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15 Best Lobster Boat Tours in Maine (Instructional & Inclusive!)

Explore the top 15 lobster boat tours in Maine for an unforgettable experience. Learn to catch lobster, enjoy marine life sights, and more. Ideal for travelers!

Tobi Miles
October 1, 2022
15 Best Lobster Boat Tours in Maine (Instructional & Inclusive!)

There is no better place to be in the summer than Maine. Booking a lobster boat tour is one of the best ways to book a day of fun on the water. Depending on the company, you’ll be departing from villages and harbors to have hourly, half-day, or full-day lobster boat tours.

On a lobster tour, your captain will take you out and teach you how to bait, catch, and haul in lobster traps. These tours are not only for catching lobster but are also for sightseeing and catching other marine life too. While on your tour, you may see sharks, seals, bald eagles, lighthouses, and more!

There’s something for everyone in Maine. Are you up for the challenge of becoming a pro at catching lobster? Let’s find out!

If you’ve been wondering about what company you should go with on your adventure to Maine, don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s dive into our top 15 lobster boat tours in Maine.

1. Acadia Lobster Cruise

Credit: Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock

The Acadia Lobster Cruise in Maine is simply one of a kind! You’ll get to have a taste of the world’s best lobster on a boat that is captained by Maine native Jason Clark. You’ll get to take in breathtaking views of Acadia National park while listening to the captain share their knowledge of Mount Desert Island.

After the captain has hauled the lobster traps, he will cook you a traditional Maine lobster feast right on his boat! Your lobster feast will include fresh lobster, corn on the cob, homemade blueberry pie, and unforgettable memories! Private cruises are available with a maximum of six passengers.

Price of Tour: $150 Per Person

Length of Tour: Two trips daily at 10 AM & 2:30 PM

2. Rocky Bottom Fisheries

Credit: Enrico Della Portea / Shutterstock

Are you traveling to Maine and looking for an experience that you’ll never forget? You’ll want to hook a harbor lobster tour on an authentic fishing boat. You’ll get to haul and set traps on a lobster tour, cruise the beautiful Maine coast, and/or private charter for your family or group.

On your tour, you’ll learn about one of Maine’s oldest fishing industries and try your best at pulling and baiting a lobster trap yourself. If you have a night free, you can book a sunset tour to make your evening extra special.

If you have a special occasion, private charters are available. You’ll be able to hop aboard with your company, friends, or family and enjoy a boat ride that is personalized to your needs. Whether you’re hauling traps or cruising in the sunset, this is a great option in Portland Harbor.

Price of Tour: Adult: $50; Child: $35 | Sunset tours: $50 (21 years or older)

Length of Tour: 60 - 90 minutes

3. Camden Harbor Cruises

Credit: Christian Delbert / Shutterstock

If you’ve never been, you must know that Camden Harbor is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.  On your tour, you’ll relax aboard their classic wooden boat and get a close-up of the Maine coast. During your ride, you’ll see majestic lighthouses, seaside mansions, and visiting yachts.

On their Eco-Tour (wildlife cruise and lobster demonstration), you will travel across the bay to one of the remote seal habitats. Along the way, you’ll look for birds and other marine life. In addition, you will be able to haul a lobster trap to see what’s coasting along the ocean floor.

Camden Harbor Cruises also has morning lobster hauls. For 90 minutes you’ll be able to take on lobster fishing and help the staff haul, bait, and re-set their lobster pots.

Price of Tour: Starting from $40

Length of Tour: 1.5 - 3 hours

4. Rugosa Lobster Tours

Credit: Rabbitti / Shutterstock

The Rugosa Lobster Tours is the true adventure of New England. Their tour is known as the most-popular boating attraction in Maine. They are the only kind of boat tour that is hosted on a traditional down-east style lobster boat.

The Rugosa’s lobster tour offers a more exclusive, personal, and educational type of lobster cruise. They will sail from the Kennebunkport River Waterfront to start their tours. When booking, you’ll get to select the Coastal Lobster Tour, which is a hands-on tour where you’ll enjoy the scenic coastline and watch them haul lobster traps.

When arriving for your tour, you may park anywhere in their parking lot for free. Once you have parked, you can take a stroll across the lawn to the marina where their boat is located. Kids under 6 are not permitted.

