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20 Top Treehouse Rentals in Missouri (Accommodating With Attractions!)

Explore the best treehouse rentals in Missouri! Ideal for travelers seeking unique lodging & attractions. Perfect for creating lasting memories in nature's lap.

Tobi Miles
September 7, 2022
20 Top Treehouse Rentals in Missouri (Accommodating With Attractions!)

Missouri is one of the few states in America that has remained largely authentic. It is home to breath-taking sights like canyons, rivers, waterfalls, hike trails, and lots more. The beautiful thing about Missouri is that nature is in its purest form, untouched, undisturbed.

For fun seekers, Missouri is the ideal weekend and holiday getaway destination to make long-lasting memories. There are endless streams of tourist attractions like Dogwood Canyon National Park, Lake of the Ozarks, and Echo Bluff State Park, amongst many others. Heading to Missouri, there is no better way to lodge or relax than in one of Missouri's breathtaking treehouses.

There are many treehouse resorts and rentals in Missouri. Navigating through them and getting the ideal one can be a lot of work. We have prepared a list of Missouri's 20 best treehouse rentals to make this easier for you.

1. Peaceful Treetop Cottage (Park Hills)

Credit: Vrbo

The Peaceful Treetop Cottage is a 530 square ft structure in Park Hill, Missouri. The treetop Cottage stands on 16 idyllic acres of forest area with a charming ambience that makes its name just fit right.

Peaceful Treetop Cottage is a beautiful one-bedroom, one-bed, and one-bath treehouse that can comfortably accommodate up to four guests. It is an ideal hideaway for the family.

Amenities in this treehouse rental make it very homely. Guests always drop satisfying reviews about how the property is like owning a country home without actually maintaining one.

The cottage and the surrounding area are covered by free Wi-Fi, so guests can still catch up with their favorite internet activities. Also provided for the ultimate treehouse experience are a TV, DVD player, Vinyls, fire pit, games, and an electric grill.

This property is a confluence of vintage and modern lifestyles, and you experience an aura of primitiveness in a comfortable modernist model.

There is plenty of space for camping, a private terrace beneath the tree canopy where guests can have dinner or enjoy drinks. The rentals' amiable hosts make

LocationPark Hills, MO

Vrbo Rating: 5.0

2. Sundance Ranch Treehouse (Excelsior Springs)

Credit: Airbnb

Sundance Ranch Treehouse sits on a 200-acre private and excluded ranch outside Excelsior Springs, Missouri. This beautiful treehouse gives you a magnificent view of the ranch, especially on a rocky creek.

The surrounding areas are that every adventure seeker would find very appealing. Exploring the oak and sycamore-covered trail is almost irresistible. A 15-acre private lake is just nearby for kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

With one bed and a half bath, Sundance Ranch Treehouse was built to house only two guests, and it is an excellent holiday lodge for couples who need a romantic getaway.

The interiors of this treehouse have a rustic cabin-style touch with lots of windows, french doors, and high ceilings. The treehouse has a comfy queen-size bed, a writing desk and a reading chair. There is an outhouse perfect for bird watching, two verandahs with extra comfy lounge chairs, and a table on the exterior.

LocationExcelsior Springs, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.97

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3. Spring Lake Ranch (Potosi)

Credit: Vrbo

For specific reasons, the $237 a night treehouse at Spring Lake Ranch is one of the most sought-after countryside getaways in Missouri, and the reasons for this are not far-fetched.

This beautifully engineered treehouse structure in Spring Lake Ranch, Potosi, stands about 20 feet above ground level. It is just a short distance from the picturesque Sayersbrook Lake on the ranch; this treehouse offers you antique-style luxury.

The luxurious interior of this property boasts of a kitchen with complete set kitchenettes stocked with the necessary provisions. It has a beautiful living area, a breakfast bar, a hot tub, and a spacious bedroom and bathroom. Guests at the treehouse have access to a dedicated workspace and also free parking on the premises.

