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12 BEST Water Parks in Illinois (Awesome Places to Cool Off) 

Dive into fun at Illinois' top 12 water parks! Perfect for families and thrill-seekers, these parks offer slides, pools, and year-round adventures.

Tobi Miles
September 2, 2022
12 BEST Water Parks in Illinois (Awesome Places to Cool Off) 

Illinois is one of the most fun-filled states in the United States. The Midwestern state is a blend of rich cultures from almost every walk. This diversity has, in many ways, contributed to the development of major cities in Illinois.

Popular for its music heritage, shopping centers, and historical buildings, The beautiful state of Illinois is a major tourist attraction and fun-seekers choice destination. There are many reasons to head out to Illinois by the next break, the chief of which are water parks. Illinois has some of the country's most beautiful, safe, and family-friendly water parks.

Whether you're looking to relax by the waterside or ferociously slide down water tubes, there are plenty of locations. The great thing about water parks in Illinois is that there are both outdoor and indoor parks that are usually open year-round.

1. Sea Lion Aquatic Park

Credit: Enjoy Illinois

📍Map It:  1825 Short St, Lisle, IL 60532-2149 | Phone: 630-964-3410 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM | Entrance: Adults: $5-$13, Age three and under: Free

The Sea Lion Aquatic Park, one of the nationally recognized in Illinois, is an award-winning aquatic park perfect for parties, group hangouts, family reunions, or any form of celebration.

Summer breaks in Illinois would not be complete without a visit or more to Sea Lion Aquatic Park. The park usually buzzes with fanfare and pleasure-filled activities for adults and children.

The park features a zero-depth shallow entry pool, making it easy for everyone to access the swimming pool. This shallow entry pool leads to a much larger open swimming area.

Also available in the park are five water slides, two free falls, two 50-body long flumes, and one tot slide. There is a vortex pool, a leisure pool with a waterfall, a teen pool, a water and sand play area for kids, and three whirlpool spas in the adult-only deck area.

Whatever the age or status of the visitor is, there is something out in the water park that will surely tickle their fancy.

Some other services offered by the Sea Lion Aquatic Park are locker room services, water fitness classes, pool party rentals, swimming lessons, event planning, and hosting. The park ground is also home to the Sea Lion swim team.

2. Magic Waters Waterpark

Credit: Youtube

📍Map It: 7820 N CherryVale Mall Dr.Cherry Valley, IL 61016 | Phone: 800-373-1679 | Website  | Hours: Mon-Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, Wed 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. | Entrance: $39.99 for First-timers, $4.99 for subsequent membership.

Located in Rockford off Interstate 90/39 near northern Illinois and close to Wisconsin's southern border, Magic Waters Waterpark is one of the most beautiful waterparks in Illinois.

The park is popular for its family-friendliness. The environment in and out of Magic Waters Waterpark is safe for bringing in children. The park maintains a high level of cleanliness, security, and customer support.

What experiences are you hoping to make with your family and friends? Magic Waters has all. From dark tunnels with twists and turns that drop you into a large splash to the Double Dare Drop that takes you 75 feet down in a heartbeat.

The Double Dare Drop is one of the steepest speed slides around Illinois. This is a very exciting deal for speed lovers as the ride gives you that adrenaline rush of pleasure.

With 707,000 gallons of water, Magic Waters Waterpark has the largest wave pool in the state, the Tsunami Bay wave pool. Like the ocean, this pool of heated water can get waves as high as 6ft.

Other mind-blowing attractions at the water park include the Splash Magic river, spins in the Paradise Pipelines, Typhoon Terror adventure ride, Tropical Twisters, Tiki Island, and Little Lagoon with slides for the babies.

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3. Raging Waves Waterpark

Credit: Chicago Star Media

📍Map It: 4000 N. Bridge St.Yorkville IL 60560Phone: +1 630-882-6575 | Website | Hours: Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM | Entrance: Adults: $44.99, Age 1 and under: Free

Sitting on more than 58 acres just outside of Chicago, Raging Waves Waterpark is the largest outdoor waterpark in Illinois. This family-themed park is designed and equipped with state-of-the-art structures to cater to all age groups.

There are more than 16 main attractions in the park. Whatever your water-games interests are, Raging Waves Waterpark will most likely have something for you.

This waterpark's Barrier Reef wave pool holds 350,000 gallons of water. There are three mini splash parks for children, the 1/4th mile-long Kookaburra lazy river, Koala Kove for toddlers to explore, and shallow pools to splash around in.

Some other main attractions are Wonambi and Brock’s Giant Sandbox. The Wonambi is an exhilarating spiral slide that has you speeding at 35 m/h. Brock’s Giant Sandbox lets you put your sand sculpting skills to trial.

