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Unlock Siesta Keys Prime Months: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Imagine a year-round sun-kissed escape—Siesta Key beckons. But when to go for the ultimate experience? Dive into our monthly guide and align your wanderlust with Siesta's best-kept seasonal secrets!

Tobi Miles
September 13, 2022

Boasting beautiful sand beaches and wonderful year-round weather, Siesta Key is a popular vacation destination. Planning a trip, especially with a family, can be difficult because this beach town has so much to offer. Visitors will get a different experience depending on when they travel to Siesta Key.

The best time to visit Siesta Key for good weather is the spring, between March and June. The cheapest flights and hotels are in September, once children return to school and temperatures begin to drop. For activities, the spring months have plenty to do and see, with abundant wildlife opportunities and fun festivals to attend.

Although a popular destination for beachgoers, Siesta Key also has something to offer adventurers. There are plenty of wildlife opportunities in Siesta Key, with turtles, manatees, dolphins, and migratory birds calling this area home. Dolphins may be visible year-round, but the best chance to see birds and manatees may be in the late winter or early spring.

When Should You Not Go To Siesta Key?

Although the beaches may be less populated, avoid visiting Siesta Key during summer. June, July, and August may have some of the warmest temperatures, but the chance for rain increases drastically.

During the summer, there is also the chance for a hurricane, as hurricane season begins in late June. Expect high humidity to accompany the increased rainfall and higher temperatures.

Avoid traveling to Siesta Key in the spring if you want a peaceful vacation without crowds. Comfortable temperatures and minimal rainfall make this season the most popular for tourists.

March is a hectic month, with spring breakers flocking to the beaches. Expect busy beaches, big crowds, and high prices if you plan your vacation to Siesta Key in the spring.

Cheapest Month To Go To Siesta Key

For the absolute best deals, consider traveling to Siesta Key in September. During this month, hotels and airfare are at an all-time low. Hotel prices sometimes dip as low as $65 a night, compared to the peak season when they can sell for well over $400 a night.

Airfare is also significantly reduced during September. An average flight might cost $440, compared to the yearly average price of $600. In addition, June, July, and August may also offer some discounts on airfare and overnight accommodations.

While the weather is undoubtedly beach-worthy in the summer, the increased chance of rainfall will thin the crowds traveling to Siesta Key. Summer may be ideal for families looking to save some money if you are willing to contend with some rain.

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What Time of Year Is The Weather Best in Siesta Key?

Siesta Key can offer a different travel experience depending on your vacation timing. Summer weather can be unpredictable, but less-crowded beaches and cheap airfare is hard to pass up. The winter may be filled with snow-birders, but opportunities to spot wildlife can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Monthly Breakdown of Siesta Key Activities


The weather in Siesta Key during January is pleasantly cool but still warm enough to enjoy time spent outdoors. The average high temperature is 72 degrees, with the average low around 53 degrees F.

January is a popular month for snow-birders traveling to Florida to escape the cold winter temperatures throughout the country. There is minimal precipitation in January, averaging just .2 inches.

  • Sarasota County Arts Days


February temperatures start to warm up, with the average high temperature hitting 74 degrees. Expect cool night temperatures, around 55 degrees, with minimal precipitation.

With the colder winter temperatures, February may be a great time to see rare migratory shorebirds that make their nest along to coat in Siesta Key.

  • Ladies' Day on the Key

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March is the beginning of spring and a popular time to visit Siesta Key. Expect the beaches to be crowded during the week of spring break, with several college students vacationing in the area. The average high temperature is around 77 degrees, with the low temperature staying in the upper 50s.

Spring is a popular month for travel, and prices may be higher than average. The cooler water tends to bring manatees closer to the shore, so you may have a chance to catch a glimpse of this rare animal.

  • The Opera Pazzia International Festival


With an average high temperature of 81 degrees, April is a peak month for a beach vacation to Siesta Key. April is also one of the busiest months for tourists, so expect high rates and busy restaurants. There is minimal precipitation in April, averaging just .16 inches of rain. The annual Florida Wine Fest attracts locals and tourists alike.

  • Annual Run/Walk for the Turtles
  • Florida Wine Fest and Auction

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Probably the busiest time of year for Siesta Key is May. Marked by warm weather, minimal rain, and warm water, visitors worldwide travel to Siesta Key. This month's average high temperature is 86 degrees F, with the average low temperature staying close to 70 degrees. May also has the first of many Dig the Beach Volleyball Classic competition held throughout the year in Siesta Key.

