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Best Time To Visit Montana (Beautiful Scenery & Outdoor Events)

Plan the perfect Montana visit! Learn the best times for scenic views & outdoor fun between June-August, or hit the slopes Dec-March. Avoid crowds & enjoy budget-friendly travel in Autumn & Spring.

Tobi Miles
July 2, 2022
Best Time To Visit Montana (Beautiful Scenery & Outdoor Events)

Montana is one of the most popular cities in the United States. This state is located in the western part of the country and boasts some of the best natural elements globally. So when is the perfect time to visit Montana?

The best time to visit Montana would be between summer periods, June and August. The warm and refreshing sunshine makes this period a perfect time to visit the state and explore its lovely surroundings. However, December and March are also great periods for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to take a trip down to the state.

Montana is typically known for its remarkable outdoor experience as it boasts beautiful grasslands, a scintillating atmosphere, and wildlife, among other amazing events and festivals.

Its unique structure and abundant nature life make it a fascinating place to visit. Let's take you through some of the fascinating aspects of this state and the best time to explore its incredible offerings.

What Is The Worst Time To Visit Montana?

Late spring and early summer is usually the worst time to visit Montana due to unfavorable weather conditions. The state often experiences heavy rain, thunderstorms, and high levels of precipitation. As a result, you will likely have an uneventful period during your stay here.

During early June and peak November, the climate tends to drop as low as 0 degrees F. This weather climate is usually considered harsh due to the constant rainfalls and snowfalls.

Most people visit the city to explore its surrounding nature and amazing sightings. Therefore, It would be best to avoid visiting during these periods if you do not have any plans to go skiing.

Cheapest Time To Visit Montana

Montana is a beautiful and exciting city, so many people are usually looking forward to visiting the city.

If you plan on making a cost-effective visit to explore the state, the Autumn and spring seasons present the best times to secure affordable accommodation.

Luckily, you still enjoy the relatively warm climate while you benefit from low discounts on your accommodation. You can effectively travel on a budget during the low season—between October and April. House owners and hotel services seize this opportunity to clear leftover melting snow in the winter season.

The roads and overall outlook don't usually go appealing during this period. Therefore, hotels are always willing to offer discounts on hotel rooms and accommodations.

Best Time To Visit Montana: Breakdown For January To December

January: Best Time For Skiing And Snowboarding

January presents one of the best times to explore the beautiful offerings of Montana. During this month, winter is usually at its peaks, so it makes for the perfect opportunity to go skiing in places like the Big Sky Resort and Whitefish Mountain Resort.

While the snowfall prevents many events and festivals from happening, it is the best time for people to pull out their gear and go skiing. The people of Montana are big fans of skiing, and there are some great spots to glide around.

With January being the coldest month of the year, there's no better time to visit Montana if you're into snowboarding or skiing.

  • Big Sky Resort
  • Montana Snowbowl
  • Bridger Bowl
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort

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February: Best Time For Relaxing Resorts

February is usually quite cold and an ideal period to visit some relaxation resorts in Montana.

This month experiences the most snowfall, and there are often common cases of snow blizzards and storms. Amid all these harsh weather conditions, there are some great spots for you to relax and enjoy some winter treats.

Take a trip down to Bozeman and explore some delectable meals the city has to offer. On typical snowy days, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the steamy pools at Bozeman Hot Springs or Chico Hot Springs. The warmth and healing elements in these waters will leave you feeling refreshed and energetic by the end of the day.

These places are embodied with nature's wonders, contributing pleasantly to the overall experience.

  • Whitefish Mountain Resort
  • Grouse Mountain Lodge

March: Best Time For Couples

The beauty of Montana makes it a suitable place for couples and romantic partners to consider for visits, vacations, and even honeymoons. For these occasions, the month of March is ideally the perfect time for couples to share a romantic period.

Since it's still usually cold, there are not many tourist activities. As a result, there are often discounts on accommodation, deals, and services, which also makes for perfect romantic getaways. Whether booking a more private hotel or an eco-friendly Inn at Bozeman, couples will undoubtedly have a wonderful time in the city.

Remember, it's still usually relatively cold during this month, so don't forget to pack some winter wear on your way!

  • The Gallatin River Lodge
  • The Gibson Mansion
  • Howlers Inn

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April: Best Time For Fly Fishing

The month of April ushers us into the spring season, and it's simply the best time for fly fishing. After several months of winter, the snow begins to melt, creating the perfect time to engage in sporting activities such as fly fishing. This sport is not quite common in many parts of the world.

However, fly fishing is popular in Montana, and many tourists always look forward to playing. And there's no better time to engage in this sport than in April. The Big Sky Country's glacial-fed proves a perfect spot to have a good time fly fishing.

  • The Yellowstone River
  • The Missouri River

May: Best Time For Crowd-free Hiking

Nothing feels more refreshing than experiencing the outdoor world in Montana while hiking, and May is the best time to participate in this recreational activity.

Hiking along the Highline Trail or visiting the Glacier National park without any disturbance and in a crowd-free environment can be soothing.

During May, fewer people usually crawl through the streets and trails, making it a perfect time and place to hike.

Walking or hiking along the Jewel Basin Hiking Area or Beehive Basin Trail can help improve your mood and well-being. Hiking through these trails filled with natural vegetation and aesthetic surroundings can be physiologically and mentally therapeutic.

  • Glacier National Park
  • Ousel Falls Trail ·

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June: Best Time To Visit Bozeman

June is usually one of the best times to visit Montana and check out the city of Bozeman. The warm and friendly weather during this summertime creates the best chances for you to explore "the most livable place" in Montana.

