Best Time to Visit Amish Country, PA

Plan your trip to Amish Country, PA! October offers vibrant harvest events, while January boasts budget-friendly travel deals. Avoid July's crowds for a serene visit.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2024
Plan your trip to Amish Country, PA! October offers vibrant harvest events, while January boasts budget-friendly travel deals. Avoid July's crowds for a serene visit.

Lancaster is known as Amish Country, PA. It’s the home of the largest Amish community in the US. Visiting this area gives people the chance to experience what life was like in the past. So, when is the best time to visit Amish Country, PA?

October is the best time to visit Amish Country, PA when daily highs are around 66 F/ 19 C. Harvest season is an exciting time to visit because there are more seasonal events and activities, like the Fall Art Walk and the Pumpkin Patch Train. The cheapest time to visit is in January when flights are over 50% off.

Amish Country, PA can be a very fun and peaceful place to visit. If you’re interested in booking a trip this way, you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to breakdown the best times to visit Amish Country, PA, and what each month has to offer.

When Not To Visit Amish Country, PA

July is not a good month to visit Amish Country, PA if you’re interested in a quiet and relaxing holiday. This is because July is the busiest month for tourism in the Lancaster area. You will likely run into crowds at most attractions and restaurants nearby.

June is the rainiest month in Amish Country. On average, the area will get 11 days of rain throughout the month of June. If you travel during this month, there may be a day or two where you have to cancel outdoor plans.

The most expensive month to travel to Amish Country is in April. This time of year, most hotels will have higher rates intact. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Lancaster, PA has rooms for as high as $335 in April. In December, rates are lower and you can get rooms for $111.

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Amish Country, PA?

January is the best month to find cheaper rates when traveling to Amish Country, PA. It’s easier to find discounts on flights and hotel rooms this time of year. If you’re on a budget when traveling, this is important to consider because flights and accommodation are costly.

The two cheapest months to book flights to Pennsylvania are January and February. If you’re flying from another state, the average cost of a round flight is $248. In January and February, it’s possible to cut that cost down to $34 for a one-way ticket.

There are some tips that every traveler should know to save money traveling. Always start planning months in advance and book your trip at least 60 days ahead of time, so it’s possible to score a better discount. Look for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for cheaper tickets.

Many hotels in Amish Country, PA will offer discounted rooms between November and February. Pay attention to the days that you want to reserve your room. Even though there are plenty of days through the month with discounted rates, prices can get higher on the weekend.

For example, in January you can get rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites at the beginning of the week for $116 per night. Towards the end of the month, weekend rates jump to $242.

Best Time To Visit Amish Country, PA: Monthly Breakdown

January: Enjoy a Quiet Trip

January is a wonderful time of year to visit Amish Country, PA because it’s nice and quiet. There are hardly any visitors this time of year, so you can enjoy a peaceful trip. Local restaurants and shops won’t be crowded, so you can take your time.

Temperatures in January often range from 24 to 38 F/ -4 to 3 C. While it does get chilly, this area is beautiful when covered with snow. If you want to see more of the area in winter, we recommend a ride on the Strasburg Rail Road.

There are a variety of indoor activities to keep visitors busy on days that are too cold to venture outdoors. You can enjoy a cold day touring a museum, checking out local Amish shops, or seeing a show at a live theatre in Lancaster.

Arts and crafts are very big in Amish country. You can buy handmade items at various different local Amish shops. Visitors can attend Painting With a Twist and learn how to paint, step by step. You can also choose a piece at The Pottery Works to have custom painted.

  • Ride on the Strasburg Rail Road
  • Painting With a Twist
  • Visit a local Amish shop

February: Valentine’s Day in Amish Country

If you want to get away on Valentine’s Day, Amish Country is an excellent location to visit. There are so many fun activities that couples can enjoy on a special day. You can enjoy live entertainment at Le Train Cabaret or a chocolate walk and wine tasting event.

Kitchen Kettle Village hosts a Spread The Love Tasting Tour, where you can enjoy delicious samples while learning more about the village’s history. If you want something more intimate, there are several restaurants throughout Lancaster with romantic settings and fireplaces.

February is also Mud Sale season. This happens towards the end of the month. You can find a lot of interesting items at the Mud Sale auctions, like antiques and quilts. Another fun event held in February is the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival.

The weather in February is still cold. On most days, the temperature will range from 23 to 41 F/ -5 to 5 C. For a cozy vacation, we recommend booking a stay at a local bed and breakfast. They are ideal for warming up on a cold night.

  • Mud Sale
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

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March: First Month of Spring

Amish Country begins to warm up in March, with daily temperatures around 48 F/ 9 C. Since there are no more freezing days, the weather is more enjoyable for exploring outdoors. This is a great time to visit places like Overlook Park and Pinnacle Overlook without crowds.

