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JetBlue Personal Item Limits: Pack Smart, Avoid Hassles

Ever crammed your bag into JetBlue's sizer and held your breath? Let's unpack the mystery of their personal item policy and save you from the dreaded gate-check gamble.

Tobi Miles
September 13, 2022

If you travel frequently, you might have already traveled with JetBlue a time or two or plan to soon. They have some minor but strict rules when it comes to personal item size and carry-ons. JetBlue, like most airlines, has a specific set of rules and regulations its passengers must follow.

In addition to your carry-on, JetBlue allows passengers one personal item that must fit the dimensions 17” x 13” x 8”. JetBlue can measure all personal items to verify they meet the airline’s specific travel requirements. Your personal item must fit below a seat. If your personal item is too big, you can add it as a carry-on for a fee.

If you need some extra space for essentials, it may be worth taking a small backpack or briefcase on the plane. Squeezing some items into a smaller personal bag may allow you to bring on more things without a hassle. As long as this personal item is small enough to fit underneath a seat, chances are they won’t question it.

What Are JetBlue’s Requirements For Personal Items?

JetBlue allows one personal item in addition to your carry-on bag. It cannot be larger than 17” x 13” x 8”. If you get through security and can stow your personal item below the seat in front of you, you can bring it.

Personal items may be the everyday items you carry with you. From utilizing a fanny pack for medical supplies or a laptop case, you can count these as personal. Purses, some backpacks, and even briefcases can be personal items.

There are few restrictions, and the requirement is that the bag must fit under the seat in front of you. You must also pack your item much like you would a carry-on. By following all TSA guidelines on liquids, sprays, and personal items, you can have your personal item with you.

How Strict Is JetBlue About The Size Of Personal Items?

JetBlue is not overly strict on size, as long as the bag fits comfortably and easily under a seat. Personal items must fall within the given size guidelines to go on a flight. Your personal item cannot be more than 17” x 13'' x 8”, including any wheels or handles.

Even items such as pillows have requirements so that you can stow them properly. This ensures that every passenger receives their allotted carry-on and personal item amount. Passengers should be cautious about the sizes of personal items. Otherwise, they might face an additional fee and need to check their bags.

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How Does JetBlue Measure A Personal Item?

There are sizers at the gate for your convenience if you need to check your bag’s size before boarding. Often JetBlue will not have to measure a personal item unless it visually appears not to fit their criteria.

Typically, agents can tell simply by looking at the size of your carry-on and personal item to see if they are sufficient for travel. The final measurement will be taken onboard to see if your bag fits under a seat. If it’s a carry-on, it must fit in the overhead bin.

Does JetBlue Have Weight Limits For Personal Items?

Typically JetBlue does not have a weight limit on personal or carry-on items. However, agents may pull you aside for additional screening if your bag is too heavy at security. JetBlue will weigh your checked luggage upon check-in, but they often don't do the same with personal items.

Their weight limitation is more of a suggestion to avoid major problems with stowing. Their weight recommendation is typically a bag should not weigh more than 50 lbs. 

In a nutshell, you must be able to lift your carry-on bag to get it in the overhead bin. In the case of your personal item becoming your carry-on, the same rule applies.

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What If My Personal Item Is Too Big?

Your personal item can count as a carry-on if you don’t already have one. Alternatively, you may need to check it at the gate so attendants can stow it below before the flight. In either situation, you may have applicable fees that go along with the switch. 

These fees could cost $65 or more per bag. Carry-on bags, like personal items, have minor size restrictions, so pack accordingly.

Can My Personal Item Become My Carry-On?

If your personal item is too big, it can become your carry-on item. Some passengers that travel light may find it easier to travel with a small backpack or purse for convenience. However, Jetblue allows only one personal item and one carry-on per passenger.

If you change your personal item to an additional carry-on, you will be subject to pay a $65 fee. Likewise, if you decide to check the bag at the gate, you may pay an additional fee of $65+. If you already have a checked bag or two, you may pay as much as $180 for the extra bag.

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What Are JetBlue’s Size And Weight Limits For Carry-Ons?

JetBlue’s size requirements for carry-ons are a maximum of  22” x 14” x 9”. This ensures that each bag can stow safely in the overhead bins.

You can also rest assured that carry-on items have no weight restrictions. However, you or someone traveling with you must be able to lift the bag over your head to stow it in the overhead compartment.

How Strict Is JetBlue On Carry-On Bag Size Limits?

JetBlue is only as strict as the TSA regarding bag size limits. They are strict on the fact that each bag has a place and cannot be on your lap. 

All passengers must abide by the size limitation to make sure their bag can fit comfortably. The overhead bins allow for each passenger to have one bag at 22” x 14” x 9” or less.

In addition to your personal item and carry-on, you can also bring several specific items on board. The following items won’t count as your personal item or carry-on:

  • A diaper bag (if traveling with a lap infant)
  • Assistive devices
  • Car seat
  • Umbrella
  • Coat
  • Duty-free items of a reasonable amount

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What Does It Mean When JetBlue Says No Carry-On?

Like most airlines, JetBlue offers various classes and ticket prices depending on the seats and sections. When you purchase their Blue Basic fare, then the tickets are cheaper. However, you will not be allowed a carry-on bag on board your flight.

You are allowed one personal item, but if you bring a carry-on to the gate, they will not allow it. A fee will be tacked onto your existing checked bag, if you have one, at $65-$180, depending on size. All other fares allow carry-ons and personal items to be brought on the flight.

How Much Are Fees Associated For Bags Over The Size Limit?

For each additional bag, either one or two, you will pay a small fee of $65 per checked bag. If the bag is oversized, then JetBlue may charge a hefty cost of $180.

If your bag cannot fit onboard or in the overhead bins, you will be asked to check it. The fee may be slightly elevated at the gate for the late add-on to the flight roster. You will have to pay the fee promptly, and they will load your bag below before entering the plane.


JetBlue is an airline that wishes to make everyones’ travels as smooth as possible. With rules and regulations regarding their carry-on and personal item policy, be sure to follow them before a flight. JetBlue often allows you to bring one carry-on and one personal item with you on the plane.

Your personal item must fit under the seat in front of you to be deemed ready for travel. If you stay under the limit of 17” x 13” x 8”, you can do this easily. If your bag is too big to be a personal item, you can possibly make it a carry-on. 

But if not, you will pay an additional fee, depending on the size of your bag. Various fares associated with your different airline tickets will allow you a carry-on and one personal item. Due to space restrictions and prices, the Blue Basic fare will not allow you to have a carry-on.

JetBlue is an airline that is very open with its carry-on and personal item policy. With no weight restriction, you can carry-on various items so long as you follow all JetBlue and TSA rules.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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