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What To Wear Skydiving (Recommendations From The Pros!)

Get expert tips on what to wear for skydiving, ensuring comfort & safety through all seasons. Ideal for travelers seeking thrilling experiences.

Tobi Miles
October 6, 2022
What To Wear Skydiving (Recommendations From The Pros!)

Skydiving is an exhilarating activity that is an extremely popular bucket list item. There is no doubt why thousands of people seek to experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane at least once.

Before taking the plunge, there will be a lot of feelings and emotions involved. You will most likely have a million questions, with one of them being “what should I wear?”. 

When going skydiving in warm weather, it will be most comfortable to wear a form-fitting athletic top and leggings or joggers. In the winter, pile on multiple thin layers of activewear. The best shoes to wear for any season will be closed-toed running shoes that fit snugly to your foot. Loose jewelry and other accessories are not recommended for skydiving.

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and jump out of an airplane. Skydiving is an unforgettable experience you will remember forever after it’s done. You should take the time before your trip to prepare for the jump instead of worrying about insignificant details like your wardrobe. 

This is why we’ve pulled together this comprehensive guide on what to wear while skydiving. Read on to get the full scoop on what you should and should not wear on your trip. 

What To Wear Skydiving

Credit: Skydivecsc

When going skydiving, there is a general rule that whatever you are comfortable wearing on the ground will be okay to wear in the air. In other words, there are no particular rules or restrictions for what you can wear on your skydiving adventure.

One of the only factors to consider when choosing your outfit is the weather. Ideally, you want to be as comfortable as possible in the current weather conditions. Below, you will find some guidelines for what type of clothing to wear while skydiving through the seasons. 

What To Wear Skydiving In The Spring/Summer 

Credit: Skydive Orange

In the spring and summer when the weather is warm to hot, your primary focus will be staying cool while you skydive. You should generally focus on lightweight materials in your outfit with no loose fabrics.

Athletic Bottoms

An example of what to wear skydiving in warm weather can be a pair of leggings, an athletic t-shirt or tank top, and a pair of running shoes. Lightweight jogging pants are also an option for the bottom. 

Activewear Top

Instead of loose or oversized tops, it is recommended to wear form-fitting pieces for this activity. Moisture-wicking shirts are a great choice for the summer to combat sweat.

Tennis Shoes

Along with most other outdoor activities, closed toed, athletic shoes are ideal for skydiving. To complete your outfit, choose a comfortable pair of tennis shoes that allow for maximum movement. 

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What To Wear Skydiving In The Fall/Winter

When it is cold outside in the fall or winter, you will want to layer your clothing to ensure you stay warm in the air. While the initial instinct may be to pile on heavy coats and scarves, a different approach should be taken for skydiving. Instead of wearing bulky clothing items, you should stack up thin layers of tight clothing that conform to your body.

Long Sleeves  

Long sleeves are ideal for skydiving in cold weather. A form-fitting spandex top is ideal to avoid baggy clothing that could become obstructive. 


A good idea for what to wear skydiving in the cold is a few pairs of leggings layered on top of each other. A pair of form-fitting jogger pants are also an option.

Thick Socks

Tennis shoes are still recommended for skydiving when it’s cold. To stay warm in the air, choose a pair of wool socks or a similar material. 

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What Gear Is Required For Skydiving? 

Another common question among first-time skydivers is whether or not any gear or equipment is needed. This is an important aspect of your chosen skydiving outfit. The items that are needed for a safe and successful trip are outlined below. 


A jumpsuit is an optional piece you may want to wear over your outfit while skydiving. It is not necessary for safety, but it can protect your clothes from rips or stains. This is a wise choice if you are concerned about preserving your clothing.


The most obvious piece of equipment you will need to jump out of a plane is a parachute. This will be worn on your back and attached to your body with a secured harness. 


A helmet is needed to protect your head in the event of any falls or flying objects. It will be worn in place of any hats or hair accessories in the air. It is a good idea to pull long hair back or braid it in preparation. 


Goggles are the final piece of equipment you will be wearing when you skydive. This accessory will protect your eyes from debris as you fly back down to the earth. 

Do I Need To Bring My Own Gear?

While it is true that all of the above items are necessary and will be used on your skydiving trip, the good news is that all of it will be provided for you. There is no need to purchase your own equipment to bring it with you. 

Instead, your instructor will have everything you need in the plane before you jump. This takes half of the worry out of getting dressed for your first skydiving trip. You will just have to worry about the actual clothing you will be wearing to the jump site. 

What Not To Wear Skydiving 

While it is true that there are generally no guidelines for what to wear while skydiving, there are a few common sense items that should not be brought with you on your trip. If you are planning to go skydiving, consider leaving the following items out of your outfit: 


For obvious reasons, jewelry and other small or valuable items shouldn’t be brought with you on a skydiving trip. When you are flying through the air, your belongings are prone to flying off and getting lost forever. 


Glasses are not needed while skydiving, and can easily get lost if you do wear them. There is no way to secure them to your face, and it is simply just not worth it to try. 


Dresses are also not ideal for skydiving. You won’t be able to control the direction and force of the wind, and will definitely be exposed during your adventure. Even with leggings or tights on underneath, the fabric flying upwards and covering the view of the ground can cause a safety hazard for you and your instructor.


Sandals, slippers, and heels are not proper shoes for skydiving. Without being fastened to your feet snugly, your open-toed shoes are subject to falling off and getting lost in the air. Even strappy sandals that are attached to your ankles are not ideal, as you can sustain an injury while landing on the ground. As with any outdoor activity, you will want to wear closed-toed sneakers or running shoes for skydiving.

Can You Skydive In Normal Clothes? 

Yes, you can go skydiving in normal clothes. In fact, you can show up in anything you would normally wear on the ground. If it’s comfortable in any other circumstance, it will be ideal for skydiving. Just be sure to wear the right shoes and skip any loose accessories.

Is It Okay To Wear Jeans While Skydiving? 

It is okay to wear jeans while skydiving. As a general rule, you can wear anything in the air that you would wear on the ground. However, jeans have a tendency to be restrictive to movement and uncomfortable. For this reason, athletic clothing such as leggings or sweatpants are recommended instead. 

Do You Have To Wear A Jumpsuit While Skydiving? 

No, a jumpsuit is not required for skydiving. In fact, you can jump in your regular clothes on their own. However, a jumpsuit is recommended to protect your clothing from stains or other damages. Therefore, it may be a good idea to wear one on top of your current outfit in preparation for landing. 

Can I Wear A Hoodie While Skydiving? 

A hoodie is one of the few clothing pieces that are not recommended to wear while skydiving. When you are in the air, the wind can blow the hood into your instructor’s face, obstructing their vision and causing a safety hazard. Instead, you should wear multiple tight, long-sleeved layers to stay warm in the air.

Our Final Take

As you can see, the process of choosing an outfit for skydiving is relatively simple. In the absence of specific wardrobe guidelines for the activity, you can essentially wear anything you feel comfortable in. 

With the most important aspect of your skydiving outfit being your comfort, the only factor to take into consideration is the weather. Understanding the current temperature conditions will help you better prepare your chosen outfit. 

Skydiving is an exciting experience that will soon become an unforgettable memory. Whether you’ve made your decision or you’re still on the fence, we hope this guide pointed you in the right direction and helped you learn everything you need to know about dressing for skydiving before you go.

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March 28, 2024
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