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Las Vegas Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Las Vegas, NV in 2024?

Las Vegas evokes dazzling lights, thrilling casinos, and entertainment. Amidst the allure, one wonders, "Is it safe?" A valid concern for visitors.

Tobi Miles
April 1, 2024
Las Vegas Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Las Vegas, NV in 2024?

Safety in any big city is a complex topic, and Vegas is no exception. With millions of visitors each year, it's crucial to know what to expect and how to navigate the city with confidence. In this article, we'll dive into the safety aspects of Las Vegas, offering you peace of mind as you prepare for your adventure. Whether you're a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, understanding the city's safety landscape is key to enjoying all that Vegas has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Las Vegas Safety Overview: While Las Vegas has a crime rate above the national average, the tourist-heavy areas like the Las Vegas Strip are well-patrolled and equipped with advanced security measures, making them generally safer for visitors.
  • Crime Types and Precautions: Violent and property crimes exist but are often concentrated in specific areas. Tourists can reduce their risk by staying vigilant, securing valuables, and choosing accommodations in reputable areas with strong security measures.
  • Casino Security: Las Vegas casinos are among the safest places for tourists, thanks to extensive surveillance, a significant security personnel presence with backgrounds in law enforcement or the military, and quick incident response protocols.
  • Travel Safety Tips: Ensuring a safe visit involves staying aware of your surroundings, using licensed transportation, choosing secure accommodations, and moderating alcohol consumption to maintain alertness.
  • Safe Neighborhoods: Summerlin and Henderson are highlighted as the safest neighborhoods for visitors, offering low crime rates, family-friendly environments, and close proximity to the main Las Vegas attractions.
  • Emergency Contacts and Resources: Having key emergency contacts, including the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and local healthcare facilities, enhances traveler safety and preparedness during their Las Vegas visit.

Crime Rates in Las Vegas

When planning your trip to Las Vegas, understanding the city's crime rates is crucial. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but being informed helps you navigate your visit safely.

Las Vegas, like any major city, experiences its share of crime. However, it's imperative to look at the numbers to get a clear picture. According to recent data, Las Vegas has a crime rate that is higher than the national average. But, before you let that deter you, consider the specifics. Most crimes are concentrated in certain areas, and tourist hotspots are heavily patrolled and generally safer.

Crime Type

Las Vegas Rate

National Average

Violent Crime



Property Crime



Note: Rates are per 1,000 residents.

These numbers might seem daunting at first glance, but they don't tell the whole story. The Las Vegas Strip, a primary destination for visitors, employs significant security measures. Casinos and hotels are equipped with extensive surveillance systems and security personnel. The increased police presence in these areas acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.

It's also worth mentioning that, while property crimes are on par with the national average, they're often opportunistic. Simple precautions can greatly reduce your risk. Keeping your valuables secure, staying aware of your surroundings, and using common sense go a long way in ensuring your visit is both enjoyable and safe.

Exploring beyond the Strip? Research your destination and stay in well-lit, populated areas during your adventures. Las Vegas offers a vast array of experiences, and with the right knowledge and precautions, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer without undue worry about safety.

Safety Measures in Casinos

When you're hitting the vibrant casinos of Las Vegas, it's crucial to know that these establishments prioritize your safety. Las Vegas casinos are renowned for their extensive security measures. From the moment you step onto the casino floor, you’re under the watchful eyes of one of the most advanced surveillance systems in the world.

Las Vegas casinos employ an army of security personnel. These individuals are not just any security guards; many have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military. They're trained to handle a wide range of situations, from minor disputes to serious security threats, ensuring a safe environment for guests to enjoy their time without worry.

Surveillance is key in Las Vegas casinos. Each casino operates a network of cameras, covering every angle of the venue. This isn't your average surveillance system; it's a high-tech operation capable of zooming in on suspicious activities and identifying individuals when necessary. The data is clear: this level of surveillance significantly deters criminal activities on casino properties.



Security Personnel

Often with law enforcement or military background

Surveillance Cameras

High-tech, extensive coverage

Incident Response

Quick and effective

Moreover, casinos have protocols in place for rapid response to any incident. The combination of on-the-ground security teams and surveillance means that help is just moments away if needed.

Besides the high-tech security measures, casinos also focus on fostering a secure atmosphere through design. The layout of casinos is strategic, ensuring that there are no dark corners or isolated spots. Lighting is bright, and the presence of other guests and staff adds an extra layer of security through natural surveillance.

As you enjoy the thrill of betting and gaming in Las Vegas, rest assured that the city's casinos are some of the safest places to be. The level of security and surveillance in place is designed to allow you to focus on the fun, knowing you're in a secure environment.

Tips for Safe Travel in Las Vegas

When planning your Las Vegas adventure, staying informed and prepared is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The city's vibrant nightlife, bustling casinos, and array of attractions draw millions of visitors yearly. While Las Vegas is committed to providing a secure environment for tourists, adopting certain safety measures can enhance your visit.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings. Las Vegas is a sensory overload with its dazzling lights and endless entertainment options. Yet, it's crucial to remain vigilant, especially on crowded streets and in casino floors. Pickpocketing can happen in congested areas, so keeping your valuables close and using bags with secure closures can mitigate risks.

