16 Affordable Small Boats with Cabins

Explore top affordable small boats with cabins - perfect for travelers seeking value & comfort on the water. Ideal picks for various sizes & speeds!

Kit Evans
July 16, 2024
Explore top affordable small boats with cabins - perfect for travelers seeking value & comfort on the water. Ideal picks for various sizes & speeds!

It’s difficult to find an affordable small boat with a cabin as even boats without cabins are often pricey. Boats with extra amenities such as cabins, kitchens, and showers are generally expensive, but that’s not always the case. So, what are the best affordable small boats with cabins?

The best affordable small boats with cabins are the Sea Ray Sun Sport 230, Stringray 208cr Cuddy Cabin, and Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe. You can also save money with the Jeanneau 1095 NC and Pro-Line 20 Express which both have roomy cabins at a great price. Otherwise, consider the Jet Capsule Mini Yacht and Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser.

Each of these small boats with cabins falls below the price point that you typically find on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that they lack amenities that make a boat so appealing, to begin with. Follow along as we explore the most affordable small boats with cabins and highlight their features.

Affordable Small Boats With Cabins

Finding small boats with cabins often comes at a high cost that many people are unwilling to meet. Cabins add plenty of value to boats, and it’s hard for many people to justify the extra cost. Luckily, there are many affordable small boats with cabins that don’t come at premium costs.

1. Sea Ray Sun Sport 230

Sea Ray Sun Sport 230
Sea Ray Sun Sport 230

Sea Ray makes many affordable boats, but the Sun Sport 230 is their best one that features a cabin. There are several models of the Sun Sport 230 with different floor plans that are 19’-40’ long. It’s hard to tell that this boat has a cabin from the outside because of its simple layout, but you can find it below the deck.

Below-deck cabins are the best use of space, especially if you are looking for a small, affordable boat. The cabin is spacious and features comfortable seating with cushions for lounging or sleeping. This is the main appeal of what is an otherwise impressive-yet-standard boat.

Boats with cabins generally average $75,000 but can exceed $100,000 in most cases. Luckily, the Sea Ray Sun Sport starts at $61,995 which is quite low for a boat with a cabin. That is a bargain when you consider the 50-gallon engine and world-renowned performance.  

2. Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin

 Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin
Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin

The Stingray 208cr Cuddy Cabin is the smallest boat in the Cuddy series that features a cabin. It only measures 20’ and 8’ long which is modest for a boat with so many features. You can comfortably fit up to 9 people on this boat as long as the onboard weight doesn’t exceed 1,715 pounds including cargo.

A key feature of the Stingray 208cr Cuddy Cabin is that the cabin features a window. This should be a standard feature for any small boat with a cabin, but it’s not. You can easily fit several people in the cabin whether you are just lounging or going to sleep.

The cabin can fit a queen or king-sized bed and still leave some space on either side. It also features a toilet and plenty of bow storage which is necessary for a boat of this size. Finally, this boat comes with a 25-quart igloo cooler which makes it easy to embark on overnight trips on the water.

3. Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe

Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe
Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe

The Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe measures 23’ and 7” long and boasts a comfortable cabin. It features a Yamaha engine, so you know that you can rely on a smooth and consistent performance. The 300-horsepower engine is the highlight of the Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe beside the cabin.

It also includes a microwave and Kenyon grill, so you don’t have to return to shore to eat. While it is considered a small boat compared to most liveaboard vessels, its layout isn’t cramped at all. You can expect to spend $119,937 for a Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe which is affordable for a luxury vessel like this with a cabin.

4. Jeanneau 1095 NC

Jeanneau 1095 NC
Jeanneau 1095 NC

There are several options for the Jeanneau 1095 NC depending on your budget. This boat primarily appeals to families or seafarers who often go out with large groups. You can buy a Jeanneau 1095 NC that has 2 or 3 cabins depending on what you are looking for.

