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15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague: Party Animals Guide!

Explore Prague's vibrant nightlife with our guide to 15 unique nightclubs! Perfect for every party animal visiting Prague. Get tips, locations & more.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague: Party Animals Guide!

Is Prague good for nightlife?

Prague has one of the most diverse nightlife scenes in Europe with a variety of great venues suitable for all types of party animals! From cool, rooftop cocktail bars to gritty underground basement clubs and even a 5 level Superclub which is one of the biggest in Europe!

Which part of Prague is best for nightlife?

Prague 1 (Central) is the best area for nightlife in Prague. A famous Prague party street is Dlouhá street close to Old Town Square.

Check out 15 unique nightclubs in Prague. In addition, to some essential Prague nightlife tips and even a guide on where to eat at 6AM in the morning in Prague!

You'll know you're in Prague when you see bright neon signs! This is done to light up the streets, which are normally darker.

15. Duplex Club (Rooftop Bar):

Duplex Club/Roof top bar is a very large, stylish rooftop bar with city views over Wenceslau Square (Main Shopping street).

After being greeting by the hostess, you will take the elevator up to the seven floor, where you will come to this scenic rooftop bar, offering epic views of Prague!

If you take the spiral staircase up a little further you enter a fully fledged nightclub, with booming sound system, talented DJ and a rooftop view seating area for when you want some quiet time.

Duplex Prague rooftop Club/Bar Source: Duplex Rooftop Bar Club, Prague (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

Prices & Entry Cost:

Prices are Reasonable for drinks, with Monday specials including:

Beer – 50 CZK . (Approx $2 USD, 1.95Euro, £1.76 GBP.)

Cuba Libre 90 CZK

Gin Tonic 90 CZK

Vodka Orange 90 CZK

This venue is popular most nights with Mondays and the weekends being especially so! Entry price is 5Euro or free if with a tour group/party hostel.

Music Type: Mix of Music, House, Dance, commercial, Hip Hop/RnB, Afrobeats.

Dress Code: Like most of Prague nightclubs the dress code is relaxed. I have gotten in with smart jean shorts & black trainers no problem. Although one guy was turned away for wearing swimming style shorts! Typical brit on holiday!

Location: Václavské nám. 831/21, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Insider Tip: Popular all days of the week, especially the weekends & Monday.

14. Harleys

Harleys is a ruff & ready biker themed bar for those who want some real rock music! As most nightclubs in Prague play commercial, EDM and trance this place is a refreshingly different. The bartenders are entertaining & spit fire, use flamethrowers & perform all other sorts of antics!

Harleys is located 5 mins from old town square in what I like to call the Bemuda triangle of central Pragues mini club scene, which includes M1 Hip Hop Club, James Dean 1950’s bar and Harleys. There is also Moon Club which is just two doors down from Harleys but offers a very different scene.

Location: Dlouhá 704/18, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

13. M1 Nightclub

If you fancy some RnB & Hip Hop in a central location head to M1 Club 5 minutes walk old town square, although a small venue the atmosphere is great for a celebration. This venue is very popular, due to its location.


M1 Club Entrance Fee:

Entrance costs is 200Kc (, $9 USD, 8Euro, £7). Bottle/Table service is popular with tables along the edge of the club. A couple of scantly clad ibiza style dancers on podiums get the party started.

Location: Masná 705/1, 110 00 Staré Město

Music Type:

Hip Hop & RnB.

Dress Code:

Like most of Prague nightclubs the dress code is relaxed. I have gotten in with smart jean shorts & black trainers no problem.

Insider Tip:

Head down at 11-11:30pm, when its starting to get busy but your still won't have to wait in the que to long. It will get real busy by about 1AM-2AM+. The only negative of this place is it can get a little cramped due to the narrow layout.

12. Music Club Zlaty Strom

Zlaty Storm, is located in the basement of Golden tree hotel between Charles Bridge & old town square. The underground maze leads to three different dance floors each offering a different type & style of music. This is definitely a cool venue to experience.

11. James Dean Bar/Nightclub

A stylish 1950’s american style diner bar/club honoring the great american movie star James Dean. This Bar/Diner & Nightclub is popular all week round, including Sundays!

