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Ultimate Guide to Manchester NIGHTLIFE (Best places to go!)

Dive into Manchester's nightlife with our guide to the best bars, clubs, and spots for every vibe. Ideal for travelers seeking the ultimate night out!

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Ultimate Guide to Manchester NIGHTLIFE (Best places to go!)

Manchester is the 2nd Largest city in the United Kingdom (Sorry Birmingham!). The City has it's roots as a former Textile Hub during the industrial Revolution.

Manchester is now known for ICONIC Bands such as OasisStone roses in addition to the Premier League Football Mammoths Manchester United & Manchester City.

These days the city is also a Melting Pot of Culture, great food, Music & much more!

What is Manchester's Nightlife Like?


Firstly, DON'T LISTEN TO TAXI DRIVERS , (They will send you to the worst places!)

Manchester's Nightlife is extremely DIVERSE but also split up across different parts of the city.

(This makes it different to places like Liverpool, where everything is close by (Concert Square or Dale street (which is a little nicer)

I have split this Article into separate sections so you can "CHOOSE YOUR VIBE"  then skip to the relevant section. HOPE YOU FIND THIS HELPFUL!

Best Places to go for a night out in Manchester?

A. DEANSGATE Locks   - Young (18 to 23) vibe. Little Tacky, I would personally avoid. (Comedy Store is good to start night out though)

B. Deansgate GREAT NORTHERN AREA (Peter Street)     *BEST OVERALL AREA (Keep's everyone happy no matter age/vibe)

C. Spinningfields:  Classy/High end Night Out.

D. NORTHERN QUARTER/ANCOATS: Trendy/Edgy/Casual Bars & Restaurants, Great Vibe/Atmosphere, Bar Hopping place

E. RAVING  & EVENT SPOTS (Warehouse Project, Hidden, Escape from Freight island (Bars/live music)

Manchester UK nightlife


Manchester's Nightlife Area Guide (Where to go?):

Best Bars/Restaurants & Nightclubs in Manchester. Also, if you drink too much, get a hotel or motel room, and don't drive drunk! Here's a list of places to stay in Manchester.

Note: This Post ASSUMES everything is open normally! If you're not sure then you may need to book tables. Details here; UK Government Website.

A. DEANSGATE (The Good & not so good part)

Deansgate Locks - I would Avoid (personal opinion)

This is worth a Mention but NOT to my flavour, this is the "General/Commerical place" where Taxi drivers will tell you about.

If your around 18  to 23 years old, then you may like it here, it is a selection of Bars/Small Nightclubs in Deansgate.

It can also be an ok place to start your night before moving onto to other places.

Insider tip: It can get a little rough at kicking out time. If you plan on staying to 2:30AM-3AM/4AM

Positive Tip: The Comedy Store Deansgate locks is a great place to watch a show (Honestly, i was sceptical at first, but was actually laughing

my socks off, mainly at the comedian giving great Banter to someone at the audience)


BEST OVERALL AREA (For most people)

This is actually one of my favourite places, this is Sandwiched between Deansgate Locks & Spinningfields (The classy Part of town)

So this is a great middle ground to have a fun night/Early Evening out.

The Great Northern Building,:

Opposite that building, You will find a selection of bars on Peter Street.

My Favourite is....

i. ALBERT SCHLOSS  (at 27 Peter Street) ***Town & Tourist FAVOURITE***

A Classy & Quirky German Style bar, with great well lit decor & LIVE MUSIC/CIRCUS Style acts (Sometimes Transgender dancers which can be very funny when you've had a drink)

Albert Schloss also includes a Bavarian-style beer cellar which offers pilsner beers on tap and in bottles. In addition to great German style food during the day/Early Evening.

INSIDER TIP: Albert Schloss Usually Closes between 1:30AM and 2AM, I recommended getting their for around 10pm (You can also come early if you wish to eat or skip the ques as

CAN GET FULL QUICK & VERY BUSY! You may also need to book if this health situation  is still going on!)