Also available in the waterpark are the Tasmanian Twisters, the Twirling Three Sisters, a 600ft Crocodile Mile to raft down, and The Boomerang, a giant tube that shoots you 40ft down.

4. Paradise Bay Waterpark

Credit: Lombard Park District

📍Map It: 433 EAST ST. CHARLES ROAD, LOMBARD, IL 60148 | Phone: 630-620-7322  | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM, Saturdays 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Entrance: Adults: $5-$8, Age Two and under Free

This is one of the most iconic waterparks in the Midwest. Paradise Bay Waterpark has won numerous awards as a state-of-the-art leisure facility and stands out as the ideal destination for summer getaways.

Gaining entrance into this waterpark is inexpensive, so it easily fits most people's budgets. Additionally, residents of the Lombard Park District area are eligible for pool pass rates.

Visitors to the Paradise Bay Waterparks with expectations of a fun-filled day out will not be disappointed as the park is a bank of excitement. There are lots of activities available for visitors of all ages.

One of the most popular attractions in the park is Hurricane Cove. It is a zero-entry pool with water sprays, fountains, spouts, and a large whirlpool.

Other things you'll also find in the Hurricane cover are the Bowl Slide or Wipeout, Alligator Crossing Walk, the blood-pumping heart-racing Speed Slide, and the Sidewinder (body slide).

There is a 12-foot dive well, the Splashdown, in the park. The Splashdown has a 3-meter dive and slide board. They also have Dolphin Cove and Turtle Cove for children.

Asides from the general park entertainment, Paradise Bay Waterpark also offers aqua fitness classes, swimming lessons, party deck rentals, and locker room facilities. It is also home to the Lombard Waves Swim and Dive Team.

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5. Pirate’s Cay Indoor Water Park

Credit: Holiday Inn

📍Map It: 2558 N 3650 rd Rd, Sheridan, IL 60551, United States Phone: +1 815-496-3292 | Website | Hours: Thursday - Monday: 12-8 PM | Entrance: 36"+: $24, Under 36": Free

Is it the off-season for outdoor waterparks, and do you need some water excitement with your family? Not to worry, Illinois has several indoor water parks that promise you as much fun as any other waterpark.

Located inside Sheridan's Holiday Inn Club Vacations Fox River Resort, Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park is the definition of amusement and leisure.

This waterpark is open all year, from summer to winter. The facility is fully glass-enclosed and climate controlled to fit the atmosphere. Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park also has a retractable roof which can be removed on warmer days.

Pirate's Cay is ideal for families, especially those with children. The park's climate control ensures visitors can always splash without weather setbacks.

The park features water activities like its four water tube slides, a relaxing lazy river, a pirate ship-themed arcade, etc.

6. Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park

Credit: Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park

📍Map It: 8301 Janes Ave, Woodridge, IL 60517 | Phone: +1 630-353-3350 | Website | Hours: Everyday 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM | Entrance: 1-61: $10.50, Age one and under: Free

This bayou-themed water park is located in Woodridge, Illinois, and was established in 1997. Managed by the Woodridge Park District, Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park is one waterpark you don't want to skip visiting.

Cypress Cove, as it is popularly called, features many structures and activities to ensure visitors have the time of their lives. This park is a summer destination to always return to.

Some of its main features include a lazy river, three body slides, a Tube slide, kiddies slide, 12-foot-deep diving well, a snap play area, and a concession stand

Cypress Cove has received numerous awards of repute in the recreational industry.  Some awards include the Daniel Flaherty Park Excellence Recognition Award and Chicago Magazine's Best Waterpark in Chicago.

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7. Itasca Caribbean Water Park

Credit: Enjoy Illinois

📍Map It100 N. CatalpaItasca, IL | Phone: 630-773-1213 | Website | Hours: Weekends: 11 AM - 11:30 AM | Entrance: Adults: $10, $50

Looking to have fun on an island? Itasca Caribbean Water Park should be your next place of call (well, not exactly an island). This beautiful waterpark out in Catalpa Itasca, Illinois, gives you the feeling of being on an island beach.

This beautiful park has swimming pools and water slides for persons of all ages; it is an ideal spot for family hangouts and reunions as no one would be left out in engaging their interests.

Visitors to the park are given unrestricted access to facilities like the zero-depth entry main pool with eight lanes, 185-foot water slide, spinning vortex, Geysers, and a diving well with high and low diving boards.

The kiddies also have their zone where only maximum fun is guaranteed. Itasca Caribbean Water Park is equipped with a children's pool, slides, an interactive playground, spray toys, etc.

