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21 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum (For Relaxing & Partying With Friends)

Explore Tulum's top beach clubs for the ultimate relaxation and party scene with friends. Find your perfect spot for sun, sand, and fun in this guide.

Tobi Miles
September 15, 2022
21 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum (For Relaxing & Partying With Friends)

Tulum was once known as a sleepy fishing village in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and is today’s top destination to find wellness, adventure, and the Caribbean in Mexico. With its jungle surroundings, Mayan ruins, and pure white sand beaches, Tulum has its share of hotels and resorts to indulge in.

There are 10 miles of beach in Tulum over three zones: Zona Pueblo, Zona Hotelera, and Zona Ruinas. One of the popular activities in Tulum is beach club hopping. So, hotels are open to daytrippers.

Most Tulum beach clubs extend their beach and pool facilities for a per-person day pass fee or minimum bar and restaurant tab. You are then welcome to spend your day on a sun bed shaded by palm trees. The hospitality staff caters to your every need by keeping the drinks flowing and food served.

These beach clubs can range from luxurious and private to budget-friendly on a public beach. Day prices and amenities (chaises, umbrellas, towels) vary.

Most of the time, you will need to reserve your spot ahead of time by emailing or calling the club. The high season is November to January, and sometimes the clubs update their entrance fees seasonally.

It’s time to make unforgettable Tulum memories. Peruse this guide to find your favorite locale where Mayan and Caribbean cultures meet on beautiful beaches.

1. RosaNegra Beach Day Club

Credit: RosaNegra Beach Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-boca Paila 5km 7, Tulum Beach Zona Hotelera, Tulum Beach, Tulum 77780Phone: +52 998 690 0283│WebsiteHours: 11AM-7PM│Entrance: Minimum food/bar spend is $200 USD per person

RosaNegra is the place to be for a party. Known for a gorgeous beach view, a pool surrounded by comfortable couches ideal for travel partners and new friends, and terrific wait staff making runs to the restaurant and bar, RosaNegra is a fun-in-the-sun atmosphere.

The Mexican Caribbean menu has lunch favorites with Japanese influences. A variety of ceviches, maki rolls, carpaccios, and fresh fish tacos, are just a few tempting items you can order from your lounge on the beach or pool.

Head over to the bar for a barside massage to create a relaxing moment for yourself. While sitting there, take a peek at the fun cocktail menu for post-massage bliss. Don’t miss out on capturing the obligatory selfie from the signature RosaNegra swing with the beautiful ocean in the background.

2. Ziggy's Beach Club

Credit: Ziggy Beach

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila km 7.5, Tulum Beach, Zona Hotelera, 77760 TulumPhone: +52 984 871 1145│WebsiteHours: 9AM-Sunset│Entrance: Minimum food/bar tab is $70 USD per person

Early birds favor Ziggy’s Beach Club. Guests can grab a delicious breakfast at the restaurant, which is part of Cabanas Tulum/The Beach hotel. The restaurant transforms into a day beach club where guests enjoy Tulum’s paradise.

A day of sun and turquoise ocean views is perfect from one of Ziggy’s double day beds or single cushioned chaises. The setting is serene with thatched palapas. Lush palm trees give you shade when you need it. Playing a game of billiards or hanging out at the bar is also a nice break from the sun.

Don’t miss the Yucatan ceviche offered for lunch. Visitors rave about it. Once the sun goes down, activities turn to the restaurant lit by raffia lanterns. Opt for a flavorful, fresh seafood dinner or a meat entrée from Northern Mexico (veggie dishes are available too).

Each night live music varies from salsa and mariachi to reggae and Latin rhythm. Tequila and wine tastings ($65 per person) are available to spice up the night.

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3. Taboo Beach Club

Credit: Taboo Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila km 7, Zona Hotelera, 77780 TulumPhone: +52 998 690 0259│WebsiteHours: 11-AM-2AM│Entrance: $ $70 USD per person $2500 pesos per person and receive $1500 pesos back in food/beverages

Taboo is Tulum’s most upscale food experience in the Yucatan Peninsula. The beach club and restaurant draw guests who are in town to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and vacation holidays.

Architect Jorge Borja led the creative reins of Taboo, creating modern, relaxing spaces complete with day beds and loungers throughout the area. Also, he gave the club a sexy and chic party atmosphere.