Both models feature a Yamaha Twin 300 horsepower engine which is quite powerful for a boat of this size. It measures 34’ long which still falls into the small boat category because it is under 40’ long. One major benefit of this boat is that it has a 106-gallon capacity which eliminates the need to refuel too often.

You don’t have to worry about strong winds or harsh waves with the Jeanneau 1095 NC. The bow thruster makes it easy to navigate inclement weather and rough water without a problem.

5. Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser

Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser
Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser

Coming in at 22’ and 7” long, the Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser has more bells and whistles than it looks at first glance. While it’s a relatively small boat, there is nothing small about the power that this Dusky boat has to offer. The 230-horsepower engine is a perfect example of this, and that’s quite powerful for an affordable boat with a cabin.

Dusky paid attention to detail when they made this boat between the hydraulic steering, storage, and navigation lights. You get a 60-gallon fuel capacity with this boat which isn’t huge, but it’s perfect for a boat of this size. The cabin includes comfortable cushions, lights, and a solid door for privacy.

The best part about the boat is that it’s so attainable and affordable. It only costs $55,000 which is an incredible deal for a boat that performs this well.

6. Pro-Line 20 Express

6. Pro-Line 20 Express
Pro-Line 20 Express

Pro-Line is a well-respected name in the marine world, and the 20 Express easily explains why that’s the case. It measures 20’ long and can hold 7 people at a time as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit combine with the cargo. This boat is just as much about fun as it is about practicality, as evidenced by the dive platform.

The tempered glass windshield means that you won’t have to worry about heavy winds throwing debris at the boat. Fishers particularly gravitate towards this vessel, but it applies to any boat enthusiast. The 27-gallon live well means that you can store as much fish as you can catch in a day without a problem.

The 200-horsepower engine is more than enough for a boat of this size and weight. Pro-Line crafted this boat with a small cabin that is comfortable enough to sleep 1-2 people. It may not be the perfect small boat with a cabin for large families, but it is perfect for groups of friends planning a weekend trip out on the water.

7. Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21

Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21
Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21

Consider the Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21 if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a boat with a cabin. Atlas Boat Works has made many amazing boats in various sizes, but the Pompano 21 is their standout model. It is 21’ and 3” long so it’s easy to transport without a custom trailer.

This unique small-yet-wide boat features a hard top which makes sleeping much more comfortably. The hard top also comes in handy if you simply want more privacy so that passengers can relax in the cabin. You get a sink, comfortable galley, and cozy cabin with this relatively small vessel.

The 34-gallon fuel capacity is enough for most seafarers that don’t plan to go out too far. This boat also features convenient ventilation hatches that come in handy on hot and humid days. You can purchase an Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21 for only $27,000.

8. Rinker 270 Express Cruiser

Rinker 270 Express Cruiser
Rinker 270 Express Cruiser

onsider the Rinker 270 Express Cruiser if you want a small boat with a cabin that can sleep multiple people. Up to 4 people can comfortably sleep in the Rinker 270 Express Cruiser which is hard to find in a small boat. It is nearly 29’ long with a spacious cabin that has over 6’ of headroom.

You get everything that you need for a weekend trip with this boat. This vessel includes a microwave, fridge, stove, and plenty of onboard storage. A new model starts at $27,995 but used Rinker 270s typically cost $18,000-$22,000 depending on the condition.

The Bluetooth stereo system makes it easy to turn this vessel into a party boat with the touch of a button. Few boats of this size offer as much value between the cabin, entertainment value, and appliances that are included.

9. Campion Allante 635

Campion Allante 635
Campion Allante 635

Boats made out of fiberglass have become the gold standard, and the Campion Allante 635 should explain why that’s the case. Everything from the deck to the cabin is comfortable and meant to accommodate multiple people. The cabin isn’t too large, but you can easily lounge or sleep in it with up to 3 people.

You can leave the cabin as is and use it as a lounge or convert it into a sleeping space. Converting it to a sleeping space takes less than 5 minutes and is worth it for overnight trips. The 60-gallon fuel tank is appropriate for the Campion Allante 635 because it’s not meant for long journeys.

