75 Funny Irish Boat Names

Dive into the humor of the Emerald Isle with our list of 75 Funny Irish Boat Names - perfect for making waves and laughs on your travels!

Kit Evans
July 9, 2024
Dive into the humor of the Emerald Isle with our list of 75 Funny Irish Boat Names - perfect for making waves and laughs on your travels!

Naming your boat has been a tradition that has gone back hundreds of years. In the past, boats were named after the gods in hopes of protecting them from bad luck. If you’re boating for recreational purposes, you may want to have a little more fun with naming your boat.

If you're boating for recreational purposes, and you have a sense of humor, you may be thinking about a funny Irish name to give your vessel. Therefore, coming up with a boat name may be difficult, but giving your vessel a funny name will be sure to draw in and give other boat operators on the water a good laugh!

Sit back and relax as we list 75 of the funniest Irish boat names you’ll get to choose from for your vessel.

One-Of-A-Kind Irish Boat Names

One-Of-A-Kind Irish Boat Names
One-Of-A-Kind Irish Boat Names

If you’ve ever chatted with someone who is Irish in the bar, you may notice how much they use certain phrases or slang that you’ve never heard before. Let’s start with some names that are one-of-a-kind and may be used more often among our Irish friends. Some of these you may have even noticed yourself using at one time or another.

Did you know, that only seventy-eight thousand people are Irish native speakers? For instance, the regions of Ireland that are home to native speakers are called the Gaeltacht. One fun fact to add is that the Irish also don’t have a word for “yes” and “no.”

Below, you'll read some of our names that just might knock your socks off (in a hysterical way.) Let’s get started!

  1. The Leg It: The phrase “leg it” refers to a person moving fast. You can leg it to the bar to meet up with your friends. For example, “ Hey bud, I’m still at the office, but I’ll leg it over to the bar now.”
  2. Minus Craic: This name is one of the most-used used by the Irish. It describes someone that is no fun to be around. “For example, “We had dinner over at their house, and they would not stop talking about work. It was minus craic.”
  3. Thanks a Million: This Irish saying is pretty self-explanatory. It can be used in a standard or sarcastic way, and if you’ve ever met someone who is Irish, you know they love sarcasm. Thanks a million just means thank you so much. For example, “You were a huge help at the festival today; thanks a million.”
  4. Irish Yoke: The word yoke is used to describe anything. It could be describing an object, or it could be describing a person. You could use the word yoke to describe a friend who is being obnoxious or to point to an object that is simply laying on a tabletop.
  5. Stall the Ball: “Stall the ball” is someone’s funny way of saying slow down. This can be said literally or brought up in conversation.
  6. The Irish Accent: If you know someone who is Irish, you’ll notice a lot of the times they drop the “h” sound from a lot of their words. For example, with the number 33, they’ll pronounce “turty tree.”
  7. Sound as a Pound: An Irish person may describe their helpful or good friend as being “sound.” Many will combine this with the Irish slang “pound.” For example, if someone were to ask how you were doing, you would reply, “Sound as a pound, thank you for asking.”
  8. Irish Slagger: The Irish slang “slagging” means a gentle or friendly mocking. This just means a person may be joking around. If you want to slag an Irish person, you can do an impression of their accent.
  9. Give Me a Shot: If an Irish person says, “give me a shot,” this simply means they want to try something out. They will often even use the word “lash.” Someone might say, “Give me a lash of that.”
  10. A Bad Dose: The slang a bad dose is often used in a vulgar, but funny way among the Irish, but can also be used in regular conversation. For example, “I’ve been swamped at work all week, this has been a bad dose.”
  11. A Fair Play: The expression a fair play is often used by the Irish to congratulate someone. For example, “She did wonderful at her recital, fair play to her!”
  12. Manky: The slang “manky” is used by the Irish to describe something that is dirty:
  13. Irish Kipper: “Kip” is often used by the Irish to describe something that is either dirty or unpleasant.
  14. Eat the Head Off: Eat the head off is used by the Irish when they’re often mad at someone.
  15. Lob the Gob: To lob the gob means to give someone a kiss.

Unique Irish Boat Names

Unique Irish Boat Names
Unique Irish Boat Names

Did you know that surnames developed as early as the tenth century in Ireland? In the past, many of the Irish never paid attention to how certain names were spelled, so they ran with it and made the best of it. Irish adults have always been more adventurous when it comes to naming their children and yes, even their boats!