Guests can reserve chaises around the pool or right on the white sands. You can order tropical cocktails from its extensive mixology menu, including the Voodoo served in a coconut shell. Gin fans can delve into Taboo’s exclusive Turkish gin bar, and revelers can order champagne beachside.

Spend the hours partying and dancing to beats by Taboo’s DJ or live music by Sax Vibes. Select lunch and dinner from the club’s Meditteranean-inspired menu featuring tasty appetizers and smaller plates, fresh seafood specialties such as giant tiger shrimp, branzino, colossal calamari, and lobster, a lovely meat menu, and pasta including Spanish paella to share.

4. Playa Paraíso

Credit: Playa Paraiso, Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Unnamed Rd., Zona Hotelera Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 113 7089│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: No fee to enter. Beach essentials can be rented from $100 to $500 pesos per person.

Playa Paraíso is a good bet for a more affordable Tulum beach club. The beach club, which resides on the hotel property, is also set on a public beach. But what you get here are daybeds, umbrellas, lounges, and tables for a nominal fee.

Playa Paraíso’s atmosphere is idyllic, with an unfiltered seafront view of the Caribbean Sea. It’s one of the best clubs to sit back and enjoy the scene. Daytrippers can spend an entire day at this beach with the club’s perks. Order your favorite margarita or pina colada and indulge in the live music on the beach.

The restaurant offers Mexican favorites, including fresh seafood tostadas, ceviches, fajitas, and chef’s specials such as lobster, fish relleno, jumbo shrimps, filet mignon, and some exquisite shared plates.

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5. Vagalume-Tulum Beach Club

Credit: Vagalume Tulum

📍Map It: QROO 15, km 7.5, Tulum Beach, 77776Phone: +52 984 129 9090│WebsiteHours: 11AM-6PM│Entrance: No entrance fee. Minimum food/bar bill is $150 USD per person. Rent a chair for $25 USD per person, and the minimum spend for food/bar drops to $125 USD per person.

The beach club experience at Vagalume Tulum is lively with techno/house DJs and dramatic with its indigenous style décor. The club’s architecture draws upon ancient Mayan culture. You can choose to sit back and relax in the pool or hang out at the semi-private beach.

The main entrance is a great setup for the beach club's Mayan art and architecture. You will walk through the oversized floating hand sculpture. Giant hand sculptures are also installed on the pool bridge. The hands are definitely photo-worthy.

The Vagalume Beach Club’s restaurant has a Mediterranean menu with meat and seafood entrees, appetizers, and desserts. The artisan cocktails are approximately $20 USD each, featuring bourbon, gin, and, of course, mezcal.

6. Papaya Playa Project Beach Club

Credit: Papaya Playa Project / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 4.5, Zona Costera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 954 140 9015│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: No entrance fee. Minimum food/bar bill is $50 USD per person (weekday), $100 USD per person (weekend)

The enchanting Papaya Playa Project Beach Club thrives with its pristine beach and jungle-esque natural beauty. Papaya Playa offers a bar right on the beach, a rooftop pool, and a mix of DJs and live music.

Hosting a great party on this Tulum beach, Papaya Playa provides seaside daybeds under palapas where unwinding is necessary. Order non-alcoholic healthy-minded juice shots such as the Morning After Shot or a fresh watermelon juice before hitting the bar.

Drawing a big weekend crowd, Papaya Playa is known for its Saturday Night Beach Club Party and Sunday morning brunch. Stay for dinner and head up to the rooftop pool for a memorable sunset on the Caribbean coast.

This club is part of the Papaya Plaza Project boutique eco-hotel, where guests can stay in casitas. The hotel provides wellness experiences such as cooking classes and pranayama breathwork workshops.

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7. Nômade Beach Club


📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 10.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 689 0577│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: No fee to enter. The minimum food/bar bill is $100 USD per person **Credit cards only. Cashless property.

Nômade Beach Club is part of the Nomad resort, where wellness and sustainability are priorities. The pristine beach sparkles with its aqua water. This particular body of water is a refuge that hosts the largest population of whale sharks from May to September.

The dense palm tree groves stand like statues on the white sands of Nômade Beach. Settle into one of the day guest sofas and bean bag seats. Hotel guests have exclusive access to umbrellas, daybeds, and lounge chairs.

With the food and beverage minimum day, guests can access the property’s private beach, take one of the Nômade celebrated yoga classes ($20 USD per person), and eat and drink at Macondo and La Popular restaurants.

