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Navigating Air Travel: Are CBD Gummies Flight-Ready?

Buckle up, travel buffs! Ever ponder if those chill CBD gummies can fly high with you? Let's unpack the do's and don'ts of jet-setting with your zen essentials.

Tobi Miles
July 26, 2022

Packing and traveling can be stressful, so to cut down on stress, many people take CBD gummies. CBD helps calm nerves and settle anxiety, so traveling without it isn't possible for many. But can you bring your CBD gummies with you on a plane?

The TSA and FAA say that you can bring your CBD gummies so long as the THC is within the legal limit. The legal limit is 0.3% dry weight. You must follow all rules pertaining to liquid CBD, which means staying under the 3oz mark. You will need to pack CBD with all other medications, whether in checked or carry-on.

The TSA has some tips of the trade to travel with medications and supplements like CBD. The TSA will have guidelines and rules on transferring and traveling with CBD or THC products. Especially on international flights, you will want to check to see the restrictions per flight and country.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for CBD Products 2022

When it comes to the TSA and marijuana or CBD products, there are a few items they permit on planes. Certain states have legalized the use of marijuana, but federal law still prohibits certain products.

The TSA and the FDA have approved products you can safely travel with, while others are illegal and must be confiscated.

  • You can have legal and FDA-approved CBD gummies in your carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Any liquids or oils must be under the 3 oz limit for travel.
  • The amount of THC must be within the legal limit of .3% dry weight.
  • You can bring a marijuana vape pen with you but cannot use it at the airport or on planes.
  • TSA agents must conduct thorough inspections and navigate through products to find any and all threats and report them.
  • If any suspicious behavior or products come through security, the TSA legally must report it and uphold local, state, and federal laws.

Is It Illegal To Bring CBD Gummies On A Plane?

Typically all CBD gummies are products derived from THC products, and all fall well under the .3%. CBD gummies are often bought in stores and over the counter, which clears them from being actual medication. In most states, it is legal to purchase and possess these products.

Gummies are the way to go when flying with CBD since they are verified and supplemented. Other products may cause problems, but specific government laws make it possible to fly with CBD gummies. There are, however, rules on whether pilots and staff can take it due to the FAA and airline policies.

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Can You Bring CBD Oil On A Plane?

You can bring CBD oil with you on a plane so long as you pack it in a liquid-safe bottle and bag. It must also still follow the 3-1-1 rule for liquids to not break the TSA rules for security. CBD oil is often more potent in the oil form and comes in smaller vials.

The TSA still says it must be below the legal limit of .3% THC, and you must pack it properly.

Should I Have My CBD Gummies Out To Go Through Security?

To travel with CBD gummies, you should pack them with your medications. This means placing them in a separate bag within your carry-on bag to ensure easy access.

If your bag is flagged, the TSA will want to check thoroughly to ensure your CBD is within the legal limit. You must ensure all medications and supplements are marked and measured accordingly to get through security.

Can I Purchase CBD Gummies At The Airport?

You are welcome to pack your CBD gummies because you will not find any at the airport. The airport terminals and shopping do not permit selling CBD gummies within the airport. This means you can only purchase and pack your own CBD gummies.

Purchasing all CBD gummies must be from an outside source and legal within the state/ destination.

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How Should I Bring CBD Gummies On A Plane?

Your CBD gummies should be in your carry-on, along with your inhaler, medications, and supplements. The TSA does not have a preference on whether a carry-on or checked bag is better. They simply ask that you follow all local, state, and federal laws to ensure the safety of all passengers.

CBD gummies should be in a labeled container and have the dose and THC count on them. This will ensure the TSA will check for the legal limit and clear you for security screening if needed. You can bring them in your carry-on in a safe container and keep them accessible for check whenever necessary.

How Should I Pack CBD Gummies In My Checked Luggage?

You can pack your gummies in checked luggage if the CBD is not in liquid or oil form. Pack them in a waterproof or liquid-safe bag approved by the TSA. This will ensure no leaks or damage to your supplements.

Packing your CBD in with your checked luggage will ensure that they arrive safe and sound on the other side. Be sure to check with your airlines and place or country of destination to be confident CBD is allowed. The TSA, FAA, and all travel agents will be sure to scan and check all bags for all legal substances.

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Can I Fly Internationally With CBD Gummies?

You can fly internationally with your CBD gummies; just be sure to check all countries' laws before doing so. Some certain limitations and laws will not allow you to bring CBD on a flight and in the country. So whether you’re flying to Guatemala or France, you will want to check with officials to see if CBD is allowed.

International airlines may also restrict the use of carry-on CBD, so you’ll not be permitted to have it. Depending on the different airlines and flight regulations, passengers may be subject to turning over or losing their CBD.

What CBD Products Are Not Allowed On Planes?

There are certain products with CBD or THC in them that you are not allowed to take on planes. Though the list is short, there are reasons why these products are banned from flights. The TSA will act accordingly if you attempt to bring certain products through security.

You are not allowed to bring hemp or dried marijuana onto a plane. This product is pure, contains more than the legal limit, and is therefore banned from all flights. Since the plant can be dangerous to have on flights, the TSA will detain you and the product confiscated.

Along with dried marijuana or CBD, you are not allowed to take on any products that have higher than the .3% limit. Oils, liquids, and vape pens that exceed the 3 oz limit will be confiscated and banned from the flight. The TSA will abide by all rules, with no exceptions.

Still Not Sure If You Can Bring CBD Gummies On A Plane? Ask the TSA

If you’re planning on traveling and want to bring your CBD gummies but are still unsure, check the TSA website. The website has information on whether or not you can pack CBD in a carry-on or checked luggage. Along with how to carry CBD with you, it has a small depiction of what you can bring.

You can also call the TSA support line or contact them directly. A TSA agent will be more than happy to answer your questions over the phone or help direct you to the website. By searching and asking all the right questions, you can be sure to make your trip a smooth one.

If there is a question that needs an answer, someone in the airport will know. You can ask a TSA agent at the airport for extra help and support while at the security checkpoint. If you are still unsure, you can always call your airlines or local airport for TSA support.

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When traveling, many passengers like to take or bring along CBD gummies. CBD gummies are permitted on most flights so long as you pack them properly and follow all rules. All CBD products, from oil to gummies, should be under the .3%THC legal limit.

You will need to ensure you pack all liquid in a liquid-safe bag and have them labeled and in your bag. Make sure they are accessible to the TSA agents at security for easy scan and check if needed. Be sure also to know what products are allowed on flights and which are not.

If you are flying internationally, make sure you know your airline’s and country's laws pertaining to CBD possession. You will want to ask a TSA agent for help if you do not know the answer to something or check out the website.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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