Upstairs you will find great food, drinks and friendly waitresses in 1950’s style outfits. Head downstairs, past the Harley Davidson suspended from the ceiling and you will find a basement club with flamethrowers coming out of the bar!

James Dean Bar/Nightclub in Prague. Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )[/caption]

There is also a classic Cadillac converted to comfy private seating. In a cage on the dance floor you will see a dancing girl, with a 1950’s style bikini on! A real unique bar/nightclub to check out.

Food at James Dean Diner:

They serve a variety of classic all american foods, burger, fries, ribs and tasty chicken wings with melted blue cheese sauce. There is also bacon & cheese covered fries. Don't worry if yo don't finish it all as they will even provide you with a doggy bag to take the food home! Food is served until 11pm and the last orders are at 10:45pm.

James Dean Bar Prague Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

James Dean Club Entrance Fee:

Cost of Entry: FREE

Music Type:

1950's Rock & Roll up until 11-12pm, then the music shifts to a mixture.

Dress Code:

Very Relaxed dress code.


V Kolkovně 922/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia.

(2 mins walk from M1 hip hop club)

10. Deja Vu - Cocktail Bar

Deja Vu is a local favourite just a couple of minutes down the road from Chapeau rouge. Despite it's central location, (just of old town square), the drink prices are very cheap.

During happy hours or their happy day (Thursday) you can grab  tasty cocktail for £2, $2.50, €2.20. Downstairs you will find a small basement style club.


Insider Tip:

Split up your group into 2's or 3's before entering, as this place can sometimes stop large groups on the weekend, as they are a small venue.


Jakubská 648/6, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

9. Comics Music Club

Comic Club, just of old town square is a unique, small & gritty underground club with some mad street art painting inside, a must see location to check out.

The art here will truly wow you! This place creates a sharp contrast between the large tourist numbers by the astronomical clock and the gritty venue beneath Pragues old town square.

Comics Club Art Prague. Photo by Ben at (Best Nightclubs in Prague/Prague Nightlife Guide )

Entrance Fee:

Comics Club is FREE Entry.

Insider Tip:

As you head down the steep staircase into the basement venue, watch out for the low ceiling, it’s very easy to bang your head on! I know I still have the lump!


Karlova 25 , Prague, Czech Republic

8. Prague Boat Party/Bar Crawl

Head on a famous Prague Boat Party. These have an indoor with bar, DJ and club like atmosphere. Outdoors there a great terrace to see all the views.

The pre Party runs between 20:00 – 22:30, where you can take full advantage of the ALL YOU CAN DRINK BAR!! Thats right ALL YOU CAN DRINK! Drink selections, include beers, wine and a variety of shots!

This is also a great place to meet other people heading on the boat, play drinking games such as beer pong or flip cup before heading to boat.

The Boat party runs 23:00 to 1:00, and heads down Vltava River where you can see the famous Prague sights such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle & the islands.

The party party ticket, includes free entry to some of the best clubs in Prague such as The Roxy, Chapeau Rouge, Duplex or Radost. The boat guide will usually walk the entire boat party to the club.

How much does a Boat Party Cost in Prague?

The Boat party in Prague costs €30 pp , including pre party (ALL YOU CAN DRINK FOR 2.5 HOURS and after party entrance.

If your not a big drinker, there is a €20 pp version which skips the pre party.

Prague Pub Crawl

If you fancy staying on dry land, there are a variety of pub crawls operating in Prague such as the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl & Clock tower pub crawl. These both have a one hour ALL YOU CAN DRINK open bar at the start! Before finishing in one of the popular nightclubs.

7. Ace Club

Ace Club, is a new Hip Hop/RnB club in central Prague (Prague 1).  This place is popular with the locals. Table options/VIP is available but many online reviews have warned against this for tourists. Still though its a great night out regardless!  Popular on the weekends.

Location: Melantrichova 5, 110 00 Staré Město

6. Chapeau Rouge

Just 2mins walks from DeJa Vu you will come to the popular backpackers nightclub of Chapeau Rouge.

This three storey venue, offers a range of music from chilled in the upstairs bar, to house music/techno on the middle floor to drum & bass or hip hop in the exposed brick basement floor depending upon the night.