La Popular is located right off the beach. A sea breeze flutters through the shaded restaurant that serves entrees featuring local fruits, vegetables, and sustainable seafood catches like grilled lobster, prawns, whole fish, and octopus.

8. BeTulum

Credit: BeTulum

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 10, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 689 0577│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: $50 USD per person. Food and beverages cost additional.

Be Tulum Beach Club is here to spoil you. The service and wait staff want to make your beach club day legendary. Call ahead to confirm the beach club is open to non-hotel guests. The schedule is ever-changing throughout the different season.

Set around the eco-resort’s restaurant Maresias, Be Tulum Beach Club is smaller than some other Tulum beach clubs. A few steps from the sand, Maresias and the beach bar have a premium cocktail menu to sate your taste buds, including a hibiscus mescalita.

While guests can spend the day lounging on one of the sun beds, they are limited. Arriving early is highly recommended. You can pull one of the beach bean bag seats into the sunshine and hang there while watching the sea.

Begin your time at Be Tulum Beach Club with serene instrumental music in the background, and as the day evolves, the vibe is more day party with a DJ and bongo player.

9. Casa Malca Beach Club

Credit: Casa Malca / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 9.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 980 0679 │WebsiteHours: 8AM-10PM (weekday), 9AM-8PM (weekend)│Entrance: $150 USD per person, with $100 USD per person applied to food/bar credit.

Casa Malca Beach Club offers an incredible Tulum day. The property is the mansion where the infamous Pablo Escobar lived and once owned. Google search the guy if you don’t know.

Today this gorgeous coastal hotel is lauded for its unique and bold décor, such as the over-the-top chandelier and hanging door installation. Curated by Casa Malca’s hotelier and art dealer, you’ll get to see an unbelievable art collection.

Explore the magnificent pieces by recognized artists Keith Haring (go into the Keith Haring bar), Kaws, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Casa Malca’s beautiful Caribbean beach offers sun and a swim. One of the hotel’s main restaurants, Philosophy, is on hand for specialty cocktails and unique modern entrees.

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10. Coco Beach Club

Credit: Coco Beach Club by Coco Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 7.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 166 9786│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Approximately $40-$50 USD per person.

Coco Beach Club will hook you up for a chill day on their secluded club/hotel guest-only beach. Find your spot on the sand in a relaxing chair or on one of the comfortable beach beds.

Coco Beach Club's neutral all-white aesthetic makes the Caribbean’s aqua waters pop. From cabanas to thatched palapas, there is plenty of shaded areas. A chic beach bar is set up perfectly to enjoy more seascape views. 

Take your cocktail or a Mexican beer to the white wooden swings where the bar meets the sand and enjoy the ride. Restaurant favorites include ceviche, fish tacos, tostadas, and the octopus.

Two things to note about Coco:  Bring your towel unless you want to pay for one. And the club offers free WiFi.

11. Mia Restaurant & Beach Club

Credit: Mia Restaurant & Beach Club / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 7.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 133 9662│WebsiteHours: 10AM-7PM│Entrance: Minimum food/beverage spend of $40-$70 USD per person.

Mia Beach Club visitors rave about the first-rate hospitality service. The club is available to create beautiful special events, including weddings and elaborate parties. In addition, it's an excellent place to relax.

The atmosphere is ultra inviting. Hang out on the Caribbean shore while the palms sway, chill out, socialize by the pool, or retreat to the terrace for shade.

House DJs create a next-level beach club experience with techno and experimental beats. Mia keeps the beach party going all day and into the night. Go to the Mia website to access your day beach club pass and night pass to DJ club parties.

The cuisine served at the restaurant honors the Mexican-Caribbean Tulum culture. Check out soft shell crab, scallops, sea bass tacos, and shrimp tacos are some of the best in the area. The Mia service crew will even set you up to dine on the beach.

12. Gitano Beach Club & Restaurant

Credit: Gitano

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 4.2, Zona Costera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 312 9826│WebsiteHours: 11AM-MIDNIGHT│Entrance: Minimum food/beverage spend of $1500 pesos per person.

In the Parque Nacional area, known for its ancient Mayan ruins, Gitano is an exclusive beach club where you can post yourself into the night. Although gitano means gypsy or laid back in English, this rustic-designed beach club doesn’t fall short on vibrancy.

Devote your Tulum stay by lounging at this beach club. The private beach embodies an enchanting tropical setting with lounge chairs, bamboo benches, and palapas. The Gitano restaurant creates intercontinental cuisine and serves brunch, cocktails, and dinner.

