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Unveiling Floridas Secret Sands: Top Beach Paradise Found

Imagine a stretch of sand so pristine, it rivals the Caribbean's best—yet it's right off Florida's own shores. Welcome to an island escape that's been hiding in plain sight.

Tobi Miles
May 30, 2023

The average vacationer has a picturesque image in their mind of an ideal, clean, sandy beach with calm and gorgeous water. That can be harder to find as many of the most popular beaches that attract tourists are often overpopulated and far from tranquil. Leave it to none other than St. George’s Island State Park in Florida to provide a tranquil beach environment with smooth sand and serene water.

Located on St. George’s Island, this massive state park spans 1,962 acres of wildlife, nature trails, and white sand. You will be hard-pressed to find a beach or state park in Florida that is as undisturbed by businesses and tourism as St. George’s Island State Park. The area was once notable for raising cattle and harvesting turpentine, but now it is locally known as one of Florida’s greatest coastal secrets.

The 2 ½ mile hiking trail takes you through nature and provides the perfect prelude to a swim at the beach. St. George’s Island State Park is just as popular for their campgrounds as their nature trails and beach. With 60 campsites to choose from, you have plenty of options for untraditional lodging that puts you in the heart of one of Florida’s most underrated destinations.

It only costs $24 per night to camp at St. George’s Island State Park, and reservations go quickly. Pedestrians can get into the park for $2 per person, and visitors with vehicles have to pay $6 to get in. The calm water and relative isolation compared to other popular Florida beaches attracts many boaters who only have to pay an $8 fee per day.

Recently ranked the top beach in America, this beach is most notable for its lack of massive crowds, vendors, and businesses in the area. While there is plenty to do nearby, the beach at St. George’s Island State Park doesn’t have the bustling crowds that you’d find in Fort Lauderdale, Marco Island, or Miami. The beach itself extends 9 miles which gives you plenty of room for idyllic walks and to set up a spot to lounge by the water in privacy.

While the area may not have as many local eateries as Miami, there are many charming restaurants such as Beach Pit and Blue Parrot Ocean Front Café. Tourists must fly into either Panama City or Tallahassee if they plan to visit this calm coastal town as they are both within 100 miles. The sky views are just as breathtaking as the often unpopulated ocean.

With few buildings in sight, you always have a clear view of the sky at St. George’s Island State Park. While it may be a pit stop in some people’s Florida vacations, you could easily spend a full trip to the Sunshine State on St. George’s Island and enjoy the uncrowded vistas that are hard to find in the state.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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