Can You Bring an Inhaler on a Plane?

Traveling with an inhaler? Learn how to navigate TSA rules for carry-on and checked luggage to ensure a smooth flight with essential medication.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2024
Traveling with an inhaler? Learn how to navigate TSA rules for carry-on and checked luggage to ensure a smooth flight with essential medication.

When packing for a trip, it is essential to bring all necessary things, such as medication and inhalers. When it comes to going through security and getting on the plane, the stress is very real. You should know how to bring your inhaler on a plane, so you have it if you need it.

The TSA has varied rules on how to pack various carry-on medications, but an inhaler is okay. You can travel with multiple types of inhalers, including dry-powdered and metered dose types. It's acceptable to bring a nebulizer with albuterol on a plane. You need to declare the medications or medically necessary equipment but carrying it all on a plane is possible.

It’s necessary to have an explanation or understanding that not all inhalers may be allowed on a plane. But you can find ways to pack what you need in your checked luggage. You can also get travel permission for certain medications and inhalers.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for Inhalers 2022

As it states on the TSA website, you can bring an inhaler in your carry-on luggage. Not only in your carry-on or personal item, but you can bring inhalers in your checked bags as well. The TSA states how to do this so you can quickly get through their security checkpoint.

  • The TSA allows various and more significant amounts of medication on planes as long as you bring reasonable amounts. You will also need to declare the types of drugs and inhalers at the checkpoint. This will allow a TSA agent to screen it all appropriately.
  • You can bring many, if not all, your medications in a checked bag. You will need to have them in the appropriate bags and sealed to prevent problems during transport.
  • The TSA suggests labeling all medications, but it is not necessary.
  • All inhalers from metered dose, dry powder-based inhalers, and nebulizers are allowed.

Can I Travel With My Albuterol?

Yes, you can bring albuterol on a plane. It doesn’t matter if your inhaler is an albuterol aerosol or in a nebulizer.

You will need to announce you have albuterol at the security checkpoint, but there should be little contest. Most airlines will allow you to use albuterol inhalers and nebulizers on flights.

Can I Bring An Inhaler On A Plane? Carry-On vs Checked Baggage

As stated on the TSA website, there are various yet easy ways to pack your inhalers for your trip. You can bring your inhalers with you in your carry-on baggage and personal items. There are just a few ways to make this easier when packing anything from water bottles to inhalers.

In your carry-on, be sure to have your medication and inhalers accessible and in separate bags. TSA has travel-safe cases or bags where you can place all inhalers recommended on their site. Liquid bags are often used to make items safe for travel and easier to screen at security.

You can also use the same cases and bags if you pack all your inhalers in your checked baggage. Your luggage is still screened and placed on the plane, so have everything together and labeled for safety reasons. You should always announce, whether at check-in or at security, that you have medicine in your bags.

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Can You Bring A Nicotine Inhalers On A Plane?

Though nicotine inhalers are common, they are not typically allowed through security. They can fall into the order of a vape or electric cigarette and are discouraged. TSA officials may confiscate them at any and all security checkpoints.

Due to nicotine inhalers not being medically necessary or prescribed by a physician, they are not permitted. If you have a prescription, be sure to bring it and follow all TSA guidelines in checking your baggage. Labels are needed, but not necessary, to get through security and state that you have your medications with you.

Other things such as cigarettes, firearms, and airsoft guns all have their restrictions or exceptions. Certain items you can carry on while others have major guidelines. Be sure to check with the TSA for all rules regarding nicotine inhalers.

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How Do You Pack Inhalers For A Flight?

When packing for a flight, have all your liquids and medications in separate bags. Labeled and approved travel bags or containers can carry all your inhalers safely through security. If the alarm goes off, your inhalers must be x-rayed and screened for other materials.

You should follow all guidelines and suggestions from TSA agents to ensure you get through security. The TSA allows various liquid medications and aerosols on planes, so be ready to explain your medications. Just know inhalers can exceed the 3.4-ounce allotted amount, but you may have to undergo extra screening.

Do Inhalers Need To Go In A Liquid Bag?

Yes, the TSA suggests and requires you to carry all your inhalers in a sealed Ziploc bag. This keeps all medications and inhalers secure as well as accessible. For screening through security, you will remove the Ziploc from your bag to go through separately.

While getting screened, agents will either clear the item or ask for a more extensive search of your medications. This is to ensure safe dispensers and non-explosive tendencies within various items.

How Many Inhalers Can I Bring On A Plane?

You can bring an inhaler on a plane, but how many is too much? You can take as many inhalers as necessary for your travel but be sure to be reasonable.

You should pack any extra inhalers or liquid medications in checked luggage. This will be your pass to going through security with ease. The TSA has few limits on inhalers and medication as long as you follow their guidelines on packing them.

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Can You Carry A Nebulizer On A Plane?

Most airlines and planes do not restrict the carrying of a nebulizer onboard any flights. You can carry a nebulizer with you safely if you follow all guidelines on and off the flight. A nebulizer passes as medically necessary equipment and is clear for travel.

Be sure to have it all pulled out of your luggage and announce it to security and plane attendants. The flight attendants in flight will guide you on how to carry on, use and store your nebulizer. Be sure to follow all rules to ensure the safety and security of all other passengers.

Will An Inhaler Explode On A Plane?

Though an inhaler consists of compacted air and medication, you can fly safely knowing it will not explode.

Your inhaler is safe within your carry-on luggage or checked baggage. The best place for your inhalers is in a liquid-safe bag.

What Happens If You Have An Asthma Attack On An Airplane?

If you have an asthma attack while in flight, use your inhaler. Using inhalers on a plane and in flight is legal, especially for medical reasons. You can rest assured knowing that if you need it, you have it.

If your asthma attack is severe and your inhaler isn't enough, contact the flight attendants for assistance. There are specific steps and procedures to help you but know that you can use all medications necessary.

Still Not Sure? Ask the TSA

If you are still unsure, check out the TSA website and search bar. You can ask questions directly on the website or call the helpline for support. By utilizing their online catalog, you can find all the answers you need for packing.

You can call the helpline for help or speak to a TSA representative who can help direct you. They can help you navigate the website and help to answer all your questions. Checking packing guidelines and restrictions will help you to pack accordingly.

You can also find a TSA agent at the airport along the security check line. Someone will be able to assist you or direct you to someone who can help with any questions or concerns. You can also ask per flight the necessary rules you must follow to fly on a plane.

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Final Look At How You Bring An Inhaler On A Plane

You can easily bring an inhaler on a plane as long as you follow the TSA rules. Carry your inhaler in your carry-on bag or personal item or put it in checked luggage. You should pack your inhaler in liquid-safe bags and announce you have it at security.

You can bring different types of medication and even a nebulizer on board. Access to your inhaler or nebulizer will prevent an asthma attack while in flight. Flight attendants are there to help with any problems you may have.

You can fly safely, knowing your inhalers won’t explode onboard. Most inhalers and nebulizers are safe for travel but only pack what you need. If you are still unsure or have any concerns check out the TSA website for help.

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