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Best Time To Visit Aruba (Weather & Monthly Activities)

Plan your perfect Aruba getaway! Learn the best times for weather, budget travel, and exciting local events in our comprehensive guide. Ideal for potential travelers.

Tobi Miles
July 4, 2022
Best Time To Visit Aruba (Weather & Monthly Activities)

Aruba is an exciting destination. With sunny beaches and inland adventures, the island has an incredibly celebratory nature. This tends to be the case as you head towards the equator; the weather gets warmer, and the culture becomes more laid back and jubilant. There isn't a bad time to visit Aruba. However, it is essential to consider the weather, cost of travel, and local events that may be going on.

December to March is the best time to visit Aruba. The heat is a perfect 84 degrees Fahrenheit and rainfall is almost non-existent. From April to August, the average cost of a room plunges by about 30%. It is ideal for anyone on a budget. The weather is consistent all year, except in May, the hottest month.

Visit Aruba throughout the year for a memorable vacation. Soak up the turquoise sea, check out some of the nature adventures, and be sure to immerse yourself in the local culture. The people of Aruba are easygoing. Indulge in Authentic Caribbean cuisine and partake in one of the many reasons worth celebrating across the island.

What is the Worst Time to Visit Aruba?

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With annual temperatures averaging 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and around 60 rainy days per year, there isn't a bad time to visit Aruba. However, there are certainly some recommended months to visit this tropical paradise.

The worst months to visit Aruba factor in a few things. For one, the heat. Aruba never tends to dip below 70 degrees, but the dog days of summer can get hot.

Something else to consider is hurricanes. Aruba misses the brunt of bad weather due to its geographic location outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. However, much like any Caribbean island, hurricanes are always possible.

Luckily, you can avoid excessive heat and hurricanes all in one by avoiding travel to Aruba in just three months: August, September, and October.

What is the Cheapest Time to Visit Aruba?

The cheapest time to visit Aruba is after their winter high season. Visitors often travel to Aruba in the winter months, from November to March. If you can wait on vacation until Spring, you will find the cheapest rates that the island has to offer.

April through August is the best time to visit Aruba on a budget. The weather is hotter, but the average rainfall is low, and the ocean water temperature is the best to swim in. The extra few degrees of heat can save travelers a few hundred dollars on vacation.

What Time of Year Has the Best Weather in Aruba?

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Due to Aruba's tropical geographic location and acrid weather, Aruba tends to stay nice all year round. However, there is a reason why winter is the most heavily touristed season in Aruba.

The winter months from November through March offer some of the most beautiful weather in Aruba. The average daily temperature ranges from 70 to '80 degrees Fahrenheit and ocean water temperatures remain warm enough to enjoy.

Travelers may experience a few rainy days in the winter, but nothing compared to rainy seasons elsewhere. Aruba never averages more than 3.7 inches of rain in any month of the year. Expect sunny skies with minimal cloud coverage whenever you visit.

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January: Celebrate Luck in the New Year with Aruban Dande

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Dande is a traditional Aruban form of music traditionally played after the Christmas holiday. On New Year's Day, you may hear Dande played across the island as a harbinger of good luck.

The tradition's origin comes from enslaved Arubans gaining freedom back in 1880. Once word of liberation spread, Arubans across the island played Dande to celebrate.

The linguistic history of Dande originates from the Spanish word dandare, or to go from place to place. The New Years' celebration of today is marked by Aruban people going house to house playing Dande music to ring in the New Year with good luck and well wishes.

February: Celebrate Caribbean Carnival Season


Although Carnival season starts as early as November in Aruba, the heaviest concentration of festivities is in February. Carnival is celebrated in different ways worldwide, but some of the most famous spectacles are in New Orleans, USA, Venice, Itay, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Caribbean has deep-rooted Carnival traditions, making it a festive place to celebrate. Carnival in Aruba is marked by colorful floats and costumes, vibrant parades, and convivial music. The Burning of King Momo is celebrated on the last day of the Carnival.

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March: Commemorate Aruban Culture with the National Anthem and Flag Day Celebration

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Aruba's independence day is March 18. Independence day celebrations are held annually across the island, which celebrates the nation's liberation from the Netherlands.

National Anthem and Flag Day are similar in spirit and origins to the Fourth of July. You can expect many similar activities. Some of the parades include a scout brigade and a care parade. Traditional Aruban sporting events are also played across the island.

Beyond independence, National Anthem and Flag Day is also a celebration of culture. Gastronomic displays and heritage events pop up across the island, so be sure to check them out. Support the local economy and enjoy the festive day.

April: Party Like a King on King's Day

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Although Aruba has been free of the Netherlands' rule for over a century, King's Day is still recognized. King's Day celebrates the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The holiday is celebrated in several ways across Aruba, the Netherlands, and other former and current Caribbean islands owned by the Netherlands. Expect sporting events, flea markets, and parades across the island.

King's Day is an incredibly family-friendly event. Families of all ages can partake in events like the annual kite-flying contest and various cultural pop-ups.

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May: Taste Local Gastronomy at the Aruba Food & Wine Festival

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Caribbean cuisine is incredibly unique to each island making up the archipelago. Aruban Cuisine has a distinctive flavor profile that utilizes local seafood and produce.

Historically, Aruba was inhabited by a handful of kingdoms. The cuisine is a melting pot of influences from South America, Holland, Spain, and the islands. The mission of the Aruba Food and Wine Festival is to highlight the gastronomy that gives Aruban culture its flavor.

