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Ultimate Guide to Prague Street Art

Explore Prague's vibrant street art scene with our Ultimate Guide to Prague Street Art, highlighting legal graffiti spots, iconic murals, and insider tips for travelers.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Ultimate Guide to Prague Street Art

Ultimate Guide to Pragues Street Art/Graffiti - Prague is a cultural hub in central Europe with beautiful ancient architecture, the worlds oldest operating astronomical clock, created in 1410 and a checkered history of communist Soviet Union rule.

As you might of guested, many talented artists have used Prague as their playground for many years. However, locating the most enticing street art/graffitis tags can be a challenge!

So in this article, I have put together an extensive guide from my last trip which should inspire, educate and ignite your creative spirit.

Why is there so much graffiti in Prague?

Graffiti is a symbol of expression all over the world and in a former communist oppressed city like Prague, there is alot to talk about! Unfortunately true street art murals, can often be given a bad reputation due to unauthorised & poorly done Graffiti in some parts of Prague, which has really spiked an outcry from locals asking for more regulation.

Luckily, though the government has combated this in a way which protects artists, allows people to express their feelings yet still maintain suitable "clean" living places.

Are there legal places for Street Art/Graffiti in Prague?

Although, officially most types of unauthorised Street Art/graffiti is illegal, there are many designated Legal Graffiti walls and spots popping up all over Prague!

Andel Metro Station

As a way of combatting illegal Graffiti, Prague Subway stations have commissioned by of Pragues Greatest Street Artists from from  Pasta Oner, Jan Kaláb, Michal Škapa etc to create some art at Andel Metro Station! The first ever commissioned street art in Pragues Underground!

Pasta Oner Andel Metro Station Street Art Graffiti (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

The response has been great and it expected to be rolled out to other underground stations across Prague.

John Lennon Wall - Prague

Located on the west side of Charles bridge & Vltava River, the longest within the Czech Republic. You will find the iconic John Lennon Wall.

After 1948, it became associated with people protesting the communist takeover of Prague. In the 1960’s it was known as the “Crying wall” a place where protested painted phrases, art and lyrics although he government regularly painted over it.

John Lennon Wall Prague Street Art Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

When, John Lennon was shot on December 8th, 1980, the crying wall became a popular place for people to express their grief and protest against his deaf.

John Lennon Wall Street Art Prague. Photo by Ben at Aug 2019 (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

A single image of John Lennon remains as a center piece of the wall and hence the new name the john Lennon Wall. These days, it is a place to promote messages of love & peace and is a popular instagram hotspot!

Sometimes buskers can be seen by the wall singing classic Beatles hits.

Zizkov - Street Art

If your looking a more Edgy, less touristy, but still  central part of Prague head to Zizkov. Located just behind central train station. A former working class area it was built to pack in as many workers as possible.

This can be seen from the narrow houses and steep streets. This area is a hipsters heaven, home to many characters & of course lots of popular street art!

Franz Kafka Head Painted by Spanish Artist Escif:

The Franz Kafka head Mural, located on the corner between Husitska & Prokopova. The grim image depicts the famous writers head half buried and screaming help in Czech ("Pomoc"). Many Believe this piece of art to represent Pragues working class district.

Franz Kafka Prague Street Art. Photo by (Copyright) (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

Here are a few other spots in the same district:

  1. This is cool graffiti spot, at the entrance to a gritty block of flats next to Alberts Supermarket close to Taboritska street, close to Olsanske Namesti. - Kubelíkova 733/60

Prague street Art:Graffiti zizkov Taboritska street Photo by

  1. All around Husitska Street, around the park and by the old railway line you will find an abundance of graffiti spots & street art. Oh and oh this same street there is also a Graffiti Shop called Grafficon, a great place to get some extra tips & grab some supplies ;)

Parukářka Park in Žižkov

Parukářka Park is home to a series of unique artistic mosaics, definitely worth checking out.

Alena Pokorná | wiki

Pasta Oner - Czechs Greatest Artist!

Pasta Oner is one of Czech Republics most talented & well known street artists. All his pieces are impressive with a distinctive style and pop art influence & bold message.

"Choose to Be Happy" by Pasta Oner (2012)

Located on Vitězné náměsti is Pasta oners version of Michelangelo's fresco on the Sistine Chapel with the text "Choose to be Happy" adding a positive vibe to art painting.

This choose to be happy, mentality stems from many ancient philosophies, religions and even psychology with the idea being that our happiness is not determining by our outside circumstances but by our reaction to them and thus choice.


Therefore we choose to be happy or be sad. This internally generated happiness is outlined many times in Christianity with the phrase "the kingdom of heaven is inside us".

Other Murals by Pasta Oner:

  • Mural located at Dejvicka Metro Station.
  • On the corner of Narodni and Mikulandska. This was named best piece of street art in Czech Republic in 2012.
  • At DOX building in Holesovice.

Pasta Oner, like most street artists started out underground, but now he has became a real celebrity of the city, often appeared in Czech Magazines and being commissioned for several walls across the city.

