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Unlock Park City Secrets: Prime Months for Epic Utah Escapes

Imagine a place where each season paints a new adventure canvas—Park City, Utah awaits. Find out when to dive into its outdoor spectacles, from powdery slopes to sun-kissed trails!

Tobi Miles
August 12, 2022

The town of Park City in Utah is famous for its winter sports and its hosting of the Winter Olympics in 2002. With beautiful mountains surrounding this busy town, there is always breathtaking nature to enjoy and activities to partake in year-round.

The best time to visit Park City Utah for winter sports is in late January. The prices for hotels are about $300, crowds will be reasonable, and there is enough snow to enjoy the slopes. To avoid crowds and have better prices, May is a great time with temperatures around 60℉ and hotels around $100 a night.

Park City Utah has a lot to offer year-round even if it is known as a winter destination. Follow along with this article to get a sense of the atmosphere and activities available each month of the year.

When Not To Visit Park City Utah

For those not a fan of large crowds and high prices, you should not visit Park City Utah in March. To capitalize on spring breakers, the slopes are packed with people and every hotel is expensive and full.

Unfortunately Park City Utah is known to have the largest winter resort in the United States, but also the most crowded. The winter months usually have a lot of people in town and the mountains and it is hard to find your own space.

With the crowding and reality that the winter is the most expensive time to visit, it is best to avoid these months if you are not a winter sports lover. The rest of the year has better crowds, prices, and plenty of activities to fill the time!

Cheapest Month To Visit Park City, Utah

For budget travelers looking to visit this unique town, May is the cheapest month to visit Park City Utah. Resting between the winter high season and the summer crowds, May has very low hotel prices and crowds to reflect the low tourism.

This is a very pleasant time to visit Park City as you can enjoy the mild weather and spring mountainsidesYou will not be able to ski as there will not be much snow, but you will be able to enjoy many more activities at very reasonable prices.

When is the Best Time To Visit Park City Utah: Monthly Breakdown

January: Sundance Film Festival

This is the coldest month of the year in Park City, with average high temperatures reaching 37℉ or 2.8℃. In January, a night in a 4-star hotel will cost about $350 a night. If you visit around New Year rooms will cost a lot more.

Crowds are high all winter in Park City, however if you visit at the end of January you will find the best combination between moderate crowds, prices, and snowfall. You can catch the Sundance Film Festival if you visit this month, which is a unique event for casual and dedicated film lovers alike!

  • Snowmobiling with North Forty Escapes
  • Sundance Film Festival

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February: Busiest Time To Hit The Slopes

Temperatures in Park City do not warm up much in February, with average high temperatures reaching 42℉ or 5.6℃. Prices are almost at their peak in February. A 4-star hotel will cost $450 a night, and the slopes will likely be packed.

As the middle of the high season for this town, you will find lots of people on the ski slopes and walking around town. It is a great time to try snowshoeing or other winter sports to enjoy the mountains away from the crowds.

  • Visit Deer Valley Resort
  • Try backcountry snowshoeing

March: Most Expensive Month To Visit

March is a great time to visit Park City to be able to ski without freezing! The average high temperatures are 49℉ or 9.4℃ throughout the month. Sometimes you can ski without a heavy jacket and it is a great time to enjoy the moderate weather before winter ends.

This is the most expensive month to visit Park City due to the influx of spring breakers. A 4-star hotel will cost about $500 each night. It will be busy, but Park City Mountain is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling!

  • Ski at Park City Mountain
  • Spring Gruv

April: Visit the Egyptian Theater

The weather beings to warm up in April, with average temperatures reaching 59℉ or 15℃. It is a relatively affordable time to visit Park City, with a 4-star hotel room costing $200 a night. At the tail end of the high season, you will find lower crowds and less snow.

This is a great time to explore the famous Utah Olympic Park built for the 2002 Winter Olympics! You will still see some snow but not as many crowds as the rest of the year. If you want to stay indoors, visit the uniquely charming Egyptian Theater!

  • Visit Utah Olympic Park
  • Catch a show at the Egyptian Theater

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May: Grab a Drink at Atticus Coffee

Weather beings to be perfectly mild in Park City in May. Average high temperatures are a cool 68℉ or 20℃ and you will not run into much bad weather. A night in a 4-star hotel will cost only $100, so this is the cheapest time to visit!

On cooler days you can stay indoors and explore the cafes, shops, and nightlife in Park City. The warmer days can be full of hiking or exploring nature spots like the Swaner Preserve. This is an ideal time to visit due to the low costs, tourism, and beautiful weather.