  • Dig the Beach Volleyball Classic
  • Annual Siesta Keys Sand Sculpture Contest


While temperatures start to peak in the summer, June is one of the slower months to visit Siesta Key. The high temperature reaches around 89 degrees during June, but the amount of rain also increases.

Expect about 2.05 inches of rain throughout June, making it one of the rainiest months. Because the rain may scare away potential visitors, it may be possible to find cheap hotel and airfare deals during this month.

  • Dig the Beach Volleyball Classic

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In the heart of summer, the temperature at Siesta Key increases to an average of 90 degrees during the day. Accompanying the warm weather is even more rain than in June, averaging about 2.38 inches for the month.

July beaches are not as busy as the spring, and hotel deals are easy to find. Travel to Siesta Key in July to experience Fourth of July Fireworks displayed over the water.

  • Fourth of July Fireworks Display


August is a carbon copy of July weather, mimicking the same temperatures and precipitation patterns. Rainfall is at its peak for Siesta Key in August, with the possible chance of a hurricane visiting the area.

Although temperatures are high, averaging 90 degrees, people tend to stay away from this area due to the increased rain. On average, about 2.38 inches of rain falls every year in August.

  • Ukrainian Culture Heritage Festival
  • Greek Cultural Heritage Festival


At the end of summer, temperatures start to cool in Siesta Key, averaging 89 degrees during the day. With warm weather and water, September is a fabulous time to visit the area.

Crowds start to disperse in September as children return to school, and beaches are far less crowded. Due to the decline in tourism, savvy travelers may be able to find great deals on airfare and hotel accommodations in September.

  • Native American Film Festival
  • Labor Day Weekend Craft Festival


The average high temperature in October is around 85 degrees, with only a slight chance of precipitation. Keep in mind, though, that October is technically still in hurricane season.

The average low temperature during this fall month is around 68 degrees. There is plenty to do in Siesta Key during October, like traveling to nearby Sarasota to tour the Craft Festival.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Downtown Sarasota Craft Festival


November brings about cooler air and water temperatures, with the average high just under 80 degrees F. Many Snowbirds arrive in Siesta Key in November, so the beaches may still get crowded despite the cooler temperatures.

Visitors can enjoy the annual Crystal Classic Sand Sculpting Festival in November or watch for the beginning of rare migratory birds that frequent the Florida coast yearly.

  • Crystal Classic Sand Sculpting Festival
  • Chalk Festival


December is a surprisingly busy month in Siesta Key, with Snowbirders arriving at their winter locations. Expect beaches and restaurants to be busy, despite the relatively cool 74-degree high temperatures.

At nights, the average low can dip into the mid-50s. There is minimal precipitation in Siesta Key during December, averaging just 0.19 inches of rain for the month.

  • Siesta Beach Seafood and Music Festival
  • Drag Culture Fest

When Is The Best Time To Visit With Family?

If you are traveling to Siesta Key with family, consider traveling in the summer. Not only are children on break from school, but crowds are much thinner in June, July, and August.

Summer weather peaks during these months, and crowds on the beach are relatively light compared to the busy spring months. The increased chance of rain and potential hurricanes tend to discourage people from traveling to Siesta Key in the summer.

Additionally, hotels and airfares tend to offer lower prices in the summer due to the decreased travel to the area. If traveling with a large family, a bit of cost savings is a fair price for a possible rainy vacation day.

When Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds?

The best time to avoid crowds at Siesta Key is in September. During this month, the temperature is still warm, but you may have an increased chance of precipitation.

This early fall month is slower in Siesta Key, so hotels have a harder time filling their rooms. If you travel during September, you may be able to snag a great deal on a hotel room rate.

If you are trying to avoid crowds, stay away from Siesta Key during the spring. The spring is when beaches are at their fullest and rates for airfare and hotels are at their highest.

If you are trying to avoid crowds, you may also want to avoid late fall and winter when the Snowbirds begin to arrive in the area. Increased snow-birders leads to busy restaurants and crowded highways.

When Is The Best Time for Wildlife in Siesta Key?

There is plenty of wildlife at all times of the year in Siesta Key. If you are searching for manatees, consider checking the waterways in late winter or early spring. The cooler water tends to funnel the manatees to shallow water, looking for warmer temperatures.

During the winter, several birds pass through this warm location. Shorebirds and nesting birds can be seen throughout the area. Between May and October, it may be possible to see sea turtles. This period marks the nesting period for these elusive animals.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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