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14 Best Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabins (For Living On The Water!)

Explore the top 14 luxury pontoon boats with cabins perfect for living on the water. Ideal for avid travelers seeking comfort and style.

Tobi Miles
October 14, 2022
14 Best Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabins (For Living On The Water!)

Luxury pontoon boats are a dime a dozen in this day in age. With that said, not all of them feature living amenities that many of us look for, such as a comfortable cabin. So, what are the best luxury pontoon boats with cabins?

The best luxury pontoon boats with cabins include the Daigno Le Koroc P, Sun Tracker Party Hut 30, and Allroad HB820 Houseboat. Brands like Sun Tracker make some of the best pontoons with cabins such as the 18 Tritoon and Party Cruiser 32. The Southland Mistral and Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship are also among the best pontoon boats with cabins.

Each of these pontoon boats with cabins features great amenities such as dinettes, large galleys, and bathrooms as well. You can expect to spend $75,000 on average for a luxury pontoon boat with a cabin, but it can cost less or more. Follow along as we highlight the best luxury pontoon boats with cabins.

Best Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabins

Luxury pontoon boats are abundant, but the majority of them on the market don’t feature cabins. Luckily, there are many amazing and luxurious pontoon boats with cabins within a wide price range. Our criteria for the best luxury boats with cabins include cabin size, comfort level, and amenities like navigation features and the galley layout.

1. Southland Mistral

Credit: Pinterest

Southland produces several luxury pontoon boats with cabins, but none are as impressive as the Mistral. The Southland Mistral defines luxury with its cozy cabin, electric anchor, and 150-220 horsepower engine. You don’t have to worry about cumbersome and visually unappealing storage compartments with the Mistral as most of it goes underneath the seats.

There is no shortage of options with this luxury pontoon boat, and you can find them in sizes ranging from 20-24 feet. Of course, the 24-foot model features a roomier cabin which appeals to people that need extra space. The rear sundeck is another highlight of the Southland Mistral and it’s perfect for lounging or enjoying a cold drink while soaking in the view.

You can comfortably fit up to 17 people on the 24-foot model at once. Ideally, you shouldn’t board more than 12 people on the 20-foot model so that you don’t exceed the weight limit. Like any good luxury pontoon, Southland offers a variety of customization options from layouts and floor plans to interior colors.

2. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

Credit: Pinterest

If you have a family or regularly entertain guests, then you should consider the Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship. This massive luxury pontoon boat has a comfortable cabin, 2 sundecks, and a waterslide. You can choose between 2 layouts depending on what you’re looking for: the Cruise Funship and Entertainer Funship.

As the name suggests, the Entertainer Funship is all about fun and even features a unique bistro bar. The Cruise Funship comes with a queen-size upper deck area and comfortable suspension seating. Both models come with luxury mood lighting which can help set the tone for your day or night.

You can also get each model as either 25 or 27 feet long. Consider the Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship if you plan on frequently hitting the water with large groups.

3. Southland HRV Liberty

Credit: BoatGuide

Another luxury pontoon boat from Southland, the HRV Liberty exemplifies comfort and practicality like few others. It measures 34’ long and is a sight to behold even from far away on the water. The key feature of the Southland HRV Liberty is that 4 people can comfortably sleep in it at once.

This luxury pontoon boat has won awards since it first came to the public in 2011. You get a full kitchen with this boat which isn’t always easy to find in the luxury pontoon market. This boat features solar panels which can help power all of your appliances and fixtures.

Another key feature is the comfortable upper sundeck that is perfect for lounging or eating a meal on the water. This truly is a hybrid pontoon offering a full boat experience on the outside and perfect living conditions on the inside. All of your needs are taken care of in the cabin of this vessel, and that includes a full-length shower.

4. Daigno L’Équinoxe

Credit: NewAtlas

The Daigno L’Équinoxe features one of the comfiest cabins of any luxury pontoon boat. Its cabin is 5’ wide giving you plenty of room to freely walk around. This luxury pontoon is specifically designed to be as smooth as possible, so you won’t get seasick while you sleep or lay down.

The boat itself is just under 33’ feet long and it comes with a bathroom that includes a comfortable shower. It comes with a kitchen that includes everything that you would need from a stove to a refrigerator. You could easily define this as a premium liveaboard pontoon boat which sets it apart from some of the others on this list.

Speed is another advantage of this luxury pontoon, and it features a 90-horsepower Honda outboard that provides the power. This is also an environmentally friendly pontoon that appeals to green-minded enthusiasts. The water recycling system and solar panels provide electricity, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t leave a carbon footprint.

5. Premier Marine 310 Encounter

Credit: Pinterest

Premier Marine has made impressive boats for years, but few are as luxurious as the 310 Encounter. The Encounter is a 33’ long luxury pontoon boat that can hold up to 16 people. It weighs 4,000 pounds and can hold up to 5,400 pounds between cargo and passengers.  

The cabin is small-yet-comfortable and it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. Premier Marine designed the Encounter so that the cabin is conveniently located underneath the helm. This helps make the most of the space onboard and doesn’t take away from other aspects of the boat, such as the deck and cockpit.