ENTRY: Entry is FREE, which is great although the bouncers can sometimes be a little specific, so dress decent, wear shoes (No Trainers, they won't let you in), Have ID's etc

(Drinks are expensive compared to other places, but I think it's worth it as the their is a GREAT FUN ATMOSPHERE, PEOPLE DANCE ON THE TABLES & I've never seen any trouble in there.

Address: 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

ii. Blues street kitchen  **(Best for Live Music)

New Trendy, High End Bar/Restaurant with great Live Music & Atmosphere.

Opening times: 10am-2am

Address: 13 Quay St, Manchester M3 3HN

iii. Flight Club Manchester

Darts & Drinks what more do you need! Think Stylish pub with great atmosphere. Perfect PRE DRINKING SPOT or great with a group of friends.

Insider Tip: This is not on the "main Peter Street strip" just a few minutes further down the right. So may be best to start here.

Address: Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester M2 4WU

Flight Club Manchester

iv. Peaky Blinders Bar

Yes there is a Bar named after a TV show, this is easier to get into than Albert Schloss (Next door) & more aimed at the older generation. Very Casual Open style bar & restaurant with music.

Address: 23 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

v. Revolution de Cuba

Unleash your latin  Spirit Just next door, at Revolution de Cuba. Spread of Two Floors (live music, Dancers & Bar) top floor (Sometimes they give away maracas!) Floor 2 (underneath) is more

club style where you can dance to a range of music. Fun place, which keeps everyone happy of all generations especially with a large group.

INSIDER TIP; Great for large groups & work night outs.

Opening times: 11am-3am

Address: 11 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

vi. Impossible

One of the few actual LARGE SCALE , Commercial Clubs with GIN BAR at the top. GREAT NIGHT OUT, large dancefloor, DJ & they have crazy live shows which will surprise you.

There is also an outdoor terrace upstairs which is nice for daytime cocktails.

Negative: Entry Cost is charged after late, can be expensive for entry but drinks standard for area.

Insider Tip: Stay Tuned for the LIFE SHOWS on the stage, sometimes Fire Breathers & lots of crazy stuff!

Impossible Manchester.


Address: 36 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

Impossible Manchester. Source:

vi. Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini, this is a fun place on the corner of Peter Street which offers a selection of cocktails, and two floors of Music. Bottom Floor has a strong club vibe with DJ and Dance floor.

Insider Tip: It is a Little Rougher than Albert Schloss with a younger crowd & a little of a "deansgate locks" vibe. Still can be a good night out.

Opening times: 11am-3am

Address: 1 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

vii. ManaHatta

Manahatta, offers an a modern New York Style Bar/Club vibe. With two floors of music (Dancefloor's and Table areas for bottles) (But definitely not pretentious)

Expect a similar Youngish crowd to Dirty Martini which is just opposite on the corner.

INSIDER TIP: All places above have FREE ENTRY which is great!

That's me in the centre. I'm Living this article for you guys! (p.S. That was a messy Night)

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Opening times: 11am-3am

Address: 188-192 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3ND

C. Spinningfields: Classy/High end Night Out.

Spinningfields is the "classy" part of Deansgate, here you will find a great selection of high end bars, restaurants & a great place to get dressed up for & have a photo

opportunity. ("Post to the "Gram") .

20 STORIES (SKY BAR) **Town & Tourist FAVOURITE***

High End, Stylish Rooftop Bar & Sky Lounge!

Incredible Place, Incredible Views, Incredible Vibe.

I've been to plenty of Rooftop bars in my time is this not the first in Manchester (we also have Cloud 23) just opposite at the Hilton.

(Which is 3 floors higher!)

However, Many of these rooftop bars lack a TRUE VIBE, & they tend to be very "Stiff" places. Great for Food & cocktails but not with as much of a fun atmosphere.

But 20 STORIES, Ticks all the boxes. Stylish Interior split between and Indoor & outdoor part.

Panoramic Views of the city, Cocktails, great food, drinks. Pods with Open air fire pit outside. LIVE DJ & more!