The 250-horsepower engine can let you maintain a consistent 35-mile-per-hour cruising speed. Some people want more power out of a boat, but small boats with cabins don’t generally need more.

10. Campion EX18 OB SC

Campion EX18 OB SC
Campion EX18 OB SC

The Campion EX18 OB SC is another excellent offering from the brand, and its cabin is comparable to the Allante 635. This small boat is only 19’ and 6” which makes it easy to transport before you even set out on the water. Its dry weight is 1,990 pounds before you embark on your journey.

The Campion EX18 OB SC can fit 7 people onboard at once which makes it perfect for families. It is a popular boat among the fishing community because of features such as tackle boxes, live bait storage, and rod holders. However, it also appeals to enthusiasts who simply want to cruise around and have fun on the water.

The cabin is roomy and can fit at least 2 people overnight without a problem. Otherwise, you can fit 4 or more people in the cabin if you simply use it as a lounge. The possibilities are endless, and the Campion EX18 OB SC is worth the $81,521 price tag.  

11. Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

Jet Capsule Mini Yacht
Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

You will have a hard time finding a small boat with a cabin that boasts such a unique appearance. From the outside, the Jet Capsule Mini Yacht looks like something from a sci-fi film. It measures 24 feet long and has the most unique hard top of any boat on this list.

The only downside of the Jet Capsule Mini Yacht is that it doesn’t specifically come with a cabin if you buy it outright. However, it has the space for a cabin, so you can modify it via a dealer or the manufacturer to include one. Jet Capsule lets you add benches, chairs, and sofas or clear space for a mattress.

The windows react to the sunlight and brighten or darken depending on the outdoor brightness. Cruise through the water at up to 40 mph while someone relaxes in the custom cabin with your Jet Capsule Mini Yacht.

12. Scout 350 LXF

Scout 350 LXF
Scout 350 LXF

Boaters on a budget that don’t need too much space can appreciate the Scout 350 LXF. The cabin may not be too big, but it’s proportional to the size of the boat. Luckily, the galley makes up for it with plenty of space and a small dinette that is perfect for a mid-day meal or nightcap.

This certainly isn’t a liveaboard boat, but you could easily spend 1-3 nights on the Scout 350 LXF without a problem. It is much longer than it is wide which explains the limited cabin space on this vessel. The Scout 350 LXF is just under 35’ long which is nearly at the threshold of what is considered a small boat.

Speed is another key factor to consider about the Scout 350 LXF. Unlike most smaller boats, this vessel can reach speeds up to 70 mph which makes it a force to be reckoned with.

13. Bayliner 285 SB

 Bayliner 285 SB
Bayliner 285 SB

Few 28-foot-long boats are as impressive as the Bayliner 285 SB. You have everything that you need with this boat as it is stocked with a pantry, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and stove. The galley on the Bayliner 285 SB is every bit as impressive as the cabin itself.

None of the other small boats on this list include a cabin that can fit 6 people in it. This is a major selling point of the Bayliner 285 SB, especially for seafarers that bring their friends and families out on the water. You won’t be able to reach speeds of 40 mph, but that isn’t necessary unless you’re trying to race or cruise at high speeds anyway.

Another selling point of the Bayliner 285 SB is the cockpit which is roomy enough for multiple people. This comes in handy if you have several passengers that are along for a day trip and don’t plan to sleep on the vessel.

14. Grady White Express 330

The Grady White Express 330 appeals to both novice and expert boat enthusiasts seeking an affordable vessel with a cabin. It measures 33’ and 6” and is notable for its powerful engine. The portside galley, comfortable cabin, and roomy cockpit all contribute to a boat that can comfortably fit many people.

Many seafarers describe the Grady White Express 330 as a liveaboard boat which is understandable given the onboard space. The 850-horsepower engine may seem like overkill, but it’s necessary to move such a heavy boat. This boat weighs more than it looks like at just under 11,000 pounds before it gets wet.

