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Flying with Beats: Your Guide to Airplane-Approved Speakers

Ever wondered if your favorite beats can soar the skies with you? Let's unpack the mystery of flying with your trusty speakers – turbulence in the tunes department, not included.

Tobi Miles
July 28, 2022

There are various things you may want to pack with you when you travel by plane. You may be wondering about your fancy Bluetooth speaker and if you can take it with you on your flight. Will the electronics somehow interfere with navigational controls, or can you bring a speaker on a plane?

According to the TSA rules, you can bring speakers on a plane with you. You can have a variety of speakers, from Bluetooth to JBL,  either with you or in your checked luggage. There are rules for domestic and international flights about speakers, though. For example, you can bring a subwoofer on a plane, but you can’t use it in flight.

Whether you’re a musician with a subwoofer or a teacher bringing your Bluetooth speaker on vacation, the TSA says yes. You can bring speakers of various sizes and amps as long as you follow all rules onboard the plane. The TSA and FAA give ways and suggestions to pack a speaker with you. With such a variety of sizes and types of speakers, knowing how to pack them can help with your journey.

A Quick Look at the TSA’s Rules for Electronics 2022

The TSA has minimal rules regarding taking electronics onto a flight. The TSA website has a minor list of everyday electronic items passengers can bring. Lithium batteries and other electronic products can have specific rules while in flight.

  • According to the TSA, most flights will allow you to bring computers, travel televisions, electric razors, and game consoles.
  • You should carry your cell phone, AirPods, and speakers on the flight with you.
  • If you need to carry electronics on a flight, they must fit in the overhead compartment. If they don’t fit, you must be able to stow them under the seat.
  • Likewise, electronic items must fit in your carry-on luggage or checked baggage, or they will count as your carry-on.

Does It Matter What Kind Of Speaker I Take On A Plane?

When packing your bags, be sure to accommodate the type of speaker you wish to bring. The TSA does say that since most speakers have lithium-ion batteries, they prefer you bring them in your carry-on. If you have a bigger speaker, make sure it can fit securely or be checked safely in checked bags.

You should tell the check-in desk if you have a speaker in your checked luggage to avoid any problems. If you have a speaker in your carry-on, follow all TSA guidelines and rules while going through security. The TSA requires that all speakers or electronics be outside of a bag and scanned individually.

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Can I Bring A Bluetooth Speaker On A Plane?

A Bluetooth speaker is the most common speaker many bring in a bag and on a flight. The TSA and airlines prefer a Bluetooth speaker in a personal bag to avoid problems. Due to the lithium-ion or lithium metal within Bluetooth speakers, it is safer to carry them this way.

You can carry most speakers without issue if they fit inside your carry-on or personal bags. Be sure to let TSA know at security so you can quickly get through the checkpoint. You should ask if you need to remove the speaker for security; the TSA agent will be happy to help.

Can I Bring A JBL Speaker On A Plane?

When carrying on a JBL speaker, you should be sure that the speaker is small enough to fit in a bag. Any JBL speakers are allowed so long as they’re not too big and can stow them carefully. If you have a JBL speaker, never use it in the airport, on your flight, and keep it in your bag.

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Can I Bring A Subwoofer On A Plane?

A subwoofer speaker can go on a plane, but not for use. Additionally, you must keep it with you at all times. You should be able to stow a subwoofer in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. If the subwoofer is too big, pack it in your checked luggage for safe travels.

Letting attendants know that a subwoofer is within your luggage will allow them to stow it safely below the plane.

Will The TSA Take My Speaker If I Can't Bring It On A Plane?

You can bring most speakers on flights, but if a TSA agent has a problem, they’ll help find a solution. They will not take your speaker away but may recommend you take the batteries out if necessary. They may also give you a tag for checking it in or tell you to check it at the gate with strollers and wheelchairs.

Most airlines and TSA agents will help to assure your speaker will arrive safely. As long as it's not too big, you can bring speakers with you in personal bags. If it's bigger than a personal carry-on, you should be able to stow it above for your flight.

Can You Carry A Speaker On International Flights?

International security and flights prefer all speakers, Bluetooth or not, to be in carry-on luggage. Various size speakers are allowed if they fit through the security conveyor belt and in your personal bags. The best way to travel with speakers is on your person or in a travel-approved bag.

Some airlines have certain restrictions on various flights, but if you are unsure, you can ask a flight attendant. Most airlines, if not all, restrict portable speaker use while in flight. International flights, whether you’re flying to Punta Cana or England, have space to stow your speaker in the overhead compartment.

Since most Bluetooth speakers have lithium-ion, removable batteries, it may be difficult, but be sure to take out any batteries. Follow all guidelines and regulations when traveling with equipment or electronics and when in doubt, ask an agent.

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Can You Pack Speakers In Checked Baggage?

Packing a speaker in your checked baggage can be difficult. But, if you can fit it, make sure to inform the check-in agent. This will ensure that your bag is checked and packed accordingly.

Most airlines prefer speakers to be with you but if you have a more prominent speaker, pack it securely. There are specific containers or approved cases for speakers to ensure safe travel. Be sure to do your research to pack your speakers securely and ensure a safe flight for you and all other passengers.

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Speaker?

The best way to pack a speaker, whether Bluetooth or not, is with you in a personal carry-on. When you are traveling, make sure it is easily accessible. While going through security, you will want to remove your speaker and all electronics to go through the x-ray.

You may require extra screening and x-ray if your speaker is incorrectly packed. Once through security, place the speaker back in your bag to remain there for the remainder of your trip. While in flight, you cannot use your speaker and should keep it safe and secure in your bag.

Still Not Sure? Ask the TSA

You can check out the TSA website if you’re still unsure about what speakers you can bring on a flight. When on the website, go to the top right and click the “What can I bring?” link. Type in the search bar what you plan on bringing, no matter how obscure it seems, like an airsoft gun replica.

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If you need extra assistance, you can contact the TSA helpline directly. When you call, you will be directed to an agent that may be able to help you navigate the website. This will help you to either find the answer online or ask the agent directly.

If you happen to be in the airport and still have questions, you can stop and ask a TSA agent. Plenty of agents are there for help and convenience in the airport security check. They will be more than happy to answer all questions you may have.


If you are traveling and need to bring a speaker on a plane, rest assured that speakers are allowed. You can bring anything from Bluetooth, JBL, and even a subwoofer. The TSA just has specific guidelines on how to bring them.

You should carry your speaker with you in your carry-on versus checking it. Since most speakers have lithium-ion or lithium metal inside, having them onboard is preferred. You can easily get through security by pulling them out of your bag for screening.

If you still have questions or concerns about bringing a speaker with you, you can visit the TSA website. You search the site for any and all the answers to your packing questions. You can also ask a TSA agent at the airport or your individual airline company for their guidelines.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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