Some interesting outdoor attractions include a 60-acre lake, hiking trails, horse riding, and wine tasting locations. At night, guests are usually serenaded by the beautiful view of the stars.

There is an outdoor deck at the treehouse for entertaining guests and a picnic table where you can enjoy the lake's stunning view and watch the birds.

LocationPotosi, MO

Vrbo Rating: 5.0

4. The Cottage Treehouses (Hermann)

Credit: Booking.com

At around $240 per night, prepare for the best nature experience at The Cottage Treehouses, Hermann. This treehouse rental is a collection of several treehouses and cabins, with camp-sites built on a full-on park.

The Cottage Treehouses, in Hermann, is a perfect location to have family reunions, group camping, and couple getaway. There are various accommodation options, from huge hideaways that can accommodate up to 15 people to more miniature cottage-style treehouses for a single couple.

Available at the park is a swimming pool, a playground, tennis courts, on-premises hiking trails, and a pavilion that can host small events. The facility offers free parking, 5g internet, and daily housekeeping services.

The Cottage Treehouse outdoor environment is a good location for outdoor sports. Guests can even get on boats and jet skis on the lake. The treehouse is 39 km close to Washington, and the distance between Warrenton and the Treehouse is 29 km

LocationHermann, MO

Booking Rating: 9.5

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5. Sunset Treehouse (Hermann)

Credit: Airbnb

Sunset Treehouse gives you peace and serenity as is not found elsewhere. If you wish to escape the typical hustle and bustle of the city, at around $250, the sunset treehouse offers you just that.

Situated in the countryside of Hermann, Missouri, Sunset treehouse is a slow-paced-life destination where guests can enjoy some seclusion with lush trees and foliage.

The property comprises a one-queen-sized bed, one bedroom, and one bathroom. It can accommodate up to four guests at a time. The treehouse is very light and airy on the inside, with as many windows and luxurious white furnishings.

Sunset Treehouse boasts amenities such as free wifi, air-conditioning, a heating system, and a well-laid workspace. The treehouse has a common room equipped with games and a small library.

This property is perfect for larger group rentals in Missouri as there are three treehouses and one cabin that can easily accommodate everyone. Although in a secluded and rural area, the treehouse rental is only a few minutes drive from the Downtown area.

Location: Hermann, MO

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

6. The Tranquil Treehouse (Eagle Rock)

Credit: Airbnb

The Tranquil Treehouse in Eagle Rock, Missouri, was designed to help people unwind by returning to nature. Enjoy the numerous benefits this beautiful treehouse has to offer at $165.

Built at 16 feet above the ground, the treehouse allows guests to get serenaded to the fullest by the sweet symphony of nature. The deck of the treehouse was intentionally built to be very large and spacious to encourage guests to spend more time in the open.

People can sit outside to read a book or watch deer and squirrels. Guests can access the internet and watch their favorite shows online even while in the woods with the facility's 5g internet service.

Other amenities available in this home away from home are an electric fireplace, smart TV, charcoal grill, and a queen-size bed constructed from an old 1956 Chevy pickup.

The Tranquil Treehouse is approximately 100 yards from the lake, and the hosts provide guests with a wagon that hauls water toys and coolers to the lakeside for picnics and water-based activities. Due to its height above the forest floor, children under 12 years are not allowed into the treehouse.

Location: Eagle Rock, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.96

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7. Treehouse at The Hermitage (Berger)

Credit: Airbnb

The treehouse at The Hermitage is a much-needed break from all forms of urban toxicity. This treehouse has one bed, and one bath, typically meant for couples or groups in twos.

This treehouse rental is one of the cheapest in Missouri. At just $55 for a night, Treehouse at the Hermitage is your go-to spot for weekend getaways or summer hideouts.

The interior of the treehouse is exquisitely designed to detail, ensuring guests to the property have a good time. The treehouse has a very spacious and comfortable loft bed.