There are a lot of fun St. Patrick’s Day events in the area. Celtic Women is hosted at the American Music Theatre. Animal lovers can visit the St. Poochie’s Day event for raffles and activities. There’s even a variety of Irish restaurants to put you in the spirit.

March isn’t a busy month for tourists, so it’s a great time to book a tour. You can learn more about Amish Country and its history from a professional tour guide. LoKal Experience and The Amish Experience are two top-rated tours.

Part of the fun of visiting Amish Country is finding unique treasures at the local shops and markets. On a rainy day, the Amish antique shops are a great spot to explore.

  • St. Patrick’s Day events
  • LoKal Experience
  • Shop antiques

April: Best Month of Spring

April is another month that is considered one of the best times to visit Amish Country, PA. The weather is mild and sunny, with most days having a temperature range of 57 to 67 F/ 14 to 19.5 C.

Launch Music Conference is held in the middle of April. This is a fantastic event for music lovers and professionals. It features seminars, performances, and other fun events. It’s also a great way for aspiring artists to meet professionals in the industry.

Pretzel Fest is another fun event that’s held at the end of April. This event allows guests to enjoy shopping and pretzel samples. You can try some of the best creations by a local pretzel chef.

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, book a hot air balloon ride with Lancaster Balloon Rides. This is a great way to see Amish Country from above.

  • Easter celebrations and events
  • Launch Music Conference
  • Pretzel Fest

May: Best Time for a Fun Family Getaway

May is one of the best times to bring your family to Amish Country, PA. This is because there are a lot of fun events that are kid-approved. Amish Farm & House has a lot of fun activities, including Sheep Shearing Days throughout May.

Amish Country has an excellent selection of fresh produce. In May, you can enjoy food-related events like Strawberry Festival or Rhubarb Festival. Kids love the Rhubarb Festival because they can race rhubarb cars.

If you want to give your kids an Amish experience, you should take them for a buggy ride. Along Old Philidelphia Park, there are several businesses that offer buggy rides and tours, like AAA Buggy Rides and Abe’s Buggy Rides.

For the adults, May is a great month to try wine in Amish Country. There are several wine-themed events, like Flavorfest and Springfest at Nissley Gardens. Amish Country also offers a lot of great restaurants to enjoy a Mother’s Day brunch in May.

  • Sheep Shearing Days
  • Rhubarb Festival
  • Mother’s Day

June: Best Month for Food and Wine

June is a lot of fun in Amish Country, PA because there are many food and wine-themed events. Towards the beginning of the month, people enjoy Lancaster Vegfest. This event celebrates living a plant-based lifestyle.

Kitchen Kettle Village host a Picnic Tasting Tour. Enjoy all the traditional foods and some special chef recipes during this event. Pirate Feast is hosted in mid-June at Bube’s Brewery.

Nissley Vineyards is the place to be in May. They host Springing Into Summer every Saturday evening throughout the month. You can enjoy tasting different wines, live music, and more. There are even lawn games to keep things fun.

If you visit in June, be prepared for warmer days. The average daily temperature in Amish Country at the beginning of summer is 77 to 83 F/ 25 to 28 C. When you’re not enjoying delicious food, it’s a great time of year to relax by the water.

  • Picnic Tasting Tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Go hiking

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July: Best Month for Summer Fun

The 4th of July is a lot of fun in Amish Country, PA. If you head over to Lititz, you can enjoy the annual Independence Day celebrations. This includes a parade, fireworks, live music, and food trucks.

Food lovers can enjoy themselves at the Sweet Corn Festival in July. This summer fun event features a menu with a variety of corn dishes. There are also games, crafts, and fun on the farm.

It gets pretty hot in Amish Country in July. Daily temperatures often get as high as 84 F/ 29 C. To cool off, you can enjoy some water activities. At the Susquehanna River, you can enjoy activities like tubing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and more.

For a calmer day by the water, you may prefer fishing or fly fishing. There are several great spots for fishing throughout Amish Country. However, people over the age of 16 will need a fishing license.

  • Independence Day celebrations
  • Sweet Corn Festival
  • Fly fishing

August: Summer Fairs and Festivals

August is a fun time to visit Amish Country, PA because the fair season has started. The Elizabethtown Fair, Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair, and Allentown Fair are held in August. You can enjoy rides, food, and special events at each fair.

The local vineyards also have more events in August to look forward to. Summerfest takes place on weekends at Nissley Vineyards. Vineyard at Hershey hosts Decked Out Live on Friday nights throughout the month.

Botanical enthusiasts will also enjoy the month of August. This is when the Sunflower Festival takes place. Many farms in the area have beautiful sunflowers in full bloom. We recommend visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farm and the Barnyard Kingdom.