  • Explore the Swaner Preserve
  • Visit Atticus Coffee, Books, and Teahouse

June: Deer Valley Music Festival

The weather is beautiful and warm in June in Park City Utah. Average high temperatures reach 78℉ or 25.6℃, and prices are very affordable. A night in a 4-star hotel is $150 a night, and you will be able to catch some fun summer activities this month!

It is a great time to explore the various parks surrounding Park City and enjoy the mild weather. The Deer Valley Music Festival is a great time to enjoy outdoor music in the middle of the beautiful scenery.

  • Hike the Guardsmen Pass Scenic Backway
  • Enjoy the Deer Valley Music Festival

July: Visit the Alpine Slide

July is the hottest and driest month of the year, with average temperatures reaching 87℉ or 30.6℃. You will see lower than average precipitation this month as you feel the dry Utah sun.

It is still a very affordable time to visit, with a 4-star hotel room costing $150 a month. There are many activities to enjoy this time of year and tourism is not too big, so you will have plenty of space to enjoy the area!

  • Park City Food and Wine Classic
  • Savor the Summit
  • Visit the Alpine Slide

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August: Kimball Art Festival

The Utah heat is still quite intense in August in Park City, with average high temperatures reaching 86℉ or 30℃. A room at a 4-star hotel will cost about $120 a night, making it a budget-friendly month to visit.

One of the highlights of this month is the peak of the Kimball Art festival! Although this is held through the summer, you will find more events and showcases in August than in the other months.

  • Visit Rockport State Park
  • Visit the Kimball Art Center Festival

September: Hot Air Balloon Festival

The weather in Park City is still quite pleasant in September and visiting now is a great way to bring in the fall season. Average high temperatures reach 76℉ or 24.4℃. Prices are also very cheap this time of year, with a hotel room in a 4-star room costing just $110 a night!

  • Autumn Aloft Hot Air Ballon Festival
  • Park Silly Sunday Market

October: Townwide Halloween Celebrations

As Halloween creeps closer, the temperatures are still mild and enjoyable! The average daily highs are 62℉ or 16.7℃, and you will find good prices everywhere for the shoulder season. A night in a 4-star hotel room costs about $130 a night.

This is a creative place to enjoy the fall colors by visiting the surrounding parks! The town also has a large Halloween celebration, which can be a fresh way to experience the holiday.

  • Enjoy Halloween on Main Street
  • Visit Wasatch Mountain State Park

November: Go Horseback Riding in the Mountains

The ski season beings again in late November. Average high temperatures reach up to 47℉ or 8.3℃. Prices are moderate, with a room in a 4-star hotel costing about $140 a night.

It is a great time to get a jump on the snow season as there are not many tourists this time of year! You can also enjoy the fall countryside with cool hikes and horseback rides.

  • Take a Whiskey tour at High West Distillery & Saloon
  • Take a horseback ride in the mountains

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December: Holiday Celebrations

Temperatures return to being quite cold in Park City in December, with average highs reaching 37℉ or 2.8℃. Prices increase greatly around the holidays, with a room in a 4-stat hotel costing upwards of $400 a night.

The slopes are populated with visitors again, so you will find large crowds and big holiday events everywhere. You can catch several memorable festivals on the slopes to celebrate the end of the year!

  • Celebrity Ski Fest
  • Visit Snowfest at Park City Mountain

When Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds

If you are looking to visit Park City without the large crowds, October is the best month to avoid both summer and winter crowds. There is not much going on in the town this month and it is in between the warm summer sun and good snowfall and you won’t find many other tourists.

However, if you are looking to avoid crowds in the winter season so you can ski in peace it is best to go at the beginning or end of the snow season. Early December and April are the caps of the snow season and you are less likely to run into large crowds on the slopes at these times.

What Months Does It Snow In Park City

It usually snows between early November and early April in Park City Utah. You will find the majority of the snow between February and March, which is usually when the resorts are full of tourists and everything is quite expensive.

However, the precipitation in Park City Utah is surprisingly consistent throughout the year. With roughly 1.5 inches of snow falling each month of the winter, you likely won’t run into any huge blizzards on your visit.

Is Park City Utah Worth Visiting In The Summer

The simple answer is! Park City Utah is famous for its winter sports and winter Olympic history, but the area offers a lot of beautiful hikes and fun activities in the summer. Farmers’ markets, art festivals, and other outdoor activities can be enjoyed from June to September.

On top of these activities, you will find some of the most affordable prices of the year in the summer. Since winter is the high season in Park City, resorts and activities are all much cheaper than usual. So do not disregard Park City in the summer as you plan your next trip!

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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