It is open all year round to visitors who wish to explore the surrounding area. The property sits on a vast 18.5 acres of land about 7 miles outside Hermann. Guests are treated to a great outdoor spot suitable for yoga.

There is also an outdoor fire pit and spiral walking path. Please note that this treehouse does not have internet or electricity as it attempts to help guests take a break from social media. However, there is cell phone service available.

Location: Berger, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

8. The Treehouse Retreat (Blue Springs)

Credit: Vrbo

The beautiful Treehouse Retreat sits majestically on a very expansive piece of land amid old-growth forest trees. The surrounding is serenading and ambient.

This treehouse is 2,200sq ft with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house boasts a bright interior with big windows. The master bedroom has a Queen bed and all the bathrooms are standard.

The hosts have made provisions for essentials such as towels, linens, paper towels, hair dryer, basic soaps, and air-conditioning. All this is implemented to ensure that guests experience the best of nature in all comfort.

The kitchen is very well equipped as well. Guests at the treehouse will have access to a refrigerator, coffee maker, electric oven, grill, microwave, toaster, heating system, and free Wi-Fi. This bathroom has a propane-fed hot shower.

Guests are given a good view of most of the area from the backyard, and it is also a good place to spot foxes and deers roaming about harmlessly. Outdoor activities that are available to guests include but are not limited to Swimming, fishing, shopping, water parks, golf, theme parks, boating and a nearby spa.

Treehouse Retreat's grounds are also close to some major grounds and centers. For example, Lake Jacomo is just 2 miles away from it, Nelson Art Gallery is 16 miles afar off, and Stonehaus Farm Winery is just 4 Miles apart.

LocationBlue Springs, MO

Vrbo Rating: 5.0

9. Sayersbrook Lake Chateau (Potosi)

Credit: Airbnb

The Sayersbrook Lake Chateau is a fully furnished, beautiful, and luxury treehouse. The treehouse is 12 feet above the forest ground with a large deck that overlooks Sayersbrook Lake.

Guests can rent this awesome treehouse for $319 at this fabulous Spring Lake Chateau. With that price, guests can save money for horseback riding, kayak rental, and hiking trails.

Sayersbrook Lake Chateau offers the provisions to ensure guests have an unforgettable stay at the property. Fireplaces, a fully furnished kitchen, beautiful handmade furniture, a vast deck; all working just fine in perfect condition. There is also a clear view of the 60-acre lake.

Location: Potosi, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.84

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10. Almost Heaven Treehouse (Bunker)

Credit: Airbnb

Almost Heaven is a remote Missouri rental built on the banks of Big Creek in the Ozarks. This enchanting treehouse is a great place to escape all the stress accumulated from the city. Do you love the outdoors and greens? Then Almost Heaven Treehouse is your best bet to fulfil those desires.

Almost Heaven treehouse location is packed with loads of fun outdoor activities like hiking, paddle floating, fishing, wildlife spotting, or riding ATVs. This treehouse lodge is just 6 miles off the pavement.

Typically, this treehouse is made for two occupants. Aside from a queen-size bed, there is an additional pullout mattress that allows the treehouse to accommodate up to four guests if the case arises. Amenities on the property include a coffee maker, small fridge, charcoal grill, electric girdle and a two burner hot plate.

Some prominent attractions nearby include four state parks: Current River Park, Echo Bluff State Park, Current River State Park, and Round Spring. 28 miles away from the private treehouse also lies Alley Spring.

Location: Bunker, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.93

11. The Getaway Treehouse (Cassville)

Credit: Airbnb

The getaway treehouse is a tiny house treehouse surrounded by seven trees on 10 acres of land. Lodging costs $178, and this treehouse is typically built for two people (more likely a couple), and no child under the age of six is allowed in.

With this treehouse rental, basic amenities are not in short supply. All the luxuries guests need for a memorable singular pleasant stay include a kitchen with a mini-fridge, breakfast snack coffee, and toaster oven.

The main feature that makes this treehouse appealing to guests is the Jacuzzi tub. The getaway treehouse comes with one bedroom and two twin beds. This will make it a perfect location for two people.