There is an endless list of things to do and places to go in this beautiful southern part of Montana. The city is known to host the most entertaining events and activities. It is a lively community filled with fascinating sightings, a stunning ecological neighborhood, and friendly residents.

  • Bridger Bowl
  • Downtown Bozeman
  • Museum of the Rockies

July: Best Time For Outdoor Adventures

Summer periods in July make it a wonderful time to experience captivating outdoor adventure and activities in Montana. Thanks to the pleasant weather, you can experience the city's full offerings and amazing outdoor life.

Montana is a cultural environment; the city usually buzzes with many events and outdoor activities during this month. This month truly allows you to get a full dose of the breathtaking landscape, grasslands, and nature's goodness of this state.

Enjoy various alluring activities in the state that will leave you excited.

  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Horseback riding

August: Best Time For Family

If you're thinking of the perfect time to go on vacation with your family to Montana, then August should be your pick. It is the warmest month of the year, with temperatures falling between 70 to 90 degrees F. This climate is suitable for vacations and family bonding.

A 45-minute drive to the Glacier National Park can be great for family viewing. There are also firework displays at night, which are delightful to watch.

The state is usually busy with a lot of activities this month. Many tourists often visit this state during this month, so there is always limited accommodation.

  • Glacier National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Grand Prismatic Spring

September: Best Time To Visit In The Fall

As we enter the month of September, temperature levels begin to drop, and the weather becomes cooler, especially at night.

This weather change often precedes the Fall and Autumn season. During this period, the trees begin to change color, and flowers begin to bloom.

As fall colors come into full swing, the cities begin to look more radiant and beautiful. As a result, the vegetations often look less green and look brighter. The Chlorophyll break-down in leaves, which turns orange transforms the city's look, giving it a more vibrant and lively look.

Montana is usually a great place to visit during this period as you can look forward to exploring the spectacular beauty of the forest and other autumn scenic views.

  • Flathead Valley
  • Bitterroot Valley
  • Glacier National Park
  • Clark Fork Valley

October: Cheapest Month To Fly To Montana

October presents the best time of the year to visit Montana on a budget. The flight and accommodation fees are usually at their lowest during this period. You can secure a flight ticket for as low as $58.

October falls within the shoulder seasons, where accommodation fees are discounted. This price reduction is often due to low sales revenue from various business services. Since business moves slowly during this period, many companies are forced to compromise on the starting price for their services.

November: Best Time To Visit Whitefish Montana

Montana has some cool resorts and spots that capture the attention of tourists worldwide.

The Whitefish is one of the most visited places in the state, and November seems like the best time to explore the mountain town.

Many people get excited about visiting the charming mountain town, which packs an exciting town center suitable for various fun-filled activities and a sparkling lake.

  • Craft beer
  • Waterfalls visits
  • Whitefish Mountain resort

December: Best Time For Holiday Festivities

December is typically associated with festivities and the holiday season. Many families plan to visit various parts of the state and engage in some Christmas events. This month already falls in the winter, so the weather is usually cold— between 24 and 33 degrees F.

The spirit of Christmas and festivities is often evident around the state. Places like Bozeman, Whitefish, and Missoula are usually filled with Christmas events, mini-tours, and strolls. There's no doubt the spirit of festivities rings loudly during this holiday period.

  • Bozeman's Christmas Stroll
  • Whitefish Mountain
  • Holiday lights in Bozeman
  • Music city night

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Best Month To Visit Yellowstone National Park

Being the first national park in the United States, Yellowstone regularly attracts many tourists and visitors, especially during the summer.

However, the best time to visit the center is in April, September, and October. The national park is normally less crowded during these months, giving you a solid chance to fully view the natural landscape and state's wildlife.

Whether you're visiting in the spring or fall season, there are various activities to enjoy and feast your eye on during your short stay. Bison viewing, roaming bears, sky-high geysers, and super volcanoes are some thrilling sights you'll find at the Yellowstone National park.

What is the Best Time to Hunt Elk In Montana?

The best time to go Elk hunting in Montana is in mid-September. The elk rut commonly starts shortly into the fall season before the peak rut. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the specific period to hunt this pack.

So, you may need to calculate the hours of darkness and daylight to get a precise reading on the peak rutting season before hunting. This month also sees fewer people participate in this activity so that you can enjoy a crowd-free hunting game.

In addition, you want to ensure you have the right gear, like elk hunting scopes, knives, special ammo for elk hunting, and other supplies before going out to hunt.

Best Time To Visit Montana In Summer

The best months to visit Montana in the summer are July and August. These months are when summer is at its peak, and there are no longer signs of snow on the road. You can now relish the opportunity to engage in several summer activities popular in Montana.

If there's ever a time to take part in hiking, wildlife spotting, fly fishing, and sightseeing, it's during these months. You can engage in many activities during these particular summer months, which will leave you feeling pumped and excited.

And with Montana possessing so much wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, these months are the perfect time to explore nature's gift to the fullest.

Best Month To Visit Montana To Avoid Crowds

The best months to visit Montana and avoid crowds are between September and November, known as the shoulder seasons. By this time of the year, the crowd and visitors from other parts of the world would be back to their respective homes after the usual summertime visits.

The people of Montana find this season to be their favorite time of the year as it is generally free of the typical bustling excitement.

So if you are interested in exploring Montana in its crowd-free condition, the Shoulder season is the best time to consider taking a trip to the state. However, the low crowd turnout means businesses will not be as active as in summer. You also may find it hard to explore your favorite activities.

The weather is pleasant enough for residents and visitors, usually between 28 and 53 degrees F.

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