15 Life-Changing Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

Transform your life with serene yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. Experience tranquil resorts, authentic yoga, and stunning scenery. Ideal for travelers seeking peace.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2024
Transform your life with serene yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. Experience tranquil resorts, authentic yoga, and stunning scenery. Ideal for travelers seeking peace.

Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka - Yoga Retreats can be a life changing experience! Located in scenic resorts all over the world, from beaches to mountain tops. In recent years, Yoga Retreats in Thailand and India, have become immensely popular.

However, many have stated that lots of these retreats have become too expensive and even busy, due to the boom in tourism. So, if you would like a really authentic Yoga Retreat in a unique, colorful country which is still largely untouched than head to Sri Lanka.

Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka.

A country which offers you a unique cultural experience & tranquil scenery, making it the ideal place to check out the best Yoga Retreats.

This list has been compiled together from a mix of travel experts, Avid Yogi's, Wellness Wonderwomen, Luxury Connoisseurs and even practicing Surfers who came for Sri Lankas Surf & Yoga School.

Believe me, this list is worth bending over backwards for, so take a deep breath and dive right to your first position.

15. Tri Lanka - Luxury Yoga Retreat

Tri Lanka, prides itself on being one of the first contemporary luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

Close to the popular area of Galle Fort, close to the scenic shores of Koggala Lake, (The largest natural Lake in Sri Lanka) lies this luxury Yoga Retreat.

With undisturbed lake views, stylish villas (with private plunge pools) and of course some amazing Yoga & Wellness...this is definitely a great place to check out.

Ideally located close to the nearby by beaches in the South of Sri Lanka, you can head down to the ocean to hear the relaxing waves crashing.

Wellness & Spa

The founder of Tri Lanka, Lara Drummond has a philosophy for wellness. Nourishing food, Nuturing approach and Spiritual practice. This definitely true of the spa & wellness experience.

Overlooking  lush greenery are two treatment rooms with brilliant white terrazzo walls, natural slate floors and big windows.

This creates a sheltered, yet scenic and natural feeling spa & wellness space. Where you can sample, traditional therapies in addition to Ayurvedic.

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If you want really fresh, nourishing and healthy food this is the perfect place. Fresh fish is caught from the lake, fresh organic herbs & veg are picked from the garden to create some delicious cuisine.

Insider Tip:

After you morning Yoga, master some Sri Lankan cooking at the retreat and take a boat trip to Cinnamon Island. The next day, visit the breath taking fort at Galle.

14. Kalundewa Retreat

The Kalundewa Retreat  is nestled in the centre of 100 acres of lush greenery is Dambulla Hotel. A true off the grid nature paradise surrounded by enchanting mountains and pure tranquility. With four pristine lakes and more fresh wilderness then you could ever need this is a great place for Yoga & mindfulness.


Ulpatha Natural Spring Pool:

The onsite natural spring pools turquoise waters shimmer invitingly. Making it the perfect pool to plunge right in. The retreat even offers a dining & BBQ experience or other tailored celebrations by the serene poolside.

Other Activities:

The Kalundewa Retreat is an ideal location for bird watching, Cycling and even exploring the local village & rural community surrounding. This give you a great opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Honeymoon Packages:

The retreat also runs a series of silver, gold and platinum dream honeymoon packages, which are highly regarded.

Insider Tip:

The resort offers a guided tour of the agricultural community, rustic village, the local temple and even a school. This helps to give you context to everything which you are seeing and also assists with meeting the locals.

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability & prices using the link HERE

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13. Prana Lounge - Yoga Retreat

Prana Lounge  offers a wide range of Yoga styles & methods with a simplistic & tailored approach. There philosophy is "our offering of various yoga styles is not done to confuse or impress you, but to help you find the style which helps you the most" .

Classes range from dynamic to restorative yoga, suitable for all levels, fitness abilities and ages.

They also run Pre & Post Natal Yoga (Pregnant Yoga) , Corporate Yoga, Yin Yoga and even kids yoga.

This is a casual place where you can drop into daily Yoga sessions, between 6:30-7:30AM and throughout the day.

The official Yoga Retreats are offered for periods throughout the year, but you can stay at the retreat for as many days as you like to experience the Yoga sessions.


In the heart of Colombo 7's Cinnamom Gardens, Prana has created 5 boutique style hotel rooms. Each named after different modes of Prana (your life force energies).

This is an ideal place to unwind, & escape from the hustle & bustle of Colombo, Sri Lankas Capital City.

