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Skate or Fly: Navigating Airline Skateboard Policies!

Ever tried surfing the skies? Pack your skateboard and let's navigate the clouds of airline rules to keep your wheels spinning worldwide!

Tobi Miles
June 10, 2022

What exactly is a vacation if you have to sacrifice your favorite items? If you’re heading somewhere known for skateboarding, such as Denver Skatepark, or Venice Beach, you’ll want your board! But, can you even bring it on the plane?

According to the TSA, you can bring your skateboard on the plane by carry on and as checked baggage. For carry-on, your skateboard must be smaller than 22 x 14 x 9. Skateboards are allowed in checked baggage as long as it fits in your suitcase. You can also check your skateboard as second luggage but will need to pay.

Understandably, you want to bring your skateboard on vacation with you! After all, your sole reason for the trip may be to go experience different skateparks. This article will provide you with what you need to know about flying with your board.

Can You Bring A Skateboard In Carry-On Luggage?

Passengers riding skateboards past airport security aren't a concern for the TSA. They do recommend checking with your airline to see if there are any dimensions or additional restrictions.

Airlines only allow you to bring two pieces of carry-on bag into the cabin at a time. These are known as personal items and carry-on luggage. Skateboards qualify as being one of your carry-on items if they're under size restrictions.

In the United States, the most frequent carry-on luggage size restriction is 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Skateboards usually have a length of 28 to 33 inches. Most airlines consider these too large to be regarded as carry-on luggage.

One of the reasons you could now buy small boards like this is because of carry-on suitcase size constraints.

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Can You Bring A Skateboard In Checked Luggage?

A large checked suitcase may fit a lot of skateboards. There are no rules prohibiting you from bringing a skateboard into a checked bag.

There will always be a danger when packing anything precious in checked baggage. Items do not always arrive at their intended location. They have the potential to go missing, be stolen, or be harmed.

Removing your board's wheels and storing them in your carry-on may reduce the likelihood of your board being stolen. Checked baggage fees are frequently charged; thus, it can be costly.

Can I Take My Longboard On An Airplane?

Credit: Shutterstock

You Can Bring a Longboard on flights like Southwest; you can put your spare wheels, helmet, gloves, and other accessories in the suitcase for no additional charge. Many airlines may let you fly with a smaller board when you don't need to check any bags.

Can You Bring An Electric Skateboard On A Plane?

If you're planning on flying with your 'within regulation' electric skateboard, we strongly advise you to call your airline and notify management of your unusual cargo.

You should also notify them of the fact that you're taking all necessary precautions to safeguard the battery connections from fault conditions.

This small note just instills trust to them by giving them information that you are aware of the threats and are taking proactive measures to avoid any major issues.

Do all of this before arriving at the airport since the last thing you need is to get turned down just hours before your flight.

Every airline will react in different ways to your requests to bring an electric skateboard on board, so do your homework and call them before purchasing your tickets.

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Can You Bring An Electric Skateboard Battery On A Plane?

You still have options if your electric skateboard exceeds the 160Wh limit. One option is to unplug your pack and keep it at home, bringing your emptied eboard on the airplane.

Then you can begin recharging it when you get to your destination. Perhaps the company has a warehouse nearby where you could borrow one.

Skateboard Regulations By Airline

Credit: Shutterstock

When bringing a skateboard on a plane, each airline has its own rules and regulations regarding this matter.

Therefore, it’s best that we break it down by airline for you so you know who to book your flight through!

Can I Bring a Skateboard On JetBlue?

"A skateboard or longboard will qualify as a carry-on or check item, as long as it satisfies the size standards," according to JetBlue's skateboard regulation on their website. It will be approved at the customer's risk if checked.

Can You Bring Skateboards On American Airlines?

It is preferable to be aware of them ahead of time rather than being caught off guard at the check-in counter.

The following are the policies for skateboarding on board major American airlines: Skateboards are allowed as carry-on baggage on most flights; however, the regular carry-on size restriction applies (22" x 14" x 9").

Does Spirit Airlines Accept Skateboards?

