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Puerto Rico Trip Cost: Pricing for Flights, Food & Accommodation

Plan your Puerto Rico trip with ease! Get details on flight, food, & accommodation costs for a budget-friendly vacation. Essential tips included.

Tobi Miles
October 14, 2022
Puerto Rico Trip Cost: Pricing for Flights, Food & Accommodation

Puerto Rico is the land of lush beaches, historic cities, and cultural heritage. It is an American colony, and all Puerto Ricans are American citizens by birthright. It's not surprising that it's a tourist hotspot, and many people want to experience life there. But what will it cost to visit Puerto Rico?

The average cost of a 7-day trip to Puerto Rico is $1900 per person traveling from North America. The average price includes $500-$700 flight fares for your round-trip journey and a $176 budget for daily expenses. These daily expenses include $70 for accommodation, $30 for transportation, $38 for meals, and $38 for activities and attractions.

Puerto Rico is affordable and welcoming to visitors. However, before packing your bags for the South American country, you'd want to know exactly how much the trip would cost. 

Read on for a detailed breakdown of everything you should know about a Puerto Rican trip cost. You'll also find valuable tips on how to save money on your trip. 

How Much Money Should You Take On A Trip To Puerto Rico

Credit: Ted Murphy / Flickr

Flight fares, lodging, transportation, food, and activities take the most of your travel budget. It's always important to get the correct costs for each of them. 

Furthermore, the budget depends on how active you plan to be or if you will spend the trip relaxing. People who plan to stay active and visit places throughout their stay can expect to pay more. 

On average, a trip to Puerto Rico would cost around $1900. Flight fares from major airports to Puerto Rico cost between $500-$700 round-trip. You can find more favorable deals if you're flexible with your travel date and book the ticket in advance.

You will find many mid-range hotels, lodges, and rentals that cost an average of $70 per night. $15-$30 will take care of local transportation daily as you explore the country. The food culture in Puerto Rico is booming, and you'll find something for almost every budget. However, we recommend keeping aside $38 per day for your feeding. 

There's no limit to the activities and attractions Puerto Rico offers. For example, $38 daily will cover entrance fees to most of the major parks and museums in the country. It'll also cover the cost of hiring a travel guide. That doesn't mean you can't find free activities in Puerto Rico.

Luxury travelers have more flexibility and can participate in many activities., But that comes at an extra cost. $500+ daily will guarantee superior lodging, private transportation, fine dining experiences, and unique activities. First-class flight tickets to Puerto Rico cost between $1800-$3000 for a round trip.

Traveling To Puerto Rico On A Tight Budget

Credit: Void_Ptr / Flickr

Puerto Rico is favorable to backpackers and affordable to visit on a tight budget. With some adjustments, you will see that the cost of accommodation, transportation, food, and activities can drop significantly. After reviewing the activities of several travelers, we've found that a budget trip to Puerto Rico costs an average of $995.

Several airlines offer good deals on flight tickets from North America to Puerto Rico. You can get round-flight tickets for $300-$400, and with some luck, you will find cheaper tickets. The secret is to book in advance and during the low travel season.

There are a lot of backpacker hostels with excellent facilities in Puerto Rico. The average room cost in such hostels is $25 per night. Some hostels have complimentary breakfast, so you'll only need to bother about lunch and dinner. $15-$20 per day can get you decent lunch and dinner in some of the country's mid-range restaurants.

Public buses are available for transportation at $4-$17. The buses are not always reliable, leaving you with the option of a $24 car rental per day. 

Puerto Rico is full of mother nature's beauty, and you can enjoy the beach and coastlines for free. $10 a day can buy entrance fees into parks, museums, and botanical gardens. 

Basic Expenses On A Vacation To Puerto Rico

As expected, flight fares, accommodations, and intercity transportation form a significant part of this travel budget. You must understand these costs and how each affects your budget to manage costs effectively. Here's a detailed breakdown of each item and how it affects your budget.

Flight Tickets

Credit: Matt Hintsa / Flickr

Flight fare is the first significant expense to input when calculating your budget. It is usually the most expensive item on the list, and the price can differ depending on where you're flying from. Other factors like season and booking time can also add to or reduce the cost of your flight tickets.

Flight tickets to Puerto Rico usually cost $700 from airports across North America. Flight deals to Puerto Rico are widespread, and airlines often offer promotions. You can sign up for the airline's email lists to get information on sales and promotions. Don't forget to apply for the promotions early, as most have time limits. 

The season you travel also influences flight fares. December to April and July to August are peak travel seasons with increased fares.


Credit: damian entwistle / Flickr

You will find a wide variety of accommodations in Puerto Rico. From backpacker hostels to mid-range and luxury hotels. There's something to suit every traveler. Here are some of the popular options and their prices. 

Hostels cater to a lot of backpacker travelers at $25 per night. Although some come with amenities such as Wi-Fi, hot water, AC, and breakfast is not guaranteed. Hostels are famous in major cities and have dorms or private rooms.

Airbnbs are also readily available in major cities in Puerto Rico. They cost $30-$40 per night and come with a private room, hot water, and AC. You will find Airbnbs with either a shared or private bathroom.

Mid-range hotels are the most common lodging option for many travelers. They cost an average of $70-$100 per night and include complimentary breakfast. Other basic amenities include hot water, AC, WiFi, cable, a mini fridge, and bathroom facilities. 