In General the resort offers:

  • 3 yoga studios
  • Treatments by appointment such as Reiki, Physiotherapy, Counselling, Meditation.
  • Trendy Health food Cafe

12. Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a Yoga Retreat which merges in harmony with the surrounding beauty & environment. Located in a National Park, surrounded by the glittery indian ocean and even a protected turtle nesting beach, which is part of the retreat.

The Yoga Shala can accomodate up to 30 guests and is the centre piece for Yoga Classes, group healing sessions and even dance/music workshops. The flowing sea breeze adds an inciting aura and energy to the session.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary-Yoga-Retreat. Source: senwellnesssanctuary.com (Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka) (Best Budget Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka)

Founded by Dr Sam Kankanamge a qualified osteopath, you know your in safe hands.  Dr. Sam left Sri Lanka for London, aged just 18 years old with a dream of returning one to day top build a magnificent healing Sanctuary for wellness.

“The ultimate goal of Sen Wellness is for the individual to self-realise and make the necessary transformation to reach their inner potential. "  Sam Kankanamge

Wellness Programs

The wellness here is a professional blend between scientfic principles of the west and wisdom and practices of the eat.

To create an integrative program designed to nourish your mind, emotions, body and soul. With a range of courses from 1 day ("Take a deep breath") to 14 day courses ("New Radiant You")

11. Kandy Samadhi Center

The Kandy Samadhi Centre is a distinct Yoga Retreat & Wellness centre nestled in the tranquil Kandyan Hills. Surrounding by fertile land and a lush wilderness this is the ideal location for a private, spiritual & immersive yoga experience.

The architecture is ancient and the Yoga Shala is boundless making you feel as though you are floating in the tree tops.

Ayurveda Treatments:

The retreat also offers a variety Ayurveda treatments, designed holistically to cure many ailments. From full body massages with steam baths, to Marma Relaxation techniques, flower baths, medicated oil baths and various other techniques.


The Kandy Samadhi Centre, Kukul Oya Road, Kandy +94814470925, +94814476117

Check prices & availability using the link HERE

10. Rukala Yoga Retreat - Sri Lanka

Rukala Retreat is located in an relatively unknown, untouched and extremely beautiful part of Sri Lanka. Rukala Yoga Retreat has a goal to offer spaces where guests can enjoy time together, being open, honest & vulnerable.

The intimate setting allows guests Yogis or not to join together for a range of activities from Mediation, to healing and of course Yoga

. The retreat also offers healthy Sri lanka foods, restorative work and even adventure days.

Yoga Retreat Packages:

The Personal retreat packages are tailored to you as an individual and can be taken from 3 nights, 6 nights to 10 nights.

9. Welikande Hotel/ Yoga/Trekking

Welikande Villas is a unique multi purpose center. Created by an Englishman named Michael and his Sri Lanka Partner Tushari, this is a Hotel/Villa offering Yoga and Adventurous Trekking! Great for those who want a mix of activities while on vacation.

This is a family run affair, with the help of 3 staff, a chef the multi talented "Nipuna" who is a knowledgeable guide. In addition to running the Sri Lanka Cookery courses.

Best Budget Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka.

The Yoga here is offered both in the Morning & late Afternoon. With the morning Yoga & Meditation session (7:00 Am-8:15AM) being completely FREE.

Thats right many people complain about the price of Yoga these days, but here it's completely FREE.

After the session you are given a detoxing local drink called the Kola Kanda, absolutely FREE.

The evening session (5:00 pm - 6:15 pm) works on a pay as you go basis at just $10 per session which is still very cheap.


Yoga Type:

The Yoga type here varies between energising Yoga in the Morning, to Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra can be translated to "Conscious deep sleep".

The idea behind this type of yoga is to deeply relax your body and mind enough to bring it out of the "Sympathetic Nervous System" (fight or flight state) and into a healing, rest and regenerative state (Parasympathetic Nervous System).


For avid adventurous, Welikande Villas is a certified trekking centre, which offers a variety of expeditions and each can be tailored to your level of fitness.

There speciality is trekks through the Knuckles Mountain Range (Dumbara Kanduvtiya) or Mist Laden Mountains

. Located in Sinhalese, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which offers some of the most enticing and bio diverse trekking trials in Sri Lanka.

The landscape ranges from Jungle villages to alpine peaks and even by rural tea plantations.

All transport to and from the Trekk meeting points is arranged by the retreat and is arguably the most well organised trekking experience you will find in Sri Lanka.

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability & prices using the link HERE

8. Santani Wellness Resort

Santani Wellness Resort is a high end Wellness resort offering a paradise of unaltered wilderness and nature combined with a luxury vibe. Located in the mountains, 4 hours from Colombos Bandaranaike International Airport just outside of Kandy.