While the Grady White Express 330 is pricier than some of the other boats on this list, it’s also larger. With that said, it still falls into the category of small boats within the boating community. It starts at $85,000 if you can find a used one, and it’s worth every penny.

15. Boston Whaler Conquest 285

Boston Whaler Conquest 285
Boston Whaler Conquest 285

Coming in at just under 28’, the Boston Whaler Conquest 285 is worth considering if you want an affordable boat with a cabin. You get a 200-gallon fuel capacity, a roomy cockpit, and many customization options with this boat. Boston Whaler lets you customize the cabin to your likely and choose a floorplan that is ideal for you.

Like all Boston Whaler boats, the Conquest 285 is unsinkable. That alone should be a huge selling point because safety supersedes all the luxury features that a boat has to offer. You can drive half of the boat if it gets cut in half in an emergency, but neither half will sink.

The cabin doubles as a lounge and sleeping area which is nice if you are simply out on the water for the day. Used Boston Whaler Conquest 285s rarely exceed $48,000 which is a bargain even if they have many miles on them.

16. Four Winns Vista 238

 Four Winns Vista 238
Four Winns Vista 238

While this boat is no longer in production, it has a comfortable cabin and fits the categories of small and affordable. You can easily find a used Four Winns Vista 238 for $11,000 or under which makes it one of the cheapest boats on this list. However, this 23’ long boat can still proudly fit in amongst many of the newer vessels in this guide

The 4 bunks on this boat mean that it has more room for people to sleep than the average small boat with a cabin. This is essential if you have a large family or plan to depart on a trip with friends. It also includes a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower which is hard to find on an affordable vessel.

You can also easily cook fresh fish on this vessel because it has a cooktop and refrigerator. The engine maxes out at 38 knots which is the equivalent of 43.7 mph, and that’s impressive for a budget boat. Don’t be discouraged that it’s no longer in production because boats can last for several decades if they are well-maintained.

How Much Does a Boat With a Cabin Cost?

How Much Does a Boat With a Cabin Cost
a Boat With a Cabin Cost

A boat with a cabin typically costs at least $50,000 on the low end. On average, a boat with a cabin costs $75,000, but even that is considered somewhat low. Boats that feature cabins often exceed $100,000 because of the construction, materials, and how much weight they add to the vessel.

Luxury boats with cabins rarely fall below $100,000 and often cost $250,000 or more. With that said, boats with cabins have more resale value than a standard fishing boat or cruiser. Boats that include cabins include cuddy cabins, yachts, sailboats, cabin cruisers, and trawlers.

You can also modify an existing boat to include a cabin directly through a retailer in many cases. Many manufacturers produce boats with an optional hard top add-on that can transport part of it into a cabin.

What Are the Best Affordable Small Boats With Cabins?

The best affordable small boats with cabins include the Grady White Express 330, Boston Whaler Conquest 285, and Sea Ray Sun Sport 230. You can’t go wrong with affordable boats like the Bayliner 285 SB, Scout 350 LXF, and Stingray 208cr Cuddy Cabin. Brands like Campion sell many affordable small boats with cabins like the Allante 635 and EX18 OB SC.

If you’re on a budget, you should also consider the Jeanneau 1095 NIC, Dusky 227 Fish Cruiser, and Pro-Line 20 Express. You don’t have to spend a fortune on affordable small boats with cabins like the Atlas Boat Works Pompano 21 or Rinker 270 Express Cruiser either. Each of these boats holds up well to luxury boats with cabins, but at a fraction of the cost.

For a comprehensive guide to the top leisure boats on the market, including expert reviews, performance analysis, and insider tips, check out our in-depth leisure boat buyer's guide. This article covers everything from luxurious yachts to versatile day cruisers, helping you navigate the waters of boat buying with confidence and insider knowledge.

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