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TSA Verdict: Hydroflask on Planes - Fly Hydrated!

Ever sipped airport coffee and missed your trusty Hydroflask? Let's unravel the mystery of flying with your favorite hydration sidekick, straight from the TSA's lips to your wanderlust ears!

Tobi Miles
August 5, 2022

Many travelers like to bring their own thermoses or bottles for hydration and sanitary reasons when they travel. Carrying a hyrdoflask with you is more common than not. There are specific rules, but can you bring a hyrdoflask on a plane?

The TSA rules say you can bring various water bottles, hydroflasks, and thermoses through security. You must abide by all TSA rules; no liquid should be in it for travel, and you must clear security. Even if packed in checked luggage, your hydroflask should be empty to ensure no leaks or problems in transit.

You can carry your hyrdoflask with you through security and use it for water as you see fit. Most airlines prefer you have your hyrdoflask on a plane in your carry-on. Excess liquid should be disposed of properly before the flight and follow all boarding guidelines.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for Metal Water Bottles 2022

The TSA knows that many passengers prefer metal water bottles because of the benefit to the environment. You can carry your thermos or hyrdoflask with you through security, but the TSA does have a few requirements. Metal water bottles and hyrdoflasks are permitted in carry-on and checked luggage for your convenience.

  • Make sure to empty any hydroflask or water bottle as you go through security.
  • The TSA prefers hyrdoflasks or water bottles that are clear or plastic.
  • If your hyrdoflask or water bottle is metal, you must pull it out of your carry-on for screening.
  • The TSA agent must also be able to see the whole container outside of your bag.
  • If it is flagged or unable to be screened, you will not be able to take it through security.

Can I Carry My Hydroflask On The Plane?

You can carry your hyrdoflask with you on the plane so long as you do not break any airline rules. You can call ahead and ask your airlines for their guidelines and restrictions on hyrdoflasks aboard the aircraft. Most airlines have no problem with you taking a hyrdoflask onboard, so long as it fits in your carry-on.

Using your hydroflask on board may be limited or not permitted. Carrying a thermos and hydroflask is common, and the TSA will try to help you get to your flight. You can bring plastic, metal, and some glass hydroflasks on a plane.

Most airlines allow you to carry-on on your hydroflask or bring it in your checked luggage. If you have your hydroflask in your checked baggage, be sure it is empty and visible. Damaged thermoses can leak while in transit; to prevent this, have them empty within your bag.

Can I Fill My Hydroflask Before Getting On The Plane?

If your hydroflask gets cleared for travel through security, you can take it with you on the plane. You can fill your hydroflask with water fountains or provided sinks. Typically only water is permitted on the plane, so be aware of what you can carry on.

Flight attendants will serve drinks during the flight, so you may not need to utilize your thermos or hydroflask.

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Will a Hydroflask Set Off A Metal Detector?

Hyrdoflasks, as long as you have them pulled out of your carry-on, should be x-rayed at security. Most hyrdoflasks are made with stainless steel outside or core, which does not usually set off the detectors. Your hydroflask or thermos may need additional screening if it does set it off.

You can bring a plastic hydroflask or one consisting of recyclable material without any problems. The TSA must see the whole hydroflask out of your bag, and it must clear all screening.

Can You Pack A Metal Water Bottle In Checked Luggage?

You can pack a metal water bottle in checked luggage. Be sure to have it empty to prevent spilling, and pack it carefully in your bag to avoid damage. Having a hard-cased bag or suitcase can protect your metal water bottles.

Also, you can pack more than one side by side to prevent rolling in the luggage in transit. Things shift and break, so ensure they are secure in your checked baggage to prevent problems with the TSA.

Can You Bring A Hydroflask On An International Flight?

Whether you are domestic or international, you can bring your hydroflask with you. The TSA’s only requirement is you empty the hydroflask before going through security. Your hydroflask must be cleared to go on any international flight.

So if you’re traveling to Mykonos for a small getaway, you can rest assured that you can bring your hydroflask. Most international airlines also have few restrictions to using them during flights.

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Still Not Sure If You Can Bring A Hydroflask On A Plane? Ask the TSA

Check out the TSA website if you’re still unsure about what type of water bottles or hydroflask you can bring. You can use the search bar to see if you can bring vapes, water bottles, and hydroflasks. By utilizing the website, you should find the answers you need.

You can contact the support line if you wish to speak to a TSA representative. A TSA agent will be happy to help you navigate the website or answer any of your questions. You can call during their designated time to help with any concerns.

If you are at the airport and are still unsure about your hydroflask, you can ask a TSA agent. All TSA agents are trained and taught how to help all traveling passengers with their security check. You can ask all along the way and get any of your concerns addressed before the flight.

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So whether metal, plastic, or a thermos, you can bring a hydroflask on a plane. You must follow all TSA rules when going through security checkpoints. The TSA prefers all hydroflasks, thermos, and water bottles to be empty or have less than 3 oz of water.

Your hydroflask should be carried in your carry-on and scanned individually through security. You can utilize your hydroflask after security for water and other drinks. The TSA does not have any problems with your hydroflask on international flights.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can check out the TSA website for help. Hydroflask and water bottles have specific security rules, and an agent can help you. Traveling with a hydroflask or water bottle is easier than you think, so prepare and travel safely.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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