With Wellness a speciality at this retreat expect plenty of healing yoga, cleansing, detoxing and pampering designed to rejuvenate your entire body.

Yoga Retreats:

Sushant Pandey

Various Yoga Retreats are run throughout the year from world renowned Sushant Pandey.  Who runs a unique Yoga & Ayurveda retreat designed to give you everyday tools to assist you in dealing with lifes challenges & your mind as a whole. The retreat has a blend of Asanas (Yoga Postures) to Mantras, Pranayama (Yoga Breathing techniques), Tantra, Raja Yoga and meditation.

5 Day Kayakalp Yoga Retreat:

Kayakalp translates to complete transformation and rejuvenation.

This Yoga retreat is a popular one designed to release physical and emotional blockages to restore vitality in your life.

Cal Asahn | Wikimedia commons


Designs to nourish the body and soul. The cuisine here is some of the best you will find at any yoga retreat.

From hearty traditional Cuisine to Keto Genic, Low carb meals vegetarian, vegan and even raw foods designed to cleanse the body.

This is all served at the elevated, 60 guest restaurant which is part of the open air pavilion lounge. Organic wine and fresh juices are offered as standard.

wine & fresh juice bar


Santani is Sanskrit translates to "In harmony with". This is the philosophy that this Yoga Retreat highlights, the fact that we should be in Harmony with ourselves, nature and all living things.


Santani Retreat can be accessed from Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport (137 kilometres/4 hours) via the well maintained Kandy – Mahiyangana Road & the Werapitiya Road.

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Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability & prices using the link HERE

7. Kaju Green Yoga Retreat

Kaju Green is a luxury Yoga Retreat/Resort, which is located on a private island.

Close to Sri Lankan Bird & Wildlife Sanctuaries, such as Eluwila.

The Kaju Green modern, sophisticated retreat uniquely designed to maximise airflow, natural light and provide a perfect blend between nature, privacy and shelter.

The word "Kaju" is a local name for the ancient cashew tree which sprouts up all over the island. This ingredient is even used in the cooking of various dishes at the resort.

Yoga Retreat:

The Rooftop Yoga, provides the perfect platform to get closer to the heavens and develop a deeper connection with your spiritual self. Afterwards take a dip in the large salt water pool or just head just 10 minutes to the beach on the south coast via the resorts Tuk, Tuk Shuttle.


Other activities include Cycling through picturesque scenery around temples, rice paddies and of course towards the stunning beach.  Afterwards head back for an immersive full body massage.

Yala / Udawalawe Safari

The Wildlife park, is a great place to experience true nature. Take a safari excursion for a deeply immersive, bucket list experience.

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability & prices using the link HERE

6. Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Resort

A true specialist in Ayurvedic practices & medicine is Siddhalepa Resort.

Located in Wadduwa, this sacred retreat with family roots tracing it back over 200 years.

The retreat is well regarded over Sri Lanka as a place which brings ancient healing methods into the modern day.

This coastal resort offers fantastic views of the indian ocean and a range of holistic therapies from herbal deep cleaning massages to Specialist Steaming Nature baths and even Ayur tea tasting.

All products & ingredients used here are 100% natural and used by the indigenous peoples of Sri Lanka for thousands of years.

The onsite Yoga classes are designed to compliment the natural treatments. A true Mind, Body and Soul Rejuvenation.

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability & prices using the link HERE

5. Amuna Ayurveda Wellness Retreat

Another spectacular and highly professional Wellness Retreat specialising in Ayurveda. Is Amuna Retreat.

Detox and Wellness Packages:

There Ayurveda packages are designed to detox the body and rejuvenate your entire being. They can be tailored to solve a variety of ailments from:

  • Ease Stress
  • Improve Digestive Function
  • Reverse the ageing process.
  • Improve eyesight
  • Prolong Lifespan
  • Weight loss/Slimming
  • Cure various Diseases

Embark on your wellness journey with traditional Ayurvedic treatments from ancient Sri Lanka at Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka.

Yoga Retreat Packages:

They offer a series of Yoga Retreat/Wellness packages from 3 days to 30 days.

  • 3 Day Program - Gratification (Yoga/Meditation)
  • 5 Day Program - Protection Wellness with Yoga/Meditation
  • 7 Day Program - Purification

Full body massages, herbal baths and PindaSweda Treatments. Namaskara yoga in the morning and meditation at night.


Sigiriya, Kimbissa 21120, Sri Lanka

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability and prices using the link HERE

4. Talalla Yoga Retreat

The Talalla Retreat  is the perfect place for a barefoot luxury beach vacation, in the South of Sri Lanka.