Entry is also FREE & you take the elevator up.

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That's me in the centre again  Been Living this article for you guys! ;)

Feel free to follow me on instagram. Ben_Alaimo (I post food alot or if you wish for any tips)

INSIDER TIP: Be aware this is a high end place so dress good (again No TRAINERS!) , No Big groups of lads, (Best split in two's and come in one street apart)

Only Negative: Drinks are VERY EXPENSIVE.

(Can be nice for 1 or 2 drinks, but i prefer to go when i've already had a couple of drinks so don't break the bank!)

INSIDER TIP: On the way to the Toilet are the best place to grab a photo for "the gram" or just to jog your memory the next day.

DATE SPOT/COUPLES: If you want a nice high end date spot, then this is the best place in Manchester.

Address: NO. 1, 1 Hardman Square, Manchester M3 3EB

Terry Coffins | Wikimedia Commons

MENAGERIE Restaurant & Bar

Exceptional & Stylish Bar & Restaurant, which offers Experiential Dining (They sometimes offer live dancers & much more!)

Great places for classy events, Birthday's etc. The Dance floor also opens up later on. I recommended heading here after 20 Stories

or you can just book a table with food here then stay as things open up.

Insider Tip: The FAMOUS BATH with Balls inside is the best spot for a classic shot for the gram! They even have lighting setup already!

Insider Tip: Around 6 Minutes walk from 20 Stories, but if your unsure or in HEELS! You may want to grab a taxi from deansgate road or uber.

Address: One New Bailey, New Bailey St, Salford M3 5JL

Opening times: 12 noon-3am

MENAGERIE Restaurant & Bar


Next door to Menagerie is Food well, a Stylish High end Cocktail bar & Restaurant with (GREAT SUSHI). Turns into FIREFLY at night, more of a party vibe with a live DJ. Personally I think this place is very underrated.

I only wen't originally as Menagerie was full, but found it great.

Address: Suite 2, Ground Floor, One New Bailey, Stanley St, Salford M3 5JL  (Next door to Menagerie)

Opening times: 10am-12am


Stylish Cocktail Bar & Asia Infused Restaurant on the edge of Spinningfields, nice high end pre drink spot.

Address: 50 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1EN

Opening times: 11am-3am


Formerly Neighbourhood, LA style  Mexican, Japanese and Chinese dining then Nightclub at night. Great place for ordered Bottles to a table if that's your seen.

Lots of good looking people & they sometimes have Live Music/Saxophone on the stage with the DJ.

Warning: Can "kick off" with fights sometimes but door staff is fast acting & careful who to let in, still worth it even with this.

BLVD Manchester

Boujee Restaurant & Bar

Newish Place opened in Manchester ,fun vibe with live acts sometimes & very pink! Hip Hop Music with lot's of outdoor seating.

Insider tip: Giant Barbie Doll Case is popular for photos for the "gram"

Barbie-box-202-Kitchen. Boujee Restaurant & Bar

WARNING: Lots of Bad Reviews about this place, mainly with regards to "rude staff & slow service" for tables, also expensive.

So you may wish to give this one a miss if only here for 1 night but if longer then still could be worth a test if feeling brave.

Opening times: 12pm-2am

Address: 34 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BT


The Northern Quarter is a trendy neighbourhood, with vibrant street art, bohemian bars & a melting pot of GREAT CASUAL RESTAURANTS.

It’s also home some of the city’s liveliest music venues, which host up-and-coming indie bands and established acts.

INSIDER TIP: Just head to STEVENSON SQUARE/THOMAS STREET & All Bars/Micro Clubs are on one road.


Probably the "nicest" bar in Northern quarter in terms of Modern style & not edgy.

Great place to start the night, keep everyone happy with live music (great singer!)

Address: 42-44 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE

Mulacrosico Tia | Wikimedia Commons


Quirky Cocktail Bar disguised as a Pawn shop


Gaming, Drinking & More! Retro Lounge/Bar, very edgy.