Various major attractions surround this property. The Mark Twain National Forest is just five minutes drive from the treehouse,  Roaring River State Park- hiking trails, rainbow trout hatchery; 5 minutes from Mark Twain National Forest.

Location: Cassville, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.96

12. Treehouse Too (Steelville)

Credit: Airbnb

The Treehouse Too is not just like any other treehouse. With just $184 and a partner, you can experience the best wildlife and natural habitat daily.

The location of this treehouse gives guests a breathtaking, incredible, and unobstructed view of the Meramec river. The Treehouse gives a fantastic all-around solitude. The area is very quiet except for the chirping birds and peaceful sounds of nature.

Also, if you are concerned with your privacy, the location of this treehouse ensures you have your privacy for as long as you will spend there. Despite the remoteness of the location, visitors can access high-speed Wi-Fi and maintain consistent cell service.

Location: Steelville, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.90

13. Enchanted Treehouse Escape (Grubville)

Credit: Airbnb

This is a one-of-a-kind treehouse. Enchanted Treehouse Escape is a two-story treehouse structure with one bath but can comfortably serve nine persons. Lodging at this beautiful tree house will cost about $150.

Enchanted Treehouse Escape has everything you can want to get the best out of nature. Guests can get in the hammock to feel the fresh air, enjoy the breathtaking views of the pine forests, go paddle boating on the nearby lake, or hit over 70 acres of hiking.

Some amenities that guests will meet in this treehouse include a heating system, air conditioning, and hot tubs, which don't seem like an option available in many treehouses today.

This treehouse is ideal for family camping. Enchanted Treehouse Escape is built on the same property as Magic Land Educational Eco-Center with more than 70 or 80 animals.

Location: Grubville, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.91

14. Magical Treehouse Rental (Perryville)

Credit: Airbnb

A treehouse that can accommodate friends and family during our getaway phases is what we all cherish and also makes it difficult for the stress of the outside world to get to you.

The magical treehouse rental is situated on a farm close to St. Louis, with features, a heating system, private barbecue, air conditioning, etc.

Magical Treehouse Rental is magical as it gives guests the experience of being one with nature. The loft has lighting, a dormer, a window, two hammocks swinging between the trees, and extra beds for comfort.

The farm where this treehouse rental is located has over 70 animals, including horses. Guests have the option to go hiking or watch animals, whichever you'd think they are.

The treehouse is well fitted with air conditioning systems, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and even the complementary card at that moment

Location: Perryville, MO

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

15. Tall Pines Sanctuary (Blue Eye)

Credit: Vrbo

At an average lodging fee of $275 per night, the tall pines sanctuary is a tree house off State Highway UU. The Sanctuary is a distinctive, modern residence incorporated within Tall Pines' natural terrain and slopes on a 40-acre estate. It features a three-bedroom home designed to create a natural and straightforward décor style that emphasizes the beauty of nature.

The house has a lot of stonework, woodwork, glass, and waterfalls, which add to the serenity and tranquility of the sanctuary. The deck is the ideal area to unwind and enjoy the views because it has a hot tub, an outdoor pool table, and patio furniture to relax on and enjoy nature's beauty.

The Master bedroom, with a king-sized bed, is located downstairs, along with the kitchen, family area, fully equipped and functional bath space, and a bunk bed for accommodating children.

Two bedrooms are located upstairs, and a recently renovated common bathroom is also there. Queen-sized beds are available in the second, while the first includes a King-sized four-poster bed. Tall pines sanctuary is an ideal location for relaxing, unwinding, and creating fun memories with partners, family, and friends.

Location: Blue Eye, MO

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

16. The Bane (Rocky Mount)

Credit: Airbnb

The River of Life Farm, located in Dora, MO, Missouri, is a beautiful riverfront complex that boasts all the up-to-date amenities such as kitchens, smoke-free zones, free Wi-Fi, and ample parking space.