With Panoramic views of the glistening indian ocean, and sunsets as standard this is definitely a great place to relax, do some Yoga, indulge in some wellness and even try some Surf & Yoga.

Talalla Yoga Retreat.  (Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka) (Best Luxury Yoga Retreats/Wellness in Sri Lanka)


The beach front villas, with outdoor pools and a spa. Offer the perfect retreat from retreat after a days Yoga, Surfing and splashing around in the ocean. If your after a Beach Vacation with the option of Yoga, wellness and even surfing then this could be the place for you!

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Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability and prices using the links HERE

3. Salt House - Yoga & Surfing

Salt House Retreat is located at Hiriketiya Bay arguably one of the most scenic & untouched beach areas in the whole of Sri Lanka. Many says it's true paradise.

The perfect location for swimming, biking, surfing and of course Yoga.

The unique horse shoe shape of the bay gives it perfect conditions for swimming & surfing all year round.

Budget Yoga Retreat:

The Yoga Retreat Shala, is open air with a view of the wilderness below. Accommodating just 20 students, this creates an intimate Yoga Experience. The yoga is offered twice a day with a Vinyasa flow at 7AM to a restorative Yoga flow at 4pm.

Costs for the classes are: 75 minutes for 1500 LKR ($8) or 4 class pass for 4000 LKR. ($22) Very Cheap! The Yoga here my be very reasonable cost but the facilities are top rated.



There is a range of accommodation available onsite from Palm Garden room, to family rooms, Room with Garden Hammock, open jungle room and even rooftop apartment. Prices are very reasonble ranging from $90 per night for a room suitable for two adults.

Surfing Sri Lankas South Coast - Best time?

Surfing at Hiriketiya Bay is stunning. During the peak travel season, Dec-Feb the bay tends to see smaller waves, great time for beginners starting out. The shoulder seasons (Aug-Dec) sees mid sized waves. While the middle of the years see the largest swells, which create a fun yet challenging experience.

Insider Tip:

Go Whale Watching in Mirissa. Around 30km from the retreat is a small town called Mirissa, a town with a fantastic beach and one of the largest fishing ports on the south coast.

This area is a real hot spot for dolphin & whale watching. You can even try out some yoga for cyclists


Salt House,

Hiriketiya Road, Dikwalla,

81200, Sri Lanka

Check Availability & Prices:

Check availability and prices using the link HERE

2. Soul & Surf Yoga Retreat

Soul & Surf Yoga Retreat, has resorts all over the world from India to Portugal and of course Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is fast developing a true surf culture and it's climate means 10 months of the year the surfing conditions are ideal. Located in Ahangama, on the south coast,  surrounded by Jungles and tropical oceans the retreat is relaxed & adventurous.

Yoga Retreat:

As a Yoga Retreat it is world class, with up to 7 Yoga sessions per day, a Pranayama session and even a guided meditation session. For seasoned Yogis you have the chance to deepen your practice, 1 to 1 , for beginners the seasons are tailored depending upon your level. If you want more Yoga, Soul & Surf organises drop in sessions for nearby Yoga Venues.


Open all year round, Soul & Surf retreat escapes the monsoon. But in between May and November tropical storms are abundant with with sunshine. During the peak season November to May, the sunny days, clear skys  bring excellent surf conditions...but it can get real busy!

Surf School:

Soul & Surf Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for all surfers & surfer wannabes! They run a tailored approach whether your a complete beginner or seasoned Surfer. The package includes 5 morning lessons/week and 5 afternoon surf sessions. For beginners they will help you to catch your first wave and for pros they will help you to fine tune your technique.

Check prices & availability using the link HERE

1. Ulpotha Nature Resort/Yoga Retreat

Ulpotha Yoga Retreat, is one of the most extraordinary Yoga Retreats in the world. Located in a tranquil hideaway just part of the Kurungala district part of the Galgiriyawa mountains is Ulpotha.

A stunning scenic Yoga retreat which offers, a superb Yoga Shala nestled in charms of nature, where bird songs can be heard during your average session.

The special thing about is Yoga Retreat, is sometimes your instructor will take you deeper into nature to experience a true connection & harmony with the mother nature. Many spoke of this experience as life changing.

Ayurvedic Healing:

Another Speciality at Ulpotha is Ayurvedic traditional healing and therapies which is organised by two onsite doctors and visiting therapists. The treatments range from outdoor herbal baths to other cleaning and immersive treatments.

Insider Tip:

The Ulpotha retreat is only available for six months of the year, November to March season and June to August.

Ulpotha, Galgamuwa-Nikawewa Road, Ulpotha

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