If you’re interested in learning more about Amish culture during your visit, you should book a tour of the Amish Village. This tour covers 12 acres of land, including a farmhouse from the 1840s.

People who want a summer getaway that don’t want to deal with high heat may prefer August over July. Temperatures in August are still warm, but not as hot as the previous month. Daily highs are around 80 F/ 26.5 C.

  • Sunflower Festival
  • Elizabethtown Fair
  • Visit the Amish Village

September: Best Way to Start Autumn

September is another fun month in Amish Country, PA. There are still more fairs, festivals, events, and attractions to keep the fun going. Foodies will enjoy the Potato Festival Spudtacular and the Whoopie Pie Festival, where there are over 400 flavors.

This is a great time of year to visit Shops @ Rockvale. At the beginning of September, a Local Makers Market is held. Guests can purchase a variety of handmade items, like candles, jewelry, cosmetics, and other artisan products.

More fairs are in Amish Country throughout September. This list includes the Solanco Fair, Denver Fair, New Holland Famer’s fair, and West Lampeter Community Fair. Another unique experience is the Lancaster Hot Air Balloon Festival in September.

Beer drinkers will also enjoy a visit this way. The Lititz Craft Beer Fest is held in September. This event features a homebrew competition. Visitors will get to sample a variety of different beers as well.

  • Potato Festival Spudtacular
  • Lititz Craft Beer Fest
  • Local Makers Market

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October: Harvest & Halloween

Autumn is in full swing in Amish Country, PA in October. This is a great time of year to visit a farmer’s market and enjoy the local produce. It’s also a great time to go apple picking or visit local stands.

There are plenty of activities to put you in the Halloween spirit. Learn about the haunted history of Lancaster on a Spooky Scoot Tour. Take a ride on the Pumpkin Patch Train with the family. Enjoy rides and entertainment at Dutch Wonderland’s Happy Hauntings event.

If you’re looking for autumn activities, Amish Country is the place to be. There are fun events all month long in October, like the Fall Art Walk, History of Pumpkins, and the Manheim Community Farm Show. Harvest Days is also held at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum.

Days in October are cooler, with the daily average temperature being around 59 F/ 15 C. The outdoor fun hasn’t come to an end though. People can still enjoy hiking, ziplining, or even exploring a cavern.

  • Halloween events
  • Fall Art Walk
  • Pumpkin Patch Train

November: Thanksgiving in Amish Country

Autumn events are still in full swing throughout November. However, towards the end of the month, you can expect some of the Christmas festivities to begin. Some holiday-themed events in November include Santa’s Surprise Train and Dutch Winter Wonderland.

Foodies love to visit Amish Country around Thanksgiving time. There is a lot of delicious local food to try. Visitors can even get some great tips from the local turkey lady at the Lancaster Central Market.

Strasburg Scooter Tours hosts a Thanksgiving Tour. During this event, you can get a tour of Amish farms and covered bridges in the area. The Pumpkin Madness Festival is another fun event in November featuring pumpkin-themed activities and fireworks.

Small Business Saturday is celebrated the week after Thanksgiving. This is a great time to get a head start on early Christmas shopping while also supporting businesses in the Amish community. You can find many unique handmade gifts that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Thanksgiving events
  • Pumpkin Madness Festival
  • Santa’s Surprise Train

December: Holiday Festivities in Amish Country, PA

Visitors are always put into the holiday spirit when they visit Amish Country in December. On the 3rd of the month, people can watch the Mayor’s Tree Lighting ceremony. The following days will bring visits from Santa to the area and local shops stay open later.

The Amish Farm House has a lot of fun Christmas-themed activities. One of the most exciting events for kids includes Santa and Goats. This is when kids can get a picture with Santa and goats, while also enjoying farm activities.

Another fun holiday event at The Amish Farm House is the Amish Christmas Cookie Tour. This tour takes guests to 3 different Amish houses where they will get to try an assortment of homemade holiday cookies.

Once the sun goes down in December, Amish Country is lit up by beautiful Christmas lights. The Christmas Spirit Light Show runs every night through the month. You can see animated lights that will put your family in a holly jolly mood.

  • Santa and Goats
  • Amish Christmas Cookie Tour
  • Christmas Spirit Light Show

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What is the Hottest Month in Amish Country, PA?

The hottest month in Amish Country, Pa is July. During the peak of summer, you can expect daily highs of 84 F/ 29 C. It’s rare for nighttime temperatures to drop below 66 F/ 19 C. Always wear breathable clothing and stay hydrated when visiting Amish Country in July.

What is the Coldest Month in Amish Country, PA?

January is the coldest month of the year in Amish Country, PA. You can expect to see frost and snow when visiting this time of year. The daily low at the beginning of the year is 24 F/ -4 C.

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