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Best Time To Visit Corpus Christi (Fun Activities Each Month!)

Plan your perfect trip with our guide on the best time to visit Corpus Christi. Find out about fun activities each month, weather tips, and how to avoid crowds!

Tobi Miles
September 13, 2022
Best Time To Visit Corpus Christi (Fun Activities Each Month!)

Located in eastern Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi attracts countless visitors to its beaches every year. Corpus Christi is an ideal vacation location with fantastic weather, minimal humidity, and little chance of a hurricane. Choosing the right month to plan a vacation to Corpus Christi depends on what you want to accomplish with your trip.

The best time to visit Corpus Christi for good weather is between June and August. The cheapest flights and hotel accommodations are in September, late January, and early April. For activities, the spring offers plenty for bird watchers, while the summer promises exciting festivals and celebrations.

Travelers should know that beaches can get pretty busy during peak summer months. June through August experience the highest amount of visitors to the area. If you want to avoid crowds, September is the best time to visit Corpus Christi. Still, warm temperatures mixed with fewer crowds spell the ideal vacation for most people simply looking to relax.

When Should You Not Go To Corpus Christi?

If you are traveling to Corpus Christi for a beach vacation, do not travel during the winter months. Between late October and February, air and water temperatures dip to low in the 60s. While the beaches won't be crowded, this is not the ideal time to swim and sunbathe in Corpus Christi.

However, if you are looking for a vacation where you can enjoy the beach in peace, avoid traveling during the peak of summer. Beaches are packed between June and August when the temperatures average in the mid-80s daily. Consider traveling to Corpus Christi in mid-September for the perfect mix of warm weather and minimal crowds.

Cheapest Month To Go To Corpus Christi

The cheapest time to visit Corpus Christi is in September, usually after the crowds start to dissipate. During this time, flights and hotels are significantly discounted. While an average flight to Corpus Christi is around $660, savvy travelers can find flights in September for as low as $448, adding up to approximately 30% cost savings.

Hotels also tend to be cheaper during this shoulder month. An average hotel in the peak of summer may cost upwards of $279 a night, but during September, these rates drop as low as $89 per night.

While September is the cheapest month to travel to Corpus Christi, travelers might also find some discounts in the winter and spring months. Between January 8 to February 25, flights and hotel accommodations are below average.

April 16 to May 6 also shows discounted flights and room rates following the surge of travelers who visit the beaches of Corpus Christi during spring break.

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What Time of Year Is The Weather Best in Corpus Christi?

Located along the coast, Corpus Christi is the ideal location to experience warm beach temperatures regardless of the month. While winter can get chilly, an average of 60 degrees during the day is still better than most snow-laden towns across the US. Summer months promise high temperatures, minimal rain, and warm water perfect for swimming.

Corpus Christi Activities By Month


Although January has some of the coldest weather throughout the year, it is still relatively pleasant. The daily temperature stays around 60 degrees, providing a pleasant refuge from chilly winter weather.

Plus, January has far less precipitation than other months in Corpus Christi. While it may be too cold to swim, travelers will still enjoy empty beaches and low humidity.

  • Corpus Christi Polar Bear Plunge


February in Corpus Christi is slightly warmer than January, although it may still be too chilly to swim. The average high temperature in the day hovers around 68 degrees F, with the nightly low dipping to around 55 degrees.

The Whooping Crane Festival draws countless visitors every year who get the chance to experience the only natural Whooping Crane population returning to Texas for winter.

  • Barefoot Mardi Gras
  • Whooping Crane Festival

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March's temperatures are similar to February, although slightly warmer. The high in the daytime reaches 70 degrees, with nights cooling off to the high 50s. Even though the temperatures are warmer, March is one of the rainest months, averaging about 50 mm of rain every March.

Although the weather may be cooler, thousands of students flock to the beaches in Corpus Christi to celebrate spring break. March is one of the busiest months for this beach town.

  • Ingleside Round-Up Day and Music Festival
  • Lunar New Year Festival


The average temperature in April is around 74 degrees F, with the high reaching 95 degrees on rare occasions. During April, precipitation dies down a bit, with an average of only 25 mm of rain for the month.

Summer temperatures start to appear as the air and water temperature warms up. It is plenty warm enough to swim in Corpus Christi in April. Visiting this beach will not only allow you to enjoy a day sunbathing, but you might also get to catch the most important festival for Birders in the United States.

  • The Birdiest Festival in America
  • Buc Days Parade and Carnival
  • Rodeo at Corpus Christi

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The average daily temperature in May is a pleasant 77 degrees, perfect for the countless people flocking to the beach. The seasonably warm temperatures bring significant precipitation, with the month averaging around 52 mm of rain.