Price of Tour: Adult $49; Child (6-12) $49 | Adults Only $55 | Private Charter $900|

Length of Tour: 1 hour 25 minutes

5. Lucky Catch Cruises

Credit: Caine Friend / Shutterstock

If you’re wanting to take a memorable excursion on Casco Bay, you’ll want to book with Lucky Catch Cruises and come along to see the daily routines of the Maine Lobstermen.

You’ll get to participate in exciting events like hauling lobster traps and sitting back and enjoying the scenery. Along the way, you’ll get to see lighthouses, civil war forts, and seal rocks.

To ensure that every guest has an up close and personal experience, they like to keep the number of riders at a minimum. This is one tour you don’t want to miss!

Price of Tour: $40

Length of Tour: 80 - 90 minutes

6. Lulu Lobster Boat Ride

Credit: Kevin M. Walsh / Shutterstock

The Lulu Lobster Boat Cruise is one of the most popular in the region. They are the only lobster tour located in Bar Harbor that is hosted on a traditional down-east style lobster boat. On this boat, you’ll be offered two-hour tours that are personal and unique from any other.

They will sail from the main location of Bar Harbor waterfront and Barside hotel and marina. On the tour, you’ll learn all about Maine lobsters and how they catch them. While on the boat, you’ll want to look out for seals and other wildlife while trying to take in the beautiful sights.

Lulu Cruises offers lobster fishing, where you’ll experience a taste of what it’s like to be a lobsterman. They’ll describe the parts of a lobster trap and how the lobsters find their way to the bait. You’ll also get to learn about the anatomy of a lobster.

Price of Tour: From $38

Length of Tour: 2 hours

7. Sunrise Lobster Boat Tours

Credit: Angelo Giampiccolo / Shutterstock

To get an authentic Maine lobster experience, you’ll want to book with Sunrise Lobster Boat Tours. The Sunrise is a wooden boat that was built in 1965 and rebuilt for a relaunch in 2010.

The Sunrise will take its guests from the Northeast Harbor to different locations including the Bear Island Light, Bunkers Ledge to see seals, and to Somes Sound.

On your tour, locally caught steamed lobsters will be served if you really want to have a true Maine experience.

Price of Tour: Call for pricing 📞

Length of Tour: 90 minutes

8. Robertson Sea Tours

Credit: Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock

With Robertson Sea Tours you’ll hop on board a thirty-two-foot boat and cruise along the coastline of Maine. You’ll get to haul the captain’s lobster traps, look at eagles and seals, and even Atlantic Puffin. Their Wildlife and Lighthouse Cruise is 3 hours and will have you view three lighthouses, and wildlife, and see a lobster trap hauled.

Another option you’ll have to choose from is their Lobster Fishing Tour. This tour is 2 hours long and you’ll be able to tend to lobster traps and learn how to bait them. Baiting and hauling lobster traps are not as easy as it looks.

Since you’ll be learning how to haul in traps, it’s recommended that you wear the proper boating attire just in case it gets a little messy on board. There’s a high possibility that you may leave smelling a bit fishy!

Price of Tour: Adults $85; Children under 12 $65

Length of Tour: 2 - 3 hours

9. Captain Joe’s Cruises

Credit: Arthur Villator / Shutterstock

You’ll want to start your next lobster adventure with Captain Joe’s Cruises. Captain Joe will take you on a private two-hour cruise of the Saco River. While on the tour, you’ll be able to look for seals, bald eagles, and leaping fish. Their boat is called the Ruby Belle and is designed to keep the safety of kids a top priority.

If your kids tag along for the tour, they’ll be able to safely peer over the side to get a view of the water. From the options available, you’ll be able to choose from the Two Hour Cruise, Sunset Cruise, or Coffee Cruise.

Price of Tour: Starting from $275

Length of Tour: 2 hours

10. Mary May Charters

Credit: Alessandro Cancian / Shutterstock

If you really want to know about Lobster, you’ll want to book a tour with Mary May Charters. Catching lobster while out on the water is a very rewarding experience compared to buying it at the store. If you’ve ever wanted to see if you’d enjoy lobster fishing, Mary May Charters will teach you everything you need to know.

Unlike other boats, Mary May Charters is allowed to have five lobster traps placed in the water. This increases the chance of you being able to catch some lobsters on your tour. Any lobsters that are caught are allowed to be kept.