Skateboards are counted against a Guest's bag allowance, and carry-on bag fees may apply. In addition, a limited liability waiver agreement must be completed. Due to hazardous equipment rules, Spirit Airlines will just not carry electric skateboards or hoverboards.

Which Airlines Let You Take A Skateboard On The Plane?

Credit: Shutterstock

Now it's time to challenge the airlines that use ambiguous language in their skateboard carry-on policies, leading customers to believe that their skateboard is allowed to fly when it's not, like JetBlue.

We'll also look at airlines that have clear policies concerning skateboards just being flown as checked baggage.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue's regulations on skateboarding on planes are a touch deceptive. They claim that as long as your skateboard doesn't quite exceed their size requirements, you can bring it on the flight as carry-on luggage. This is a deceptive remark.

"A skateboard or longboard will count as a carry-on or checked item, as long as it satisfies the size standards," according to JetBlue's skateboard regulation on their homepage.

“It will be approved at the customer's own risk if it is checked. JetBlue will not cover damage, loss, or spoiling of conditionally acceptable items."

However, when it comes to the size constraints of their carry-on baggage policy, the following dimensions are required: Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches (55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm).

Because most skateboards are at least 30 inches long, your skateboard would be longer than JetBlue's limit length of 22 inches. Skateboards are officially prohibited on JetBlue flights.

American Airlines

Regrettably, you will not be able to transport your skateboard on American Airlines as carry-on luggage.

"Standard checked luggage fees of your location apply up to 50lbs (23kgs), and 126in (320cm) (length + width + height), and the basic overweight penalty goes from 51lbs (23kgs) to 70lbs (32kgs)," according to a disclaimer on their sporting equipment policy page.

Many people have claimed on social networks that they were able to take their skateboards aboard American Airlines without issue, although I imagine it depends on the flight attendant.

It appears to be a risky gamble, but the decision you make is entirely up to you. And, so that you know, unless your ticket includes luggage, your initial checked luggage with American Airlines will be $30.

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Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines' skateboard policy is straightforward, admitting them exclusively as checked luggage.

Their skateboard policy follows: "We accept sporting equipment items as checked luggage if each component is correctly wrapped in a soft- or hard-sided case particularly suited for the equipment. Different limits may apply if your trip involves multiple carriers."

On Alaska, a checked bag will set you back $30.

Credit: Shutterstock

Spirit Airlines

Skateboards are allowed as carry-on luggage with Spirit Airlines, but they should be less than 22 inches long, so you won't be able to bring one with you unless it's for your child.

"Yes, you can carry it!" says Spirit's policy. Non-motorized/non-battery operated skateboards are allowed aboard as carry-on or personal items if they are (within Spirit's carry-on or personal item size limitations and stored with wheels designed to stop rolling).

The skateboard wheels must be stowed away, perhaps under the seat. Skateboards are counted against a guest's bag allotment, and carry-on bag fees may apply. In addition, a limited liability release document must be executed."

If there's one airline you shouldn't try to sneak a skateboard into, it's Spirit, which, just like all the other budget airlines, will want to make sure you have as many checked bags as feasible. A carry-on bag will cost you $14 – $39, while a checked bag will cost you $21 – $65.

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Delta Airlines

Delta has the same deceptive regulation as JetBlue and Spirit, claiming that skateboards under 22 inches can be carried on as carry-on luggage. However, if you're a skateboarder, you probably know that adult skateboards are seldom under 30 inches.

This implies you won't be able to carry your skateboard on a Delta flight. If you travel Delta, be prepared to pay $30 to check your board on the plane.

According to Delta's policy, they say, "Skateboards are accepted as checked baggage, and usual baggage policies apply," according to Delta's policy. Skateboards are permitted as carry-on luggage, subject to the same size restrictions as other carry-on luggage. Your board should be stored in a suitcase in checked baggage."

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines' skateboard policy is straightforward, stating that skateboards will not be accepted as carry-on luggage.

Their skateboard policy is as follows: "We do not allow skateboards with hazmat stickers and packed, and carry-on bag fees are determined by the tariff option selected."

If appropriate, overweight and oversize baggage will be charged. Checked Skateboard: Yes, Carry-on: No."

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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