Music Type:

Mix of Music across the three floors, heavy techno, hip hop , drum & bass.

Entrance Fee:

Cost of Entry: Entry to the upstairs bar is FREE, to enter the downstairs basement clubs, there is a small fee of 100Kc ($4, £3.50,  €3.90).

Insider Tip:

They run a special event on Mondays called, "Mondays like Fridays" which is popular with party hostels, backpackers and even some locals.


Jakubská 2, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia.

5. Roxy

Roxy is one of Pragues greatest classic nightclubs, which promises to revive the” music club through visual arts”. The atmosphere is electric & the interior of the club has a colorful wow factor!

Over the many years, Roxy has attracted some of the biggest bands and live music acts in the world! Over all Roxy is an experience which should definitely be on your bucket list.

Roxy Rooftop Parties:

If your here during June/July, you may get a chance to experience one of Roxy annual rooftop parties. This is great during the summer sunshine.

Roxy Dress Code:

Like most Prague nightclubs, Roxy has a relaxed dress code.


Dlouhá 33

Prague 1, 110 00

4. Moon Club

A fairly new & stylish place, which attracts many locals. A high end looking place with reasonably priced drinks, a vibrant dance floor offering, a mix of music from Hip Hop to funky house/techno.

There are two cocktails bars downstairs & upstairs, nice cocktails to try here include, Mysterious fog, a zombie or Cuba Libre.

Moon Club Prague-Best nightclubs Prague. Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Nightclubs in Prague)

Insider Tip:

Apreol Spritz are on special offer at just 95Kc or £3.34, €3.70, $4

Upstairs there are some comfy seating & tables to chill out on. This is definitely one of my favourite nightlife spots in Prague, fairly new so it's not to busy yet!

Head here, like most Prague clubs 12 or later. Entrance is 100Kc/5Euro, girls go free.

3. Lucerna Music Club

Lucerna club is one of the largest nightclubs in Prague and a true icon of the cities nightlife. With spacious dance floors and well equip stages the venue also attracts many famous live music acts.

Lucy Lei | Wiki

Insider Tip:

Head down on Friday for the fun 80’s & 90’s nights! This is a great opportunity to dress up in some wacky outfits.

Location: Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Nové Město

2. Radost FX

Radost FX is a very popular Hip Hop/RnB club with an asian themed style. This is a hotspot for Extravagant parties loved by locals but still tourist friendly!

Insider Tip:

Visit on a Saturday night for “Swerve parties every Saturday”, a popular event which brings great DJ’s & atmosphere

  • Best for Hip Hop & RnB

Location: Bělehradská 234/120, 120 00 Vinohrady, Czechia

1. Karlovy Lazne - 5 Level Nightclub

One of the most iconic and highly rated clubs in Prague is the 5 Storey Karlovy Lazne Club. This venue claims to be the “one of the Biggest Nightclub in central Europe”.

Highlights include:

  • 5 Floors of different music, Dance, Classic, hip, RnB etc.
  • Reasonable Priced drinks,
  • A video floor, which serves as a dance floor,
  • Oxygen bar
  • Ice Bar.

Insider Tip:

This is your best option if you have a large group of friends, as it’s spread out over 5 floors so there will be something here for everyone!

How much is the entrance to Karlovy Lazne (5 storey club)?

Entrance is slightly higher than other nightclubs at costs 300Kc, or 10€. Although you do get alot of different scenes for your buck!

Location: Novotného lávka 198/13, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Map of the 15 Best Nightclubs in Prague

I have created this very helpful Map below which outlines the 15 Best nightclubs in Prague.

15 Essential Prague Nightlife Tips

1.  Head to the Nightclubs around midnight or later! As in many other parts of Europe such as Spain Czech Nightclubs don’t get busy till after midnight.

(With me being from the U.K, this was a sharp contrast as in the U.K its best to get out early, 9pm-10pm to avoid ques, most places even stop letting extra people in after 2AM.

2. Pre Drinking options include some fun Karaoke at London Underground Bar, or a few drinks in one of the cool bars such as the Dubliner Irish Bar, Absinthe Bar or even Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club, near old town square. They have food upstairs and live Jazz downstairs.

