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Flying with Beats: Unveil the Truth About AirPods on Planes

Fasten your seatbelts and turn up the volume—let's unpack the mystery of flying with your favorite tunes cradled in AirPods. Are you ready to become a high-flying audiophile?

Tobi Miles
July 28, 2022

From your cell phone to Bluetooth speakers, even your AirPods, all have rules and regulations on planes. With all today's technology, it can be challenging to know which of your electronics can travel with you. If you’re wondering if you can bring AirPods on a plane, you’re not alone.

You are allowed to bring your AirPods on the plane, but using your cell phone is still prohibited. The TSA has no restrictions on how to pack your AirPods with you and go through security checkpoints. You can use AirPods while in flight but must follow the rules for electronic use during take-off and landing.

Airpods are a common travel must, and to ensure your journey is smooth, follow all rules set by the TSA. You can use your AirPods at various times for a variety of reasons. In reading, we will dig a bit deeper into how you can bring your AirPods on a plane.

A Quick Look At The TSA’s Rules For Bluetooth Devices 2022

Though the airlines still hand out their headsets and headphones for inflight use, AirPods are allowed. Like most Bluetooth devices, from speakers to AirPods, the TSA prefers you have them in your carry-on. If small enough, Bluetooth devices can go through security checkpoints without being pulled out.

You should always follow all TSA rules and guidelines when bringing a Bluetooth device with you.

  • Be sure to remove batteries if any devices have any for TSA security checks.
  • Place all computers, speakers, and Bluetooth devices out of your bag.
  • Airpods, headphones, and Bluetooth accessories can be left in carry-on luggage for scanning.
  • You should restrict the use of Bluetooth devices if designated by the device.
  • The use of AirPods is allowed in flight but can still cause interference for take-off and landing. Restriction of service will be necessary.

The TSA has a list of items you can bring in your carry-on or checked luggage. Be sure to know what equipment you are searching for and follow all rules.

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Can I Bring My AirPods On A Plane In My Carry-On Bag?

Yes, the TSA prefers you to bring anything with lithium-ion or metal in them in your carry-on. This makes it easy to scan, carry and check for anything suspicious. You should place your AirPods securely but keep them easily accessible.

At security, you may be asked for a bag check if the scanner goes off and you want to get them quickly. You can then keep all your personal belongings and electronics in your carry-on. To carry them on a flight, they must fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat to take them on a flight.

Along with your carry-on, you can also have your AirPods in your personal bag or item. This will ensure you can grab them out for inflight use.

Can I Use My AirPods During A Flight?

You can use your AirPods during the flight, even when your phone is in airplane mode. You will want to ensure your phone and all other Bluetooth items are disconnected from cellular data. Cellular data can interfere with airplane equipment so turn it off to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew.

You must listen and obey all rules about take-off and descent while on board the plane. You may need to turn off electronics and devices for lift-off or landing. This includes using your AirPods, and you should wait until you get clear to use them.

Will AirPods Work On A Plane Without WiFi?

Yes, your AirPods will work on a plane without wifi. The wifi is not what helps your AirPods connect to your phone. They will even work with your cell phone's cellular data turned off.

Wifi is important for searching/streaming, but since your phone’s data will be turned off, you should download items prior. You can use your phone and AirPods with music and movie downloads you selected before the flight.  Using your cell phone during a flight is frowned upon and often restricted.

Do I Need An Airplane Adaptor To Use AirPods On A Plane?

You will use a headphone adapter if your AirPods connect with a cord. You will need a Bluetooth adapter to utilize the plane's music and your AirPods. Most airlines do have headphone jacks for easy access if your headphones are corded, but Bluetooth is a bit different.

To utilize the Bluetooth adapter, you will do the same steps to connect your AirPods to the airplane's Bluetooth. The connection may be weak, depending on how many people utilize it. So be sure to have a backup, but you can use your AirPods.

Do You Have To Take AirPods Out At Airport Security?

While going through security, the TSA says that when it comes to AirPods, you don’t need to pull them out. Airpods are small enough to scan within your bag and usually do not set off the scanner.

If you wish to have them easily accessible, you can always place them in a front pocket or slot. Airpods are preferred to be packed within your carry-on or personal carry-on luggage per TSA regulations.

Can You Use AirPods Pro On A Plane?

AirPods Pro are no different than a variety of different AirPods. You must follow all TSA and airline flight rules to ensure safety for all. Airpod Pros and cellphone use is restricted to use in flight only with cellular data turned off.

You can still use your phone for music and movies while in airplane mode, and your AirPod Pros are similar. You will use the adapter on the plane to connect your AirPods Pro to utilize the Airfly Bluetooth.

Can You Use AirPods On An International Flight?

There’s no need to use the old headphones that flight attendants handed out; you can use your AirPods. Just like nationwide flights, you can use your AirPods on international flights as well. Whether you are flying to and visiting Cancun or Norway, you can use your AirPods all along the way.

Just by following all inflight rules, you can enjoy a stress-free flight. You can use the Bluetooth adapter to utilize the music and movie in flight. The FAA approves using all personal Bluetooth devices on flights.

Check with your airlines if you are unsure of their policies.

What’s The Best Way To Pack AirPods?

The best way to pack your AirPods is with all your electronics. Make sure the case is charged and ready for use with both AirPods securely in the case. You should place your AirPods in an easily accessible pocket or pouch for personal use.

Whether you have your AirPod in your carry-on or personal item, you should always know where they are. Having your AirPods in your pockets may set off the security scanner and cause a delay. Since you don’t need to pull AirPods out of a packed bag, you may find security a bit smoother.

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Still Not Sure? Ask the TSA

You can find more answers to what you can bring on a flight by searching the TSA website. Click the link “What can I bring?” and use the search bar to type in anything from bringing crystals to headphones. The website will bring up various items and whether to pack them in your carry-on or checked luggage.

If you prefer to talk to someone, you can click on passenger support to get in contact with TSA directly. You can call and speak to someone who will help you navigate the website or answer questions. Check the TSA website for all your packing needs to ensure you pack accordingly.

If you are still not sure or have questions and concerns at the airport, ask a TSA agent at the security check. An agent will be happy to help you and address any concerns. They will also help you find a solution for any traveling/packing problems that arise while in security.

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When it comes to traveling with your electronics, rest assured you can bring AirPods on a plane along with other devices. The TSA allows AirPods, AirPod Pros, and various electronics on a plane. Packing them correctly is key to getting through security without a problem.

You should always keep your AirPods with you in your carry-on luggage or personal bag. This will ensure you have them for flight, but follow all rules while boarding your plane. You can use them in flight but may be asked to turn them off for take-off and when landing.

You can use the airplane adapters to connect your AirPods to the plane for inflight use for movies and music. Be sure to follow all TSA rules in using your cell phone and AirPods on your flight. The TSA website and agents will be able to assist you in how to pack your AirPods and other equipment.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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