Choose Accommodations Wisely. Select hotels and resorts with excellent security measures. Most reputable places in Las Vegas offer 24/7 security, key card access for elevators, and well-lit hallways. Reading reviews before booking can give you insight into the experiences of other travelers.

Use Licensed Transportation. While exploring Las Vegas, opt for licensed taxis, rideshare apps, or the city's public transportation. Unauthorized vehicles may not offer the same safety standards and can result in overcharging. Verified drivers typically display identification and have undergone background checks.

Stay Hydrated and Mindful of Alcohol Consumption. The desert climate can be deceiving, with high temperatures leading to quicker dehydration. Carrying a water bottle and staying hydrated is essential. Furthermore, moderating your alcohol intake can keep you alert and better equipped to make safe decisions.

Safety Tip

Why It's Important

Keep valuables secure

Reduces the risk of pickpocketing and theft

Book hotels with strong security measures

Ensures a safer stay

Opt for licensed transportation

Guarantees a secure and fair priced journey

Stay hydrated and limit alcohol intake

Prevents dehydration and maintains awareness in unfamiliar settings

Remember, a safe trip is a successful trip. Embracing these tips can help safeguard your Las Vegas experience, allowing you to focus on creating memorable moments in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Safe Neighborhoods to Stay in

When planning your Las Vegas adventure, selecting the right neighborhood for your stay is crucial for a safe, enjoyable experience. While the city buzzes with excitement, knowing where to book your accommodations can make all the difference.

Summerlin and Henderson emerge as top contenders for the safest areas in Las Vegas. These neighborhoods boast low crime rates and a serene atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a quieter retreat adjacent to the city's thrills.

Summerlin: A Family-Friendly Choice

Nestled on the western rim of the city, Summerlin is known for its upscale residential communities, pristine parks, and top-rated schools. This area offers a robust selection of shopping centers, restaurants, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal spot for families and those desiring peace away from the Strip.

Henderson: Safety and Scenery

To the southeast, Henderson offers a blend of safety and scenic beauty. With its award-winning master-planned communities and enhanced police presence, Henderson stands out as one of the safest cities in the United States. Its numerous parks, hiking trails, and recreational facilities complement the tranquility that safety-minded travelers often seek.

Here's how these neighborhoods compare in terms of safety:


Crime Rate (Per 1,000 residents)

Notable Features



Family-friendly, Close to Red Rock Canyon



Master-planned communities, Strong police force

Emphasizing safety doesn't mean compromising on fun or convenience. These neighborhoods are well-connected to Las Vegas Boulevard, promising easy access to the Strip's entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Opting for accommodations in either Summerlin or Henderson assures you of a tranquil haven, ensuring your Las Vegas visit is as safe as it's exhilarating.

Emergency Contacts and Resources

In preparing for your Las Vegas adventure, knowing about Emergency Contacts and Resources is as crucial as picking the right slot machine. Luckily, the city is well-equipped with various support systems to ensure your safety at all times.

First off, always have the number for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) on speed dial. For non-emergencies, you can reach them at 702-828-3111, but for emergencies, dialing 911 is your go-to. It's comforting to know that the LVMPD operates with high efficiency, boasting quick response times across the city.

Next, healthcare shouldn't be a gamble while you're in Vegas. The city hosts several world-class hospitals and urgent care centers. UMC (University Medical Center), the only Level I Trauma Center in Nevada, is available 24/7 for any medical emergency. Their contact is 702-383-2000. For less urgent matters, urgent care centers like CareNow and Las Vegas Immediate Care offer walk-in services with considerably shorter wait times.

What if your issue isn't medical or criminal but rather logistical? Las Vegas has you covered there as well. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) can assist with lost & found items on public transport and route planning. Their customer service can be reached at 702-228-7433.

Should your concern be with lost or stolen property within a hotel or casino, most have their own security departments. It's wise to contact them immediately; they can often initiate a swift internal investigation to aid in the recovery of your items.

Emergency Service

Contact Number

LVMPD (Non-Emergency)


Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance)


UMC Hospital


RTC Customer Service


Being well-versed in these contacts and resources increases your preparedness and peace of mind. Las Vegas is more than ready to provide you with exhilarating experiences without compromising your safety.


Arming yourself with the knowledge of essential emergency contacts and resources before heading to Las Vegas can significantly elevate your safety and ensure a worry-free trip. Remember, having the LVMPD, UMC, and RTC at your fingertips not only prepares you for unexpected situations but also lets you enjoy the vibrant city with confidence. So, pack your bags, keep these crucial contacts handy, and get ready to explore Las Vegas knowing you're well-prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emergency number should I call in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, for immediate police, fire, or medical emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergency police assistance, contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) at (702) 828-3111.

Where can I find medical help in Las Vegas?

For medical assistance, the University Medical Center (UMC) in Las Vegas offers world-class healthcare services. It's located at 1800 W Charleston Blvd and can be contacted at (702) 383-2000.

How can I navigate around Las Vegas?

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) provides public transportation options in Las Vegas, including buses and ride-sharing services. Information on routes, schedules, and fares can be found on their website or by calling their customer service.

Is it important to know these emergency contacts while visiting Las Vegas?

Yes, knowing these emergency contacts and resources is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience in Las Vegas. It ensures that you're prepared for any situation and can find help whenever needed, enhancing your peace of mind during your visit.

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