something for everyone. It’s not just the capital city; it's a place full of life, culture, and friendly faces. Let’s dive into why Helena might just be your next home sweet home.

For Families

  • Great Schools: Helena boasts some top-notch education opportunities for the kiddos. The schools here are known for dedicated teachers and strong academic programs, so your children are set for success.
  • Outdoor Fun: With parks, hiking trails, and lakes nearby, it’s a giant playground for both the young and the young at heart.
  • Community Vibe: The community here is tight-knit, making it easy to find support and make lifelong friends.

For Retirees

  • Healthcare: Quality healthcare facilities are within reach, ensuring you’re taken care of.
  • Active Lifestyle: Golf courses, walking trails, and gardening clubs? Check. There's no shortage of activities to keep you moving and grooving.
  • Safety: Helena is one of the safer cities in Montana, giving you peace of mind in your golden years.
  • Job Market: The job scene here is growing, particularly in government, healthcare, and tech sectors. It's a great place to jump-start or advance your career.
  • Nightlife & Culture: From breweries to art walks, Helena isn’t snoozing when the sun goes down. There's always something happening.
  • Affordability: Compared to bigger cities, your dollar stretches further here, making it easier to enjoy life without breaking the bank.
  • Best Weather: If you love experiencing all four seasons without the extreme ends of the thermometer, Helena’s weather is just right.
  • Avoiding Crowds: It’s not overrun by tourists like some spots in Montana, offering you a relaxed pace of life.
  • Festivals & Events: From the Montana Folk Festival to local farmers’ markets, there are events year-round to keep you entertained.
  • Cost of Living: Living here won’t empty your pockets. Housing, groceries, and utilities are reasonably priced.
  • Exploration Beckons: Whether it’s local gems like the Montana Historical Society or outdoor escapes in Helena National Forest, there's always something new to discover.


Heading over to Billings, you'll find it's a gem that often gets overlooked, but here's why it shouldn't.

First off, if you're raising a family, Billings hits the sweet spot. The schools here are some of the best in the state. You want your kids to get top-notch education, right? Billings has that covered. Plus, with plenty of parks and family-friendly activities, weekends are always a blast.

But what about after the kids are in bed? Young adults, you're not forgotten. The nightlife in Billings is vibrant, without being overwhelming. And if you're looking to climb the career ladder, the job market's buzzing. It's a spot where you can work hard and play hard.

Retirees, you're in for a treat too. The healthcare services in Billings are excellent. There's also a robust community of people who are making the most out of their golden years, engaged in activities from golfing to volunteering.

Let's talk weather. Billings boasts some incredible weather. If you love experiencing all four seasons without any of them being too extreme, you've hit the jackpot. The summers are warm but not scorching, and the winters are chilly but rarely bone-chilling.

Hate crowds? Billings maintains a cozy small-town feel despite being one of the larger cities in Montana. You get the best of both worlds – the amenities of city life, without the elbow-to-elbow living you find in bigger cities.

Here's a rundown of why Billings is stellar:

  • For Families: Top schools, lots of green space, and safe neighborhoods.
  • For Young Adults: Thriving job market, cool nightlife, and affordable living.
  • For Retirees: Quality healthcare, active community clubs, and peaceful living.
  • Best Weather: Experience all four seasons in moderation.
  • Avoiding Crowds: Enjoy city amenities without the crush of a crowd.

Billings also rolls out the red carpet for its festivals. If you're a fan of celebrating, you're in luck. There’s everything from the famous Strawberry Festival to the Magic City Blues Festival. Year-round, there's something happening that’ll get you out and mingling with your neighbors.


Choosing the right place to call home is crucial for your family's happiness and well-being. Billings stands out as a city that truly offers something for everyone. Whether you're drawn to its educational opportunities, the range of activities for all ages, or the promise of a vibrant community life, you'll find your place here. Remember, it's not just about the amenities but the memories you'll create. So why not give Billings a closer look? It might just be the perfect backdrop for your family's next chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Billings, Montana, appealing to families?

Billings is attractive to families due to its top schools, family-friendly activities, and a small-town feel which provides a safe and nurturing environment for children.

Why should young adults consider moving to Billings?

Young adults find Billings appealing because of its vibrant nightlife, a thriving job market, and diverse festivals, offering a balance between professional opportunities and leisure activities.

What benefits does Billings offer to retirees?

Retirees are drawn to Billings for its excellent healthcare services, moderate weather, and the sense of community that comes with its small-town ambiance, making it a comfortable place for retirement.

How does the weather in Billings contribute to its attractiveness?

The moderate weather in Billings contributes to its attractiveness by providing residents with comfortable living conditions year-round, suitable for enjoying outdoor activities and festivals.

What factors contribute to Billings being considered a hidden gem in Montana?

Billings is considered a hidden gem due to its combination of a thriving job market, excellent educational and healthcare facilities, diverse recreational activities, and its welcoming, small-town feel, making it attractive to residents of all ages.

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