Pasta Oner Emblem Hotel Mural Prague-1 (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

Comics Club Art Murals

Comic Club, just of old town square is unique, small & gritty underground club with some jaw dropping artistic murals inside. With everything from movie characters such as the Godfather & Freddy Kruger to Jason, and even sub zero from mortal combat.

Comic Club Street Art Murals. Freddy Kruger, Clown Photo By Ben at (Copyright)[/caption]

If your scared of Clowns look away! Comics Club Art Prague. Photo by Ben at

This is a hidden gem in central Prague which is a must see for anyone interested in cool art! The detail of the murals are truly astounding.

Comic Club Prague Sub Zero Street Art. Photo By Ben at (Copyright)

Comic Club Prague Sub Zero Street Art-Scorpian-Mortal-Combat-Graffiti-1 Photo By Ben at (Copyright) 

Mural of Bohumil Hrabal

Bohumil Hrabal is most of the most iconic figures in Czech literature. His prized books were translated to 25 languages & even a series of movies! He is the epitome of the Czech quirkiness, with a comic & crazy vibe! (I'm sure my Czech Friends will agree).

Insider Tip:

While in the area feel free to roam around & you'll surely discover lots of other fantastic street art!


Smichov is a up & coming hub of nightlife and culture on the west side of Pragues Vltava River! Close to the Waterfront Jazzdock, and the popular MeetFactory which is covered with great art murals & is a home to many theatres, concerts & exhibitions. The nearby Smíchovská Náplavka riverfront park also hosts regular  food festivals!

Meet Factory Prague Street Art 1 (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

In terms of Street art murals, there is so many in this area but your safest bet is to head to the Meet Factory on Ke SkLarne Street. Owned by arguably the greatest Czech Contemporary artist David Cerny.  There is a great Mural just out front of Praha Smichov (Yellow Metro Line B)

MeetFactory- Prague- Street Art cars. Source: Wiki commons (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

The Dancing House:

The Dancing House, is an architectural masterpiece of creativity. Designed by Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry. This building adds a modern contrast to Pragues, medieval old town.  This building is located on Rašínovo nábřeží located and inspired by dancing figures of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Insider Tip:

Definitely check this out at all angles, as you will always discover something new.

Národní Třida, Prague 1

Located in central Prague 1, is the area is Národní Třida, here you will see a built up construction yard with a hidden gallery of street art from some of the most famous artists in Czech Republic. From Pasta Oner, to Tron and X dog etc.

Prague Street Art narodni Trina (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)


Tesnov is home to a LEGAL graffiti wall in Prague and is a popular spot for aspiring graffiti artists to showcase their skills! If you fancy doing some tagging before you fly home, this is the spot!

Insider Tip:

If you want to create some art here best head down on the weekends or early in the morning during the week. As later on the area is a popular parking lot!


To get to the Legal Street art wall, take Tram 14, to Florence Metro Stop. Walking it's 15mins from the centre.


Holešovice in the Prague 7 District is trendy & real hipster part of Prague. Here you can find everything from classic pubs to vibrant techno nightclubs created from converted industrial factories!

For Art, the Trade Fair Palace has the National Gallery’s modern art collection on show, while DOX  is equip with many inspiring contemporary exhibition, including murals by Pasta Oner.

Other Trendy Street Art spots include:

  • Human Figure murals at the Entrance to Vltavska metro station (red line C) .
  • Milady Horakove street - A popular street with many small street art pieces by local Czechs.

Insider Tip:

Check out Prague Market (Pražská tržnice), they have some fantastic independent vendors which have everything from locals goods and hipster fashion, unique souvenirs & tasty Asian street food.

Jan Kaláb

The man of 3 names, Jan Kalab, point or as some cool him cakes is an icon & pioneer of 3D street art! His abstract pieces of art have got a following all over the world!

34 Yellow Penguins at Kampa Park

Designed by the Cracking Art Group, from the Museum Kampa is these 34 Yellow Penguins, located on the river at Kampa Park. They can also be seen from Charles Bridge.

The sculptures were designed by a team of 6 international artists who set to make a piece from entirely recycled materials. This eco friendly penguins are designed to make people aware of the environmental affect of pollution on wildlife.

Penguins-Kampa-Park-Prague-Street Art (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

Florenc station

The whole area around Florenc Station, close to Hotel Opera & Tesnov Street is a fantastic hub of great street art!  This place has unique pieces all over and is a popular place for local & international artists to express their skills!

Insider Tip:

Also head down the corridor under Wilsonova Street, metro station (Florenc, red line C), this is another breath taking street art/Graffiti hub!

Banksy Street Art

Banksy (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide)

Franz Kafka - Metal Morphosis Sculpture

With 42 moving pieces, this 11 metre high sculpture of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka is a popular tourist attraction. Weighing 39 tonnes, each metal tier is driven by a motor and one kilometre of cables which rotate independently of one another! It is a true marvel of engineering & art!

The gigantic sculpture titled "Metal Morphosis" was created by artist David Černý dates in November 2014 and is close to Quadrio business centre, just above Národní třída metro station.

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