Are you a food lover? Visit Aruba during the Food & Wine Festival. The Festival offers attractions to indulge in, like discounts at local restaurants, cultural pop-ups, and food and wine tastings.

June: Participate in (or Watch) The International Triathlon

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Calling all athletes! Every June, Aruba hosts the international triathlon, attracting global athletes.

The event entails a 1.5 km swim, a 40 km bike race, and a 10 km run across the island's topography. Not quite at that level yet? You can participate in the half triathlon, which is each event on a smaller scale.

The triathlon tends to draw in hundreds of athletes. It is quite the spectacle even if you're not cut out for the race. Track your favorite athletes and tailgate the event.

July: Enjoy the Aruba Summer Music Festival

Credit: AFAR Magazine

The Caribbean is known for its vibrant music. Aruba has a handful of music festivals, but the Aruba Summer Music Festival is one of the largest. Each year, the event is held in the last week of June or the first week of July.

You will hear a variety of genres at this Festival, but get ready for a heavy concentration of internationally renowned Latin artists and local bands. It is an excellent fusion of the Caribbean and Latin America and drives in hundreds of eager listeners each year.

August: Marvel at the Aruba International Regatta

Credit: Aruba Today

Every August, Aruba hosts hundreds of sailors from across the world to participate in the Aruba International Regatta. The regatta is a global display of sailboat splendor.

Marvel at the colorful sails dotting the water or watch the boat races that happen throughout the weekend. Aruba is an attractive place to sail due to the trade winds that flow through the skies.

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September: Jam Out at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

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Jazz music is one of the most internationally popular genres of music. The form originated in African-American communities in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the turn of the 19th century. Jazz is a fusion of sounds found in West Africa, Europe, and of course - the Caribbean.

Aruba is home to the annual Caribbean Sea Jazz festival held every September. Although you will hear plenty of jazz, the Festival welcomes all genres, from Latin music to funk. Party on with a fun mix of locals and tourists.

October: Celebrate Halloween

Credit: Visit Aruba

Aruba has plenty of traditional Halloween festivities with a Caribbean twist. Bring a costume and enjoy the festivities. Hotels across the island host trick-or-treating events for kids. The many clubs and lounges across the island also host elaborate parties for the older crowd.

November: Party at Aruba Love Festival

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Aruba Love Festival is a giant party featuring music you cannot help but dance to. Every November, Aruba Love Festival features house music. House music is quite the party. And in Aruba, this party is incredibly unpretentious.

The Festival's motto is to deliver high-quality, high-energy music in an environment as laid back as the Caribbean. Come as you are, even come barefoot if you like, and enjoy everything from techno to mainstream stylings.

December: Holiday in Paradise During Saint Nicholas Day

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Jimmy Buffet wrote a whole song about Christmas in the Caribbean for a reason. If you visit Aruba over the holidays, you will see a few of the iconic palm trees wrapped up in colorful twinkle lights.

December 6 marks Saint Nicholas Day in Aruba. Children wait eagerly for the Saint to arrive on the island and leave them candies and other small gifts in their shoes. After the morning festivities, a holiday parade traipses through town, throwing even more, treats into the eager crowd.

What is the Best Time to Visit Aruba With Family?

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Although Aruba offers fun for the entire family year-round, any parent may find themself concerned for reasons ranging from crime to nightlife. Rest assured, Aruba is a great place to bring children of all ages.

The island has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire Caribbean. Although nightlife is vibrant across the Caribbean islands, Aruba tends to be a less popular destination among the partying crowd. There are, of course, fun scenes from casinos to oceanfront lounges. However, Aruba tends to avoid the uglier side of nightlife.

Some of the best adventures for kids that Aruba has to offer involve enjoying the calm waters off the coast. You can swim in the ocean year-round, but for the warmest water temperature, consider visiting in the summer months from May-August. Try your hand at swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking.

In search of a unique spin on an aquatic adventure? Take a ride on one of Aruba's submarines to see the ocean from a new point of view. Some are fully submerged, but they also offer options that only partially go below the surface.

Aruba offers plenty of inland adventures that kids love. Arikok National Park, the Aruba Butterfly Farm, and Aruba's Ostrich Farm are all great options to check out in the summer.

What is the Best Time to Avoid Crowds in Aruba?

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Aruba sees the heaviest tourist concentration from November to March. This takes into account a few factors. For one, the weather is gorgeous then. Travelers who live in colder places search for a break from winter and find themselves drawn to the Caribbean. These months also hold a lot of winter holiday travel.

The best time to avoid crowds in Aruba stretches from April through October. Many stay away due to the heat and hurricane season, but this should not be a deterrence. The summer heat is bearable, and hurricanes only hit the island every 100 years. Summertime in Aruba is tranquil and cheap.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Beach in Aruba?

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Although some of the most popular times to visit Aruba are in January and February, you may find the water temperature a bit past the point of being enjoyable. The water in Aruba is never really too cold for swimming. However, fewer people swim in January and February because the water can be too cold to enjoy.

If you are hoping to stay on the beach 24/7 on your vacation, the best time to visit would be from April until July. The average rainfall is at its lowest, water temperatures are high, and the weather outside is comfortable enough to lounge around on the sand for a few hours.

There is no bad time to visit Aruba. The southern Caribbean has spectacular beaches that are enjoyable year-round.

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