Can You Bring an Umbrella on a Plane?

Traveling soon? Learn if you can bring an umbrella on a plane, TSA guidelines, sizes allowed, and tips for smooth travel with your umbrella.

Tobi Miles
July 16, 2024
Traveling soon? Learn if you can bring an umbrella on a plane, TSA guidelines, sizes allowed, and tips for smooth travel with your umbrella.

When packing for a trip, you usually pack the essentials and try to pack for the unexpected. This may mean you pack extra clothes, your work computer and you may even pack an umbrella. But can you bring an umbrella on a plane with you?

According to the TSA’s rules, you can take only specific sizes and kinds of umbrellas on a plane. It should be small enough to fit inside your bag or under your seat. You also need to avoid bringing overly long umbrellas with pointy edges on a plane. The umbrella should lay flat in the security check bin to get through security.

Typically, your umbrella's size, type, and design will determine if the TSA will allow it. You will be able to bring an umbrella with you as long as you follow all the guidelines. Also, understanding if you should pack it into your checked baggage or carry-on will help you travel smoothly.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for Umbrellas 2022


TSA has a website

you can search for any and all travel accessories you can bring with you on your flight. Officials strongly encourage travelers to utilize its search feature and checklist to find the items they can bring on a plane. You can find all the necessary answers by checking their support line or website.

For umbrellas, the rules can vary by airline on what they allow, but the TSA has a few restrictions. Be sure to follow the simple rules and security checkpoint regulations to get through without any hiccups.

  • Make sure your umbrella is a small one. This will ensure it will fit in a carry-on and under your seat if needed.
  • Avoid umbrellas that are long and have pointy or dangerous tips and handles.
  • Always have your umbrella at the top of your bag and pulled out during security.
  • It should lay flat in the security check bin as it goes through security.
  • Do not open or use the umbrella inside the airport for safety purposes.
  • Check with your airline for specific guidelines they may require for you to carry an umbrella with you.

Can I Carry My Umbrella On The Plane?

The short answer is yes; you can carry your umbrella on an airplane. Most airlines see umbrellas as an accessory, not a piece of luggage or personal carry-on.

You can bring an umbrella inside or outside your bag, but certain airlines may have restrictions. Be sure to have an umbrella that travels well and is small in case the airline requires you to stow it in your luggage.

There are various sizes, types, and styles of umbrellas you can bring without hesitation. Foldable and compact umbrellas are most desirable to travel with to avoid significant problems. You may be subject to an extra security check before entering the plane, but it should be no problem.

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Will An Umbrella Set Off A Metal Detector?

When going through security and the metal detectors, you will find the simplest things will set it off. An umbrella will likely set off the metal detector if you walk through with the umbrella on you. However, it is most likely mandatory to place the umbrella in the security bin to go through a screening.

Most umbrellas have metal in the framing and handle, so it is customary not to have one on your person. Placing them out of your bag and in the bin ensures you will coast through security with ease.

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Does My Umbrella Count As A Personal Item?

Umbrellas are accessories rather than personal items and don't count as

strange or unusual carry-ons.

However, this also purely depends on the size you may bring with you on the plane. Most airlines have restrictions on the length and size of umbrellas to limit personal items.

If you can pack your umbrella in your personal bag, backpack, or diaper bag, you’re free and clear to bring your umbrella on the plane. To ensure you have no problems or may have to check your umbrella, check with your airline. If their guidelines and requirements differ from the TSA’s, you must pack according to your airline’s restrictions.

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Can You Bring An Umbrella On An International Flight?

Typically, traveling internationally has several more requirements you must follow to travel. On airlines like AirFrance, your umbrella cannot be longer than 22 inches and will not count towards your carry-on.

For other international flights, airlines see an umbrella as a walking cane and count it as an accessory. There is a limit on length for some airlines, so check with your international flight desk to ensure easy travel. To travel to Norway, England, and Asia, there may be rules that vary according to flight or airline.

Still Not Sure If You Can Bring An Umbrella On The Plane? Ask the TSA

If you are still not sure, you can ask the TSA. There are various ways to get in touch with the TSA and support desk to get answers for all your travel needs. You can go to the TSA website to search various checklists and search menus.

You can also call the support line to speak to an individual who can answer your phone questions. You will get help navigating the website and finding all the links you need by talking to someone. If the TSA support line is unsuccessful in helping, you can go to the airport.

You can stop at the airport and ask a TSA agent in security. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns. If your TSA agent cannot give you an answer, then asking at the airline check-in desk is the next best thing.

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To sum it up, can you bring an umbrella on a plane? The answer is yes; according to the TSA rules, it counts as an accessory. Umbrellas are often a staple travel item for any trip you may take.

You can carry your umbrella in your carry-on luggage and checked baggage without problems. As long as you check ahead with your airline since there might be restrictions on the size of your umbrella. Be sure to place your umbrella in the bin or outside your bag at the security checkpoint.

If flying internationally, check what limitations certain flights and airlines have on carrying umbrellas onboard. If you still have questions or concerns, check out the TSA website or call the support line. You can also ask a TSA agent in the airport any questions you may have while traveling.

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