Nightly temperatures will dip to 65 degrees, making a stroll on the beach after dark pleasant and cool. Visitors may have the chance to visit PalmFest, an annual BBQ competition.

  • PalmFest
  • Beach to Bay Relay Marathon


June is the official start of the summer season in Corpus Christi and is also a time when crowds are at their heaviest. The average daily temperature is around 83 degrees F, with minimal humidity.

While the weather is warm, possible rain showers occur throughout the month, averaging about 44 mm of precipitation. The ocean water is warm and inviting, and beaches tend to be crowded with travelers.

  • Official Shrimporee of Texas

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July is the peak of summer with ideal temperatures, minimal rain, and low humidity. The average daily high temperature is near 85 degrees F, and the average low only drops to 78 degrees at night.

The total precipitation is a minuscule 15 mm of rain, and the humidity drops to a yearly low. No wonder people flock to the beaches in July to vacation in the ideal summer weather.

  • Corpus Christi Comic Con
  • Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic


The temperature starts to cool off in August, with the high dipping to around 82 degrees F. Still, the weather is plenty warm for a day at the beach.

Night temperatures stay around 75 degrees, making outdoor movie nights with friends and family a popular activity in Corpus Christi. Be careful to check the forecast before venturing out in August. Precipitation skyrockets to around 52 mm on average during this month.

  • Corpus Christi Community Dance


The weather in September brings the perfect mix of cooler temperatures, averaging 81 degrees, and minimal precipitation, around 15 mm of rain. As the temperatures cool off and children return to school, beaches tend to be less crowded, making September an ideal time to visit.

If you happen to come across a rainy day in Corpus Christi, check out the annual Home and Garden Show. Or, visit the Hummerbird Celebration to catch the colorful little migrating birds that stop in Corpus Christi.

  • Corpus Christi Fall Home and Garden Show
  • Cottonfest 5K
  • Hummerbird Celebration


October signifies the start of the fall and winter season, with the average high temperature reaching 74 degrees. While it may be too cool to swim in late October, there is still plenty to do in the area.

The annual Corpus Christi Jazz Festival is held in October, drawing visitors from around the area. Keep in mind that while October weather can be beautiful, this time is also prime hurricane season.

  • Corpus Christi Jazz Festival
  • Wooden Boat Festival


Temperatures decline in November as the winter approaches. Expect the daily high temperature to be near 70 degrees, with the nights cooling off to the mid-50s.

Some nights can be pretty chilly, with the minimum temperature around 45 degrees. With low temperatures and minimal rain, there is still plenty to do in November. Annual Christmas celebrations begin this month with festivities along the bay.

  • Wine Festival
  • Christmas By the Bay


Temperatures are at an all-time low for the year in December, with the average high hovering just above 60 degrees. While rare, the nightly low can dip below freezing.

It will undoubtedly be too cold to swim at the beaches in Corpus Christi during December, but visitors can still enjoy the beach. Some public beaches in this area permit bonfires, which can be the perfect way to stay warm on a chilly night.

  • Brick Fest Live
  • Harbor Lights Festival

When Is the Best Time to Visit With Family?

Although the beaches may get busy, the ideal time to visit Corpus Christi with a family is in the summer. Traveling to this city in June, July, or August will guarantee the best beach weather, ideal for swimming or sunbathing.

While you will certainly have to contend with crowds, you can rest assured that all family members will get plenty of time outdoors. Plus, Corpus Christi offers the most activities and events during the summer months.

The town regularly has music festivals our outdoor movie nights, which are perfect for the entire family. Summer can bring precipitation, but plenty of indoor museums and attractions can help fill a rainy day.

When Is the Best Time to Avoid Crowds?

Corpus Christi is known for its beautiful beaches, but these can also become pretty busy during peak months. If you want to avoid crowds, stay away from Corpus Christi between May and the beginning of September, when the beaches become crowded.

Visiting Corpus Christi in late September is the ideal time to escape crowds and enjoy warm weather. Stay away from Corpus Christi during March when students visit the area for spring break.

Although the weather may be cooler during the winter, traveling to Corpus Christi between November and February may be a great time to avoid crowded beaches.

If you end up with a rainy or cold day, there is still plenty to do and see around the area. Plenty of indoor museums and attractions can fill a full day, and you won't be shoulder to shoulder with fellow travelers.

Does Corpus Christi Get Hurricanes?

Although a hurricane can hit the areas around Corpus Christi, hurricanes are considered relatively rare in this area. In the past 125 years, only three major hurricanes have impacted Corpus Christi. The typical hurricane season in the United States runs from early June to late November.

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