High-end hotels and luxury resorts start around $250 and above per night. Most of them come with amazing views and on-site restaurants. 


Credit: davsot / Flickr

There are several transportation options for local and intercity travel in Puerto Rico. Taxis, buses, Uber, and car rental services are all available to suit every budget.

Although public transportation is the cheapest, it is not always reliable. $1 will take you across town, and $10 will take you to another city. Sometimes the bus will not go to your preferred destination, or it won't come back to pick you up.

Taxis are perfect for short distances when you are too tired to walk or if it's raining. It costs $1-$2 per km in a cab. Look out for official government taxis and ask locals before entering a taxi.

Ubers are common in cities like San Juan, Liberia, La Fortuna, and Quepos. They cost an average of $3 per 3.5km and are always available 24/7.

Car rentals are sometimes the only option for transportation. The average daily cost is $24, depending on the type of car, time of year, taxes, and other fees. You should also factor in the price of gasoline at $1 per liter.

Domestic flights are also available for intercity travel. The cost ranges from $70-$200 for a one-way trip. This price also depends on the time of year and your route. 

Food & Drinks

Credit: Jennifer Cachola / Flickr

The prices for food and drinks in Puerto Rico vary according to your style. The country has a great food culture, and you'll not want to miss an opportunity to taste local meals from roadside restaurants

However, you can also find intercontinental dishes in high-end restaurants. Eating the same food in tourist locations will cost you more than in local joints. 

Panaderías are small popular shops that serve as both a bakery and an eatery. A traditional meal is very filling and costs only $10. Since most lodgings provide breakfast, grab sandwiches or bread at $2-$3 for lunch and then spend $10 on dinner.

Restaurants and bars have a pricier menu, and prices mimic the US. Breakfast costs $5-$7, while lunch/dinner is around $15-$20 per meal. 

Alcoholic drinks are pricey and cost an average of $5. The tap water is safe to drink, or you can choose to buy bottled water at $0.9.

Activities & Attractions

Credit: Kent Kanouse / Flickr

Puerto Rico has many fun-filled activities and tours, so losing track of your budget is easy. The prices differ for snorkeling, diving, and other nature-filled activities.

Entrance fees cost between $7-$24 to access national parks and reserves. You can expect museums and botanical gardens to cost between $5-$20. 

Puerto Rico is a natural beauty, and most activities are free. You can go snorkeling and diving on the coral-reefed Flamenco beach on Culebra Island. Or visit Sun Bay Beach in Vieques to swim in crystal blue water. Sun Bay Beach has bioluminescent plankton that glows in the dark.

Cavernas Del Río Camuy is a 250-mile stretch of over 200 caves you can visit. Explore only the mapped-out trails and go in groups for safety. Or you can visit the old San Juan district and walk among the oldest buildings and castles.

Tours can be pricey, and it is cheaper to rent a car and explore the islands on your own. Full-day tours cost $100 and above. Some activities include white water rafting, canyoning, and combo activities.

Travel Insurance & Souvenir Allotment

Credit: Jorge Quinteros /Flickr

Travel insurance protects against unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies or missed flights. Compare quotes from different agencies and go for one that covers everything.

Souvenirs like shirts, caps, and trinkets cost around $10-$25. Although Puerto Rico does not have a tipping culture, a little tip is always appreciated.

Tips To Save Money On Your Trip To Puerto Rico

As we've pointed out above, you can save money on your Puerto Rico trip. You need a few adjustments here and there, and you'll be good to go. Here are some tips to help you save money on your next trip to Puerto Rico

1. Travel Off-Peak Seasons

Credit: Abraham Carr / Flickr

Every city has its peak travel season when flight fairs and other costs inflate to an all-time high. Puerto Rico is no different. The country's peak season starts in December and April. The cost of travel around this period is expensive.

You will find cheap flight tickets around May, July, and September to early December. The cost of lodging, food, and transport also decreases around this period.

2. Save Money On Food

Credit: Krista / Flickr

The first way to save money on food is to book a hostel or hotel with complimentary breakfast. Secondly, avoid eating at tourist restaurants because they are usually pricier than local ones. 

Puerto Rico has several Panaderías that will give you baked foods and sandwiches for only $1-$2. Patronizing these small shops give you a taste of Puerto Rican food while helping you save money

Cooking your meals is one way to reduce the cost of food while in Puerto Rico. Groceries are affordable, and many lodgings have kitchen facilities you can use.

3. Travel in Groups

Credit: Galaga Gal / Flickr

Traveling in groups is a sure way to save money on any journey. Splitting the cost of accommodation, transportation, and food among your group will help you stay within budget.

Traveling in Groups is a great way to maximize activities while paying less. For example, paying for tours and guided tours becomes easier when splitting costs with your group.

4. Book Flights & Accommodation in Advance

Credit: Shawn Yeage / Flickr

Booking your flight and accommodation in advance saves money without a doubt. Airlines usually have travel deals you can snatch up, especially when you book 3-6 months in advance. 

Many travelers have found cheaper flights even during peak seasons from booking ahead. Another option is to cash in on promotions

Airlines and accommodations offer promotions once in a while. Always check to see whether you qualify for a promotion. You can also complete tasks to accumulate points that can be changed into ticket discounts.

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