Due to the location of the treehouse being a farm, there are lots of fun outdoor activities lined up for guests of the River of Life Farm. Some popular activities to engage in are hiking Ozarks secluded 500 acres of land, fishing, swimming or kayaking through the north fork river.

The treehouses at River of Life Farm have fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning and heating systems, a microwave oven, and a cozy fireplace. These are put in place to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Location: Rocky Mount, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.89

17. Moonlight Tree House - The Cottage (Hermann)

Credit: Airbnb

The moonlight treehouse in The Cottage, Hermann, MO, is a convenient, luxury spot for family vacations and holiday getaways.  It contains luxurious tree houses equipped with various items to make your stay relaxing, satisfying, and memorable.

Some worthy note features of the moonlight tree house include a fridge, air conditioner, microwaves, private showers, and bathrooms. This treehouse also contains three large queen-sized beds and a couch area that can conveniently accommodate small and large groups.

One outstanding feature of the moonlight treehouse that distinguishes it from others is that it is wheelchair friendly. It does not contain stairs or ladders, making it easy for mobile impaired guests to move about and participate freely in activities.

For the visitors, there is also a bookshelf filled with books, games, a leather couch, and a massage chair found in the common room to make their stay even more exciting and remarkable.

Location: Hermann, MO

Airbnb Rating: 4.92

18. Lil' Treehouse Cabin (Ridgedale)

Credit: Vrbo

Located in a neighborhood of only log cabins, this treehouse in the woods offers a log cabin that is both pleasant and welcoming. The two private bedrooms in this compact but homely cabin each have a king-size bed and an adjacent bathroom.

The proximity to Tablerock Lake, which offers an excellent marina, beaches, a variety of water sports and activities, as well as fishing and boating, makes this site even more ideal.

Kids aren't left out of the fun with amusement parks, museums, and many other entertaining locations, all of which are close to the log cabin.

This destination's primary selling point is that there are fun activities for everyone. One can have a fun-filled, exciting vacation, a quiet, more laid-back holiday by cuddling up peacefully, roasting marshmallows over a private fire pit, or even a combination of both, after which a bath in a private hot tub is used to end the day.

Even more exciting, the treehouse provides access to free Wi-Fi that enables guests to stay connected to loved ones while having fun. Lil' Treehouse creates lasting memories and makes every holiday a memorable one.

LocationRidgedale, MO

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

19. The Dogwood Cabin (Wright City)

Credit: Airbnb

Situated in Base Lake, the dogwood cabin is a beautiful tree house with sufficient space to accommodate families and loved ones during the holidays.

For a lodging price of $250 per night, it offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a breathtaking terrace. Other features include free internet, a barbecue grill, plus a fitness center to keep you fit and in shape throughout your stay.

It also features kid-friendly amenities, such as a Pack n' Play, if you have young children in your group. For your comfort, every little thing was considered when designing this cottage.

What guests love most about this spot is the serenity the dogwood cabin offers. It is found in a private, peaceful, and secluded environment that keeps guests away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

LocationWright City, MO

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

20. Cabin In The Woods (Kimberling City)

Credit: Airbnb

The cabin in the woods near table rock lake is an A-Frame log cabin situated on a private driveway shared by three other cottages. It features a Main Suite on the lower level, which houses the master' Suite; the main level contains the living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a private bath.

This treehouse contains a lot of luxury equipment which includes a flat-screen TV, numerous comfortable seats, and a full height and super comfortable Queen Airbed. Outdoor Recliners for having a cool drink with a spouse, friend, or family member while relaxing and taking in the beauty of the outdoor area.

In addition to this, an outdoor dining area for having meals with the whole family is provided. What better way to foster family bonding than to talk over food and drinks in a peaceful and cozy environment?

Guests can also stroll around the cabin and its surrounding environment during the day and on cool evenings. At $132 per night, this cabin provides a fantastic getaway experience for individuals and loved ones.

LocationKimberling City, MO

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Airbnb Rating: 4.90

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