Try a mezcal-infused cocktail, such as the smokey margarita and Kisses in the Car with tangerine habanero. Stick around for dinner, where you’ll be seated below chandeliers hanging from the trees. Finally, make it a whole night by dancing in the Jungle Room. Flamenco music is in the queue. It's time to dance.

13. Playa Ruinas

📍Map It: Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77765Phone: N/A│Website: N/A│Hours: 8AM-5PM│Entrance: $3-$4 USD per person.

One of the most magical beaches in Tulum is Playa Ruinas. It’s an ancient Mayan city built of stone walls and a popular sightseeing destination. But sometimes, its public beach access is overlooked by international tourists.

Situated in the area’s archaeological zone, this small beach below this ancient building is where you’ll camp out for the day. Amid rocky cliffs, exotic iguanas, clear blue water (be sure to take a swim), and tropical palm trees, the beach can get crowded, especially on Sundays when locals are admitted into the park for free.

The minimal entrance fee covers your beach access and exploring the ruins. Not your typical beach club, bring whatever you may need to make you most comfortable on the beach, including towels, shade, snacks, and water.

14. Ahau Tulum Beach

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 7.5, Zona Costera, Tulum, 77760Phone: +52 984 147 5225│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Minimum food/beverage $100 USD per person.

Located right on the Mayan Rivera coast, Ahau’s beach club encourages you to seize the day by taking a front-row beach seat. Known for its luxury eco-resort, Ahau welcomes you through its Ahau Tulum enormous Mayan woman sculpture (grab a selfie).

Ahau Tulum Beach is a very accommodating beach club with excellent service and provisions that include towel service, cabanas, huts, umbrellas, chaises, and tables to enjoy a kick-back day.

Select from a delicious grill menu serving beachside. Flavorful seafood dishes include mezcal-cured fish, tuna tataki, ceviche, and many Mexican and Meditteranean local ingredients.

The popular vegan Raw Love Café resides here at the hotel. Sip on fresh-pressed juices, snack on acai bowls, and vegan raw pizza.

15. La Zebra Beach & Restaurant Bar

Credit: Mulberry Project PopUp / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 8.2, Zona Costera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 115 4726│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Spend a minimum of $60 USD per person on food/beverage.

La Zebra has that classic Tulum atmosphere. You are chillin’ on a gorgeous beach while catching southern hemisphere rays, flavors, and sights from this part of the world.

Paradise at La Zebra includes oversized daybeds or lounge chairs that set you up to look out at sea all day long. Choose to sit under one of the wood-slotted canopies for shade or in the open-air restaurant.

Beach time is synonymous with cocktails. Don’t sleep on La Zebra’s impressive Mulberry Project. This pop-up craft cocktail bar is on the premises from October to July.

Mixologists are there to create a personalized beverage. The Mulberry Project which hails from New York is a seasonal bespoke cocktail experience designed by Jasper Soffer.

16. Kanan Tulum

Credit: Kanan Hotel & Spa / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 7.5, Zona Costera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 147 6510│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Spend a minimum of $60 USD per person on food/beverage and $100 USD per person to reserve one of the bed nests for the day.

Catch that just right sea breeze flowing in from the Caribbean and through the dense palm trees and jungle greenery while you relax on the sands of Kanan Tulum. In the heart of Tulum, this is an adult-only resort and beach club where visitors come to play.

In addition to using the exquisite beach, a day pass at Kanan entitles you to use the pool, where there is a swim-up bar. You’ll find human-size reclusive “bird nests” to cuddle up throughout the jungle. It’s a romantic spot to nap, share a meal, or have a drink.

Caracol, Kanan’s beachside restaurant, serves various Mexican dishes throughout the day, including vegetarian choices, meat, poultry, and seafood. After 6PM, guests are invited to the rooftop to catch the sunset and have drinks.

17. Bagatelle

Credit: Bagatelle Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 8, Tulum, 77760Phone: +52 984 182 4701│WebsiteHours: 11AM-11PM│Entrance: Table reservation is $100, and one sunbed is $150 USD per person

Known for its club parties around the world, Bagatelle has a beach club and restaurant in Tulum worthy of a visit. Bagatelle is one of the best clubs to hang with friends, meet new people and host special occasions, including group milestone birthdays and pre-wedding celebrations.