If you don’t know how to catch a lobster, don’t worry, they’ll teach you. On the tour, they’ll go over how to bait the trap, set the trap, and remove lobsters from the trap. Their guide will even teach you how to tell the males from females.

Price of Tour: $350

Length of Tour: 2 - 3 hours

11. Balmy Days Cruises

Credit: Jane Rix / Shutterstock

Balmy Day Cruises has many different experiences to choose from when booking their tours. The Balmy Days Cruises are a one-hour tour on their Squirrel Island Mailboat. In addition to the tour, there could be several stops to drop off or pick up the islanders at Squirrel Island.

On this tour, you will see a lot of nature with the sights and sounds of sea life with gentle waves and occasional fog. You will get to see lobster boats, yachts, sailing boats, and maybe even an occasional cruise ship. You’ll also get to see the working waterfront and how the lobstermen work.

If it’s a special occasion, you can book a private charter. Whether it’s for you or a friend, a large group, or just for family, you’ll have the opportunity to have the whole boat to yourself!

Price of Tour: Adults $24; Kids $12; Children 2 & under are free

Length of Tour: 1 hour

12. Swans Island Charters

Credit: Spwidoff / Shutterstock

Swans Island Charters offer you the chance to see marine life, and rare seabirds, and the opportunity to learn about successful commercial fishing in Maine. Their tours may be more on the expensive side, but they are well worth it! The first featured tour you’ll have to choose from is the Acadia National Park Tour.

This tour is 8 hours long and will allow you to see Acadia National Park, Somes Sound, Bar Harbor sightseeing, and a stop at Bar Harbor to grab a bite to eat. The next and most popular tour available is the Bass Harbor Private Lobster Charter. This tour will provide the most informative and genuine lobster fishing experience in Maine.

This tour is a family favorite and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll have a great time learning about everything lobster and be prepared to catch some crustaceans.

Price of Tour: Puffin: From $1499 | Private Lobster Charter: From $499 | Bass Harbor Private Lobster Charter: $980 | Acadia National Park Tour: From $1799

Length of Tour: 2 - 8 hours

13. River Run Tours

Credit: Allan Wood Photography / Shutterstock

River Run Tours will give you one of the most scenic tours you could ever ask for in Maine. The most popular tour they have on their boat is the Five Islands Tour. This tour has everything you need, PLUS will give you the opportunity to stop and have a bite to eat at Five Islands Lobster Company.

They will start the cruise from Bath down through the Kennebec River so you can see the Bath Iron Works production of the ships. The Captains in charge is the tours are each licensed to carry 6 passengers, which will allow guests to freely have more space when on their tours. River Run Tours will give you the best of both worlds.

Price of Tour: $280

Length of Tour: 2 hours

14. Maine Island Charters

Credit: AR Pictures / Shutterstock

Maine Island Charters is number one in lobster tours in Maine. You’ll join them on their thirty-six-foot boat for a lobster-style tour on a private charter, island tour, eco-tour, or water taxi. You will get to cruise the coast of Maine on their fully Coast Guard-inspected boat.

Guests have raved about Captain Gus and the amazing tours he has provided. Not only will you get to your on a lobster boat, but you’ll get to see lighthouses, seals, and eagles, and may even briefly go into the open ocean. Many guests have also said this tour is kid-friendly and enjoyed bringing their entire family along.

Price of Tour: $40

Length of Tour: 2 hours

15. LiveLiner Charters

Credit: WoodysPhotos / Shutterstock

LiveLiner Charter Tours will give you one of the greatest deep-sea fishing experiences that Maine has to offer. You’ll get to experience the thrill of fishing for Blue Sharks, Mako, Threshers, and Porbeagles. They also offer sunset and harbor cruises.

They have a thirty-one-foot boat that can comfortably fit up to four people. If you’re looking for something that is family-friendly, you’ll want to book their, “Family Mackerel” tour. With this tour you’ll spend a couple of hours on the water and kids can learn how to catch mackerel.

If you want more of a thrill, you’ll want to hook their shark trip. With this tour, you’ll go 15 to 30 miles out, set up some chum, and ring the bell to see what you can catch. A variety of sharks live in these waters and you’ll learn how to bait, tackle, and catch a shark with assistance provided.

Price of Tour: Shark Tour $1250 | Bluefin Tuna Tour $1250 | Inshore Groundfish $550 | Family Mackerel $350 | Harbor Cruise $350

Length of Tour: 2 - 8 hours

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