The cabin is compact and has 6-feet of headroom which is comfortable enough to accommodate the average person. It can hold 90 gallons of gas which is practical for most seafarers. Consider this luxury pontoon boat if you don’t need a massive vessel with more bells and whistles.

6. Premier Escalante 350 CL

Credit: Pinterest

The Premier Escalante 350 CL is slightly more elaborate than the 310 Encounter. Much like the 310 Encounter, the Escalante 350 CL cabin is somewhat small and more like a sheltered space under the helm. This isn’t a downside, however, and it makes sense when you see all of the other features that they fit into this pontoon boat.

Up to 16 people can hang out on the lower deck making this the perfect party boat. This is a newer boat dating back to 2021, so you can expect some of the most modern craftsmanship on the market. The only downside to this luxury pontoon boat is that the hull is made of aluminum which can mean that it runs loudly.

Otherwise, everything about this pontoon screams luxury, especially the advanced steering assistance system. All of the instrumentation is high-end including the Simrad GPS that it comes with. Of course, luxury pontoon boats with cabins like this come at a high price, and the Escalante 350 CL costs $158,300.

7. Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32

Credit: TrackerBoats / Flickr

The Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32 features a comfortable cabin and an impressive upper and lower deck. It’s a family-friendly boat and features a water slide on the top deck that is fun for kids and adults alike. One of the best features of the Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32 is the galley which provides a perfect view of the water.

The galley also doubles as a full kitchen with a sink, microwave, and refrigerator. This luxury pontoon boat is also able to withstand cold temperatures because the cabin features insulated bulkheads. You may not want to take it out in the cold, but at least you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable if you do. 

Measuring 32’ long, you can easily fit 15 people on the Party Cruiser 32. It features a comfortable cabin and a shower that makes it easy to live on this luxury pontoon if you choose to. This is one of the best pontoons that Sun Tracker produces, and it exemplifies luxury.

8. Sun Tracker 18 Tritoon

Credit: Pinterest

Look no further than the Sun Tracker 18 Tritoon if you want a used luxury pontoon with a cabin. While it is discontinued, Sun Tracker is still alive and well, so you won’t have trouble finding spare parts if necessary. This luxury boat has a comfortable cabin and feels modern even though it dates back to the early 1990s.

The enclosed cabin is large and features high-end lighting, so you won’t have to worry about visibility at night. Its hull is made of aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about it suffering water damage. This boat can run for 45 hours at a time until you run out of fuel and power.

Sun Tracker put its all into this boat and included a 60-horsepower engine. The only downside to this luxury pontoon is that it doesn’t feature air conditioning. Don’t be discouraged that it’s an older model because the 18 Tritoon holds up to modern Sun Tracker luxury pontoons with cabins.

9. Daigno Le Koroc V

Credit: Pinterest

Another Daigno pontoon, the Le Koroc V is slightly smaller than the L’Équinoxe. However, it still features all of the trappings of a luxury pontoon. This is quite evident when you check out the impressive kitchen that includes a stove, refrigerator, and table.

The most impressive feature is the cabin which has a wooden aesthetic and features a double bed. You can flip the double bed and turn it into a table if you need additional surfaces and seating as well. The cabin isn’t quite as large as the one on the L’Équinoxe, but it’s just as comfortable.

This boat measures 28’ long and 8’ by 6” wide which is comfortable for cruising and having parties. It costs $61,000 and you could easily call it your home. You get all of the functions of a cruising or fishing pontoon with the amenities of a houseboat with the Daigno Le Koroc V.

10. Allroad HB820 Houseboat

Credit: AllRoundOutdoor

Brands like Allroad blur the lines between a houseboat and a luxury pontoon. The Allroad HB820 Houseboat is a great example, and its cabin is impressive. Its cabin isn’t huge, but it’s comfortable and can sleep at least 2 people.

However, 4-6 people can comfortably fit on board at once, just not all in the living area. The galley is comfortable and includes a dinette with tables and chairs. Luckily, the bathroom and shower are easy to use and maintain which is necessary for a luxury pontoon with a cabin.

The boat is 27’ long and can handle 7,165 pounds of cargo and passengers at once. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the motor as the fuel tank can hold 192 liters at a time. They are primarily made of aluminum alloy which means they will be loud on the water, but at least the hull won’t suffer water damage.

11. Sun Tracker Party Hut 30

Credit: TrackerBoats / Flickr

Sun Tracker made the list of best luxury pontoon boats with cabins once again with the Party Hut 30. This large 30’ long luxury pontoon features a fully-loaded galley fixed with a sink and dinette. One of the biggest draws of this pontoon is its impressive navigation system which appeals to beginners and experts alike.

The cabin is comfortable, and the Sun Tracker Party Hut 30 comes with additional privacy features such as a drop-down curtain. It comes with plenty of storage between compartments in the galley and underneath the seats. This boat has fewer bells and whistles than other Sun Tracker luxury pontoons, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

12. Daigno Le Koroc P

Credit: Pinterest

The Le Koroc P is the smallest of Daigno’s luxury ponton boats with cabins, but that’s not a bad thing. It still features a comfortable cabin and can house all of the fishing equipment that you need. The Le Koroc P is their fishing model so it’s more stripped down than their other vessels.