(Don’t Head to the Jazz Dock Riverside Jazz Bar before 10pm! As there is no Jazz until then!! Madness I know.)

3. Split up your group into smaller 2/3’s before approaching a club as some nicer places do not like large groups of guys, although most are ok.

4. Dress code at most Czech nightclubs in the centre is relaxed. Which is refreshing being from England, where the bouncer will not let you in if your wearing trainers or are not smart. However, in Czech I got in places like Chapeau Rouge wearing jean shorts & black trainers without any issue.

5. Don’t use the ATM/Cash Points in Prague: They are setup or to try and get you to withdraw large amounts & also give you a really bad rate.

6. Best to bring Czech money (Czech Koruna) with you and perhaps some of your local currency, which you can exchange at a bureau if you run out. If you really need a cash point, use a bank and try to go the least amount of times.

7. Be Careful Using your bank card for payments - You can pay on card for drinks at alot of venues, but be careful with this as a friend of mine was overcharged massively when he was drunk! Cash is king!

8Best Conversion rate: If you do pay on card for a meal, “select charge in local currency” not using there conversion rate. That way your bank will do the exchange for you at a better rate.

Local currency, Czech Koruna:

Approximate rates: (Aug 2019):

1 USD = 23.21 CZK

1 Euro = 25.80 CZK

1 GBP = 28.40 GBP

9. Don’t Burn out during the day. It all kicks of in Prague past midnight, so try not to drink to heavy during the day if you really want to hit it hard during the night.

10. Watch out for trams, after a heavy days drinking it can be easy for your balance & awareness to go, so be ware of the fast moving trams some of which won’t slow down! A friend of mine, wasn’t even drunk but was just walking along the edge of a tram line and nearly got taken out!

Prague nightclub/Party Tips Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

11. While in Prague you will be doing alot of walking! So make sure you wear comfy shoes/Trainers.

Taxis are extortionate, and the series of cobbled alleyways make it difficult for pick ups in the centre. But if you really need one, use Uber as they have a fixed price. If your feeling adventurous you could use the city bus/trams, use google maps to tell you which to take.

prague Nightlife tips. Photo by Ben at (Best Nightclubs in Prague)

12. When you lose your friends, which you will if in a large group! Find a good pub/bar then share your location with them on whatsapp so they can follow the route directly to you.  For apple phone, go onto the WhatsApp messages, then click the plus button & share your location.

13. Be Respectful in the club & Meet new people. Prague is a friendly city on nights out, I only saw one fight in 12 nights out in Czech! Which compared to the U.K is amazing. So feel free to chat to new people & make some interesting friends.

14. Learn Czech Phrases. Although the majority of people in the centre of Prague speak English. A couple of useful phrases can go along way. Ahoy (Hello), Thank you (Děkuji) (Pronounced Je Qui), good day (dobrý den).

15. Drink lots of water. Alcohol is a Diuretic means it can dehydrate you! So drink plenty of water before bed, to avoid that pesky hangover. This will allow you to not waste your day & party again the next night with no issue! ;)

Best all night Food Venues in Prague - After Clubbing!

So you’ve been out till the early hours and your stomach is starting to rumble! You really want some food to help ease your hunger & have a great sleep.

1. McDonalds

The Safe option, you know the food, you know the brand and you know what your getting. The Mcdonalds in central Prague 1, is Open 24 hours:

Address: Na Příkopě 852/10, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

2. Burrito Loco - Healthy Alternative!

I virtually lived of just Burritos from Burrito Loco my whole time in Prague. A healthier & tastier alternative to Mcdonals! Burrito loco provides a subway style make your own burrito process.

Where you choose the toppings, chicken, beef, vegetarian, Mexican beans, salads and a selection of spicy sauces. They also do a Burrito in a box, which is the same but without a wrap.

There is a variety of Burrito shops all over Prague. Open until 6-7AM each night.


Masná 620/2, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

(Just opposite M1 Nightclub, across from James Dean Bar) (5 mins from Old town square)

Want more on Prague? check out:

Ultimate Bachelor Party Itinerary for Prague -

(This contains vital info on must try daytime activities, such as info on beer bikes etc.

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