The Irish have always been known to have a unique sense of humor. The thing about Irish names is that they can be witty, but also insightful at the same time.

  1.  Irish Yer Man: ”Yer Man” is often used to describe a man and someone that they don’t like.
  2. Irish Jammy: The word jammy means lucky. For example, “That jammy girl won another game at the fair!”
  3. Irish Pox: The Irish term “pox” is described as someone who is a nuisance.
  4. Oh Bollox: This is an offensive Irish term, but can also be used in a casual conversation.
  5. Irish Gombeen: Gombeen is an old Irish slang to describe someone that is a chancer.
  6. He’s a Gas: Gas is an Irish slang that means funny. For example, you can say, “She’s a gas!” It can also be used to show disbelief.
  7. Sure Look: A sure look is a filler expression and is often used in a silent conversation between the Irish. Sometimes it also has a meaning of something that is out of your control.
  8. Irish I Was Coddin’ Ya!: Coddin’ Ya is a great Irish term that means you’re just joking.
  9. Some Irish Fella: The slang fella is used among the Irish to describe anyone who is a male. It is also often used for a group of their lad friends.
  10. Effin’ & Blindin’: The Irish slang effin’ & blindin’ means to swear and curse a lot. For example, “The lad was effin’ and blindin’ at me.
  11. Banjaxed: The Irish use the word banjaxed to describe something that is not working.
  12. The Ahearn: The word Ahearn means descendant of Eichthighearn. The name Eichthighearn means Horse Lord.
  13. Acting the Maggot: The Irish saying “acting the maggot” is often used by the Irish to refer to someone who was acting foolish.
  14. The McNugget: McNugget is the Irish nickname for children of the Irish.
  15. Turf Cutter: Turf cutter is often used by the Irish as a nickname to refer to the Irish groundkeepers.

Memorable Irish Boat Names

Memorable Irish Boat Names
Memorable Irish Boat Names

Did you know that thirty-three million Americans claim Irish heritage? It is said that about five million have migrated over from Ireland since the 1700s. The population of Ireland declined by twenty-five percent and is still to this day smaller than it was before.

With the Irish being known for their slang and phrases, it’s only certain that you’ll run into someone with a memorable name for their boat. Here are some memorable boat names that might make you shed a tear (in a good way) when pulling up to the dock.

  1. Irish Melter: The Irish sometimes refer to a person who is being annoying as a melter.
  2. Darn Gobdaw: Gobdaw is another way for the Irish to refer to someone as being stupid. For example, “That lad is a gobdaw for not paying his bill.”
  3. Irish Scut: The Irish often refer to a person as a scut if they are a waster.
  4. The Irish Hammer: We know the Irish are known for being able to throw down some beers. This is a great name for the lad who loves to party.
  5. Houl Yer Whisht: The houl yer whisht phrase means to keep quiet.
  6. Irish Culchie: Culchie is used to describe an Irish person who lives in a remote part of Ireland.
  7. The Irish Clown: This refers to a person as being tame. For example, “The lad would not stop dancing last night. He was some clown.”
  8. Irish Donkey Years: This term would become often used by the Irish to refer to the passing of time. This will casually come up in a conversation when discussing how long it has been since they have seen a person.
  9. The Quare: The quare is pronounced “Kware” and is often used to mean great or terrific.
  10.  Wired to the Moon: An Irish lad may use this expression when staying out too late, then getting up for work the next morning while trying to keep awake with espresso. They would refer to themselves as being wired to the moon.
  11. The Irish Brock: Brock would become often used by the Irish to describe something or someone as being unpleasant.
  12. The Irish Lure: All lured is the Irish way of saying that you’re feeling delighted.
  13. Feck Off: This one is a bit on the vulgar side but used a lot, especially by Irish men.
  14. Wet the Tea: Wet the tea would become a phrase that is used in Ireland and means make some tea.
  15. The Bloody Wanker: The slang wanted is very popular among the Irish and used to describe someone as being an idiot.

Entertaining Irish Fishing Boat Names

When you are relaxing on your boat, waiting for the sun to go down, trying to find an Irish name for your vessel can seem challenging. When trying to come up with an idea, you can sometimes draw a complete blank.

As a result, we've come up with some fishing boat name ideas that would become a good fit for your vessel that are worth taking a look at.