Address: 43-45 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FN



Hip Hop Bar/Micro club with Packed Dance floor & DJ.  Also has 3 rooftop terraces. (Usually only open day time, for some strange reason!)

Address: 43 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA

FREE ENTRY.  Great place to go early on in the night, closes early.

The FreeMount

Classic Pub with Live Music.

Address: 73-75 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1EB


Underground Tiki Club with Flaming Cocktails, Live DJ & Dancefloor HULA MANCHESTER

Open till 3 AM so great place to finish the night.

Music Genres Vary: Hip Hop, Commercial, House

Insider Tip:  * BEST FOR FLAMING COCKTAILS (Order the Zombies)

Negative: Usually costs between £3 and £5 for entry,

Hula Bar Manchester


2 FLOOR New York style BAR with VARIOUS MUSIC TYPES usually (Indie first floor, Hip Hop Upstairs)

Casual Downstairs, Live DJ's and FLAMING COCKTAILS Tikki bar style UPSTAIRS.

Great place to keep everyone happy, open till very late 2Am/3AM

Address: 49, 51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA



Underground Industrial chic,  Hip Hop Club with large Dance floor & DJ, Open till Late.

Address: Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DW

Open till very late, 3AM (sometimes little later)


Lost in Tokyo:

Opposite Hula Bar, Lost in Tokyo is another MICRO CLUB/Bar with packed dance floor.

Music Genres Vary: Hip Hop, Commercial, House

Also open till late3AM

Address: 26b Lever St, Manchester M1 1DN


Shawna Peirre | Wikimedia Commons


(AFTER 1AM till 4Am/5AM)


Easy to get in & Free, Resident DJ's packed Dance floor. (Great place if they stop letting in at other bars around 1AM)

Address: Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1FB (Opposite Wilsons social)

Twenty Twenty Two

Lively & VERY CASUAL/Edgy Venue , with PING PONG Tables, Beer Pong & Live DJ/Dance floor.

Address: The Basement, Little Lever St, Manchester M1 1EZ


Negative: Cost of Entry after certain time £3 approx.

Jack Kirwin | Wikimedia Commons


Large Bar/Club packed with Pool Tables at the back & RAVE Style dance floor further along!

Ideal as a place to go later past Midnight/1AM when other places stop letting in.

Address: 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW

Negative: Cost for entry after certain time.


Best for house Music, Techno & Dance. :


Ticketed Event, with limited Supply.

Home to some of the BIGGEST DJ's from around the world.

The Warehouse Project has a limited seasonal approach rather than running all year.

Each year's season runs from September through to New Years Day, plus occasional one off dates such as Bank Holiday weekends.


Warehouse Project | Wikimedia Commons

Address: Mayfield Train Station, The Depot, Manchester M1 2QF

Capacity: 16,000

Genre(s)House, techno, Trance, electro, live concerts

NominationsUK Festival Award for Best Dance EventMORE



Part of Warehouse Project, Depot Mayfield is a new Manchester venue with a 10,000 capacity. The venue is located at Manchester’s former railway Mayfield

The former railway station comprises of 5 large scale spaces offering the ultimate industrial backdrop and

three interlinking archways which makes a new home for events.

Address: 11 Baring St, Manchester M1 2PY



An urban landscape rebuilt around a Quirky food market, a unique selection of bars

(a huge main bar, craft beer tap room, neighbourhood cocktail bar and intimate wine bar). ALso offers live music and events.

NEGATIVE: Taxi Required & Bookings as slightly further out & can sell out.

Address: 11 Baring St, Manchester M1 2PZ


You want a Gritty Rave? House, Techno? Then this is the place.

Hidden Manchester

Address: 16-18 Mary St, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M3 1NH

Negative: Dodgey Area Surrounding, Cheetman hill. So wouldn't venture far from the club!



I recommended bouncing between places so you get to experience more, for example: You could start the night on Peter Street (Great Northern Deansgate) then head to

Northern Quarter later on.  Either way, I hope you have a great time.

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