8. Grand Bear Resort Water Park

Credit: tripsavvy

📍Map It2643 IL Route 178, North Utica, IL 61373 | Phone: (866) 399-3866 | Website | Hours: Monday- Friday 9 am-9 pm | Entrance: Adult: $40, Child: $35

In North-central Illinois, Grand Bear Resort is the best waterpark for relaxation and family time. The water park has the best themes and activities for kids and adults.

This water park is mostly available to those staying in the resort. Still, the entrance into the pool isn't expensive, and it's affordable.

The water park offers discounts to residents of that locality. It is always available throughout the week, making it perfect to fit into any schedule.

The huge water park is 24,000 square feet with different play zones, the hot tub allows 15 persons, and the wave pool.

Aside from the beautiful pools with enough activities to keep you busy, there's free Wi-Fi and cafes with delicious pizzas and beverages.

Grand Bear Resort Water Park gives locals discounts on fees. Also available in the park are beautiful cabins and rooms furnished to keep you comfortable throughout your stay.

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9. Pavilion Aquatic Center

Credit: Georgetown Scott Parks and Recreation

📍Map It: 1000 Wellington Ave Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | Phone: (847) 593-6248 | Website | Hours: Weekdays: 6 AM - 8 PM, Weekends 6 AM to 8 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM | Entrance: $10

The perfect location for increasing your fitness, relaxing, and having fun? Pavilion Aquatic center is the perfect waterpark for you. Bet for families who want to bond and grow together.

It is located inside the Jack A. CIas pavilion. The water park is perfectly designated for kids and Adults.

The water playground and 72ft water slide for kids and even an Indoor pool meeting Olympic standards are available for adults. A therapy pool and steam room are also available for relaxation. They are known for hosting Nights out specifically for parents.

Getting into the waterpark is not expensive, and entrance fees are very pocket friendly. Visitors are allowed ample time to go around the waterpark and savor the full experience for their money's worth.

10. Splash City Family Waterpark

Credit: Enjoy Illinois

📍Map It10 Gateway Dr, Collinsville, IL 62234 | Phone: +1 618-346-4571 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12-7 PM | Entrance: $15-$23

The Splash City Family Waterpark is the perfect water park for all parties, hangouts, reunions, and generally, every form of fun activity.

Whichever mood you step into the Splash City Family Watermark with, you are sure to leave the center as hearty as ever.

Located in Collinsville, this Water park is known to have seven beautiful slides and Pools perfect for swimming competitions.

This water park also has an amazing location for kids to have fun with their peers. A separate area filled with sands, just for the kids to build their perfect sand castle. There is also a 12ft climbing wall for people who love to climb.

Getting into the splash City Family Waterpark is affordable, and the time frame available is perfect for both adults and Kids. You could have enough time for yourself and your family to have fun and exercise.

11. White Water Canyon Water Park

Credit: Enjoy Illinois

📍Map It8221 W 171st St Tinley Park | Phone:  (708) 342-4200 | Website  | Hours: Friday 4 PM - 7 PM, Saturday/Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM | Entrance: Residents: $5-$10, Non-residents: $20

Looking for that perfect location for your children and yourself? White water Canyon Water park is the one for you. It promises everything fun and pleasure.

Located in the Tinley park District, White water Canyon Water park is Just a zone perfect for family bonding and outings.

This water park is over 5 acres. They are known to be very wide and to accommodate different people from different places.

The pool has an area for kids; you do not have to worry about the depth because it's perfect. There are also diving boards available and tubes for you to float on the river, enjoying every bit of the ride.

Getting into the park is easy, so long as you provide the necessary information and ID card needed to get in.

The tickets for getting into the water park are affordable but cheaper for the residents of the park. To get in with the resident discounts, you will need to provide an ID proving that you are actually a resident of the district.

Visits to the water park are the perfect relaxation routine for the mind and soul, especially when down there with loved ones, family, and friends alike.

12. Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center

Credit: Patch

📍Map It: 2025 Miner St, Des Plaines, IL 60016, United States | Phone: 847-391-5740 | Website | Hours: Sunday–Thursday: 10 AM- 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday: 11 AM –9 PM | Entrance: $15

An iconic water park with everything suitable for both kids and Children. Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center is the water park for the perfect family time, and you'll be going home happy.

This water park has two slides which are over 600ft and a 550ft river with diving boards. There's also a pool with no depth at all that's perfect for relaxation.

The area for kids is an absolute beauty to behold. It has a jungle gym, a perfect sand area for them to build whatever they want.

The park’s entrance fee isn't high and could be considered budget-friendly. Do you want to host a party for your child or even a reunion party with your friends?

The park offers reservations at an incredible rate. Anything fun is possible at Mystic Waters Family Aquatic Center.

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