  1. The Knackered Lad: The Irish word knackered means exhausted and would be perfect for someone who is always on the go.
  2. Plastered Irish Lad: The word plastered means to be very drunk. This would be a great name for an Irish lad who loves to drink.
  3. Irish Hooligan: The word hooligan comes from the surname Hoolihan. Many Irish often refer to someone as being a hooligan if they’re acting crazy.
  4. Acushla: The word acushla is a term of affection that means, “pulse of my heart.”
  5. Irish Leprechaun: The Leprechaun would become the earliest known reference of the Irish. Leprechauns have gathered their popularity over the years from horror films.
  6. Shamrock: Shamrock is the Irish term that means clover. The shamrock would become widely known for being associated with St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. Splitting the Stones: Splitting the stones is another common Irish phrase. For example, “The sun is splitting the stones.”
  8. Irish Hillbilly: Hillbilly is the term for those people who live in rural areas. The Irish like to use this term in a joking way among their lads.
  9. You Jammy Sod: This phrase would become used among the Irish to express how lucky someone is. For example, “You won the jackpot! You jammy sod!”
  10. Up to 90: When someone says they were up to 90, this usually means they are busy or run ragged.
  11. She’s Got Notions: She’s got notions would become often used among the Irish to describe when someone has ideas above their means.
  12. On Me Tod: Men use this Irish slang to let others know they were alone when going somewhere.
  13. The Irish Muppet: The Irish use the word muppet as another word for stupid. The word muppet can also mean that someone is a fool.
  14. Irish Scarlet Girl: Scarlet is the Irish slang word for embarrassed.
  15. Leppin’ Irish: Leppin’ is the Irish word for either starving or hungry.

More Funny Irish Boat Name Ideas

More Funny Irish Boat Name Ideas
More Funny Irish Boat Name Ideas

Here are fifteen more Irish boat names ideas that we’ve gathered up for you. Some of these names are from true Irish roots, while others become used from slang and Irish phrases. Out of the seventy-five on our list, we know you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality the most.

  1. The Irish Goon: Goon is another term used by the Irish to describe someone as being tame. For example, “That lad is a total goon."
  2. The Shitehawk: The term shitehawk is often used in Ireland and is known as a scavenging or predatory bird.
  3. Bang On: Bang on is an Irish response that means “good.” You can describe a situation or someone as ‘bang on.’
  4. In a Heap: The Irish phrase In a Heap means someone who is heavily intoxicated.
  5. Youngwan: You’ll often hear the Irish refer to a man as being a lad, and a woman as being a youngwan. For example, “Elizabeth’s youngwan stayed with us for a few days last week.”
  6. The Irish Latchio: The Irish word latchio is used to describe someone who is lazy. For example, “She’s a terrible latchio.”
  7. The Ogeous Handling:  The Irish slang name ogeous handling is used to describe a tricky situation. For example, Do you remember the time Ben got caught cheating on his test, because it was terrible." It was some ogeous handling.”
  8. Ta’ Tinneas Farraige Air: This Irish phrase translates to, “he’s seasick.”
  9. Leoithne Fhionnuar: This Irish term translates to, “cool breeze.”
  10. Saibhir: The Irish word saibhir means rich or wealthy.
  11. Boladh: The Irish word boladh means smelly.
  12. Dathúil: The Irish word dathúil means good-looking.
  13. Hairicin: The word hairicin means “Hurricane” in Irish.
  14. A Mhuirnín: This Irish word means “darling.”
  15. A Rúnsearc: A Rúnsearc means “secret love” in Irish.

How to Choose Your Boat Name

How to Choose Your Boat Name
How to Choose Your Boat Name

To an Irish boat owner, a boat is not just a boat. Many have a boat as a way of life or to simply escape their hectic reality. As a boater, it is necessary to give your boat a unique name or one that fits your personality the most.

In addition, naming your boat is fun and you’ll want to be sure to pick one that sits well with you and your friends.

Why Should You Name Your Boat?

Boat names can tell a lot about a person based on what kind you pick. These names can express your personality, passions, or even life experiences. In the past, many vessels were named after historical figures.

Most Irish boat owners will choose a name that has a certain significance to them. In conclusion, when selecting your name, be sure not to choose a name that is too long because it may not fit when it comes to placement. Keep it unique, keep it simple, and have fun with the puns!

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