Don’t let that discourage you, however, because it’s made out of the same premium materials as their other models. The Daigno Le Koroc P luxury pontoon is essentially the smallest and most comfortable houseboat on the market. It features a 192-liter gas tank that will take you far and a 6-gallon water heater.

Living amenities include a bathroom, shower, refrigerator, and 2-burner stove. The 56-liter freshwater tank should be more than enough to use the bathroom and shower without worrying about anything. Consider this model if Daigno’s other luxury pontoons are out of your price range.

13. Southland Champagne SX

Credit: Southland Pontoon Boats

At first glance, you wouldn’t think of the Southland Champagne SX as a pontoon boat with a cabin. Sure, it is a luxury pontoon boat, but it doesn’t seem large enough to house a cabin when you first see it. That is until you pop down the camper top that transforms part of it into a cabin.

This gives you the best of both worlds between a traditional luxury pontoon boat and one that is sleepable. You can comfortably sleep overnight on the Southland Champagne SX with the top down. Some users may not even ever use the top if they simply need the pontoon for cruising and fishing.

This boat features the finest upholstery, and you can choose between several colors depending on your taste. The removable top comes at an additional cost, but it’s worth it if you want a cabin. Consider the Southland Champagne SX if you want a luxury pontoon with a cabin without spending as much as you would on a Premier Escalante 350 CL.

14. Southland Majesty SX

Credit: Southland Pontoon Boats

The Southland Majesty SX is another luxury pontoon that can feature a cabin if you place the top on it. You can purchase the additional full camper top that Southland produces to create cabin space in the back. This is a great idea if you don’t want to commit to a pontoon that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You don’t want to take this boat further than 30 miles offshore because the fuel tank only holds 25 gallons. Even still, the Southland Majesty SX is a comfortable, affordable, and impressive luxury that can feature a cabin with additional purchases. The camper top features 9’ of clearance, so you won’t have to squat down as you walk around the cabin.

How Much is a Luxury Pontoon Boat?

Luxury pontoon boats typically cost an average of $75,000, but they can cost much more. On the low end, luxury pontoon boats that feature cabins rarely cost under $50,000. Pontoons that feature a sizeable cabin, galley, and kitchen often exceed $95,000.

Factors such as amenities, the size of the boat, customization, and materials dictate the overall cost. Luxury pontoon boats with cabins also come in a variety of floorplans and designs that affect the price. For example, most luxury pontoon brands offer fishing, cruising, and entertainment models with different floorplans.

Fishing pontoons with cabins often feature simpler floorplans which makes them cheaper. Large entertainment floorplans and party boats are typically the most expensive and regularly exceed $100,000. Luxury pontoons without cabins are the cheapest option, and you can find them for between $20,000 and $50,000 or more.

Do Luxury Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms?

Modern luxury pontoon boats almost universally have bathrooms. Luxury pontoons are generally defined by the amenities they have that a standard pontoon boat wouldn’t have. Such amenities include bathrooms, dinettes, kitchenettes, sinks, coolers, and in many cases, cabins.

With that said, many luxury pontoon boats don’t feature cabins even if they feature a bathroom. Proper waste disposal is important if you have a pontoon boat without a bathroom. Otherwise, you risk fines and even severe legal troubles in some cases.

Laws dictate that you must dispose of your pontoon boat’s bathroom waste collection at least 3 miles offshore. However, you can get around that if you are near a fuel dock that offers waste pumping services. Bathrooms are a blessing with luxury pontoon boats, but you risk serious trouble if you fail to pump the waste properly.

Can You Live on a Pontoon Boat?

You can live on a pontoon boat if it has a cabin, running water, electricity, and a kitchenette or dinette. Not all of the luxury pontoon boats in this guide are necessarily livable, but many of them are. For example, all of the Daigno luxury pontoon boats in this guide feature all of the amenities of a houseboat.

Boats can either be bought outright as a houseboat or modified through an after-market service to become one. They have increased in popularity over the last decade along with the rise of tiny houses. You must retain some sort of address or land that isn’t on the water in most U.S. states if you plan to live on a houseboat.

That is because you cannot officially claim your pontoon boat with a cabin as your primary legal dwelling for now. However, you can register a luxury houseboat as a dwelling if you have another U.S. address as long as the U.S. Postal Service is aware of it.

What Are the Best Luxury Pontoon Boats With Cabins?

The best luxury pontoon boats with cabins are the Southland Mistral, Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship, and Southland HRV Liberty. Brands like Daigno make several luxury pontoon boats with cabins, such as the Le Koroc P, Le Koroc V, and the L’Équinoxe. Sun Tracker also produces several luxury pontoon boats with cabins like the Sun Tracker 18 Tritoon and Party Cruiser 32.

The Allroad HB820 Houseboat features everything that you need for an extended stay on the water including a comfortable cabin. Consider the Premier Escalante 350 CL and Premier Marine 310 Encounter if you don’t mind spending a lot of money. Each of these luxury pontoon boats with cabins is high-end, loaded with amenities, and reliable.

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