All day long, Bagatelle has the music pumping for high-energy fun. Whether sitting in the pool, gathering at a table in the open-air restaurant, or horizontally on a sunbed, you’ll have that gorgeous Tulum beach view.

Take the obligatory photo on the thatched heart-shaped bench with the sea as your backdrop. Dine at Bagatelle’s French Mediterranean restaurant for a taste of the French Riviera but on the Riviera Maya. Food and drinks are over and above the entrance and sunbed fees.

18. Ana y Jose Beach Club

Credit: Ana y Jose Hotel / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 7, Punta Piedra, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 998 214 1452│WebsiteHours: 8AM-8PM│Entrance: $50 USD per person with a $25 food/beverage credit.

Ana y Jose is a boutique beach club and hotel that welcomes guests all year to relax on their beach. The club’s mission is to provide you with the good life. And, that it is – paradise.

From ample beach lounges and palapas for shade to hammocks for hanging out in and a nice pool, Ana y Jose also makes guests feel comfortable by providing towels.

Ana y Jose has a Citrus Bar beverage menu worth ordering from. Local ingredients are blended to create unique juice combinations, including papaya, pineapple, carrot, and ginger.

Moderately priced, the beach club restaurant has an expansive lunch and dinner menu with seafood specialties. Breakfast lovers can get a head start on the beach day with the delicious Doña Ana ́s eggs, motuleños eggs, and traditional chilaquiles.

Reserve your day pass through the hotel’s Spa Om. You might even enhance your experience by booking one of the many services, such as a massage or after-sun treatment.

19. Hip Hotel Beach Club

Credit: Hip Hotel Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 8, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 998 198 8116│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Minimum food/bar bill is $25 USD per person; human-size nest beach beds are $150 USD per person.

Hip Hotel Beach Club is a quintessential Tulum fantastic party and beach day. When you’ve got the sand and sea at your feet, what else do you really need?

Hip Hotel Beach Club takes it one step further with impeccable hospitality, luxurious birds-nest-like sunbeds, Mayan cuisine, and live DJ sets.

Here you need to rent towels, and the club has an on-site boutique for any other beach essentials you might need. Showers are available to guests. They can also utilize the spa for massage services to elevate the Hip Hop experience.

The club's restaurant, Tropique, overlooks the beach and features a menu showcasing exceptional Mayan cuisine and seafood specialties.

The bar area gives visitors a panoramic view, and as the day turns to eve, it becomes a popular spot for nightlife. Hip Hop hosts full moon parties if you are lucky enough to be in Tulum during a full moon.

20. Habitas

Credit: Habitas Tulum / Facebook

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 4.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77780Phone: +52 984 147 6595│WebsiteHours: 10AM-6PM│Entrance: Minimum food/bar bill is $50 USD per person.

Rooted in sustainability, Habitas Beach Club is a paradise refuge. Its natural Mayan jungle surroundings give the beach club a very private ambiance. Unlike some other Tulum beach clubs, Habitas is quieter and has a private beach.

The architecture embodies a modern and rustic realm. The wooden pool deck is perched above the white sand, marvelous for lounging and sipping a peppery Frida Khalo cocktail. You can also enjoy an extraordinary view from the beach in wood-slotted reclined chairs or day beds. Hammocks are available too.

Moro, the beach club restaurant, encourages diners to delve into its Latin-Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu caters to all special diets, including vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free.

Habitas is a popular venue for daytrippers. Arriving when the club opens is suggested to get the best seating.

21. Amansala Beach Club

Credit: Amansala

📍Map It: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, km 5.5, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, 77760Phone: +52 984 804 0950│WebsiteHours: 8:30AM-7PM│Entrance: $45 USD per person. The minimum spend is $10 USD per person on food/beverage before 3PM.

Amansala Beach Club is one of those hot spot Tulum beach clubs where celebrity sitings are frequent. Fan faves such as Drew Berrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and Alessandra Ambrosio have claimed Amansala as their Tulum home.

Day guests must take advantage of the lavish beach environment with wooden day beds, cushy pillows, and eco-friendly wooden huts with partial shade. The unpretentious vibe at this club enables you to explore Amansala resort, use the spa and yoga facilities and hang out like you would at home.

The food and drink menu is well-rounded. Healthy options include salads and steamed vegetables, Mexican plates with fish, and chicken and meat specials. Fruit-based smoothies (non-alcoholic), classic margaritas, and more are a lovely way to get into the beach groove with upbeat music playing in the background.

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